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Buckwheat cake, hazelnut flour and blueberries: the recipe – Italian Cuisine

An extraordinary Valtellina blueberry pie. Land of vines, but not only

Valtellina land of vines, recognized for the production of some varieties of apples and buckwheat, has been known for some years also for the production of excellent blueberries.

Buckwheat cake, hazelnut flour and blueberries: the recipe

Today, the cultivation of Valtellina blueberries has reached a good level of production, and other varieties are being tested, to the point of deserving the name of blue valley.
Blueberries are, for all intents and purposes, counted among the typical products and are used for the preparation of pies and cakes such as the simple and incredibly good one, with buckwheat flour and local blueberry jam or, in season, a compote of fresh fruits and sugar.

Here we propose a variant with the addition of hazelnut flour which makes the dough softer, also giving it a more delicate and refined taste.

Buckwheat cake, hazelnut flour and blueberries: the recipe



100 g of buckwheat flour
150 g of 00 flour
150 g of hazelnut flour
6 eggs
300 g of sugar
100 g of melted butter
1 sachet of yeast
1 jar of blueberry jam


Beat the eggs vigorously with the sugar, add the melted butter. Incorporate the flour and baking powder gently with a wooden spoon. Pour into a cake pan, previously buttered and floured and bake at 150 ° for 45 minutes. Remove it from the oven when cooked, cut into two disks and distribute a generous layer of jam. Cover with the second disk and sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar. You can further enrich the dessert by covering it with a light layer of whipped cream and fresh blueberries.

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Ligurian Piccagge: pasta with chestnut flour – Italian Cuisine

Piccagge are a type of homemade pasta typical of the Ligurian tradition. They can be seasoned with pesto, with a meat or fish sauce, with butter or with a nut sauce

Pigeons are a type of homemade pasta widespread in Liguria. In shape they look very much like fettuccine (spicy in dialect) but they are a little wider and are made by mixing white flour with that of chestnuts, once the main food of the Genoese hinterland and ideal to enrich the wheat flour.

You can season them with pesto – as the Ligurian tradition dictates – or with a meat or fish sauce: le piccagge they are a very versatile pasta and, since the recipes also appear in the recipe eggs, is a very porous type of first course, ideal for getting married with gravy and sauces.

spicy ligurian first course recipe preparation ingredients Italian cuisine

How to prepare Ligurian pigeons

Here is the recipe for making spicy fish at home.


200 g of chestnut flour, 300 g of 00 flour, 3 whole eggs


The preparation of the wild ones begins mixing the two types of flour, then add the whole eggs, a pinch of salt and about 150 ml of slightly warm water.

The mixture is kneaded until a uniform dough and of the right consistency and yes let it rest for about half an hour.

With the help of a rolling pin you create one thin sheet, and cut some fettuccine (the piccagge) about 1,5 cm wide. Before cooking it in abundant salted water the pasta goes dried for another half hour on the cutting board with flour.

You can season, as mentioned, with the traditional pesto, or with a sea ​​bass sauce or even with a tasty walnuts sauce.

To prepare it you will need: 100 g of shelled walnuts, 50 g of grated Grana Padano cheese, 100 ml of liquid cream, 1 tablespoon of pine nuts, garlic, marjoram and salt.

That's enough blend in a mixer inserting the ingredients only at the end passes. Walnut cream must be very dense and it must be diluted during the freezing of the pigeons with a little cooking water.

How to make a pizza without flour – Italian Cuisine

How to make a pizza without flour

A cauliflower-based mixture is used and two recipes can be chosen. The result? A light but always tasty pizza. Here's how to do it

You know you can prepare a base for flourless pizza, but with a cauliflower?

For some time a very unique recipe has gone crazy on the web, that of pizza without flour.
It is not a mixture prepared with alternative flours and gluten free, but a cauliflower-based compound which is then seasoned with tomato, mozzarella and much more, just like a real pizza.

This recipe is an idea low calories for those on a diet, but do not want to deprive themselves of the taste of a good pizza every now and then, but it is also an alternative tasty and light for those who are intolerant to flour and want to experience something new.

Exist two recipes flourless pizza. One involves the use of whole eggs, and the other of a chopped almonds and an egg white.
The consistency will obviously not be identical to that of a classic pizza prepared with a leavened dough base, but will still be very crunchy and the taste of cauliflower will not be too invasive. A must try!

Preparing pizza without flour is very easy, but you must be careful how you use cauliflower. After having it washed very well and deprived of leaves and stem, dry it with kitchen paper and chop very finely. It is important that it is dry otherwise the dough will not be crunchy.
If you use almonds, also finely chop them, or opt for those already reduced in flour.

Recipe with eggs

Finely chop a washed and leafless cauliflower and then add two beaten eggs and Parmesan just enough to achieve a fairly pasty consistency.
Season with a pinch of salt and arrange this dough on a well-oiled oven plate by pressing it with your hands. Cook for 30 minutes at 150 °.
Then season with the tomato sauce and mozzarella or as you prefer and cook for another 10 minutes.

Recipe with almonds

In this case, also chop a well-washed and dried cauliflower and remove the leaves.
With the cauliflower, also finely chop 40 g of almonds, a pinch of salt and dried oregano.
Add an egg white to this mixture and mix well.
proceed for cooking as in the previous recipe.

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