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Greetings Donald Duck 85 years in the company of your sympathy – Italian Cuisine

The nicest duck ever turns 85, let's celebrate with a bit of memories and the Disney Comic Festival

Donald Duck, from 1934 to today

Bungling and clumsy, one does it and one combines it, maybe that's why he likes us so much. Not to mention his unmistakable speech, which communicates more than many words. And then that sprung course, we would recognize him even a kilometer away, yes we are talking about him, Donald Duck (as we call it, because its original name is Donald Duck) date of birth June 9, 1934. Since then he has made his way, comics, cartoons and films has appeared in over 150 short films and medium-length films, a true star of entertainment. We enjoyed his every change of mood, his joys and disappointments, sometimes he is a bully but in reality he is a duck with a heart of gold, a true friend and a caring boyfriend, in fact Donald Duck in his adventures is never alone , he can count on his best friend Mickey Mouse and his beloved Daisy Duck. Over the years it has changed a bit but it certainly hasn't aged but is even younger.

All at the Disney Comics Festival

To celebrate Donald's 85th birthday The Walt Disney Company Italia organizes the "Disney Comics Festival" in collaboration with Mondadori Store. What is it? Ten unmissable meetings in selected Mondadori bookstores that will be colored in pastel shades with some of the most famous Disney designers. For fans of comics these names will be familiar: Giorgio Cavazzano, Silvia Ziche, Corrado Mastantuono, Francesco D'Ippolito, Claudio Sciarrone, Paolo Campinoti, Stefano Intini, Francesco Guerrini and Emilio Urbano, this to underline the fact that many Italian comics artists also known abroad contributed to the character of Donald Duck. The poster itself of the "Disney Comic Festival" was designed by Maestro Cavazzano, who portrays an unusual but always likeable Donald Duck.

Write down these dates:

May 25th Mondadori Megastore Milan, Piazza Duomo, guests: Giorgio Cavazzano, Silvia Ziche
1st of June Mondadori Bookstore Rome, Piazza Cola di Rienzo 81, guest: Corrado Mastantuono
1st of June Mondadori Bookstore Genoa, Via XX Settembre 27R, guest: Francesco D’Ippolito
June 8th Mondadori Megastore Milan, Via Marghera 28, guest: Claudio Sciarrone
June 8th Mondadori Bookstore Bologna, Via Massimo D’Azeglio 34 / A, guest: Francesco Guerrini
9 June Mondadori Megastore Arese C.C. The Center, guest: Paolo Campinoti
June 15 Mondadori Bookstore Padua, P.zza Insurrezione 3, guest: Stefano Intini
June 15 Mondadori Bookstore Lecce, Viale Cavallotti 7 / A, guest: Emilio Urbano
22 June Mondadori Bookstore Albignasego (Padua), C.C. Ipercity, guest: Stefano Intini
22 June Mondadori Bookstore Taranto, C.C. Porte Dello Jonio, guest: Emilio Urbano

And meanwhile let's look at this collection of memories:

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50 years with strawberry – La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

50 years with strawberry - La Cucina Italiana

The new May issue is on the newsstands: an inviting strawberry tart red on the cover. Today as exactly fifty years ago. Discover the 1969 cake

The nine years are all important for La Cucina Italiana which, born in 1929, celebrates significant birthdays. In 1969 the magazine "opened the door" and for the whole year a coccardina published under the head remembered the anniversary. In May the cover was dedicated, just like this year, to a strawberry cake, a fruit that reaches its peak of goodness this month. Here are the two photos in comparison. Below, the recipe from 1969, while for today's one, run to the newsstands!

The cover of the May 1969 issue and the one you find today at the newsstand

Strawberry cake


500 g strawberries, 400 g flour, 270 g butter, 250 g caster sugar, 150 g almonds, 100 g icing sugar, 12 eggs, 1 liter of milk, Galliano liqueur, a sachet of vanillin, Cognac


Pour the flour on the pastry board, make the fountain, put in half g 260 of chopped butter and a little softened, then knead it with uend flour, a little at a time, plenty of cold water enough to have a paste of the right consistency; without working a lot, make a ball with the dough, wrap it in a sheet of wax paper and put it in the refrigerator for about two hours. Immerse the almonds in boiling water for an instant, then peel them, spread them on a plate and place them in a preheated oven to dry well, they will not have to color, then remove them and let them cool. Clean the strawberries, wash them in very cold water and let them drain. Pour the icing sugar into a bowl, add about half a glass of liqueur and half of the cognac and mix until the sugar has melted, then add the strawberries, mix gently so that they can all flavor well, place a plate on the pan and store them in the refrigerator. Put the almonds, now cold, in a mortar and, from time to time, add a little granulated sugar, crush them well until they become powdered; sift the powder and also crush any crumbs left on the sieve. Allow the milk to cool. Butter a cake pan with high edges and possibly hinged with a diameter of about 24 cm. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll it out with a rolling pin making a disc wide enough to line the bottom and edges of the mold, then coat it, trim the dough at the edges so that it is all the same height and with a fork strain the bottom. Pour into a bowl eight rolls and four whole eggs, the vanillin and the remaining granulated sugar: with a small whisk, beat energetically, quidni, gradually add all the warm milk, mix in the almond powder, pour everything into the mold, finally pour it into the mold put it in a preheated oven (180 ° C on the thermostat) leaving it for about an hour (when a stick immersed in the cream comes out dry the cake is cooked); remove it from the oven and let it cool, then place it on a serving plate. Drain the strawberries from the liqueur, place them on the cake and serve. If the cake should wait, keep it in a cool place (not for many hours).

From "La Cucina Italiana", May 1969

KitchenAid, the food processor turns 100 years old – Italian Cuisine


Do you know how old the first food processor is? A century! Unbelievable, isn't it? From the first legendary model of H-5 mixer – still a design icon – up to the most sophisticated contemporary food processor, the KitchenAid brand it is woven with the history of non-human "domestic helpers", and in particular with kitchen helpers.

Of course, making bread with the Bible recipe is possible, with home-made sourdough and the dough stage that is worth a session in the gym (and it's really all health, anyway, eh …). But there were those who already in the distant 1908 had thought of giving help and relief to your arms with a heavy kitchen spoon: he was a baker from Ohio, USA. And it was the beginning of the KitchenAid story.

172447With that image in mind, within 10 years Mr. Herbert Johnson designs a domestic appliance, model H-5 , precisely, and the KitchenAid brand is born. In 1920 the company patented the "Planetary movement" of the food processor. What is it? IS the rotary movement of the whips (normally 3), which thus manage to reach well every corner of the bowl, guaranteeing a homogeneous mixture. Still at the base of this appliance. In 1927 the refined G model was born, beloved by celebrities including the entrepreneur Henry Ford, the actresses Ginger Rogers, Marion Davies and Myrna Loy and the governor of New York Al Smith.

172450At this point it comes into play the genius of a woman, who buys the company and makes it take off. It is about Josephine Cochrane, which many years ago (in 1886) revolutionized the kitchen world with an ingenious invention. Josephine was wealthy and full of interest, loved to organize dinners and receptions and wanted a machine that washed dishes quickly and without splintering. And so he invented it: the first dishwasher mechanics of history. At first they were used only in large hotels; in 1913 she also patented the machine for domestic use. In 1949, KitchenAid fulfills Cochrane's dream by introducing the iconic KD-10 dishwasher to the market, bringing with it such innovative technology and design that it is still a source of inspiration for designers.

From that moment, the product range began to grow and, in 1986 – the year the first refrigerator was launched – KitchenAid became part of the big family Whirlpool. From 1994 the colors explode: petal pink, sun yellow, sea green, cobalt blue, imperial red, satin chrome, antique copper … They are the bright colors that become the brand's distinctive trait KitchenAid, which in the meantime is expanding its range of small household appliances: blenders, toasters, an espresso coffee machine etc.


A decade ago, in 2008, another key milestone: a full range of products is introduced on the European market built-in solutions which embody the perfect synthesis of iconic design, artisan quality and excellent performance. This line, celebrated and desired by gourmets all over the world, will find its highest expression in 2010 in theinnovative Chef TouchTM system which, for the very first time, allows you to to experiment in a domestic environment the professional technique of vacuum cooking.

Today, a hundred years after that first, legendary appliance, KitchenAid presents one Limited Edition of the Artisan Food Processor (in the cover photo) in an exclusive version Misty Blue, a soft and elegant shade, inspired to the tradition of the brand and to one of the first models introduced on the market. The new Robot also stands out for its flat whip with flexible edge and for a new bowl, highly sought after both in aesthetics and in the use of latest generation materials: a titanium reinforced ceramic able to resist chipping, cracks and stains, as well as being suitable for use in the microwave, in a traditional oven (up to 250 degrees Celsius). A series of unique details, like the logo in retro style and the cover of the hub for accessories decorated to commemorate the centenary, complete the appliance. And, again in honor of the birthday, KitchenAid launches a 29 cm vacuum machine, a new proposal small in size but with great performances. Innovation continues …

Aurora Quinto
March 2019


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