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Bangkok, the soup that has been cooking continuously for 45 years – Italian Cuisine

Bangkok, the soup that has been cooking continuously for 45 years

Every evening the broth is filtered, then used to prepare the soup that will be served the next day at the Wattana Panich restaurant

A soup that has been boiling continuously – in the same pot – for 45 years, and which is not only still edible, but also very popular with customers, and which owes its pleasantness to the special, infinity cooking. It is served in a historic restaurant in the Ekkamai district of Bangkok, the Wattana Panich, which strictly follows the rules of preparation of the neua tune. It is a soup made with different cuts of meat, meatballs, tripe and offal, as well as the classic noodles, rice noodles, and a handful of coriander. Nattapong Kaweenuntawong, the owner of the restaurant, third generation of the family of restaurateurs, is really proud of his specialty, which has "a unique flavor and aroma" thanks to this unconventional cooking method.

Every night, for over four decades, the broth is filtered, then reused to prepare the soup that will be served the next day. This base is theingredient more important, the one that gives taste to the dish. The concept of a soup infinity it is not new: the ancient technique of the perpetual stew or stew of the hunter plans to let a pot of soup boil slowly and add, gradually, new ingredients without throwing the broth, which continues to become flavored.

A pot-au-feu of 300 years

An article in the "New York Times" of 1981 spoke of a French beef soup that had lasted 21 years: the journalist Arthur Prager recommended to refrigerate it during the night, then to skim the fat from the upper part, the one where the bacteria tend to accumulate, and to simmer again for at least 20 minutes before serving it again. And while vegetables and meat are discarded after two cooking cycles, the broth, he explained, "will never deteriorate".

In the article, Prager also told of a pot-au-feu who, in Normandy, had been cooking for 300 years, and another, in Perpignan which began to boil in the 1400s, but which did not survive the Second World War.

The soup of the Wattana Panichtherefore it is not the oldest nor the most enduring. But the restaurant owner hopes that one day it can become one. "We have three children: I hope that the fourth generation of our family will continue to manage the company".

«I haven't had water for 2 years Chiara Nasti and her secret against cellulite – Italian Cuisine

«I haven't had water for 2 years» Chiara Nasti and her secret against cellulite

Don't drink water and keep fit: the (wrong) advice from Chiara Nasti to combat cellulite

«I haven't had water for 2 years

He stated it on social media Chiara Nasti, following requests for followers (1.7 million on Instagram) regarding its beauty secrets. In particular, the faithful followers had asked her how to fight cellulite in view of the summer.

The influencer responded like this: "The simplest thing is to drink lots of water and eat healthy. I have focused on healthy eating (not too much) since I don't like water and haven't been drinking it for 1-2 years. I drink coconut water or coca-cola! We are what we eat ".

The controversy they were immediately unleashed, given the influence that Chiara Nasti has on social media, particularly on young girls. Not drinking water and abusing carbonated and sugary drinks can cause serious adverse health effects.

Besides being of vital importance for the survival, drinking the right amount of water also helps fight cellulite. Summer is also the ideal time to start drinking more than usual: two liters a day is the recommended dose, to be increased by at least half a liter more, in the case in which intense physical activity is practiced.

It is also important to avoid eating often to fight cellulite cured meat and to use a lot salt, to avoid alcohol and superalcohol. Some recommended foods: blueberries, apples, cucumbers, onions, lettuce and dandelion.

Following the heavy criticism and at ironies on the web, the Campania influencer then tried to justify himself: "I do not hold training courses, I share in my life".

Greetings Donald Duck 85 years in the company of your sympathy – Italian Cuisine

The nicest duck ever turns 85, let's celebrate with a bit of memories and the Disney Comic Festival

Donald Duck, from 1934 to today

Bungling and clumsy, one does it and one combines it, maybe that's why he likes us so much. Not to mention his unmistakable speech, which communicates more than many words. And then that sprung course, we would recognize him even a kilometer away, yes we are talking about him, Donald Duck (as we call it, because its original name is Donald Duck) date of birth June 9, 1934. Since then he has made his way, comics, cartoons and films has appeared in over 150 short films and medium-length films, a true star of entertainment. We enjoyed his every change of mood, his joys and disappointments, sometimes he is a bully but in reality he is a duck with a heart of gold, a true friend and a caring boyfriend, in fact Donald Duck in his adventures is never alone , he can count on his best friend Mickey Mouse and his beloved Daisy Duck. Over the years it has changed a bit but it certainly hasn't aged but is even younger.

All at the Disney Comics Festival

To celebrate Donald's 85th birthday The Walt Disney Company Italia organizes the "Disney Comics Festival" in collaboration with Mondadori Store. What is it? Ten unmissable meetings in selected Mondadori bookstores that will be colored in pastel shades with some of the most famous Disney designers. For fans of comics these names will be familiar: Giorgio Cavazzano, Silvia Ziche, Corrado Mastantuono, Francesco D'Ippolito, Claudio Sciarrone, Paolo Campinoti, Stefano Intini, Francesco Guerrini and Emilio Urbano, this to underline the fact that many Italian comics artists also known abroad contributed to the character of Donald Duck. The poster itself of the "Disney Comic Festival" was designed by Maestro Cavazzano, who portrays an unusual but always likeable Donald Duck.

Write down these dates:

May 25th Mondadori Megastore Milan, Piazza Duomo, guests: Giorgio Cavazzano, Silvia Ziche
1st of June Mondadori Bookstore Rome, Piazza Cola di Rienzo 81, guest: Corrado Mastantuono
1st of June Mondadori Bookstore Genoa, Via XX Settembre 27R, guest: Francesco D’Ippolito
June 8th Mondadori Megastore Milan, Via Marghera 28, guest: Claudio Sciarrone
June 8th Mondadori Bookstore Bologna, Via Massimo D’Azeglio 34 / A, guest: Francesco Guerrini
9 June Mondadori Megastore Arese C.C. The Center, guest: Paolo Campinoti
June 15 Mondadori Bookstore Padua, P.zza Insurrezione 3, guest: Stefano Intini
June 15 Mondadori Bookstore Lecce, Viale Cavallotti 7 / A, guest: Emilio Urbano
22 June Mondadori Bookstore Albignasego (Padua), C.C. Ipercity, guest: Stefano Intini
22 June Mondadori Bookstore Taranto, C.C. Porte Dello Jonio, guest: Emilio Urbano

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