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KitchenAid, the food processor turns 100 years old – Italian Cuisine

Do you know how old the first food processor is? A century! Unbelievable, isn't it? From the first legendary model of H-5 mixer – still a design icon – up to the most sophisticated contemporary food processor, the KitchenAid brand it is woven with the history of non-human "domestic helpers", and in particular with kitchen helpers.

Of course, making bread with the Bible recipe is possible, with home-made sourdough and the dough stage that is worth a session in the gym (and it's really all health, anyway, eh …). But there were those who already in the distant 1908 had thought of giving help and relief to your arms with a heavy kitchen spoon: he was a baker from Ohio, USA. And it was the beginning of the KitchenAid story.

172447With that image in mind, within 10 years Mr. Herbert Johnson designs a domestic appliance, model H-5 , precisely, and the KitchenAid brand is born. In 1920 the company patented the "Planetary movement" of the food processor. What is it? IS the rotary movement of the whips (normally 3), which thus manage to reach well every corner of the bowl, guaranteeing a homogeneous mixture. Still at the base of this appliance. In 1927 the refined G model was born, beloved by celebrities including the entrepreneur Henry Ford, the actresses Ginger Rogers, Marion Davies and Myrna Loy and the governor of New York Al Smith.

172450At this point it comes into play the genius of a woman, who buys the company and makes it take off. It is about Josephine Cochrane, which many years ago (in 1886) revolutionized the kitchen world with an ingenious invention. Josephine was wealthy and full of interest, loved to organize dinners and receptions and wanted a machine that washed dishes quickly and without splintering. And so he invented it: the first dishwasher mechanics of history. At first they were used only in large hotels; in 1913 she also patented the machine for domestic use. In 1949, KitchenAid fulfills Cochrane's dream by introducing the iconic KD-10 dishwasher to the market, bringing with it such innovative technology and design that it is still a source of inspiration for designers.

From that moment, the product range began to grow and, in 1986 – the year the first refrigerator was launched – KitchenAid became part of the big family Whirlpool. From 1994 the colors explode: petal pink, sun yellow, sea green, cobalt blue, imperial red, satin chrome, antique copper … They are the bright colors that become the brand's distinctive trait KitchenAid, which in the meantime is expanding its range of small household appliances: blenders, toasters, an espresso coffee machine etc.


A decade ago, in 2008, another key milestone: a full range of products is introduced on the European market built-in solutions which embody the perfect synthesis of iconic design, artisan quality and excellent performance. This line, celebrated and desired by gourmets all over the world, will find its highest expression in 2010 in theinnovative Chef TouchTM system which, for the very first time, allows you to to experiment in a domestic environment the professional technique of vacuum cooking.

Today, a hundred years after that first, legendary appliance, KitchenAid presents one Limited Edition of the Artisan Food Processor (in the cover photo) in an exclusive version Misty Blue, a soft and elegant shade, inspired to the tradition of the brand and to one of the first models introduced on the market. The new Robot also stands out for its flat whip with flexible edge and for a new bowl, highly sought after both in aesthetics and in the use of latest generation materials: a titanium reinforced ceramic able to resist chipping, cracks and stains, as well as being suitable for use in the microwave, in a traditional oven (up to 250 degrees Celsius). A series of unique details, like the logo in retro style and the cover of the hub for accessories decorated to commemorate the centenary, complete the appliance. And, again in honor of the birthday, KitchenAid launches a 29 cm vacuum machine, a new proposal small in size but with great performances. Innovation continues …

Aurora Quinto
March 2019


The first 100 years of the Negroni – Italian Cuisine

Since 1919 the world has been enjoying the Negroni. A record goal for a cocktail that brings its first courses very well and with great class 100 years. A long period of time that has seen him conquer the world, becoming theItalian aperitif more drunk on planet Earth. And he has seen it succeed even in the United States, ie the land to which somehow (also) the births must. Yes, because the Negroni is the variant Italian (but it would be more correct to say "Florentine" since he was born at the Caffè Casoni in via de 'Tornabuoni)American, a very fashionable cocktail between nineteenth century and the twentieth century, whose recipe was "revised" by the adventurous With you Camillo Negroni and from the bartender Fosco Scarselli, looking for a more robust cocktail.

The recipe therefore kept red vermouth and Campari bitters but replaced soda col gin, to give a stronger and greater touch gradation, but without changing the color. And finally one was added lemon slice, then replaced with orange, to the cocktail served in cups from hearty. Ice, probably at the beginning no: too expensive and difficult to find. This is how the "American in the manner of Count Negroni" was born, soon to become "Negroni" for everyone and everywhere drink able to gather in a glass America, England and Italy.

Simple? Yes but only if …
The Negroni recipe is indisputable: a third of red vermouth, a third of bitters and a third of gin. Simple? Less than it seems, given that these three ingredients have different intensities and weights, and therefore tend not to blend uniformly. So here's a first one makeup "Stolen" from the barman: the three liqueurs must be placed in this order gin, vermouth is bitters and the glass must be a low tumbler and very cold, already filled with ice. Beware of the "ice factor": it must be very cold (the ideal is a temperature between -18 and -23 ° C), because so yes melts slowly without watering the Negroni too much and keeping his character until the last sip. Others secret from professionals: it is not enough to mix it must also "raise up" the ice inside a highball, the shaped glass cylindrical.

Go with the twist. Even wrong
Such a timeless and contemporary cocktail could only inspire i mixologist from all over the world who have created so many "twist". Some very successful. From the creativity of Giorgio Bargiani, today star of the award-winning Connaught Bar in London, was born on Martini Negroni cocktail, which from Florence ended up in the drink lists of the best places on the planet. Although the first revisitation of the Negroni made in Italy, and immediately became famous, is the Cardinale: 3/6 of gin, 2/6 of dry vermouth and 1/6 of Bitter Campari. To create it over the years 50 has been Giovanni Raimondo, barman of the Hotel Excelsior in Rome, for the cardinal Spellman, nicknamed "The American pope", who did not disdain the "sweet life" of via Veneto. Although, perhaps, the best proof of planetary fame del Negroni is in the success of his "I wish but I can not": that is that Wrong Negroni, which would not exist without the "correct" one. To create it, in Milan, over the years 70, was Mirko Stocchetto of the Bar Basso, which for an involuntary exchange of bottles, used it brut sparkling wine instead of gin. And a few others mistakes they were so easily forgiven …

Manuela Soressi
March 2019

Who has been cooking at the Oscars for 25 years? Chef Wolfgang Puck, from Spago to Governors Ball – Italian Cuisine

The ceremony of the 91st edition of the Academy Awards, commonly called Oscar, will take place on Sunday 24 February at the historian Dolby Theater from Los Angeles. The coveted 24 golden statuettes will be in the hands of those who, in front of or behind the camera, worked to bring a dream, an idea or a message on the film. As happened in 1961, this year there will not be an official presenter on stage (after the forced resignation of Kevin Hart), actors will be established as well Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, James McAvoy or Gary Oldman to deliver the prizes. After the ceremony, winners and losers will go to celebrate at Governors Ball, or the dinner official organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. A dinner charged not only with emotions and glamor, but also with taste and creativity created for 25 years by Wolfgang Puck, starred chef – with a star also on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Chef Wolfgang Puck with Ellen DeGeneres and Diane Keaton (Instagram).

After days of stress to wait for them nominations and diets to get beautiful on the red carpet, theafter-party must guarantee a 5-star menu – at least. Moreover, the fact that the stars arrive hungry is something known, so much so that the jokes are not wasted – from pizza in the audience to Brad Pitt is Jennifer Lawrence in 2014 at the snacks of Jimmy Kimmel last year! Fortunately, driving the Governors Ball there is the chef Wolfgang Puck, which has been cooking for Hollywood stars for over a quarter of a century special dishes for a special evening. Food & Wine met him and, in addition to anticipating the menu of the Oscars, he gave very juicy goodies from the past.

Chef Puck at the Oscar 89 with the staff (Instagram).

Before the Academy asked him to cook for the most glamorous dinner of the year, Chef Puck was already at the stove for movie stars from the mid-eighties in his String, the historic Beverly Hills restaurant. Organized by the agent Irving "Swifty" Lazar, the evening was considered by most like the place to be: "Many watched the awards at the restaurant, ran to the theater on the stage to get the Oscar and then immediately came back!". This is where we saw it coming Michael Jackson is Madonna together after the 62nd edition of the Oscars or a very young couple formed by Tom Cruise is Nicole Kidman. A fable that broke off in 1993, when Lazar went to a better life and the board the Academy calls chef Puck to entrust him with the Governors Ball catering.

Madonna and Michael Jackson from Spago after the Oscars 62 (Photo Ron Galella / WireImage).

Since then many things have changed, as the location moved from the Shrine Auditorium into downtown at the Dolby Theater on brilliant Hollywood Boulevard, or organizing a slimmer dinner as a cocktail because of the request in 2011 of Dawn Hudson, c.e.o. of AMPAS. Others do not change: the statuettes in 24-karat golden chocolate and unleavened bread tartlets with smoked salmon, dill sauce and caviar remain from the beginning. Agnolotti with peas, chicken with black truffle or mac and cheese Truffles are successful dishes, which end up being repeated over the years. The menus have also arrived in the menu vegan and vegetarian options, yet the chef swears he saw characters ordering meat that special evening despite the contrary food choice. Wolfgang Puck he is satisfied with his job and has no intention of leaving the witness, if not his son … "but even in ten years!"

Sweet creations of chef Puck (Instagram).