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We prepare an easy tiramisu easy, in a short time, for an immediate pleasure – Italian Cuisine

We prepare an easy tiramisu easy, in a short time, for an immediate pleasure

One of the most popular desserts to prepare in no time, for an immediate pleasure!

The tiramisu it is one of the most loved desserts in all of Italy. It knows no geographical boundaries, like in the north as well as in the south, to the big ones and the little ones. A soft cream layer covered with bitter cocoa that wraps tender and crumbly biscuits soaked in coffee: impossible to resist. And to think that it is a relatively recent dessert: it seems to have been born in 1970 in the city of Treviso as an evolution of a cream made with whipped egg whites and sugar, which was used to give children for a boost of energy. From that moment it became the dessert with the spoon most desired and is found among the desserts on the cards of all the restaurants. It is easy to prepare, you don't have to use the oven, it is done in less than half an hour.

Savoiardi or Pavesini?

The quarrel is always topical, whether a tiramisu with classic Piedmontese biscuits is better, with a flattened shape and rounded corners, or with biscuits from Novara, lighter and more fragrant. Assuming that everything you like is good, we prefer tiramisu with the classic ladyfingers, which give more consistency in the mouth, and better absorb the mascarpone cream. To you the choice!

And now the tiramisu recipe


500 g mascarpone, 6 eggs, 120 g sugar, 1 tablespoon of Marsala liqueur, 300 g Savoiardi biscuits, 4 cups of coffee, bitter cocoa.


First break the eggs by placing the yolks in a large bowl. Let the whites leave them aside. Mix the sugar with the yolks using a wooden spoon, or, if you prefer, with electric whips. Once the reds are well mounted, they will have incorporated a lot of air until they become frothy, add the Marsala spoon. Before continuing, to avoid contracting some disturbances related to the consumption of raw eggs, heat the mixture of egg yolks, sugar and Marsala in a saucepan in a bain-marie, immersing the saucepan with the cream in another larger one with two fingers of water. internal. In this way the mixture will heat up slowly and gently. Stir until the cream will veil the spoon: at this point it is ready. Add the mascarpone and continue stirring. Meanwhile prepare the coffee, lightly sugar it and then let it cool in a large bowl. Once it has cooled soak the biscuits, one at a time and on both sides. Place the biscuits in a baking pan, one next to the other, until they form a homogeneous layer. Then cover them with the egg and mascarpone cream and repeat the operation. Finish with the layer of cream, cover with a plastic film and leave to cool in the fridge for 2 hours before serving your tiramisu. Once removed from the fridge, remove the film and, using a sieve, cover the surface with a layer of bitter cocoa. Your tiramisu is ready to be tasted!

In the tutorial some suggestions for an irresistible tiramisu

Roll of short pastry – Italian Cuisine

»Roll of short pastry

Put flour, baking soda and sugar in a bowl and stir.
Add butter in small pieces and lemon peel and work quickly with your fingers until you get a sandy mixture.
Add the 3 mixed eggs.
Corpitr with plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Take the dough and roll it out in a rectangle not too far up on a sheet of parchment paper dusted with flour.
Spread the dulce de leche over it, leaving the edges free.

Using the greaseproof paper, roll the pastry gently and seal the two ends.

Transfer the roll gently, with all the parchment paper, into a plumcake mold and bake at 180 ° C for 35-40 minutes in a preheated ventilated oven.

The short pastry roll is ready: let it cool completely, then cut into slices and serve.

Hake tresses at the "When the time is short but the fantasy is not missing!" – Italian Cuisine

When you want to cook a fish-based dish but the clock is tyrant you need a simple recipe, with an interesting taste, and the inspiration of the #storiedipomodoro with Salse Mutti. Et voila, the dish is served!

How many times do we avoid buying fish because we think we are not able to cook it or because we do not know with which ingredients it is possible to combine it in a recipe? Or why do we think it may take a long time, which is often not the case when you come back from work late and have to think about dinner, for your family, or to win over the guests' palate? It would be a mistake, because even a dish prepared with fish can give us great satisfaction in the kitchen, when you want to experiment with new tastes. Curious to find out how to prepare our recipe?

The fish in fact, besides being a fundamental food for our health, due to its nutritional characteristics, with the right ingredients can be prepared quickly, and give life to creative dishes that are also very tasty. Like the one we are proposing today: braids of hake with citrus fruits, enriched with Taggiasca olives, taralli crumble and the fresh taste of Mutti Cherry Sauce, which gives the hake braids a creative twist and a mix of exquisite flavors. But not only: a presentation of the dish to be the envy!

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Citrus hake braids with Mutti Cherry Sauce, Taggiasca olives and taralli crumble

For 4 people


4 hake fillets
1 orange
4 tablespoons of Taggiasca olives
1 bottle of Mutti Cherry Sauce
10 taralli
a few sprigs of fresh oregano
1 clove of garlic
half a glass of white wine
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil to taste


On a cutting board, grate the citrus fruit peel with a knife and chop the Taggiasca olives. Always cut the hake fillets on the cutting board, leaving the entire end and making two vertical incisions. Form braids by stopping the ends with short toothpicks if necessary. Sprinkle the fillets with the aromatic mixture of citrus fruits, olives and oregano, making it adhere well to the fish.
Place the extra virgin olive oil, oregano and the garlic clove in a non-stick pan and lay the braids. Cook on both sides for 5 minutes. Add the white wine and let it evaporate.
Add the Mutti Cherry Sauce and cook for about 10 minutes. Serve with taralli crumble, minced oregano and olives, and add a sprinkling of chopped citrus on the hake braids.

That fresh taste that your recipe lacked

The use of tomato sauce in seafood dishes often divides: some, erroneously, believe that tomato paste is not able to enhance the flavor of the fish. But this is not always the case: la Mutti Cherry Sauce, for example, with its fresh taste, it is able to enhance and enhance the taste of hake and round off the taste of the recipe.
And let's not forget that the eye also wants its part: the bright red color of the Mutti Cherry Sauce creates a perfect combination of colors with the black of the Taggiasca olives, the green of fresh oregano and orange and the citrus fruit yellow.
Taste, color, aroma and consistency of the ingredients make this dish really irresistible!

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