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Guide to choosing the best white wine from Campania – Italian Cuisine

There Campania It is known for its superb culinary tradition, for Vesuvius, the wonderful city of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, its islands and … for its wines. While theAglianico it is considered the Nebbiolo of the South and among the reds it is certainly among the most important expressions at national level, there are many excellences among the white wines from Campania. Sale & Pepe guides you to choice of the best white wine of Campania for every occasion!

The most famous vineyards of Campania

There Campania it has 23,000 hectares of land planted with vines. Can boast 19 D.o.p. (Protected Designation of Origin), divided between 15 D.o.c. (Denomination of Controlled Origin) e 4 D.o.c.g. (Designation of origin and guaranteed). The areas from which they are produced certified wines D.o.c. they are: Ischia, Capri, Vesuvius, Cilento, Falerno del Massico, Castel San Lorenzo, Aversa, Sorrento Peninsula, Campi Flegrei, Amalfi Coast, Galluccio, Sannio, Irpinia, Casavecchia di Pontelatone, Falanghina del Sannio. The areas from which they are produced certified wines D.o.c.g. they are: Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Aglianico del Taburno. THE wines I.g.p./I.g.t. (Typical Geographical Indication) come from: Colli di Salerno, Dugenta, Epomeo, Paestum, Pompeiano, Roccamonfina, Beneventano, Terre del Volturno, Campania, Catalanesca del Monte Somma.

THE native vines the most famous of Campania are theAglianico, considered the sovereign vine of the region. It is also the oldest variety grown in southern Italy. Between red there are also the Sciascinoso and the Piedirosso. Among the white grape varieties there are the Falanghina, the Fiano di Avellino, the Greco di Tufo, the Coda di Volpe, the Biancolella, the Forastera. On the Amalfi Coast the territory offers highly typical wines, deriving from native vines such as Fenile, Ginestra, Ripolo, Pepella and Tintore, made unique by a large aromatic complexity.

In recent years, specialized research institutions and local producers, assisted by the Regional Agriculture Department, have revalued numerous local vines. Among these are the Greco muscio (Avellino), the Baselice Moscato (Benevento), the White pallagrello, the black Pallagrello and the Casavecchia (Caserta), the Caprettone and the Catalanesca (Naples), and the varieties the Fenile, Ginestra, Ripolo, Pepella, Tintore and Aglianicone (Salerno) varieties.

According to the guide Vinibuoni of Italy, between best wines of the Campania region there are the whites the Falanghina del Sannio D.o.c., the Fiano di Avellino D.o.c.g., the Ischia D.o.c. from Forastera, the Greco di Tufo D.o.c.g. Among the reds the Falerno del Massiccio D.o.c. is mentioned primitive, Taurasi D.o.c.g. and the Aglianico del Taburno D.o.c.g.

White wines from Campania to pair with fish

The choice of the best wine to pair with fish also varies depending on the cooking. 174535If you have prepared abaked sea bream, you can orient yourself on one Falanghina del Sannio D.o.c., able to offer fruity and floral notes, together with the herbaceous ones, with hints of spice and a delicate minerality. With the Greco di Tufo D.o.c.g. we add to the scope a balsamic note, which makes this wine suitable also for grilled fish. For this second is also perfectIschia Bianco.

Among the sapid wines with a fresh acidity stands out Foxtail, suitable to accompany your fish seconds, maybe prepared to cartouche. Acidity, warmth and structure: these are the three main coordinates to describe the taste impact of Fiano d'Avellino, which, with its marked freshness, matches well with fish carpaccio.

White wines from Campania to pair with meat

Tradition has it that meat dishes – appetizers, first courses or seconds – call the presence of red wine at the table. This is a myth to debunk. Even white wine can make the difference, enhancing the flavor and aroma of the meat itself.

For turkeys, capons and simply seasoned chickens, we will have to choose white wines with the same structure as the Falanghina, white wine characterized by a very intense straw color and a strongly structured smell. Eye to serve it fresh. To enhance the meatballs, rely on Castel San Lorenzo Bianco D.o.c. and for stewed meats where in the recipe has already been used white wine you can combine a glass of Fiano di Avellino D.o.c.g.

Campania white wines for aperitifs

To delight your guests with an appetizing and harmonious aperitif, you can exalt finger food based on fish or glazed vegetables, as well as tuna carpaccio or sea bass, with wines with floral, refined and delicate notes. Campania wines are particularly suitable for this purpose.

174538Bet on a Greco di Tufo or on one Falanghina: served at a temperature between 8 ° C and 10 ° C, you will enhance the hints of fresh white pulp fruit, white wild flowers, cut grass and even a slight minerality, daughter of the territory in which it thrives.

Among the choices out of the choir point to a Lacryma Christi of Vesuvius D.o.c. white, perfect for appetizers, raw fish and fresh cheeses. From the Cilento arrive the fruity notes, particularly suitable for the aperitif of Cilento D.o.p. Fiano. An interesting combination is also the one with the Paestum I.g.t. Fiano, perfect next to raw fish, shellfish and fried finger food.

White wines from Campania

Among the best white wines of Campania to drink throughout the meal an excellent expression of the territory is theIschia D.o.c. Biancolella. The Greco di Tufo D.o.c.g. it also goes well with soups and soups. If your meal is pizza-based choose a Aversa D.o.c. Asprinio, a white grape variety with marked floral notes. Of course this does not exclude the classic notes of Falanghina and Greco di Tufo.

Sweet white wines from Campania

Campania is an area with an important confectionery tradition. How to resist the lemon delight, al Baba or to the struffoli? These delicacies must be accompanied worthily by sweet wines that enhance their sumptuous and enveloping flavor.

The region boasts a wide range of sweet raisin wines, both white and red. Among the sweet white wines of Campania stands out Zingarella Moscato di Baselice: among its aromas, dried apricots, dates, candied yellow fruit and saffron hints stand out. This passito is perfect to accompany the pastiera.

From the Falanghina grapes comes the Passito of Pallagrello, amber in color and a sweet taste. Among the aromas stand citrus fruits, hay and honey. Perfect with creams and dry desserts.

The Fiano grapes produce more structured passito wines including theIrpinia Fiano Passito D.o.c., which matches very well to cassata and sweets of almond paste. The passito wine Mel it has a golden yellow color; its scents are amplified by aging in barrique, which gives it notes of dates, candied citrus fruits and honey. It is a perfect wine to pair with lemon delight.

White wines from Campania for aging

Between white wines from Campania that best lend themselves toaging, choose the Fiano d'Avellino. The stability of this grape combined with the wisdom of some native producers, is able to give great satisfaction in the bottle even over a distance of 10 years. These are the best expressions also suitable for becoming an important gift.


Sautéed recipe of clams in white soup – Italian Cuisine

  • 1 Kg purged and washed clams
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 4 pcs slices of bread without crust
  • tarragon
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • dry white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil

For the recipe for sautéed clams in white soup, cut the slices of bread into sticks and toast them in a pan with a little oil. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 clove of peeled garlic in a saucepan, then remove them; add the clams, 1/2 glass of white wine, cover with the lid and let them open: it will take 4-5 minutes. Strain the clam cooking liquid, pour 300 g into a saucepan and let it heat up. Add the mascarpone and mix it with a whisk. Pepper and cook for 5 minutes. Serve the clams, partially shelled, in the soup, adding tarragon leaves; accompanied with toasted bread sticks.

The motivational speech by Marco Pierre White – Italian Cuisine

Marco Pierre White wins Masterchef. Cannavacciuolo is also moved

We must admit that in this edition of Masterchef Italy all the chefs have a heart and do not hide it under their jacket: we expected the worst from theenfant terrible of high gastronomy and instead, Marco Pierre White, he moved everyone, including Cannavacciuolo, who is not seen in tears so easily.
Here is the chef's speech, one of those speeches that we all wanted to hear at least once in a lifetime!

It is not my job to tell you what to do in life.
If you have a dream, follow it!
When I was a 17 year old boy I had a dream, my two leaders gave me that dream,
they told me about a restaurant in Paris, the Lasserre, three Michelin stars, I was just a kid.
But I had that dream, a dream without ambitions, a dream full of insecurities; but I knew within myself that I was ready for sacrifice, at any cost.
No matter how many mistakes he made in life, I didn't give up. But I did one thing: I always learned from my mistakes. Because without errors you will never discover perfection.
No matter how you get there, the important thing is to get there.
If you all have a dream, you have a duty and responsibility with yourself to make it happen. We cannot do it, it depends on you.