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Six delicious foods that have a very pungent smell! – Italian Cuisine

Don't be fooled by the unpleasant smell of these six foods from various parts of the world, their taste is delicious!

In the kitchen there are many factors that can greatly influence the sense of taste, think for example of how much we can influence the memories and emotions that food can evoke, as well as the stories we are told before eating. Among the many, one of the aspects of food that can best improve or worsen the perception and the expectation of taste, is the smell. A dish or an ingredient with a pungent or unpleasant smell is able to generate a negative impulse on our senses, even leading us to avoid tasting it. The only exception, in the case of the so-called taste of buying food, is that to make it appreciable and even enjoyable can be a prolonged and lasting exposure over the years, which leads the consumer to develop a positive perception. They are part of this category of These six delicious food smells from different parts of the world, so prejudice is really worth overcoming.

Chameleon plant

The so-called Houttuynia cordata or fish mint in English (fish mint), is agrass with a strong taste and fishy taste. Although little known by us, the chameleon herb is very widespread in Asia, especially in Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and north-eastern India, where it is used for example to season grilled meats, noodle dishes, soups, salads or roulades. The tender roots can also be ground and added to chutney with dried fish, chilli and tamarind, while in some countries the dried leaves are used for tea.


This fruit is considered "the most smelly in the world" and it is even banned in some public places due to the intense and annoying smell, associated by many with pork meat, bad onions and even dirty socks. Thanks to her characteristic bitter-sweet and slightly spicy flavor, and due to its extraordinary nutritional and antioxidant properties, durian is however much loved throughout Southeast Asia.


Roquefort is a blue cheese from sheep's milk from southern France, famous throughout the world and particularly loved in combination with jams, compotes and chatneys. If at the sight it appears white and pleasantly creamy, with the distinctive veins distinctive of blue mold, both the smell and the taste have one strong acid and pungent component.

Smelly tofu

This recipe known in English as stinky tofu, is very well known in Asia where there are several variations. One of the most famous and appreciated is the Taiwanese deep-fried stinky tofu, a ubiquitous dish in night market stalls and restaurants. In Taiwan the tofu is fermented with a medicinal herb and then fried, it has a contrasting and pleasant taste, and is often served with pickled vegetables or with pork and a pinch of chili pepper. Its odor, which is felt in the distance, is nauseating for many unaccustomed tourists, and recalls the smell of rotten rubbish.


THE fermented foods they are a real craze of recent years, thanks to the widespread desire to rediscover genuine flavors and cooking methods and natural preservation. Among the most popular fermented foods of the moment, in addition to kombucha, kefir and Japanese miso, is the kimchi Korean, famous among other things for the high presence of lactobacilli, true cure for the well-being of the intestine. There are kimchi different recipes, all based on vegetables, but the base generally consists of garlic, onion, Korean pepper and horseradish leaves. This traditional dish is particularly feared for its bad smell, and for this reason it is kept at a safe distance from other foods.


Still remaining in the field of fermentation and oriental cuisine, another dish as smelly as it is good natto. This traditional japanese food it is the favorite breakfast of the Japanese people and consists of fermented soy beans accompanied by white rice or fish and dressed with soy sauce and spring onions. Although considered a great meal, both in Japan and in other countries, for many the natto remains difficult to eat, just for theunbearable strong odor as for the sticky and viscid consistency due to a sort of stringy jelly that comes to form with the fermentation process. In short, a food that really puts our senses to the test.

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Osteoporosis, 10 foods that help fight it at the table – Italian Cuisine

They protect and strengthen the joints and fight the risk of fragility and fractures. Here's what to eat to have strong, healthy bones at all ages

In Italy, according to estimates by the Ministry of Health, about 5 million people suffer from osteoporosis, a predominantly female disease that can also affect men, which causes a reduction in the mineral content of the bones and which favors fragility and breakage. Among the factors that increase the risk of experiencing the disorder there is not only the advancing age that leads, after 50 years, to a natural weakening of the bone tissue, but also incorrect eating habits. For example, the abuse of alcohol and caffeine, which hinder the absorption of calcium, an essential mineral for maintaining strong bones. Preventing this disease is possible by including the right foods on the daily menus. Let's see with the help of the nutritionist Sonia Croci what they are and why they should be brought to the table.

What to eat

Bone health is also achieved at the table. To combat the risk of osteoporosis and counteract its fragility in daily menus, the foods rich in calcium must not be missing. «This mineral has a real protective effect on the joints. Excellent sources are not only milk, cheese and yogurt, but also sardines, sesame seeds, broccoli, walnuts, cabbage. To absorb it better it is necessary to avoid combining the foods that are rich with foods that contain oxalates such as spinach, whole grains, beets, beets in the same meal. Even the salt and the consumption of foods that contain high quantities should be limited: in addition to being harmful to health in general, it is the enemy of bone. Sodium (salt) hinders its absorption. Yes instead to foods rich in vitamin C such as kiwi and citrus fruits and to those containing vitamin D, such as egg yolk, butter, salmon and herring that facilitate their assimilation ".

Would you like to know more? Discover the foods that help fight osteoporosis in the gallery one by one

skin, hair and detox … discover the foods that make you beautiful – Italian Cuisine

If the fifty shades of gray are what remains on ours face at the first thaw, then the sun of spring it may not do us justice. Repairing is still possible, with the help of food that they give to the face again brightness and possibly youth. So let's see what to do to make it shine, which of course we have already begun to help with pre-spring detox drinks and with the purification that we continue to do thanks to herbs …


Water: you have to drink so much, especially on an empty stomach (the ideal would be warm and with a few drops of lemon juice, drunk as soon as you wake up to favor the activity of the intestine) the skin will be more hydrated ed elastic.

Green tea: it is rich in antioxidants and very moisturizing.
(The recipe: jasmine green tea )

Extra virgin olive oil: besides being a real concentrate of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals also has great properties moisturizers. So the oil must not be missing on our table!

Honey: not everyone knows the many properties, including that of bringing water to fabrics in depth, guaranteeing continuous hydration and an effect on the skin plumping. Honey is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In short, a true elixir of youth!
(The recipe: basil and honey cocktail)

Needless to reiterate that the fruit (all) is good. Also with regard to the skin: the more it eats the better! However it is worth mentioning the properties of some fruits in particular:

Citrus fruits: favor the regeneration cellular giving brightness and tone to the face. Take advantage of late varieties!
(The recipe: spicy citrus salad)

Avocado: from the properties antioxidants performs a targeted action against the signs of aging.

Berries: they are a source of potassium and magnesium vitamins and naturally provided with vitamin C and antioxidants. Excellent allies against the free radicals!

Blueberry: particular attention should be given to the blueberry, which is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, refreshing, astringent, tonic and diuretic. This small berry is very useful for strengthening i capillaries, counteracting the annoying redness. But this season, we have to settle for frozen ones …

Carrots, and the first tomatoes: they are rich in vitamins and beta carotene (useful for the complexion). Rich in vitamin C they have a high antioxidant action.

spinach : like all green leafy vegetables, they have great antioxidant and purifying properties. Contrast the signs of fatigue and aging.
(The recipe: carrot and spinach croquettes)

A body without proteins is a factory without workers. Our body needs a constant amount of proteins to function, which also have a very important effect on the tissues and therefore on our physical appearance.

Red meat: it is rich, as well as amminoacidi, too of proteins with a high nutritional level, which favor tissue reconstruction and repair. Excellent source of iron, which oxygenates the tissues giving the face a healthy and radiant appearance.

Eggs: like red meat, they are rich in proteins and vitamins. They therefore give the skin firmness.
(The recipe: rice salad with meat and eggs)

Very important to counteract free radicals, they are fundamental components of biological membranes and epithelial tissue. Making it a "full" means choosing the right foods: then go ahead dried fruit (walnuts and almonds in the first place) plus rich in unsaturated fats and therefore "good" and a blue fish is salmome; but also to the soy and ai seeds. A shield against free radicals.
(The recipe: linguine carbonara with salmon)

Having a beautiful skin means first of all having a good intestinal activity. It is important in this regard to consume Whole grains, which are rich in fiber (as well as vitamins) and yogurt, preferably lean. Therefore they play an important role in eliminating waste, thus giving the skin a healthy and luminous appearance.
(The recipe: cup with yogurt and blueberries)


Purifies with baking soda
The scrub: simply dissolving a small amount of bicarbonate in water and then applying it to the skin with a light massage, we will ensure a deep cleansing of our skin.

The mask for oily skin
Add the baking soda to the honey (1 to 1 ratio) and gently massage on the face with circular movements. The purifying effect of bicarbonate and then the cuddle of honey will give you the skin effect velvety!

Olive oil as a make-up remover
In the series "do not throw anything away", olive oil is fine, very well indeed, as a makeup remover. Also for make-up waterproof!

Honey moisturizer
Just heating the jar in a bain-marie and then spreading a small amount of honey on the face, we will get a real one cream moisturizing. Seeing is believing!

Ornella Guess
March 2017
updated to March 2019
from Aurora Quinto