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The 5 foods to avoid in order not to gain weight easily – Italian Cuisine

Does the diet work poorly and are extra pounds your problem? Find out which foods are best avoided in order not to risk gaining weight

Do you easily gain weight and do the extra pounds struggle to leave? You probably make some mistakes. It often depends on some bad habits that you have at the table such as excessive consumption of simple sugars. "They give the body easily available energy and stimulate excessive insulin production. This hormone promotes a faster accumulation of fats and facilitates the sudden hunger attacks often responsible for extra pounds, "says the nutritionist Giulia Vincenzo , which here suggests a series of tailor-made tips for those who tend to gain weight easily.

The foods that help

«Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, legumes and whole grains are excellent allies of the line. Satiate and slow down the absorption of sugars and fats. Even those that contain proteins (lean meat, fish, eggs etc.) and essential fatty acids (dried fruit, extra virgin olive oil etc.) can help to combat sudden hunger and extra pounds. In addition to giving satiety, they promote the proper functioning of the metabolism and help burn carbohydrates, proteins and fats better, "says the expert.

Food is not

«If you tend to gain weight easily, stay away from the simple sugars contained in snacks, biscuits, sweets, carbonated and sugary drinks and junk food in general. Also, limit the quantities of those contained in fruit. They are quickly absorbed by the body and promote excess production of insulin, the hormone that regulates hunger ", explains nutritionist Giulia Vincenzo.

In the gallery, the foods to stay away from in order not to gain weight easily

Do you get fat easily? The 5 best foods to stay away from
Do you get fat easily? The 5 best foods to stay away from.

10 foods that may contain gluten (against all expectations) – Italian Cuisine

10 foods that may contain gluten (against all expectations)

There are innocent-looking foods that can turn out to be real traps for those with celiac disease: gluten can also be hidden in completely unsuspected foods. This is why reading labels carefully is essential

Bread and pasta, pizza and breadsticks, biscuits and wraps: a celiac knows that he must eliminate those foods that come from flours containing gluten, or choose products made with special flours. But that's not enough.
There are foods that would seem safe, but which may contain gluten or traces of gluten: enough to create problems for those suffering from celiac disease. For this the wording gluten free on the label of products such as soy sauce, a salamino or a ready-made sauce is anything but redundant: nothing can be taken for granted. And for this reason those who are celiac must always learn to read carefully labels, checking the ingredients scrupulously or looking for the word "gluten-free" or the crossed ear.
Very useful, then, is the handbook provided by AIC (Italian Celiac Association) to its members.

We see some foods that could be misleading.

10 foods that may contain gluten

1. Baked ham: not only sausages, such as salami, sausages or frankfurters, can contain gluten in the dough, but also cooked ham, whose processing may involve the use of gluten.

2. Cream: the long-life one and the spray-mounted one may contain risky additives.

3. Chips in bag (but also precooked frozen ones). Always read the label carefully!

4. Icicles: they could hide the gluten used as a thickener.

5. Chocolate: even the fondant may have traces of flour or starch.

6. Soy sauce: many types derive from the fermentation, in addition to soy, of cereals containing gluten.

7. Ready sauces and sauces… also mayonnaise: watch out for thickeners!

8. Candies: aromas, thickeners and other additives make them fall into the categories at risk.

9. Fruit juices: those with added vitamins and those containing preservatives, additives, flavorings or colorings are at risk.

10. Melted, sliced ​​and spreadable cheeses: also in this case it is necessary to check that they do not contain thickeners, gelling agents and aromas.

Time change, the foods that help you face it better – Italian Cuisine

On the night between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October the clock hands will move back an hour. Here's what to eat to combat fatigue and other minor annoyances associated with decreased light hours

This night we change and we return to thewinter time. The hands of the watch must be moved an hour back. In the first few days after the time change due to the reduction in light hours it is easy to feel more tired, nervous and having difficulty falling asleep. To counter the small passenger nuisances it can be useful to bring to the table some foods which, thanks to the precious nutrients they contain, can help the body respond better to external stimuli and help them adapt to new rhythms. With the help of nutritionist Sonia Croci, we find out what they are and why we should eat them.

What to eat for fatigue

To feel less tired and exhausted and encourage adaptation to the new schedule, at the table must not miss the foods rich in
magnesium and potassium. "These minerals, precious for the good functioning of the nervous system, help support the body's psychophysical well-being and fight the sense of exhaustion. They are good sources whole grains, dark chocolate, dried fruit and oilseedsExplains nutritionist Sonia Croci. To combat fatigue and fatigue autumn sadness it can be useful then to choose foods rich in tryptophan. «This amino acid is a precursor of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood. It is found, for example, in chestnuts, legumes, eggs, chocolate.

Remedies to counter insomnia

To avoid waking up in the middle of the night or having difficulty falling asleep it is important to do a light evening meal. "We need to avoid sauces, sauces and over-processed foods that, besides weighing on digestion and on the line, can make sleep more difficult." It goes then reduced coffee consumption and avoided alcohol consumption. "Alcohol, in addition to being harmful to the health of the body, does not help the quality of rest. It has an only apparent sedative effect. In fact, it promotes nocturnal awakenings and disturbs sleep ", explains nutritionist Sonia Croci.

Would you like to know more? Browse the gallery and discover the foods that help you face the time change.

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