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Easter: ideas for a lactose-free menu – Italian Cuisine

Easter: ideas for a lactose-free menu

From the appetizer to the dessert it is possible to build an intolerant-proof Easter lunch, but with all the taste of tradition

Easter cake, stuffed crepes, Neapolitan pastiera … the classic Easter menu can hide various pitfalls for those who are lactose intolerant. However, with a little attention, you can build a perfect menu to combine taste and safety.

A first possibility is given by "lactose-free" products: ricotta, cream and milk can be replaced with lactose free equivalents, i.e. with milk and delacted dairy products, if not with vegetable milks and vegan products, such as cheese or soy cream. In this way any recipe can be reread and adapted for intolerants. Doses and times will remain unchanged, as will the procedures.

A second way is given by tradition: choose carefully in the showcase of Italian specialties those dishes that are prepared without milk or dairy products.


So the appetizer can be made up of the classics hard-boiled eggs, accompanied by a fresh one seasonal salad, perhaps enriched with asparagus tips and a homemade mayonnaise; alternatively you can focus on an Italian appetizer, with sliced (attention to the ingredients at the time of purchase, some may contain lactose), pickles and pickles, and to taste a nice slice of focaccia or White pizza. Inevitable element in the Roman tradition are i artichokes: Jewish or Roman, they do not contain lactose and are a safe choice. Another appetizer of the regional tradition increasingly known throughout Italy is the Benedetto Apulian: boiled eggs, ricotta, oranges, sopressata, rocket or curly salad, olives and taralli. Just remove the ricotta, perhaps replacing it with a parmesan sliver, naturally lactose free, and you're done.

First dishes

For the first, the choice is pasta, preferably fresh, homemade. Pappardelle, tagliatelle, tagliolini or lasagna it is a matter of taste, just as the matter of taste is the choice of the sauce: a robust one ragout, perhaps of lamb, or a delicate sauce of vegetables, scented with asparagus, broad beans, peas, artichokes, in short, spring. Here too, regional cuisine is full of suggestions, from Umbrian strangozzi, a sort of rustic square-section spaghetti, to be seasoned with a robust tomato and garlic sauce, up to Cappelletti in Romagna broth, passing through the many traditional Tuscan soups.


When it comes to the second, you are spoiled for choice. They are totally lactose free roast lamb, Easter specialty par excellence, prepared in as many variations as there are Italian towns. Those who prefer to avoid lamb can choose other meats, and opt for example for aarista or for a classic veal roast. Lactose free are also the grilling, for those who can cook outdoors: all meats are suitable, as well as sausages, always taking a look at the ingredients. And lactose free are the marinades used to flavor: green light for herbs, spices, oil, salt, lemon! And for a vegetarian choice, tradition offers a nice one omelette, perhaps with potatoes and onions, or with ham. Even a grilled vegetable can be an idea, certainly spring, lactose-free and vegan!


The Easter egg, if of dark chocolate, it is suitable for intolerants, both adults and children. But that's not enough: at Easter you also need a dessert. The colomba is offered by many producers in a lactose-free version, and to accompany it you can prepare a mascarpone cream. Despite being a fresh dairy product, in fact, the mascarpone cheese it contains only minimal traces of lactose, and is generally well tolerated. Or you can prepare a rich fruit salad, with seasonal fruit and a spoonful of lemon sorbet.

Homemade cat snacks: three ideas – Italian Cuisine

Homemade cat snacks: three ideas

The food for our pets can be prepared with what we have at home, such as vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs and flour

In a time when it is complicated do the shopping, with the handouts that empty too quickly, always have the snacks for our domestic cats it can be a problem. The solution, however, could be that of get them at home, with the products we have and that they can eat even feline friends. Let's see how.

Three homemade snack recipes for cats

Carrot cat bites

To prepare this cat snack you will need: 1-2 tablespoons of honey, 1 egg, 100 g of canned tuna, 1 carrot, whole wheat flour.

The first thing to do is cut the carrot into very small cubes and, in a bowl, mix it with the egg, honey, the tuna fish and a little flour, just to help the mixture thicken. At this point you have to make some small balls, similar in all respects to the crunchy that you buy in the shops and put them in the oven at 180 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

Paté for cats

For this homemade cat snack you will need: 500 g of fresh or frozen fish, 3 handfuls of rice, 1 courgette, 1 carrot, olive oil.

To prepare cat pate, start by washing and cleaning the courgette and carrot and then put them to boil in a large enough pot. As soon as the water reaches the boil add the fish and cook everything for about 30 minutes. At this point also add the rice and stir, continuing cooking for another 10 minutes. When the rice is ready too, let it cool and then whisk it adding, only after obtaining a pate, a drizzle of oil.

Apple morsels

There apple it is one of the best foods for the cat diet and for preparing delicious apple bites perfect for yours four-legged friends you will only need: 1 apple, 1 egg, oatmeal.

Just peel the apple and cut it into thin wedges, beat the egg and the egg in a bowl oatmeal until creating a homogeneous mixture where to "bread" the apple slices and then cook them on a plate on both sides until they are golden and crispy.

Browse the tutorial to read more tips on preparing cat food at home

5 ideas (and more) for lunch – Italian Cuisine

5 ideas (and more) for lunch

Cooking lunch for the little ones every day seems impossible, especially if we also have to work. Here's how to get organized

Spend whole days at home with children it is beautiful, intense and very demanding.
It is a time of growth and sharing for the family, but it is important to organize well to maintain harmony and serenity, especially if mom and dad must also work.
Let's start from kitchen, because to bring something to the table that puts everyone in agreement you need to have a plan: a few simple ingredients always available and a lot of imagination.

5 recipes? Much more

We propose you 5 very versatile recipes that you can transform according to your needs.
These are ideas that children really like: two first courses, two second courses and a dessert which are actually much more.
To prepare them, all you have to do is organize yourself with a small expense and otherwise improvised.
We will give you some suggestions.
In a few steps you will put everyone around the table without too much effort.

First rule: smart shopping

What should never be missing in the pantry, especially when there are children at home for many days, they are pasta and pasta for all tastes, but also potatoes, cereals and bread as a source of carbohydrates.
Then eggs, glass tuna and smoked salmon for any sandwiches, meatballs, omelettes and pies.
They must not be missing fruits and vegetables that I am always a joker for snacks as well yogurt, the chocolate and the dried fruit.
With i legumes creams, pastes and meatballs can be prepared, then stock up on them.
Finally, White meat always keep in the freezer already portioned e fresh cheeses.

Baked pasta or mac & cheese

All kids like it stringy baked pasta and also to adults.
It is a recipe that can have a thousand variations, but the classic one includes cooked pasta drained al dente, seasoned with simple tomato sauce or the Bolognese ragu, parmesan and mozzarella and then cooked in a pan in the oven.
Someone adds the bechamel to make it more creamy, someone does it in white, perhaps with le vegetables and you can also do it in small single portions more suitable for children.
A very special baked pasta that comes from the United States is the famous one Mac & cheese, very tasty because prepared with cheddar cheese which also gives it a fairly intense yellow-orange color.
Children are crazy about it.
Do not forget that the characteristics of the baked pasta are the external crunchiness, the internal creaminess and the stringy cheese, so do not be shy with the seasonings!

Vegetable broth, but not only!

Prepare an abundant simple broth of mixed vegetables, with chard, courgette, celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, spinach and cherry tomatoes.
Use it after filtering it to prepare pastries of all kinds that children always like a lot, especially if enriched with parmesan or cream cheeses.
You can also add to the hot broth a beaten egg to get the classic stracciatella, a single and substantial dish, full of energy.
Always with the broth you can blend and cook a risotto, or a orzotto if you want to use a slightly unusual cereal for a creamy soup.
Finally, by blending it with its own vegetables you will get a kind of past very light.
Vegetable broth is always a joker. If it keeps, keep it in the freezer.

Meatballs rich with vegetables

With vegetables cooked in broth you can do many things, so don't throw them away.
You can season them with oil and salt for a fast side dish, you can blend them and put them in the broth as said before, you can use them to make an omelette or pies and finally you can add them to the dough meatballs.
At the base of the meatballs, which can be the one you prefer between meat, fish or legumes, add the coarsely crushed vegetables and then one egg every 300 g of dough, salt and pepper and about 2 tablespoons of Parmesan.
Work everything by adding breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs to create a compound that is easy to work with your hands. Make meatballs not too large and cook them in the oven or in a pan.
In addition to the minced white meat or beef, you can use fish for the base, as cod fillets or canned tuna, or cooked and smoothie legumes.

Tortillas and omelettes

With a omelette we always agree and preparing it is really very easy.
A recipe that children like because it is rich in potatoes and also very complete and substantial, is the classic one Tortilla Of Potatoes Spanish, which is a slightly different way of bringing eggs to the table.
You can also enrich it with diced ham and cheese although the classic recipe does not include them, but children like them very much.
Other omelettes that are very easy to prepare are those that are made in the oven, because they do not break and remain beautiful, compact and slightly greasy.
Try the ricotta cheese which is prepared by beating 6 eggs with 200 g of well-drained ricotta, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of Parmesan. Enrich it with sliced ​​boiled potatoes, or with vegetables to taste sautéed in a pan or even with aromatic herbs to give a touch of perfume and flavor.
Pour everything in a not too large baking mold lined with parchment paper and let it cook at 180 ° in a static oven for about 15 minutes, until the mixture has become beautiful and firm.

Fruit and chocolate

A winning combination for the dessert is that between fruit and chocolate because children like both.
The easiest recipe to prepare is the classic one Chocolate Fondue in which to dip fruits of all kinds with wooden sticks.
You can also simply cover the fruit with the melted chocolate and chopped dried fruit and let everything solidify to obtain healthy and delicious chocolates.
You can, always with melted chocolate, create some fruit salad bowls making a super fun game.
What you need to do is inflate small balloons and then dip them halfway into the melted chocolate holding them with a finger on the closure.
Let cool well and then pierce the balloons. What will remain after the "explosion" will be bowls of chocolate to be filled with fruit, yogurt, cream or ice cream.
Always with fruit and chocolate you can garnish slices of bread to make some sweet bruschetta or you can make gods smoothies.

This and other ideas are ready in the gallery for you!

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