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What to do with leftover béchamel: 10 clever ideas – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

You have gratinated the vegetables and made chili lasagnanow the holidays are over and… What to do with leftover béchamel sauce? We are sure that in these festive days there has been no shortage of the aforementioned lasagna or even on your tables crepes And cannelloni, first courses that warm the belly and heart. All united by a great deal of deliciousness homemade bechamel, which, for fear of not being enough, is usually made in large quantities. When it advances, however, it is a great shame to throw it away. What can we do to not waste it?

How to store bechamel

Once cooled, the homemade béchamel can be preserved in the fridge covered with cling film or in a airtight container for two/three days maximum. If you don’t use it during this time, you can freeze it. In the freezerin special containers, the sauce can be kept for a couple of months: in this way they will be avoided waste and you will have bechamel ready to use if you don’t have time to prepare it. Just let it thaw in the fridge or at room temperature before using it. And if it loses consistency, put it back on the heat and thicken it with a little flour.

What to do with leftover béchamel sauce?

As we were saying, leftover béchamel sauce stored correctly in the fridge can be used within a few days to prepare other recipes. You can stock up on lasagna to freeze, you can prepare one baked pasta or a timbale with a empty fridge recipe using the other leftovers. Another idea are the gratin vegetables or stuffed: from fennel to broccoli, from cardoons to endive, seasonal vegetables are perfect for baking with bechamel sauce. What do you say then gods soufflé? There are many ideas: discover all our recipes for using leftover béchamel sauce below and in the gallery.

10 recipes with leftover bechamel

Christmas appetizers: 10 ideas to try at least once – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Whether we’re talking about the Christmas Eve dinner or the lunch on the 25th, the Christmas appetizers they are often a big worry. What to do to amaze family members, without taking away the warmth of tradition? No problem: just use your imagination and seasonal ingredients.

A classic, for example, is the Neapolitan reinforcement salad, which has always been a side dish but, given the richness of dinners and today’s lunches, it can easily be “moved” to the starter. One appetizer pull the other one. Staying on the topic of appetizers traditional, also interesting fried cauliflower, typical of Abruzzo and Calabrian cuisine. Or the zeppoline with seaweed, another delicacy of Neapolitan cuisine. But let’s try to revisit tradition: so here are 10 ideas to start Christmas off right at the table

Christmas appetizers: our 10 unmissable ideas

So let’s start immediately with the 10 best recipes in our cookbook, to be revisited with imagination: from quiche to classic crostini to raw fish.

Spicy salami quiche

Speaking of Calabria: why not put spicy salami or ‘nduja in a delicious quiche, for an entirely Mediterranean dish? The savory pie is filled with a filling of ricotta, cherry tomatoes, spicy salami, oregano, olives and extra virgin olive oil. But be careful: the risk is that her taste “cannibalizes” the rest of the lunch…

Crostini with stracchino and sausage

Liver croutons Tuscans they are a classic of the Italian mixed appetizer. And all year round. But we offer you an interesting variant: crostini with sausage and stracchino. After lightly grilling the bread, just fill it with stracchino and crumbled sausage and put it in the oven for a few minutes.

Cockles au gratin or… raw

An excellent appetizer for any dinner, the cockles from the Northern Adriatic can be a truly original idea: the shells must be filled with breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, pepper and parsley. And then cooked in the oven. Or, for those who have a trusted fishmonger, shells and molluscs, all raw.

Savory yule log

The name recalls the famous French dessert, but obviously it is something completely different: take some slices of bread for sandwichessprinkle it with Capricciosa salad and mayonnaiseand then roll them up giving them the shape of a log. A quick and really clever appetizer! A bit like slices of sandwich in the shape of a Christmas tree…

Lasagna cupcakes

Put the Emilian lasagna in the appetizer? You can, by cutting the lasagna into squares and creating scenographic shapes baskets. And seasoning them with sauce tomato, bechamel and sausage.

Speck and cheese rolls

Slices of speckSouth Tyrol roll up and fill with a stick of Asiago and chives. Heat in the oven or on the griddle. Is there a simpler and, at the same time, appetizing appetizer?

Orange prawns

Refined and Mediterranean dish: it is necessary to cut thesliced ​​orange, with all the peel, and cook it lightly in butter. Then, once the slices have been removed, i prawns shelled, they are cooked in a pan with Cointreau, chives, orange juice and salt. And then you arrange the prawns on the orange slices like a crouton. To try!

Gourmet panettone

The most classic of Milanese Christmas desserts also exists in savory version, all to be stuffed. There are ready-made ones: just cut it into a series of discs of dough about one centimeter high, divide them in two and then move on to the filling, adding the butter first. And here the imagination kicks in: salami fantasies, smoked salmon, shrimp with cocktail sauce, cheese layers with taleggio cream, gorgonzola and crescenza. And then again olive pâté, dried tomatoes, grilled vegetables, walnuts, Russian salad, pesto, béchamel sauce, pickles, pickles. A true “tower” of taste!

Radicchio boats

Treviso red radicchio or Belgian endive can be used for spectacular “boats”. The crew? Mozzarella, anchovies and rocket. And you can also use the hoax.

Parmesan Cheese Baskets

They always make an impact on the table. But what they contain should not be underestimated at all: don’t settle for the usual saladbut enrich them with slices of cured meats and cheeses, mushrooms and why not, also use someegg with Norcia black truffle!

Muffins for Valentine's Day: the most delicious ideas to celebrate – Italian Cuisine

Muffins for Valentine's Day: the most delicious ideas to celebrate

A gift idea made with the heart for Valentine's Day? Certainly something cooked with your hands. Like these romantic muffins, for example. Here are the recipes

Saint Valentine, the Valentine's day is around the corner. Are you still short of ideas on what to give to your beloved? Here is a not brilliant idea, but certainly full of love: cook for your partner. Yes, prepare him a gift that speaks of your commitment and your dedication. Like, for example, a sweet: like i muffin that you find below, which require some time to prepare, but are so beautiful to look at and good to eat.
Even better, if you decide to cook them together: tie your aprons, take a handful of flour and then end up "making war", giving each other a kiss, it's a moment.
Below you will find the recipes of the most romantic muffins ever, while in our gallery some advice to make them even better. Happy Saint Valentine's!

Berries muffins


200 g of flour
200 g of berries
180 ml of milk
2 eggs
1 sachet of yeast
100 g of sugar
80 g of butter


Start by combining the eggs and sugar in a bowl, whipping them until the mixture is clear. Now add the melted butter and continue mixing. Sift in the flour along with the baking powder and continue mixing. At this point, add the milk slowly, stir again, finally add the berries, incorporating them evenly. Now it's time to grease and flour the muffin tins, then fill them with some mixture. Now bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

Strawberry muffins


300 g of flour
8 g of yeast
150 g of sugar
80 g of butter
125 g of whole yogurt
1 egg
100 ml of milk
200 g of strawberries


First, peel the strawberries, washing them and removing the stalk, then reduce them into small pieces. In a bowl, combine the sifted flour, baking powder and sugar, and start mixing. Then, add the egg, milk and yogurt. Stir again. Now add the strawberries and melted butter. Mix well and pour the mixture into the muffin molds. Now bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

Muffin red velvet


60 g of butter
45 g of dark chocolate
280 g of flour 00
40 g of bitter cocoa
1 sachet of baking powder
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of baking soda
130 g of sugar
160 ml of milk
1/2 vial of vanilla
28 ml of red food coloring
2 eggs
180 g of chocolate chips


Take a saucepan and melt the butter and dark chocolate in a double boiler. Then let the mixture cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. Season with salt, add a pinch of baking soda and continue stirring. In a separate bowl, combine the sugar, milk, eggs, vanilla and red food coloring, mixing until smooth. Now is the time to combine the two compounds and, always stirring, to add the chocolate chips. Take the muffin molds, pour the dough into them. Put in the oven at 200 ° C, but after five minutes, reduce the temperature to 180 °. Cook for another quarter of an hour.

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