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Grilled zucchini. 10 ideas to use in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Grilled zucchini. 10 ideas to use in the kitchen

When a simple summer side dish like grilled zucchini can turn into a rich and original dish

Grilled courgettes are the perfect side dish for the summer, but not only. Here's how to turn them into one extraordinary single dish.

Summer with zucchini

In this season the courgettes are tender and sweet and bringing them to the table is always a pleasure.
They are very versatile vegetables and can be prepared in many ways. Do you know that they are also very good to eat raw? If you are curious, read the article A menu based on raw zucchini.

How to grill courgettes

The easiest way to prepare zucchini is to grill them and the secret of a good grilled zucchini, in addition to the quality of the raw material, is the cut. The slices must indeed be cut in length with a mandolin or with a very sharp knife. The perfect thickness? About half a centimeter. If you use round zucchini, remove the two ends and then cut into slices.
Then heat one grill or a plate which must be hot at the time of cooking. You can also use one no stick pan always hot. In this case it is not necessary to add oil or other seasonings. If you have a barbecue even better, but be careful not to toast them too much.
Courgettes should be cooked for 3-4 minutes per side: remember not to turn them continuously on the plate.
The characteristic of grilled courgettes are the cooking lines and must be well defined on both sides.

The perfect seasoning

Grilled courgettes are also good simply seasoned with oil and salt, but we explain how to make this emulsion very tasty and fragrant for an even tastier side dish.
In a small bowl put extra virgin olive oil, salt, ground pepper, garlic crushed or cut into small pieces, vinegar or lemon juice and leaflets of parsley or mint.
Let the mixture rest for a few minutes and then pour it over the zucchini.
If you prefer a thicker seasoning add to this emulsion also light yogurt.

Recipes with grilled zucchini

Grilled courgettes are not just a side dish, but can turn into more complete recipes.
We offer you in the tutorial some ideas very simple and fast, perfect for the summer.

Figs: quick and easy ideas – Italian Cuisine

Figs: quick and easy ideas

The sweetest moment of the season has arrived. So many sweet and savory options for your summer dinners

In addition to being delicious summer fruits, figs are rich in properties. They are considered, together with kiwis and prunes, real ones natural laxatives and are therefore recommended for those suffering from constipation or intestinal problems, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. Are also rich in calcium and mineral salts and therefore they are a precious help for the bones. I'm anti inflammatory and help fight cough and sore throat and to prevent seasonal ills by strengthening the immune system. Like all foods that contain potassium, calcium and magnesium, figs help keep blood pressure at the right levels and therefore are precious allies of the heart.
Finally, being high in sugar, figs are the ideal snack for all those times when you need a little energy, easily digestible and very delicious.
Pay attention only to the quantities because they are very caloric, especially the dry ones.

Which fig to choose?

You can use any type of fig in your recipes, but keep these in mind differences between one variety and another.
The green fig, is the most common, is very juicy and has a thin skin. If ripe it is sweet and sugary.
The purple fig it is more juicy, but very delicate. More difficult to find, it is not kept much.
Finally there is the black fig which is less juicy and sweeter than the others, but more resistant.

Ideal combinations with figs

Figs are fine both with sweet and savory dishes.
Try them for example with gods very tasty cheeses like gorgonzola or caprino or with some very savory seasoned. Another ideal combination is with the raw ham. If you have never tried the Roman focaccia with ham and figs, you must definitely fix it. Finally, the dried fruit, especially walnuts. Are you in the mood for a quick, sweet snack? Spread fresh ricotta cheese on a slice of bread, add some slices of figs and a bit of honey and complete everything with walnuts and cinnamon.
In the tutorial you will find some useful suggestions for your recipes. Here below are the our easy proposals made from figs perfect this season. Many appetizers and some desserts. Aren't you curious to try?

Panna cotta: 5 ideas for the summer – Italian Cuisine

The classic recipe of this spoon dessert can be enriched with lots of fresh seasonal fruit for a fresher and more colorful dessert

To prepare a delicious meal panna cotta there is no need for that fresh cream, sugar and isinglass.
The secret is to dose these three ingredients well and wait patiently for the consistency to become perfect.

The errors of panna cotta

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The summer dessert

Panna cotta is the spoon dessert perfect forsummer when you don't feel like serving the classic ice cream, but something more sophisticated, beautiful to look at, homemade with love, but without too much effort.
The funny thing about this recipe is that it can be prepared in many ways, always starting from a very simple base and can be enriched with the seasonal fruit, beautiful and colorful that in summer never fails.

Mini portions

We advise you to always propose to your guests mono and mini portions so you can make an encore and also three of a kind, maybe choosing between different tastes.
Then prepare one classic pannacotta, white, with vanilla and then divide it into lots of little glasses or molds.
Then decorate with fruit coulisse or chocolate ganache and prepare a rich and varied buffet.

Scenic mold

If you want to prepare a single panna cotta, instead, with just one taste, make it beautiful!
Such a simple dessert requires an effective presentation, so choose a mold with a nice shape and also easy to use, perhaps in silicone so as to achieve a perfect result.
And then go wild with fruit decorations, if the base is fruit, or flowers, caramel or chocolate or dried fruit toppings.
A very elegant and unusual idea? There panna cotta with lavender. Just let the cream be infused with lavender twigs, sweeten everything with honey and then decorate with flowers.
But let's get straight to the basic recipe.

Panna cotta: the classic recipe

Soak 10 g of gelatin sheets in cold water.
Heat 100 ml of milk without boiling it and dissolve the squeezed isinglass inside.
Apart heated half a liter of fresh cream and add 100 g of sugar stirring well until it is completely melted.
Add the two compounds and pour everything into an aluminum mold rinsed with ice water or in a silicone mold. Let it cool first out of the refrigerator and then in the refrigerator for about 5-6 hours and then turn over the panna cotta very gently.
For the single portions, of course, spread the mixture into more molds or small glasses.
Serve the panna cotta on a serving dish with accompanying sauces and fruit.

The quick recipe

There is a super fast variant of the classic recipe.
Just remove the milk and dissolve the sugar and isinglass, always softened in water, directly in the hot cream.
This is the perfect solution for those who don't want to dirty more than one saucepan!

Chocolate panna cotta

To make even more delicious the panna cotta add 150 g of dark chocolate in the cream when it is still hot and wait for it to melt. You can also compose more layers of panna cotta, alternating between white and black, but be careful to let them cool well between one another.

Vanilla Panna Cotta

In both the classic white and chocolate versions, do not forget to add an aroma that gives a warm and enveloping taste: a vanilla bean.
Cut it, remove the seeds and leave it in the hot cream for a while.
Then keep the berry and once it is cold and dry put it in a jar of sugar. It will release an extraordinary fragrance.

Browse the gallery now to discover 5 ideas to enrich summer panna cotta!

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