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How to cook baked aubergines: ideas and recipes – Italian Cuisine

Aubergines, however they are combined, become a delicious and intriguing dish, thanks to their versatility and unmistakable taste. Here are some ideas from ratatouille rolls

They have such a soft consistency and a taste so delicate that they eggplant they are one of the most pleasant vegetables to cook in this period. And how to do it if not baked, to avoid drenching them with seasonings and making them even more inviting? In fact, there are many recipes baked eggplant, served in a side dish, as an accompanying ingredient or as a main dish. To control weight without giving up a tasty meal!

How to prepare aubergines

Choose eggplant well shiny and firm, without dents on the skin. Cut off the stalk and the final part and slice or cut them into small pieces, according to the recipe you have decided to prepare. Put them in a colander with one handful of coarse salt because they lose water. Leave them like this for at least 30 minutes and then rinse them well. This operation is to remove the slightly bitter aftertaste. If there is too much pulp, take it away. Dry them with absorbent paper and prepare them for your recipe. For baking in the oven both long and round aubergines are recommended.

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Recommended pairings

Aromatic herbs, cheeses, tomatoes, rice, fish and carnand: baked aubergines can be paired with lots of foods, for an always tasty and appetizing result. You can cut them into wedges and season with a little oil and chopped basil and marjoram and serve as a finger food, or pass into one batter made of flour and eggs and serve very hot as an appetizer. Dug and stuffed with mozzarella and tomato become a single dish with Mediterranean flavors, as well as sliced ​​and filled with chopped capers, scamorza cheese and an anchovy fillet, become an irresistible roulade. Here from our archive, a few suggestions to bring them to the table!

Some recipes and above our ideas!

from asparagus to nettles, 10 ideas for spring – Italian Cuisine

Picnics, outdoor trips and outdoor lunch breaks. This means one thing: it's spring! And it is time for omelettes to be made with peas, asparagus, nettles and …

Who doesn't like the omelette? With this dish at the table it is easy to get everyone to agree, including children.
Here then 10 ideas to prepare it in an imaginative, light and unusual way, especially now that it is spring and that can be a recipe to take to the basket for a picnic or a trip outside the city. First, however, we review the basic recipe for a perfect omelette.

Can you make an omelette?

First use fresh eggs at room temperature. For each person, calculate about two eggs and choose a non-stick pan suitable for the set quantity. For an omelette of 4 eggs, opt for a pan not too big because the omelette must have a little thickness.
The first step is to break the eggs and beat them inside a bowl simply using a fork. The secret is coarsely mix the eggs without mounting them. Add salt and pepper and the mixture, if desired, is ready to be cooked.
If you want to add flavor, add it too a goccino of milk, some chopped parsley and a bit of grated Parmesan.
Then grease a non-stick pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and allow it to warm up well before adding the liquid mixture. Cook for a few minutes on one side and then with the help of a flat plate or a lid overturned the omelette on the other side. If it sticks to the bottom, help yourself with a silicone spatula.

Baked omelette

If a thousand times in your life you have prepared unpresentable omelettes because you are not skilled in the difficult art of reversal of the omelette, then our advice is to prepare it in the oven.
Just pour the mixture into a baking dish covered with parchment paper and cook at 180 ° for about 15-20 minutes.
The result will be slightly different and drier than the classic recipe in the pan, but excellent.

Omelettes with vegetables

A sandwich with omelette it is a complete and tasty meal, better if accompanied by a portion of vegetables.
But yesand the vegetables were already in the omelette? How about? Just choose fresh seasonal products and indulge in mixes and combinations. You must add le to the basic compound cooked and well drained vegetables of their oil. You can also use simply steamed vegetables, like potatoes, carrots and courgettes or even leafy vegetables, but remember that they must always be very dry. Are you in a hurry? Coarsely chop onions, courgettes and carrots and cook them raw in the omelette or use small tomatoes, dried tomatoes in oil, mozzarella or diced ham to bring a rich but easy and quick second course.

10 spring omelettes

Now take a look at the our gallery to find some inspiration for your spring omelettes. Ten perfect ideas for a lunch break at the park.

many ideas for using them in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

From pasta to bread to herbal teas, fennel seeds give a fresh and Mediterranean flavor to dishes and are useful for digestion. Here's how to use them

Perfume of Mediterranean, of dishes of the south, of scrub and of the sea. THE fennel seeds they are excellent in the kitchen. Sweet and fresh, I'm able to flavor the dishes in a very intense way and have therapeutic properties not indifferent. Chewing them for example helps refresh your breathwhile consuming them, also in herbal tea or decoction, favors i digestive processes and so fights some very common ailments likeaerofagia, the water retention, the abdominal swelling.

Try them for example after a particularly demanding meal: they will help you to digest better and, thanks to the fibers contained, will facilitate the intestinal regularity and theelimination of toxins. Anti-inflammatories is antioxidants, reduce free radicals and blood pressure because they can rely on large amounts of potassium. In short, fennel seeds, if they are not already part of the food routine, must enter your kitchen! We explain how you can use them.

Fennel seeds for bread and breadsticks

If you are looking for an alternative to sesame for example, i fennel seeds they are for you. They can be inserted into the dough of bread, both after having crushed them and reduced to powder, and in their original form. The same applies to the Pizza, which thanks to the fennel seeds acquires a very intense aroma and greater digestibility. Or for i breadsticks. Always rehydrate fennel seeds before use: simply transfer them to a small bowl with a little water and let them soak for five minutes, then drain, dry and add to the mixture. An idea for an original appetizer to amaze your friends? There Rustic pitta of maize, Which contains fennel seeds.

The first with fennel seeds

Fennel seeds marry well in first courses based on both meat and fish. Some examples? Have you ever tried i Malloreddus At Campidanese? It is a typical Sardinian pasta, gnocchetti prepared with sausage and tomato, to which, in some versions, fennel seeds are added, which lighten and refresh the sauce. But they also adapt well to the first fish dishes of the south, just think of the pasta with sardines, which usually contains wild fennel, which can be replaced by fennel seeds, or to pasta 'ncasciata, adored by Commissioner Montalbano, who in many recipes also includes fennel seeds. A unique dish that tastes like a sea? The green couscous tart with anchovies.

The latter with fennel seeds

Do you want a second that actually makes a single dish? Try them baked potatoes stuffed with mixed sausage: you can also buy the sausage with fennel seeds already inside it. Even the bruscitti, typical of northern Italy, often contain these magical seeds, as in traditional recipe of Bruscitti di Busto Arsizio. But fennel seeds are also good in combination with meat, especially pork, grilled, roasted, because they lighten the flavors and aromatize the dishes, making them easier to digest.

How to store fennel seeds

Once you have purchased and opened the packaging in which they were stored, to maintain the fullness of their aroma and the crunchy and fresh taste, we advise you to transfer them in a glass jar with an airtight seal, to keep in the pantry away from the dark.