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Advice on how to prepare the perfect spring dinner – Italian Cuisine

Three simple tips to organize and prepare a spring-themed dinner: lightness, freshness and taste, the starting ingredients!

Tuesday, May 14 was held, a The School of Italian Cuisine, a dinner to celebrate the arrival of spring: a special menu, prepared by chef Giovanni Rota, in combination with the wines of the Drusian cellar. If you are curious to discover the prepared menu, look at the images in the gallery; they can also be a valuable starting point for preparing your tables.

On this occasion we have collected three tips, to prepare the perfect one spring dinner, which can also reflect the colors and scents of the season at the table.

Seasonal ingredients

First of all, it is always recommended to choose fresh vegetables is Seasonal, paying particular attention to the availability offered by the market. This choice is useful to appreciate the ingredients in their best quality, enjoy superior nutritional properties and, finally, respect the correct production times.
During the spring, asparagus, peas, broad beans, peas and new zucchini can be found on the market.

Balance in choices

When preparing a spring dinner, pay particular attention to theequilibrium, first of all in the choice from ingredients, so as to create homogeneity in the succession of flow rates. It is also important to balance the cooking techniques, so as to enhance the specific consistencies of the individual ingredients. For spring green vegetables, the best preparation method is to parboil them for a few minutes and quickly sauté them in the pan at a later time. This will allow them to keep their crunchiness.

Bright colors

Spring is characterized by bright and vivid colors. For to maintain the color characteristic also in the dishes, especially that of green vegetables, the chef Giovanni Rota recommends using a lot salt in cooking. Furthermore, it is essential to subject the ingredients to a thermal shock, just finished cooking, immediately cooling them in water and ice.

The School of Italian Cuisine has thus opened a series of events, dedicated to specific themes and structured as dinners. The next one is scheduled for July 11 and the theme will be Puglia in Tavola, for booking click here!

Texts by Caterina Limido

Baked fish: 20 easy ideas for a light dinner – Italian Cuisine

Go to the fishmonger's fish market, choose the fish to satisfy that craving for the sea… and then? And then comes the beauty. Because the fish, rich in proteins, unsaturated fats and very precious source of omega3, lends itself to a multitude of preparations and cooking. The sweet tooth cannot resist the fried, there are those who love him raw, at most marinated and who enjoys stufarlo, grill it and steam it. But one of the tastiest and simplest ways to prepare a simple fish dinner without exceeding the calories is cto bake it in the oven. If boiled and steamed it does not require any addition of fat, it requires a measured quantity of seasonings in the oven, reaching an excellent compromise between the throat and the line.


Baking offers different techniques, to be selected based on the fish bought, personal tastes and the desired consistency. To reduce the seasonings to the maximum, the preparation in cartoccio is indicated that combines the characteristics of steam cooking with those of baking and allows preserving the liquids and nutrients naturally present in food. To try this technique the recipes are indicated: aromatic perch in foil, fish curry in transparent foil and monkfish in foil.

Crust or crust

To try the crusted salt technique instead, you can prepare the hermit crab with pink salt and sea bream in a crust of salt with celery leaves. Lovers of crunchy textures will appreciate the preparations of the prawns in peanut crust with eggplant, salmon and cod strudel, scabbard fish chops with shortbread biscuits and crunchy sea bass fillets with fried zucchini. These preparations are the most caloric of those proposed, but they remain an excellent alternative to fried food.

And then…

To follow (and appreciate), salmon trout with onions and radicchio, aromatic mullet, swordfish rolls with spring onions, artichokes and olives, stuffed red mullet and white asparagus, baked sea bream with potatoes and pecorino cheese, amberjack pan, leeks and prunes, char the artichoke stuffed, chard stuffed swordfish, potatoes and peppers, saber fish chops with shortbread biscuits, mullet with potatoes and hazelnuts, bream stuffed with mixed vegetables and roast cod.


Aromatic mullets


Swordfish rolls with spring onions, artichokes and olives


Stuffed red mullet and white asparagus


Baked sea bream with potatoes and pecorino cheese


Salmon trout with onion and radicchio


Pink salt salt


Salmon and cod strudel


Aromatic perch in foil


Charmer stuffed with artichokes


Swordfish pie, potatoes and pepper


Scabbard "chops" with shortbread biscuits


Monkfish in foil


Mullet with potatoes and hazelnuts


Crunchy sea bass fillets with fried zucchini


Sarago stuffed with mixed vegetables

Dinner with a single dish: the 10 best recipes – Italian Cuisine

You have little time available but do you want to prepare a satisfying, healthy and balanced dinner? You need a tasty recipe single dish! The single dish well done it is a complete and balanced meal in which proteins, fats, sugars and fiber are contained in a single flow. If we had to summarize it in a balanced formula this would show how it should contain 25% protein, 25% carbohydrates and 50% vegetables and fruit. A useful scheme to learn "to eat healthily and enrich your every meal with all the nutrients your body needs, stimulating the sense of satiety, avoiding insulin spikes and helping us to have better lucidity and long-term energy".

Do you think that a well balanced single course Is it difficult to prepare and does not satisfy your hunger and your palate? Nothing could be more wrong, there are so many unique dishes you can make! Mixing the ingredients you can get complete and healthy dishes but also very appetizing and satisfying. And, if your appetite is insatiable, it is always possible to approach the single dish to a rich man vegetable side dish. Prepare a healthy and balanced single dish it is not difficult and stimulates creativity in the kitchen: it means to get involved, to dare combinations of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, cereals), proteins (meat, fish and legumes) and vegetables, always different, to combine colors to make the preparation appetizing and nice to see; create a balance of different flavors that blend to give rise to a unique and original taste.

But the single dish it can also be a fast dish that comes to you when you don't want to give up an appetizing and healthy meal but have little time to devote to cooking, or, when it is really impossible for you to stop at the table to make a complete meal, consisting of several courses but you don't want to give up the pleasure to taste more flavors.

In Italy, there are so many traditional recipes of unique dishes, each region has its own recipe and, almost always, it is of peasant origin, mostly born from the need to bring to the table or to work a complete meal also made with very few ingredients. An example is the Pizza or the Romagna piadina but also i vegetable timballi, of potatoes, d rice you hate pasta. Abroad, the single dish it is a real cultural heritage that has given rise to recipes that are today very famous like the Fish paella (or that one mixed), The chicken couscous and vegetables (or that one vegetarian), theAmerican hamburgher, the sushi Japanese or le tortillas Mexican.

Did you feel like cooking? The ideas to compose a single dish they are truly infinite, not just for one dinner fast in the family or with friends, but also for the lunch to take to the office: take inspiration from Salt & Pepper recipes of this selection or try them all to find out which one is yours single dish favorite!