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From breakfast to dinner: the restaurants open from morning to evening – Italian Cuisine

From breakfast to dinner: the restaurants open from morning to evening

Restaurants have their own too format. There are those of haute cuisine, modern taverns, romantic bistros and large spaces suitable for tables with friends. Among the most versatile formulas, although demanding for those who decide to adopt them, thenon-stop opening 8-24: the restaurant welcomes customers from breakfast to dinner, passing through lunch, snack and aperitif.

Your service at any time
In Italy we are still a long way from what happens in other countries, where it is possible to have an entire meal at any time of the day. There is a tendency to diversify the offer according to thehours: cappuccino and brioche in the morning, tea and cake in the afternoon, drinks and snacks when the offices close, à la carte dishes at noon and for dinner can arrive at the same table. Basically, everyone's dream habitue: being able to satisfy all your gastronomic desires in your favorite place. But a nice puzzle for those who, as a restaurateur, want to fulfill these wishes.

The room becomes fluid
He knows it well Sandra Ciciriello, Milanese entrepreneur, woman of the dining room and of wines who, now three years ago, studied a "fluid" approach for her new restaurant, 142 Restaurant (pictured above), inaugurated at the end of 2019 together with the chefs Nello Barbieri And Chiara Orrù and the pastry chef Alessandro Montanari. Alessandro's laboratory is the keystone that allows you to keep up such a demanding routine. “Kitchen and pastry literally have two different operating temperatures”, explains Sandra. "This is why we have separated them into two distinct and autonomous spaces: each has its own storage, washing, preparation areas, there is no department that clashes with the other". Outside meal times, the kitchen is not engaged except in basic preparations, such as soft-boiled eggs offered for breakfast along with French croissants, cakes, single portions, savory croissants, bun and toast. At the cafeteria tailor made add freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, yogurt, tea and herbal teas for an afternoon break. Lunch and dinner are à la carte: “We have decided not to diversify the offer”, Sandra emphasizes, “so as not to complicate our lives and to allow midday customers to discover and taste all our dishes”. Including signature dish which are already small classics: the Tribute to Lucio Fontana, creativity applied to bread, butter and anchovies from the Cantabrian, Oro Mio, spaghetti with bottarga emulsion, or Fatti un Negroni, oysters that marry the famous cocktail. After lunch, the kitchen brigade is operational again from 6pm for an aperitif, when the pastry counter "disappears" thanks to a glass that becomes opalescent, and the bar comes to life. The pre-dinner drinks are accompanied by classic snacks (olives, dried broad beans, pinzimonio), seasonal vegetable spherifications, chicken and capricciosa sandwiches, octopus tacos. Overlooking the open kitchen, the place is welcoming, with books and magazines to browse, knick-knacks, paintings on the walls that invite you to take a break and look around. “The coffee bar is very local,” says Sandra. “Those who live or work in the surrounding area come for breakfast and lunch. The clientele expands for the aperitif and dinner, on Saturday and Sunday we have customers who come on purpose, both for breakfast and for lunch and dinner ".

The city that never stops
The 142 was the first to take the road to an opening all day long under the banner of fine dining. But in a city in constant motion, like Milan, there is no shortage of other examples of pop clubs that have been able to diversify the offer.
It is open seven days a week, from nine in the morning to late evening, A place in Milan at Cascina Cuccagna. Here chef Nicola Cavallaro coordinates the bar and restaurant activities that start from breakfast with homemade cakes, protein pancakes, savory swivels and fresh fruit to the quick meal with stuffed miche of own production, hamburgers and focaccia. For lunch and dinner, the cuisine is traditional with some fashionable and creative concessions. At noon, between cappelletti in broth, tagliata and grilled chicken, hummus and shrimp tacos pop up, in the evening the Puntarelle Caesar salad is enriched with anchovies from the Gulf of Catania, the creamed cod is intensified by the 'nduja, and the braised cap is not missing of the priest but not even the quinoa burger. The cutting boards served with an aperitif are very tasty.
Food Typography is the bistro and food hub on the Martesana canal which, from Friday to Sunday, anticipates opening at 9 (usually it is 11) and offers breakfasts based on artisan pastries, focaccia, fresh bread. At lunch (in season, with outdoor tables by the water) the offer changes daily, with lots of vegetable cuisine, soups, stews, traditional dishes and homemade desserts. Although dinner is not scheduled, except for specific events, the artisan aperitif lasts until late in the evening and accompanies the natural wines, the strong point of the place, with a selection of raw milk cheeses and cured meats from small producers.
A completely different mood for Quore Italiano, the chain of restaurants – 5 in the city – which, according to the motto "pasta, pizza and tradition", does not forget breakfast and welcomes customers from early in the morning: in Piazza Oberdan it opens already at 7 am. At lunch and dinner times, the kitchen gets smart with bruschetta, crostini, gourmet montanarine, traditional first and second courses including risotto, tortelli, roasts and cutlets, pizzas with organic dough and Roman shovel.

What if the answer is pizza?
That must also have been the question he asked himself Francesco Bedussi when he decided to expand the business of the family ice cream parlor, a Brescia, adding the cuisine and, of course, the pizza. After all, he trained with pastry chefs like Gianluca Fusto, a master of leavening like Rolando Morandin, protagonists ofhaute cuisine like Davide Scabin and Enrico Crippa. Today, the cafeteria is entrusted to the Modbar, a state-of-the-art machine for state-of-the-art espresso and filter coffee, the ice creams are made from raw milk with all the homemade bases, the pastry ranges from mignon to levitated, the kitchen focuses on selected raw materials, such as the Prussian heifer chosen for the raw, and respectful cooking. The flagship of the gastronomic offer remains the pizzas, with three doughs of your choice, all very light and fragrant, and rich gourmand toppings.
Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner are the 4 moments of the extended day of the pastry shop Sirani of Bagnolo Mella (BS). In the morning you are spoiled for choice between simple bread, butter and jam, the typical cake of roses, scrambled or bacon eggs, focaccia with sweet and savory creams. For lunch, soups, pastas, pancakes and club sandwiches are served. At snack time it is time to taste the most creative cups, such as the Maldon salt and caramel ice cream, the beer cream or the lime and coffee sorbet. For dinner, a roundup of pizzas to share, including one with Calvisius caviar and Normandy butter.

Capitoline taste
The combination of pastry and cooking seems to be a good starting point for those who want to multiply the opportunities to attract customers. TO Rome, Madeleine Salon de Gastronomie is a French-inspired bistro open from 8 am to 1 am. In the proposal of patisserie of course there is no shortage of Proustian sweets that give the place its name, cakes by the slice, buttery croissants and macarons. At lunch and dinner, you can easily switch from a terrine of foie gras to an amatriciana with a selection of pillows and a BBQ cockerel. Then, it rolls into late boudoir, the part of the room dedicated to mixology and spirits, to be accompanied if desired with small fried foods or salads.
Option veg and pampering: the right address in the Eternal City is Romeow Cat Bistrot: from 10 in the morning until evening, strictly cruelty free pastry and cooking can be enjoyed while peeking (or stroking, if they get close!) the six house cats wandering around with a soft step. Muffins, cakes, spoon desserts, pancakes, "mood menu" to be accompanied with fair trade coffee, chocolate, vegetable milks, smoothies, extracts or, at the right time, cocktails. Lunch and dinner are marked by the seasonal vegetable garden and exotic influences and to keep company with salty cannoli, rice and spaghetti there are curry, ramen, tofu, seitan and tempeh.

Multifunctional by definition: they are the service areas on the roads that, from non-places, they are transforming into place to be that almost … almost worth the trip. This is the case ofVilloresi Ovest motorway service station on the A8 dei Laghi, just outside Milan. Thanks to a skilful architectural recovery, it makes travelers and commuters take a step back in time. The 1958 project, signed by Angelo Bianchetti, has been renovated with great respect and functionality and today, under the grand original drop-shaped chandelier, you can drink an espresso on the fly, eat one of the iconic sandwiches, a pizza of Renato Bosco, a risotto of Andrea Ribaldone, a dessert of Luca Montersino or Sal de Riso.
Another important signature, that of Niko Romito, for Alt Station of Gusto in Castel di Sangro, on the SS 17: a "roadside restaurant" open from morning to evening, bar, shop and diner with a kitchen where you can enjoy desserts and pizzas, express fried chicken and the famous bombs of leavened dough, sprinkled with sugar, stuffed with cream or in a new savory version.

January 2022
Francesca Romana Mezzadri

Sweets to take to dinner: 3 recipes for everyone – Italian Cuisine

Sweets to take to dinner: 3 recipes for everyone

Are you looking for quick and simple recipes for sweets to take home with friends and family? Here are three ideas for great desserts that are also easy to carry

A Invitation sudden? A organized evening for a long time that requires special attention? There request is always the same: what can I bring? There reply almost always he is a canon “nothing is needed, I take care of everything, don't worry”.
Go to someone's house a empty hands, however, it is almost never the best and therefore you always try to bring something: a bottle of good wine, digestives, a dessert.
In the latter case, instead of passing from pastry shop on duty how about providing independently and bring something made by you, maybe in no time?

Discover 3 recipes suitable for everyone for delicious desserts to take to dinner, easy to carry and delicious to eat.

Banana muffins with chocolate – recipe for 8 servings


200 g of dark chocolate
200 g of flour 00
1 banana
6 tablespoons of fresh milk
2 eggs
50 g of butter
1 sachet of baking powder


Start preparing the banana and chocolate muffins, perfect desserts to take to dinner, melting the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave, peel the banana and mash it, then add it to the melted chocolate. Add the butter, the fresh milk, sifted flour and baking powder. Lightly mount the egg until stiff and add them to the dough, until it is perfectly uniform.

Turn on the oven and pour the mixture into the cups for the muffin, cooking them for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 °. Cold they will be perfect to be consumed for dinner.

Orange cake with chocolate glaze


200 g of flour 00
50 g of potato starch
3 eggs
2 oranges
150 g of sugar
130 g of butter
1 sachet of baking powder
1 sachet of vanillin
200 g of dark chocolate
250 g of liquid cream


To prepare how sweets to take to dinner the orange cake with chocolate glaze you have to start whip the eggs with the whisk in a bowl, then adding the sugar until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add the butter (150 g, the rest will be used for the glaze), previously melted, together with the juice and zest grated of the two oranges. Then begin to mix slowly the Flour and the starch sifted and, only at the end, the baking powder and vanillin.

Mix the dough well until it is perfectly smooth and homogeneous, flour a cake pan and pour the mixture into it, cooking it in hot oven preheated to 180 ° for about 30 minutes. Let the cake and prepare the glaze.

Put the liquid cream already sweetened in a non-stick pan, melt the butter and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and add the dark chocolate reduced into small pieces. Mix the mixture with a whisk until the chocolate is not completely dissolved and it will be dense, smooth and homogeneous. To glaze the Orange cake follow our tips for cover the cake and take it to dinner to make a great impression!

Tart with ricotta and chocolate chips


300 g of flour 00
200 g of sugar (100 for the shortcrust pastry and 100 for the filling)
100 g of butter
3 eggs (2 for the pasta and 1 for the filling)
500 g of cottage cheese
100 g of chocolate chips
1 sachet of baking powder
1 sachet of vanillin
3 tablespoons of cointreau liqueur
100 g of dark chocolate chips


A little more complex like Preparation but absolutely delicious among the desserts to bring to dinner is the tart with ricotta and chocolate drops.

It starts, of course, by preparing the pastry for the pie. In this post you will find all our tips for perfect pastry.
Arrange in a container la Flour with the center sugar, eggs, butter in chunks, the yeast and vanillin. Work the dough with your hands until it forms a ball and let it rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes covered with cling film.

In the meantime, prepare the stuffed.
Mix the ricotta with the sugar, add the egg and 3 tablespoons of liquor, working the mixture until you get a smooth cream and add the chocolate chips.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry on one floured surface keeping some aside for the garnish. Transfer it to a greased baking sheet and pour it into it ricotta and chocolate cream. Level the cream, and, with the remaining pastry, cut out some pasta strips arranging them on the surface of the tart.

You do bake the dessert at 180 ° for about 40 minutes, let it cool and then enjoy it at the home of your friends or relatives!

For others tasty and quick ideas to prepare for sweets to take to dinner browse our gallery!

Quick Meatless Dinner: 5 Irresistible Recipes – Italian Cuisine

Quick Meatless Dinner: 5 Irresistible Recipes

Here are 5 quick ideas to take to the table for dinner if you are short on time and don't want to eat meat. Healthy, unusual and very tasty dishes!

Have you decided to reduce your meat consumption a little, but you no longer know what to cook as a main course for dinner, when you have little time to bring something good to the table?
Here are 5 ideas that are right for you. They are prepared in a short time and with few ingredients.

Poke with couscous

For a quick dinner, but at the same time rich, colorful and beautiful to serve, we definitely suggest you try poke, but with couscous instead of rice because it cooks earlier and if you are in a hurry or very hungry it is always the best solution.
Once the couscous has been tempered in hot water, let it cool and shell it with a fork.
Dress it with extra virgin olive oil and then add all the other cold ingredients: cherry tomatoes, edamame, smoked salmon, mixed seeds, avocado and if you also like a sweet note, add an exotic fruit like mango or pineapple.

Vegetable burger

When we talk about vegetable burgers we are talking about an infinite number of variations because you can prepare them with many types of legumes and vegetables.
A vegetarian burger that everyone always likes is that based on lentils which is prepared by blending 300 g of cooked and drained lentils, with a red onion, a carrot and a boiled potato.
Season with salt and pepper and then add some breadcrumbs to compact everything well.
You can cook them in the oven or in a pan and they are excellent to serve in the classic burger bun.
You can also make them with a more pink shade by adding some beetroot in the dough.

Baked feta

This recipe is prepared by adding a stick of feta cheese on a pan of vegetables cooked in the oven.
The pan can contain all the seasonal vegetables you prefer, or just cherry tomatoes.
The secret is to add the feta cheese at the end of cooking, when the vegetables are cooked and let everything go in the oven for 5 minutes, just long enough to soften the cheese, which in any case will not melt.
A real treat that can also be transformed into a sauce for pasta.


Hummus is also a quick solution for a last minute dinner.
Prepare it with the classic chickpea hummus recipe, complete with tahini and garlic if you like and then serve it inside a wholemeal sandwich with vegetables, or on toasted bread.

Eggs in purgatory

Finally, we couldn't forget the eggs.
A quick way to prepare them as a main course for a really rich and tasty single dish is to add them as we did before with feta with vegetables in the oven or in a pan, or to a tomato sauce.
Eggs in purgatory are just that, eggs cooked in a simple tomato sauce and serve with bread or focaccia.
You can also prepare them in single-portion casseroles if you have guests.

Discover all the tips in our gallery!

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