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Lunch break with Meredith Gray, Lorelai Gilmore and Sailor Moon – Italian Cuisine

Recipes to prepare in advance and to be put on for your lunch break. Choose the one of your favorite character!

There lunch break It is one of the most awaited pleasures to break the working day, but sometimes it is also a daily drama. Better mhang out or prepare the lunch bag?

If you are going to save and choose yours favorite ingredients carefully, cook in advance lunch is the best solution. Bring the schiscetta does not necessarily mean being destined for a lunch break as sad as that of the inmates in Orange is The New Black: to make the preparation of the game more fun and creative schiscia, some of the gods come to our rescue most beloved characters on TV, with a selection of recipes inspired by their culinary habits.

A mother for a friend: a delicious lunch break

A Mom For A Friend: A delicious lunch break

The Gimore girls they are certainly not famous for a balanced diet. For years we wondered how it was possible to eat everything they eat Lorelai is Rory in the course of a single day, between sweets, food from removal and the unforgettable dinners at grandma's house. And the lunch break? It could only be from Luke's, for a long chat and above all a greedy meal.
Our proposal for a lunch break greedy it is more moderate than that of the Gilmore girls, but it will not disappoint you: go with the savory pies and thepasta salad!

Gray's Anatomy: the quick lunch break

Gray's Anatomy: Fast Fear

Attention, the doctors of the Seattle Grace Hospital they have been spotted eating unhealthy food! In Gray's Anatomy the protagonists meet in canteen for a quick lunch break: every now and then they give us a good example with a healthy meal based on vegetables, but when the stress is a thousand, certainly do not resist the classic burgers and fries Mat.
For those who do not have time to stand in line at the table, here are three sandwiches is Sandwich fast that we would recommend to Meredith and Karev to ease the tension from work.

Gossip Girl: the healthy lunch break

Healthy Lunch Break

How many times have we seen Blair and her friends sit on the steps of the MET from New York? The cult place of Gossip Girl was not only a meeting place for gossiping, but also for eating lunch outdoors. Obviously it is a meal light: keeping the line is a primary goal for the real high society queens! Then we prepare a light, but tasty lunch, to take in our trendy lunchbox.

Sailor Moon: the oriental lunch break

Sailor Moon: Japanese Lunch Break

You've seen him eat so many times from Bunny: the bento it's a container for carrying food, just like our schiscetta. Inside we can find fish, meat and vegetables, organized in small well-ordered portions. The inevitable ingredient is the rice, perhaps in the form of maki is onigiri.

The bento has a real one sentimental value, as it is traditionally prepared by the wife for her husband or by the parents for the children. In this case it was Sailor Jupiter to prepare for herself the most beautiful bento, arousing greed in our beloved and clumsy Sailor Moon.
Prepare yourself a creative bento with these recipes inspired by Japanese cuisine.

Which lunch break will you choose? Please let us know by taking a picture of your schiscetta: post it on Instagram with the hashtag #laschiscettadioggi and tagged @lacucinaitaliana!

The lunch break in Cadorna in Milan: Midday Kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Discover the Midday Kitchen: the lunch break in Milan with the chefs of La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana

You are looking for one lunch break fast in the center of Milan, in the Cadorna area? Would you like a taste of ours cooking courses? We have what works for you: the Midday Kitchen, the showcooking with tasting from Monday to Friday, a The School of Italian Cuisine.

You arrive on time at 13:00 in Via San Nicolao 7 and go straight into the kitchen. The chef is already waiting for the guests, the ingredients and the pans are already in place. This time you can meet all your needs curiosity on the dishes you will eat. No secrets, the dishes will be prepared right before your eyes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and bring home the cookbook to test yourself in your kitchen with recipes that you will only find at Midday Kitchen.

3 courses, 45 minutes, 18 euros

A complete meal cooked on the spot directly by the chef, just in time to return to the office.
Drinks and coffee are included in the price of € 18.

The new menu, valid for the months of March is April, is enriched with new themes that alternate on the various days of the week: the use in the kitchen of turnips and roots, molluscs, rolls from appetizer to dessert, a menu all in green and finally any kind of flan.

Choose the one you like best and book by writing an email to or by calling the secretariat at 0249748004. Places are limited!

Monday: Rape and Roots

– Bitter rind, hazelnut and parsley
– Trofie, beetroot, pecorino cheese and rocket
– Celeriac, robiola and horseradish

Tuesday: Mulluschi

– Roasted octopus, chicory, garlic and hot pepper
– Cuttlefish and peas
– Mussels, cannellini and marjoram

Wednesday: Rolls

– Pork and broccoli flans
– Rolled cabbage, fontina cheese and potatoes with spinach coulis
– Cannon of pineapple, white chocolate and orange with lavender scent

Thursday: Gran Verde

– Orecchiette with vignarola
– Salmon, snow peas and parsley chlorophyll
– Peas, cocoa and chocolate

Friday: Puddings

– Cauliflower flan and puttanesca sauce
– Saffron Bavarian, Parmesan fondue and liquorice
Water ganache, carrots with citrus fruits and water

See here the calendar of cooking classes at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana.

Fancy sandwiches for a different (and gluttonous) lunch break – Italian Cuisine

Enough with the usual sandwiches! Let's make them colorful, balanced and appetizing: here are some ideas for a mouth-watering lunch break!

Stufi of the classics sandwiches with meats, cheeses and vegetables? It is comprensible. The bars above all often offer the usual choices and you end up doing one lunch break always the same. How to solve? With a sandwich brought from home, well stuffed and balanced, both in tastes and textures. We have invented 5 that will make you lick your mustache, here they are!

The veg sandwich with avocado and hummus

We talk a lot about avocado toast, but this fruit can really be used in many ways in a sandwich. With its buttery consistency, the charge of calories and intense color, it combines perfectly with one black bread or seeds. Start by preparing theHummus, or a cream of chickpeas that will spread on bread and will give softness to the sandwich. Add the avocado into slices, fresh radishes and thin slices and seasoned separately with lemon and oil, cucumber and, if you like, a few leaves of songino. A bomb of colors and vitamins!

The sandwich with the crispy fish

What they are fish sticks – on the market you can find cod or even salmon – or fillets of white fish to brown in a pan with butter and sage, also use these ingredients to fill your sandwich. Then add hard-boiled eggs to slices, a base of créme fraiche and fresh cucumbers. A sandwich definitely out of the usual patterns, but delicious!

The sandwich with feta and sottoli

The feta is rather salty, let it drain and cut into cubes. Stuff with a crispy ciabatta cheese and add some vegetables in oil, like eggplant, dried tomatoes, artichokes. So you will stem the salty flavor of the feta and taste the sandwich.

The sandwich with salami and peppers

For lovers of strong tastes, the sandwich is rich and well stuffed! Spread a crispy bread of your choice with a soft cheese cream, add slices of salami Milan, do not forget the grilled peppers and you're done!

The sandwich with the roast chicken

A great classic is the roast chicken, maybe left over from the day before, to bone and cut into strips to use it for a tasty sandwich. Go ahead then to slices of tomato, fresh iceberg salad and mayonnaise prepared at home.