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Where to have a lunch break in Cadorna in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Where to have a lunch break in Cadorna in Milan

El Pastée de Milan

Via Caradosso, 18
A small workshop of fresh pasta. Here you can choose between many formats of fresh pasta (also filled) of quality and match them with seasoning which more you prefer. The restaurant has very few tables available, but it is worth waiting for this delicious fresh pasta. Also from removal, both ready and to be cooked at home.
Average price: € 6-10

Puccia’s Brothers

Piazza Virgilio, 3
Puglia to savor with one of its most loved street food, the puccia. Three dimensions of excellent Salento bread (normal, XL and XXL) and lots of ingredients to stuff it.
Average price: € 6-10

Natural Break

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 15
fast food and take away to greet, where you will find mainly food vegetarian. Toast, centrifuged, salads is salads prepared with healthy but tasty ingredients. For a lunch break light.
Average price: € 6-10

To the three bites

Via Terraggio, 1
Great variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads is unique dishes. This small room is perfect for a lunch break genuine and tasty, but also for a appetizer post work.
Average price: € 7-10

Patti Bakery & Bistrò – Track 11

Just outside the Cadorna train station, a room with a wide offer and an excellent value for money. Slice of Pizza, sandwiches, vegetables, first is second courses. In addition, the possibility to choose from a special menu with a small surcharge.
Average price: € 7-12

Excuse me

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 13
Pasta in all its Italian glory. So many formats and sauces to season it, in a place that will make you feel seriously at home. Scarpetta compulsory.
Average price: € 7-12


Via Vincenzo Monti, 32
A shop having to be able to taste so many Italian tastes: sandwiches and Saltimbocca with cured meat is cheeses, salads, first and second courses of the day. Plus, you can buy many traditional regional products.
Average price: € 8-14

Viveca Pizza & Food

Via Aurelio Saffi, 2
Restaurant specializing in grilled meats and thin pizza and light, prepared without yeast or with special flours, such as kamut flour.
Average price: € 10-12


Via Terraggio, 13
Do you want to eat a really good American hamburger? Here you can only be satisfied: Hamburger, spare ribs of pork, caesar salad, pulled pork is fries in multiple versions. A paradise for food lovers made in the USA.
Average price: € 10-15

From scratch

Via Bernardino Luini, 9
Just take a few more minutes to eat one real pizza bell, more precisely Cilento. Da Zero offers fried dishes and pizzas prepared to perfection, with particular attention to the typical flavors of Cilento and selected ingredients among the local excellence.
Average price: € 15-20

The School of Italian Cuisine: Midday Kitchen

Via San Nicolao, 7
Lunch break together with the chefs of La Scuola of La Cucina Italiana: three courses, prepared in 45 minutes in front of the diners, who will be able to satisfy all the curiosities, asking directly to the chef. The cookbook he goes home. Only on selected dates, with a different menu. Find out by clicking here.
Price: € 18

Temakinho Magenta

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4
A colorful lunch break, where the kitchen Japanese meets that Brazilian, giving life to irresistible flavors. Ingredients of quality and preparations sought: sushi in roll or temaki, ceviche, tartare and original appetizers.
Average price: € 20-25

Other places to try

In addition, try also To the Kiss (Via Vincenzo Monti, 15), where you can enjoy different menus presented in a fun way; Poké Samba (Via San Nicolao, 2) where you can compose your own takeaway poké; workshop (Via San Nicolao, 10) with a varied menu and good genuine cuisine; Sloan Square (Piazza Luigi Cadorna, 2), pub with craft beers to have lunch or aperitif; Ghe Sem (Via Vincenzo Monti, 26), a famous restaurant that offers Chinese ravioli with Italian-style fillings and has opened its second branch in Cadorna.

La Pausa Dolce: where to eat dessert

Don't you want to miss the dessert? For those with a sweet tooth who do not want to end their meal with a sweet special, but also for those who want to make a sweet snack, here are 4 places not to be missed.


Corso Magenta, 32
Between the best Sicilian cannoli in Milan, crunchy and filled with a delicious cream. In fine weather, too Sicilian granita with brioche.


Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 9
In the summer you want to do lunch break with ice cream? This artisan ice cream shop is the right place to do it. In winter, try the hot chocolate.


Via Monti, 26
Historical and prestigious artisan pastry shop, where you can enjoy desserts prepared with top quality materials.

Patisserie des reves

Corso Magenta, 7
For lovers of French pastry, dessert is served: Pain Au Chocolat, madeleines, macarons and much more.

Chicken salad: lots of ideas for a lunch break when it's hot – Italian Cuisine

Chicken salad: lots of ideas for a lunch break when it's hot

For a healthy and light lunch break, a chicken salad is what it takes when summer comes. Here are some ideas to prepare it

There White meat it's good, doctors and nutritionists say it too.
Make protein and many other nutrients without weighing it down and fatigue the digestion and is therefore one energy source ideal during the summer season when you have less appetite and the temperatures reach very high peaks. Two, three servings of white meat a week are the ideal within a balanced diet.

The light and complete chicken salad

A'mixed vegetable salad with the addition of chicken it is the ideal choice for a lunch break. You can prepare the meat the night before and then assemble all the ingredients in the morning. It would be preferable to add the seasoning only at meal time, but if you do not have the opportunity to bring it from home and do not find it at work, then immediately add salt and oil and keep your meal cool.

Chicken salad in a jar

Speaking of seasoning, we give you a very useful idea to bring the seasoning with you without taking up too much space and above all without risking dirtying anything. Just compose the salad inside a large glass jar depositing the sauce on the bottom of the jar.
It will suffice then only shake the jar a little to mix the contents together with the seasoning and you're done.

How to cook chicken

If the chicken breast looks like a sad dish, add it in strips inside a mixed salad and will become a cheerful, fresh and colorful mouth watering dish.
Cook the chicken as you like. We suggest the simplest method with the grill or non-stick pan.
Marinate it before cooking with a little lemon and aromatic herbs, or with some spices like paprika and chilli, in this way it will be more tasty.
Then use one very hot plate to make it crunchy on the outside and soft on the heart. Add salt only at the end of cooking with coarse salt.
Then cut it into strips and when cold add it to the salad.

Dare with pairings

The chicken looks good with everything, so why not try combining it with many types of vegetables and even fruit?
Unleash your imagination and choose the seasonal vegetables that you like best to turn a classic salad into something extraordinary.

In the gallery some ideas for a good chicken salad

Ideas for a healthy and light lunch break – Italian Cuisine

Ideas for a healthy and light lunch break

Because the lunch break outside the home must be special! Take your time away from the office and try one of our light but tasty ideas

The most difficult test to overcome for those on a diet is always the lunch break outside the home. Here are some healthy and light idea, but very tasty.

The importance of the lunch break

Never underestimate the importance of this time of day and above all never skip meals.
After a morning of work, the lunch break comes like a boon from heaven to give us a bit of respite from phone calls, meetings and emails. Allow yourself a moment of relaxation and consume a healthy and balanced meal in a not too crowded place. Therefore, avoid the bar under the office, but also the desk. Take a walk and arrive at the nearest park now that the warm weather allows. Take the opportunity to be outdoors, turn off the phone and read a good book or listen to your favorite music. Do you have little time available? Make the most of it.

How to prepare the outspoken

Buy some sort of bento box, one of those Japanese boxes divided into compartments, to preserve different types of food and also maintain temperatures. Inside you can put whatever you want, for example a cereal salad in a compartment, some grits in another and pieces of fruit in another.
Alternatively, use i classic glass jam jars and fill them with pasta salads, vegetables or cereals, but also with chicken nuggets or vegetable balls. Put the oil-based sauce, salt and lemon on the phono and then shake when you consume.
If you have neither a jar nor a box, use a simple one plastic food container. Even the disposable ones are very practical.
Remember to take with you cutlery and a napkin and if you have prepared meat or other ingredients to cut, do it at home so you will not need a knife and a support.
As for the drinks, instead, used a thermos and fill it with water or herbal teas to drink cold throughout the day.
Avoid centrifuges and extracts, instead, which should be consumed fresh and freshly prepared.

Schiscetta light

A light lunch is not necessarily a sad lunch. Rather!
Many can be prepared easy, light and tasty recipes.
Here, then, in the tutorial, some ideas for a lunch break, to lose a few extra pounds, but never a smile.

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