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Classic shortcrust pastry recipe for the tart – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Classic shortcrust pastry recipe for the tart

Shortcrust pastry? Recipe This is perfect for tarts. The one that – we guarantee – will not disappoint you, because it is perfectly balanced and ready to welcome your favorite jam.

Which sugar to use to make shortcrust pastry?

Classic shortcrust pastry wants it caster sugarbut it can also be prepared with lo icing sugar, muscovado or brown sugar. In the first case the pasta will become very crumbly, almost sandy and will tend to melt in the mouth; with brown sugar it will be more rustic and easier to crumble; the moscovado has a slight liquorice taste, which should be taken into account: you can avoid flavoring the mixture with lemon zest or you will have to use more, and also choose a jam with a strong flavour.

Which flour to use for shortcrust pastry?

You can also use 50% wholemeal or spelled flour to mix with 00 flour: in this case the dough will have a less fine consistency. If desired, you can add a pinch of yeast, which will give the dough a little softness. You can replace lemon zest with vanilla, cinnamon, licorice in powder. For the cocoa version, use 30 g, removing 30 g of flour. We offer you the classic recipe to prepare a buttery tart that melts in your mouth.

Recipe Aromatic mashed potatoes, leek and watercress – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Recipe Aromatic mashed potatoes, leek and watercress

The mashed potatoes it’s among the most comforting side dishes there is. Perfect in the classic version with potatoes, milk and butter, it also lends itself to many variations that arise from pairing it with other vegetables or with herbs and spices for aromatic purees.

In today’s recipe we cooked the potatoes together with the leeks and we mashed everything together adding milk to obtain the puree. We completed the preparation with watercress and parsley chopped and Lemon peel. Finally, the puree is served with a sauce made from egg yolks and butter.

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Whipped shortcrust pastry and tea biscuits recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Ricetta Pasta frolla montata e biscotti da tè

Quick to make and without the need for rest, whipped shortcrust pastry biscuits are the classic delight to accompany with tea. L’whipped shortcrust pastry doughWhen raw, it is malleable and “creamy”, but for the biscuits to be successful it must still be quite compact.

What should you use whipped pastry for?

For its consistency crumbly and delicate this shortcrust pastry is not suitable for the preparation of tarts, while as we were saying it is ideal for delicious dishes tea biscuits. Try dipping them in dark chocolate melted in a bain-marie, they will become irresistible.

How do you store whipped shortbread biscuits?

These shortbread biscuits can be stored closed in a tin box, away from heat and humidity, for up to two weeks.

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