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Whims at the table: what to do and what is absolutely better not to do? – Italian Cuisine

Whims at the table: what to do and what is absolutely better not to do?

Sitting at the table all together, when there are children in the family, it may not be a peaceful moment. How to deal with their whims and have quiet lunch?

If in my dreams the moment of the meal is that of family sharing of the day, I often clash with the whims of my children, who are in full affirmation phase of their self. "The television at the table is not seen!" And off with the scripts to turn it off. "You eat seated compound." And they challenge me by sitting crooked. "Hold your fork well!" And they take the food with their hands. I mean, I know moms can understand, but the 3-8 year phase can be complex to manage, especially at the table. How to deal with their whims? Here are some ideas, the result of much, much experience in the field …

5 tips to avoid tantrums at the children's table

1. Try to have dinner together, in a relaxed and serene atmosphere, with the TV off and involving the child in family chatter and giving importance to the story of his day.

2. Involve them in the preparation of the dinner, both by cooking together and asking to set. It is the best way to avoid tantrums during the meal because they feel satisfied and considered for what they have done.

3. If he refuses a dish, do not scold him immediately. Screaming and getting alarmed is of little use. Ask why he doesn't want it and try to find an agreement, for example by inviting him to taste it in exchange for a portion of that dish they prefer. Don't give in to blackmail though, tasting is essential!

4. Don't expect them to sit for long. Children are naturally hyperactive. It is essential that they understand that the moment of the meal is important and one must be composed, but if the dinner continues and they have finished, do not force their patience.

5. The game of the 3 rules: applies at the table, as in the rest of family education. Giving children many rules confuses them. Better to think of 3 and repeat them to the child so that you memorize them. For example: you sit well, you taste everything, you get up only when you are finished, with the permission of mom and dad.

The best menu for children aged 3 to 8

The food that you put on your plate is essential to avoid whims. But if on the tricks to make the children eat the parents they can indulge themselves, it is fundamental offer them a balanced and suitable menu both to their abilities and to nutritional needs. Some children, especially around 3 years of age, are not fully able to manage chewing, so we must facilitate them in taking food. While for them calorie requirement, for a child of the age group 3-8 years it ranges from 1350 to 1800 calories per day. The ideal menu for this age, also recommended by nutritionists, includes a breakfast with partially skimmed milk and biscuits. For lunch instead we can choose a past of lentils with pasta and a seasonal fruit. While fish is the right choice for dinner, for example sole or cod, with cooked vegetables, bread and fruit again.

And a snack?

Do not forget the snack, another fundamental meal for children. A comfortable solution, to be consumed even outside the home and with balanced nutritional values ​​is Unduetris Merenda di Citterio with cooked ham: contains apple puree, breadsticks and sticks with cooked ham. Children will have the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, that is energy to spend playing and having fun, and there will be no caprice that keeps with such a snack!

how to bring the Pantone color of 2020 to the table – Italian Cuisine

Relaxing, elegant, but also a reassuring and solid color, a stable base from which to explore new horizons. It is Classic Blue, the Pantone color of the year, which can inspire us even in the kitchen!

Things to check atbeginning of the year: the horoscope, the calendar of holiday bridges, tax incentives, fashion trends, i food trend and the Pantone color. In fact, every year since 2000, the Pantone Institute – commercial division of the American company that invented the famous color classification – declares the "Color of the Year" which, for the following 365 days, will become a source of inspiration for stylists, interior designers, designers, but also for each of us.

2020: Classic Blue

If last year had been proclaimed on Living Coral, for the 2020 blue was chosen in its most classic shade. Classic Blue (code 19-4052 Pantone) is described as timeless and timeless, elegant in its simplicity. An honest color, easily recognizable, which offers a sense of protection.

According to the Pantone Institute, recalling the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of this stimulating color highlight our desire for one stable base from which to start as we prepare to cross the threshold of one new era. Not only that: impressing itself on our mind like a color relaxing, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue offers shelter and instills in the human soul a sense of peace and quiet. This color then allows us to refocus our thoughts by facilitating concentration and providing an excellent clarity. Gradient of blue that invites reflection, Classic Blue favors the resiliency.


How the color of the year is chosen

The color of the year is chosen by the experts after a careful evaluation and by trend analysis made in every corner of the Earth and taking cues from the influences that come from various areas (art, cinema, lifestyles, economics, social media, sports). "We live in an era that requires trust and hope," he explained Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. «Pantone Classic Blue is a shade we can always do on trust, conveys precisely this feeling of constancy and trust. With deep resonance, it forms a solid base to anchor. Boundless blue that recalls the vast and infinite evening sky, encourages us to look beyond the obvious to think more deeply and outside the box, broaden our horizons and encourage the flow of communication .

Classic Blue from the kitchen to the table

So let's see how to wear this color too in the kitchen and at the table for reassuring lunches, elegant dinners, traditional flavors, but also new flavors.
Browse our gallery to discover all Classic Blue foods!

Bonduelle salads, from the field directly to the table in less than 24 hours – Italian Cuisine

Bonduelle salads, from the field directly to the table in less than 24 hours

Conferors less than 30 km from the factory, a very strict specification and great technology allow you to have a very fresh product on the tables, just a few hours after harvesting.

Their smiling faces stand out on the packaging of the salads that they cultivate with pride and passion, Bonduelle then packs them and brings them directly to our tables. They are the farmers "that put their faces on it", Confident in the quality of their work and their products. We went to find them and to check with our own eyes.

Quality and professionalism, in a word, safety for the consumer

Nicola and Marco Salera, owners of the La Vallere farm near the Bonduelle plant in San Paolo d’Argon, since 2003 they sow and harvest the fourth range salads that Bonduelle packs and sells, cultivating 30 hectares of land according to the highest quality standards. From 2013 they are in organic conversion and from 2020 they will be certified organic. Some of the references of salads such as lettuce, valerian and arugula that make up the range are sown on their land "Farmers salads" by Bonduelle. The use of organic pesticides, irrigation through water from an artesian well, the use of machines that do not develop gas in the greenhouse and the sterilization of the field with propane gas at 500 degrees every time the harvest is made, guarantee a safe and top quality product. The salads are harvested early in the morning, immediately cut to 4 ° and transported with refrigerated trucks to the Bonduelle plant in San Paolo d’Argon, in the province of Bergamo, to be washed and packaged. All in the sign of the traceability of every green tuft that reaches our tables. “Our products – he explains Nicola Salera – they are 100% safe. They are not treated with chemicals, the soils where the salads are grown are worked in rotation in order not to deplete the soil, after each cut a machine, passing on the stretch of land, sucks up the remaining foliage to prevent it from rotting and develop pathogens. The greenhouses are heated to ensure the correct sprouting of the seeds when the outside temperatures start to drop, so that the products can be guaranteed throughout the year, in a continuous cycle ".

Bonduelle: the dot of freshness

Bonduelle is a family business with 120 years of history behind it, which has managed to reach its seventh generation in excellent health. The secret? A board of first level managers made up of members from outside the family, an always forward-looking vision, a real obsession with sustainability in all areas. In Italy there are two factories, one in the province of Bergamo, the other in Battipaglia, in the province of Salerno. In Bergamo 350 thousand envelopes are packaged every day, which are sent to large retailers within 24 hours of collection. Bonduelle is the only company in our country to have an internal certified laboratory that carries out all kinds of analyzes to guarantee a safe and fresh product. With "Farmer's Salads" the company married the philosophy of localism and the short chain, through the direct guarantee of those who grow the products. Each contributor is a real partner for Bonduelle, who adheres to specifics European protocols which ensure a safe and biological process from sowing to harvest. The "Farmer's Salads" range consists of a total of 6 products, some seasonal and others active all year round: lettuce, rocket, songino, spinach, trio freshness, and Lusia IGP salad. All these Bonduelle salads, once they reach the factory, are washed, dried and wrapped. The packs are immediately stored in a refrigerated room, before being sent to the large distribution. And it is precisely this process, from collection to packaging, that allows the shelf of each salad, so that we can have a safe, healthy and fresh product on our tables. Always.

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