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L'Italie à table, the Italian gastronomic excellence show in Nice – Italian Cuisine

L'Italie à table, the Italian gastronomic excellence show in Nice

Truffles, oil, wine, pasta, desserts and much more along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice where the Italian food and wine excellences conquer the French.

Cured meats, cheeses, desserts, pasta and even wine: the list of quality products is long, the result of Italian gastronomic excellence, which could be tasted in Nice from last June 7th until 11th along the beautiful Promenades Des Anglais, scope of the Salone L''Italie à Table, an appointment under the European program Sistina, now in its 15th edition, in which small artisans have made tourists, passing customers and French catering professionals taste their products. A way to promote across the border niche productions of the highest level that could intercept the demand not only of tourists but above all of those who work with food every day, as chefs, owners of premises, wholesalers. "The idea came about 16 years ago," he explains Michele Palmieri, a young person in charge of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Nice – when they were looking for a way to introduce some typical excellences of Piedmont and Liguria, the two regions closest to France, to the French market. It began with only references from the provinces of Cuneo, Imperia, Veneto and Emilia, to arrive at today where there are over forty exhibitors, they come from all over Italy and most of them have confirmed their participation for years ". A won bet therefore.

Cheeses, honey, oil and biscuits. All the Made in Italy excellences

Walking through the stands is like finding corners of Italy where accents mix with local products. Among the many exhibitors, the company Bonifazi, was one of the first to believe in the project of L''Italie à Table. It produces extra virgin olive oil from the early 1900s in the Umbrian countryside. The olives are the local ones, leccino, moraiolo and frantoio, the production remained artisanal, although over the years the numbers of the bottles produced have grown. Giuseppe Veglio produces his own Tuma d 'Fe on the hills of the high Langa, with milk produced by its 120 sheep that graze freely in the meadows. He has been coming to Nice for years. The cheese is made only from April to November, when the milk is rich in all the aromas and aromas of the field herbs. Once heated to 37 ° the sheep's rennet is added and then the toma remains to rest for two days. It is "caressed" with a pinch of light blue Sicilian salt, left to rest for another week and then it is ready to be tasted. At their first salon they are the owners of the Perfumed Experience Laboratory by Riolo Terme, a shop where ancient grains mix with seeds and spices to create recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation biscuits that smell of lavender, turmeric and hazelnuts, in which every bite is like a return to childhood.

Meeting with French cuisine

These benches at the L’Italie à Table salon are an opportunity to get to know those who really are behind the products they often use, without knowing their history. This is why Sebastien Perinetti, manager of the restaurant "Canon" in the center of Nice every year this fair is not lost for anything in the world. “I have always used many Italian, Ligurian and Piedmontese specialties above all – he tells us when we meet him – starting with oil, cheeses, polenta, which in the restaurant I propose combined with lamb and white beans from Pigna, another Italian specialty , a Slow Food presidium cultivated in the province of Imperia ”. And then the natural wines of Fornovo and the trombetta courgettes, typical Ligurian. In his restaurant the menu changes twice a day, "because – he explains – it depends on what the suppliers bring me: the fisherman, for example, arrives at 13. I know what I can offer my guests at that time". Attention to the highest quality products also for the restaurant L'atelier, by Stephane Chenneveau, who specialized in porridge, which in France they call Socca. He proposes it as a base on which he then serves fish, meat, vegetables and cheeses, and accompanies it with a good glass of wine (he has over 600 references between biodynamic and natural), often Italian. He also does not miss the L’Italie à Table show because, as he tells us, “we French are like you Italians, attentive to detail, always discovering new excellence to offer to our guests. And this is the right place to stay ”.

Cystitis: fight it like that at the table – Italian Cuisine

Cystitis: fight it like that at the table

Let's find out about eating and behavioral habits to counter cystitis naturally

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Vita Smeralda, also (and above all) at the table – Italian Cuisine

Vita Smeralda, also (and above all) at the table

The best signs for a gourmet stop in one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean. Where you can find cooks and level dishes, more than you think. Il Tirreno thinks about the panorama …

Who says that in Costa Smeralda and the neighborhood is badly eaten? If anything we eat by paying a salty ticket that is not always worth it. As happens in all the capitals of Mediterranean tourism (including those far from the sea). But it is one thing to be robbed, an account to enjoy a valid food and wine experience, with the sea and the beautiful marinas in the north of Sardinia. It must be said that in recent years we have witnessed a positive phenomenon: more than one "citizen" chef has opened a restaurant in the area to offer his kitchen in an informal and summer key. As entrepreneurs in the sector they brought the brand rightly thinking of finding their own audience. See Riccardo Schiavi with La Pasqualina – one of the best Italian patisseries – which has an office in Porto Cervo and Luca Guelfi that after opening the second Canteen and Fruits de Mer in Poltu Quatu, has just launched Big Sur, a beautiful beach-style bar 70s with minimal kitchen to Liscia Ruja. We have selected the best addresses for a lunch or dinner, which in the latter case can (or must, for us) almost always be preceded by a drink and followed by another …

Finger’s – Porto Cervo

For several years, Roberto Okabe – the master of Japanese-Brazilian cuisine – has moved to the "promenade" during the summer. Great sushi, back to basics, and real fusion dishes that always catch the mark.

Deste – Porto Rotondo

In piazza Rudalza, a complete and well-managed little place that wins over food, wine and mixology, based on premium distillates. The best dishes are those made with fresh fish.

Phi Beach – Baja Sardinia

Inside one of the most beautiful beach clubs ever, there is Giancarlo Morelli's restaurant with a gourmet kitchen. But you can stop for the Beach Time along the beach and the Light Lunch at the bistro.

Nikki Beach – Cala Petra Ruja

Sea, sun and glam is the claim of the first beach marketing brand in the world. In fact, the location is spatial. As for the kitchen, it is divided between a section of Italian classics and a section of sushi.

La Gritta – Palau

A certainty of catering in the area. The place has a great view, but the protagonists are the moderately creative dishes of Roberto Pierro: there is a lot of Sardinia, with fish and vegetables from the garden in the foreground.

Confusion Boutique Restaurant – Porto Cervo

With the tristellated experience at the Enoteca Pinchiorri it was taken for granted that Italo Bassi did not fail the landing on the Costa Smeralda: his research cuisine between East and West was worth the Michelin star at the venue.

Fruits de Mer – Porto Cervo

Once again Luca Guelfi – one of the kings of the Milanese restaurant – has seen right: modern bistro style, luxury informality, proposal of oysters and raw high-level. Dishes of the day on the blackboard.

Renato Pedrinelli – Porto Cervo

It is also a bar and a well-stocked wine shop with 500 labels and many delicacies. Very direct Italian cuisine based on fish and pasta dishes: absolutely competitive prices for the location that is in Piazza degli Ulivi.

Pedristellas – Porto Rotondo

Another place in a fascinating context, enclosed between rocks and olive trees. It is one of the cornerstones of regional cuisine (from porceddu to typical cheeses), but there are also fish and shellfish dishes.

From Giovannino – Porto Rotondo

An institution in the area: for 30 years this restaurant-wine bar has been offering Italian and eclectic cuisine, much appreciated by foreigners. Elegant ambience and starry service.

Pacifico – Porto Cervo

The opening of the year: it is the third local of the chain that has in Jaime Pesaque – one of the great Peruvian chefs – his culinary mind. There will be signature dishes, starting with ceviche and new proposals.

Tanit – Poltu Quatu

Overlooking the Poltu Quatu fjord, it welcomes its guests in a magical and refined atmosphere. The best of the offer is represented by dishes based on raw fish, steamed, au gratin, salt. It is also a bar.

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