Bruscandoli, what they are and how to cook them in 7 recipes – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Bruscandoli, what they are and how to cook them in 7 recipes

Have you ever heard of the bruising them? If before asking how to cook them you are wondering what they are, we give you a clue. The hop is it more familiar to you? Well: bruscandoli are the tops of wild hops. They are found in nature, should be picked in spring and can give great satisfaction in the kitchen.

What are bruscandoli?

Bruscandoli – or wild hops – is aspontaneous grass of the Cannabaceae family. The difference with the hops used to produce the beer is that in this case they are selected and cultivated varieties.

Bruscandoli: one flavour, many names

Typical of springthe period in which they can be harvested in the countryside or purchased in the markets, bruscandoli are delicate in taste bitter and in appearance they are a bit reminiscent of him wild asparagus so much so that in Lombardy they are called asparagine. Around Italy they also have other names: luvertín in Piedmont, vartis in Emilia-Romagna, urtizon in Friuli, viticedda in Cilento.

What are bruscandoli good for?

Bruscandoli are rich in properties. In particular they are toning, refreshing, relaxing, digestive, diuretic and laxative, so it is recommended not to overuse it. They are also considered blood purifiers, liver function stimulants and sedatives. In short, a simple plant but rich in beneficial properties that deserves to be consumed, even if it is not that easy to find.

How to clean brushes

The bruscandoli must be cleaned of soil residues and then cleaned: they are enjoyed tops, the lateral shoots and the tenderest part of the stem. Once ready you can blanch in water or sauté in the pan and enjoy simply with oil, salt and lemon.

How to cook bruscandoli: our recipes

Bruscandoli can be cooked with the same preparations as asparagus, leaving them whole or cutting them roughly. They can therefore be used to season pastaas an ingredient of savory piesaccompanied by eggs or in one omelette, they go well in combination with other seasonal vegetables such as spinach and asparagus and are also perfect with fish.

Here are our ideas, there are 7, for all tastes

Do you need ideas for cooking bruscandoli? We give you 7 recipes to try, original and tasty in full Italian Cuisine style.

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