Tortellini with cream and ham, a hymn to good taste – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Tortellini with cream and ham, a hymn to good taste

Although they may not be closely associated with a specific region, i tortellini with cream and ham find roots in the culinary traditions of northern Italy, particularly in the areas of Emilia-Romagna. The combination between this stuffed pasta in the shape of a navel and the creamy sauce made with cream and hamgoes perfectly with the culinary predilection of these territories of the Bel Paese, famous for their succulent and particularly tasty cuisine.

In particular, i tortellinioriginating from Bologna, are characterized by a traditional filling composed of minced meat, raw ham, mortadella and parmesan cheese. The particular shape of these small wrappers recalls the creativity and craftsmanship that are the basis of their preparation. The story recalls various local legends, including the one that links them to a love passion. Instead, the modern variant that we propose today offers a creamy and rich first course, capable of gaining popularity over time. The creaminess of the cream integrates harmoniously with the delicacy of the tortellini, while the ham, with its salty and aromatic flavour, adds an element of complexity, which elevates the dish to a gastronomic delicacy. The many flavors stand out on the palate, enhancing the refinement and elegance of the recipe. Don’t know what to prepare for New Year’s Eve lunch? Bring these delicacies to the table tortellini with cream and ham. Success will be guaranteed!

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