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How to cook turnips in 10 good and economical recipes – Italian Cuisine

La Cucina Italiana

How to cook turnips it’s the secret to a varied, tasty and… economical table!
With the turnips the recipes there are so many that can be invented. And all tasty. For centuries they have been protagonists of peasant nutrition. As time went by, however, we mistreated them more and more, first replacing them with potatoes, then sacrificing them to the more trendy daikon. Yet the roots of the Brassica rapa plant, with a generally round shape – a little squat – and a white color which can also have shades from pink to purple depending on the variety, are a very precious ingredient in the kitchen. L’fall it is the best time to rediscover them and bring them to the table in many ways because the first cold ones make the turnips sweeter.

Turnips: properties and how to cook them

Turnip is very rich in water, contains sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and is a good source of C vitamin. It is low in calories and has diuretic and antioxidant properties. But how to cook turnip? To prepare it, you need to remove the ends, the base and the part that attaches to the leaves, then it must be peeled. At this point it can be consumed raw in salad or it can be cooked, simply by boiling it in water. Turnip can also be baked in the oven, for example au gratin or stuffed, and can become the protagonist of soups and risottos. A typical dish with turnips? There brovada Friulian, a traditional recipe that has been protected by the PDO brand for some years in which the turnips are macerated in the pomace and then cooked. Turnips can also be used to prepare gardener.

Caprauna turnip

The turnip grown in CapraunaAlta Val Tanaro, between Liguria and Piedmont, is one of Slow Food presidia: they are large turnips with a particularly sweet flavour, especially the yellow-fleshed ones. A typical pairing is with the sausage and with a special type of fresh pasta, the let’s go, the seasoning also includes walnuts, mushrooms and potatoes.


Here’s a curiosity about Halloween and turnips. Just like they do in the United States with pumpkin, in Scotland it was an ancient tradition carving turnips to transform them into lanterns with the function of warding off evil spirits.

How to cook turnips: 10 tasty and economical recipes

If you prefer eating turnips rather than carving them, here are 10 ideas for cooking them.

Tavola Rasa 2023: a dinner to do good together – Italian Cuisine

Tavola Rasa 2023: a dinner to do good together

Last night, on the occasion of World Children and Adolescents Day, The Italian kitchen and UNICEF Italy have joined forces again with Rasa table, the charity dinner to raise funds to support the organization’s programs for the protection of children around the world.

Many guests and friends responded to the invitation to support this just cause. Our director welcomed them Maddalena Fossati Donderotogether with Elizabeth of the CrossUNICEF Nextgen Italia program manager.

Now in its second edition, this event wanted to celebrate, once again, the crucial theme of sustainability.
For The Italian kitchen it means making us reflect on the impact of every smallest choice, promoting conscious consumption, defending biodiversity and fighting food waste.

For UNICEF Italy it represents the commitment to guarantee a fair and sustainable future for every child, reiterating the need to guarantee the possibility of living in a healthy and safe environment.

This year Tavola Rasa was also an opportunity to celebrate the Italian gastronomic tradition, nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status, with the protagonists of “The Best Italian Recipe”, the initiative launched by the editorial staff of The Italian kitchen to write a new chapter in the culinary history of our country.

To accompany guests during the evening Chiara Macitelevision face, food and wine expert and writer, e Francis Panellaentrepreneur and television personality, always dear friends of The Italian kitchen.

During the evening Clara Soccini, aka Claraa young singer and actress who achieved great success with the Platinum single Origami at dawnaccompanied on the piano by Leo Einaudi, bewitched and moved the participants with her voice and her thoughts dedicated to children, adolescents and women victims of violence and femicide.

To make the evening even more precious, the dishes of Davide Oldani, inevitable when talking about generosity and attention to the environment. Awarded by Michelin guide with two stars plus a green star, it has always been the guardian and ambassador of these principles.

The setup was entrusted to Mariangela Negronistylist and creative table artist and mind of Funky Table, a project in which imagination, travel, culture and joy are the main ingredients.

The charity dinner in favor of UNICEF programs organized by The Italian kitchen was created by the UNICEF NEXT GENERATION team, a group of managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who, through their network, aim to create fundraising and awareness-raising opportunities, creating a community that supports UNICEF to create and promote children’s rights, wherever they are.

The Tavola Rasa event was made possible thanks to the precious support of partners and event supporters and the contribution of various companies who believed in this edition of the project with special initiatives.

Event partners

Cenacolo Artom: Every month Arturo Artom hosts leaders from different sectors, from art to design, from entrepreneurship to entertainment, characters who tell their lives by sharing the unique mix of talent and luck that led them to success and who compare themselves by exchanging ideas and perspectives on the future. With over 300 editions, it is now considered one of the most significant Italian cultural Cenacles.

Are you good hosts? The quick and easy test – Italian Cuisine

Are you good hosts? The quick and easy test

Classic or unusual situations, classic or singular doubts, classic or creative solutions. What's your style? Find out with this test

The Manners they are no longer that list of rules that defined the "true lady" and the "true gentleman". Today I am rather theexpression of one's own sensitivity, with a classification of shades that is infinitely more subtle than in the past, because the situations and personalities we come into contact with are infinitely more numerous. How would you act on these ten occasions? Take the quick and easy test with us!

1. A guest stains his neighbor's shirt with wine, you:

A) You exclaim: "Bring good!".
B) Offer him a spare.
C) Propose to transform the damaged garment into a spontaneous work of art by decorating it with the signatures of the guests.

2. There is a (well-behaved) dog / cat at home, you:

A) You lock it in a room until the end of the evening.
B) You bring him into the living room at the end of the dinner for a familiar touch.
C) You let it circulate undisturbed.

3. The hostess must:

A) Dress undertone to let the guests shine.
B) Be the most elegant to honor them.
C) Don't worry about it, the important thing is to express yourself.

4. A guest tells a scollacciata joke, you:

A) Intervene by moving the conversation.
B) Laugh out loud.
C) You tell one too.

5. In 13 at the table, you:

A) Invite an additional person even if they are dissonant with the other guests.
B) Put a place at the table that you leave empty.
C) No problem, these are silly superstitions.

6. A guest with a reputation as a gourmet says that piennolo is the name of a famous tomato producer, you:

A) Be silent so as not to offend him.
B) Shut up because in reality you don't even know it.
C) Make him observe that it is a method of conservation.

7. A guest photographs the various courses with his mobile phone, you:

A) You think it is a serious lack of education.
B) It is normal, it is part of the contemporary lifestyle.
C) You consider it a compliment to the goodness of your kitchen.

8. To say goodbye at the end of the evening while everyone continues with silly chatter, you:

A) Go around the guests, saying goodbye to everyone and explaining that you have a plane at dawn.
B) You get up and greet the landlord briefly: "We have to go, thanks for the wonderful evening."
C) Declare that the dog is waiting for you at home for its necessary evening out (it doesn't matter if you don't have a dog).

9. You are plagued by guests who seem not to want to leave, you:

A) Give everyone a small object prepared in advance saying: «Dear, here is a souvenir at the end of this beautiful evening.
B) You introduce yourself with the dog's leash and say that it's time for his evening walk (yes, the dog is needed).
C) Take an example from Sir David Tang, who got up and reappeared in his pajamas, announcing that he was going to sleep, inviting those who wished to stay, and recommending that the entrance door be closed tightly on the last one out.

10. Observing the traditional priorities in service (first the ladies in the right order of age and / or importance, then the gentlemen, finally the hosts) ruins the perfection of your celebrated bucatini, you:

A) Switch to the lasagna pie: that doesn't overcook.
B) You resign yourself, the bon ton is not discussed.
C) Contradicting the golden rules, you are served first and start eating so that everyone can do the same without waiting.

Now that you have taken the test, count how many answers you have given in A, B and C, then below you will find the corresponding profiles:

Prevalence of A.
You are traditionalist hosts who put you at ease with the grace of yesteryear! But some ideas from B would refresh your style.

Prevalence of B.
Tradition and novelty are in perfect balance in your way of welcoming. With good reason, you can even afford some escapism in C.

Prevalence of C.
You like to boost your guests, projecting them into a stimulating and futuristic vision of good manners. But watch out: not everyone is witty.

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