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Beautiful (and even good!) Christmas recipes – Italian Cuisine

Beautiful (and even good!) Christmas recipes

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Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good) – Italian Cuisine

Oysters & Co: where to find the fruits of the sea (more good)

Scent of the sea in Turin. For an evening of coquillages, oysters & champagne

Turin has a selection of Bistros and bars à Huitres to be the envy of Paris, Cannes or Nice. We have chosen for you 4 places where you can taste the wonderful fruits of the sea among oysters, coquillages and crustaceans. You will be spoiled for choice.

La Cabane via della Rocca 10 / C
Patron Gigi Megliola, 100% Apulian who loves the sea, has opened a small oasis that smells of iodine in that of Via della Rocca a few steps from Piazza Vittorio. A real bistro-Bar à Huitres La Cabane, serving Plateau Royal, a small express formula with tasting of 9 oysters, two glasses of still white wine or bubbles at € 25, can be a fun idea for an aperitif that turns into dinner. After the oysters (Marénnes de Olèron or Cancale Normandie) you can choose between prawns, prawns, crab, Bigorneaux snails. A plate of smoked salmon Balik or raw Loch-Fine. To you the choice.

Breakfast at Tiffany's via Pertinace 19
A small and secluded place with downtown addresses, which is actually not a restaurant but a bar. In fact, it opens for breakfast to serve customers in the morning, including coffee, cappuccino and brioche and continues towards the aperitif time, which for most turns into lunch. Once inside, you will discover a true paradise for lovers of raw fish, oysters and seafood. In addition to succulent appetizers, always based on fish (don't miss the crust of warm bread with burrata, turnip tops and crispy anchovies) and first courses. You can always find evolving menus, raw and oysters.
Reservations required if you don't want to stay dry.

The Royal Plateau, Oysters and Shellfish via Piave 8
A super selection of oysters from Brittany, Normandy, Mediterranean Sea and Ireland to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Among the selected oysters, the Tsarskaya, also known as the Tsar's oyster, is refined only in Cancale, an area that gives it a unique taste and a fleshy pulp. Or the Tia Maraa (Poitou –Charentes), its flavor is reminiscent of hazelnut with a slight sugary note: it is meaty with a marked iodine taste.
But not only oysters live man, so after a taste of these iodine delicacies you can order Percebes, Red prawns of Mazara del Vallo, Chele of Granciporro, Fasolari and Sea snails. From the kitchen tartare of rock octopus, swordfish tartare, red prawns, Paella Plateau Royal. Leave a place for dessert, because here you will find a nice overview: from Tarte Tropezienne to tarte renversée des demoiselles Tatin, to l'Ile Flottant. W La France!

Red Oyster, the first company in Italy with home delivery service, specializing in opening fresh oysters for private or corporate parties, events, catering. An innovative idea that was missing, a service tailored to the customer who is looking for an exclusive product. Have you ever thought about organizing an Oyster party at your home? If you don't want to think about anything, trust the Sommeliers of the Oysters. You can select products from the site, request a quote based on your needs.

French oysters (Simini Brasserie de la mer) corso Racconigi 30
A selection of unique products for Michael Le Coeur, who personally chooses the oysters and all the seafood you find on the menu: Belon flat oysters of different calibers, Pearl of Normandy, Oysters Marénnes de Oleròn (Fines de Claire Verte, Special de Claire Verte and Millenium), hedgehogs, sea almonds, sea snails of different sizes, King Crab, Snow Crab, Scottish scampi, to name a few. A very rich Plateau what Michael prepares for his customers every day. You can go to the bistro for dinner or order your Plateau for a take away that smells of sea and salt.
Seasonal opening from September to the end of April and beginning of May. Reservations required.

The rebirth of Palermo, from good food to street art – Italian Cuisine

The rebirth of Palermo, from good food to street art

Where to eat, what to see and where to sleep to discover the new face of Palermo

We fly to Palermo for the eighth anniversary of Gagini Social Restaurant, among the most interesting gourmet realities of the Sicilian capital and where do they take us to eat? In Danisinni, one of the poorest and most abandoned neighborhoods in the city, with an unemployment rate of 90%. Practically with only two roads, today semi flooded because it rains heavily, one to enter, the other to go out. The parish priest Fra Mauro sits smiling in the "restaurant" garage at the head of the table. On the table, paper plates and glasses. The only gourmet touch is the tablecloth, which is increasingly snubbed today by high-end restaurants And yet it is very difficult to be treated as gentlemen in other places. Above all, when lunch is free. As well as tasty. Palermo home cooking, with most of the products coming from the Fattoria del Quartiere. Danisinni's buttonhole flower.

Franco Virga and Stefania Milan, owners of the Gagini and of three other rooms in the center of Palermo, have bright eyes. Franco worked for 30 years in the fashion world, until in 2011, with Stefania he founded Good Company and dedicated himself to food and wine. With a clear mission: making the most of the Sicilian agri-food and cultural heritage, offering new job opportunities to many young talents and bringing a new breath to Palermo, in synergy with other local realities. Social, artistic, cultural.

A different story

Unlike so many other catering realities, Good Company has not replicated a successful format, but has instead launched four distinct catering projects. In addition to the restaurant housed in the home-studio of the great Sicilian Renaissance sculptor Antonio Gagini, in 2015 Buatta Cucina Popolana, Bocum Mixology and last June Aja Mola – Trattoria di Mare opened. All local with a common denominator "wine", that is, with cellars dedicated mostly to natural wines. We therefore made the first toast with a Blanc de Noirs Classic Method amazing, Rio Cami from Casa Caterina, born from the assembly of two vintages, 2004 and 2007. Not a simple natural wine, but a jewel of biodynamic viticulture.

The restaurants

From the name of a popular song of the tonnaroli, the cialoma Aja Mola, comes the name of the contemporary Trattoria di Mare open right next to Gagini, between the new marina and the Vucciria. To fully grasp the meaning of the kitchen of the restaurant we suggest choosing from the showcase between the catch of the day and relying totally on the chef Giuseppe Calvaruso.

The Buatta restaurant is a real immersion in the Sicilian regional cuisine. In the card it boasts five courses with Slow Food Presidia products (Ragusano cheese in Argentiera; Frascatula with smoked Madonie provola; Cottoia di Modica broad beans; Eoliana fish with tomatoes olives and Salina capers; Cinisara Cow meatloaf with Fellata of the Nebrodis). On the table the inevitable extra virgin olive oil, which we like to call raw oil, from Centonze Castelvetrano (TP). All prepared by a young team of chefs headed to the stove by a real star, chef Fabio Cardilio. From the wine list we have chosen two excellent natural wines produced on Etna, the Nerello Mascalese 2017 of the Azienda Agricola SRC, obtained from vineyards of over 50 years placed at 600 meters above sea level and Ayunta Navigable DOC 2016 Etna.

Gagini Social Restaurant is a "sea port". A restaurant that is, which offers a cuisine open to the Mediterranean and beyond. The menus proposed by the young but expert chef Massimiliano Mandozzi and his wife Elnava De Rosa (pastry chef) fly high, but without ever losing sight of the roots of a vast gastronomic heritage. The tiller is always focused on the quality of the raw material and the pure pleasure of the table. Creativity in the kitchen and on the plate is not a mere display, but substance. Like the unpublished journey we have tried. Here then served with a bottle of Chenin Blanc Le Vieux Clos 2015 by Nicolas Joly, independent winemaker, a bold Oyster with cauliflower. This is followed by another seductive taste contrast: grilled artichoke with orange marmalade, stuffed with shrimp. Our journey, still experimental, therefore includes a Fusillone with creamed red pepper, blue fish mousse and toasted bread. So the pigeon challenge! Exceeded great with the double Genoese ravioli stuffed with pigeon. And since the gluttony has no end, here is the Lamb on the grill with yougurt and cumin sauce. Dishes combined with a bottle of Morgon 2016, Domain J. Chamonard.
Finally, the pastry chef enters with a sorbet and a fruit choir, which infuses pure joy.

The Bocum, cocktail bar with kitchen (chef Daniele Salvatori) on two floors, is certainly one of the most elegant and convivial places in Palermo. Behind the counter the barlady Sonja Scrudato, which boasts 10 signature drinks, one more surprising than the other (plus three non-alcoholic long drinks). But we highlight two in particular that really delighted us: for the predictor Bloody Mex (Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Poblano, tomato juice, lime juice, worchestershire, Tabasco, salt, pepper and paprika) and after dinner the Sonny'Margarita (tequila reposado, ancho reyes chili, agave syrup, lime juice, BBQ Bitters, chilli salt crust).

Palermo that does not give up. Indeed he counterattacks.

And it does so starting from the past, from the extraordinary art of storytellers and puppeteers, such as Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano, one of the last representatives of the Sicilian puppet theater, Unesco Intangible Heritage. Gaetano every day, in his tiny laboratory in vicolo Pilicelli, as Geppetto, gives life and also voice to the magnificent puppets of the knights of the Crusades, reciting their exploits in the ancient "cunti", shows of which Gaetano is an undisputed master.

In the historic districts of Ballarò and Kalsa, above all, we admire various murals, which cover entire facades of popular palaces. And they are not simply decorative murals, rather they are militant works of art, which recall how Palermo since its origins has been a welcoming city, anti-racist and open to the world. The mural, perhaps the most beautiful and significant is that of the artist Igor Salisi Palminteri, who in Ballarò painted the gigantic figure of the Palermo co-patron San Benedetto il Moro, son of African slaves. The 16-meter-high blessing figure wears a bright blue tunic and a pair of football boots is worn at the feet.

Where to sleep

Wonderful Italy operates in Palermo, a start-up dedicated to hospitality and tourism that works with local social workers. And hospitality starts right from the wide offer of homes and services at competitive prices. In addition to guaranteeing a quality stay, Wonderful Italy promotes a tourism of experiences, to discover the places, culture and local traditions, in collaboration also with realities such as the association of women victim of violence, "Cuoche combattenti", with " Cooked in fragrance ”, the pastry shop managed by the boys of the Palermo Malaspina juvenile prison. Or to discover the network of artists and artisans who, with their workshops and workshops, contribute to changing the face of the historic center of Palermo for the better.

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