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Is coconut water good for you? The nutrition expert answers – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Fresh, fragrant, sweet, refreshing and light: thecoconut water it would seem to be the ideal drink for the summer. Is it also good how you talk about it on social media? We asked the nutritional biologist Concetta Montagnese, researcher at the CNR Institute of Food Sciences. «Coconut water is that clear liquid contained in coconuts, fruits of the Cocos nucifera plant, in an early stage of maturation (no later than seven months), when it has not yet been absorbed by the pulp and when the nut is still green. The fruit – an oval drupe or a fleshy fruit, containing a single seed – must not be damaged: if it has these characteristics, it can contain between 200 and 1000 ml of liquid.”

What are the benefits of coconut water

The expert explains to us that coconut water is made up of 95% from water. «There are approximately 100 ml 2.5 grams of sugar: a modest amount. Coconut water is low in protein and fatwhich are almost absent, but it has a high content of potassium, sodium and magnesium and B vitamins and vitamin C. It contains no cholesterol, fiber, lactose or gluten. It is also suitable for celiacs and those intolerant to lactose.” Naturally, the benefits described are typical of the natural drink, that is, extracted directly from the walnut and bottled, without added sugars and artificial substances.

Coconut water is very thirst-quenching and, thanks to its rich potassium content, it is also a good rehydrator. In fact, it is used a lot by athletes: the low sugar content and the high quantity of potassium make it an ideal supplement after prolonged physical exercise. «There is a study conducted on a group of cyclists who used this drink during sports performances, explains Montagnese. «Even compared to other sports supplements, coconut water – to which sodium and carbohydrates had been added – gave very positive results.

Regarding health effects, studies have been conducted on rats which seem to demonstrate a beneficial effect on reduction of cardiovascular riskon the reduction of bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels and anti-inflammatory effects, “but targeted studies are needed to confirm these properties in humans too”.

Preliminary results of a study have shown that coconut water had anti-inflammatory effects in patients with ulcerative colitis (but always as an adjunct to therapy): «One hypothesis is that it has an important activity on the intestinal microbiotapromoting the growth of good bacteria”, says the nutritional biologist, who suggests trying adding it to smoothies or shakes, or to prepare porridge.

Does coconut water make you lose weight?

Many of the virtues attributed to it, however – from the ability to make people lose weight to that of increasing the sense of satiety – have not been scientifically proven.

What are the contraindications of coconut water?

Are there any contraindications? «Due to the nutrients it contains, intake should be avoided in cases of kidney failureand the Italian Kidney Foundation suggests its cautious use even in healthy subjects because it increases urinary potassium”, says Montagnese, “The key word is always the moderation: containing so many minerals, even coconut water could alter the balance of the body.”

Paride Vitale: «My Abruzzo, as a good Abruzzo ultra – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Paris Vitale he is one of the most skilled (and loved) PR people in Milan, a mass mobilizer with his unconventional ideas, an entrepreneur, a television personality. He triumphed in the 2022 edition of Beijing Express paired with Victoria Cabello and, always with her, he led Crazy trips. But first of all Paride Vitale is a proud Abruzzo native Castel di Sangroand for this reason he is now also a writer: his has just come out Of love and Abruzzo (Cairo), a guide that contains everything you would like a friend to tell you about this region yet to be discovered.

The book was born for this: for friends. To answer once and for all (perhaps) the questions of those who, about to travel, call Paride Vitale to find out where to go, what to do and what to eat. All in five chapters – dedicated to National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise; to Gran Sasso and the villages; The Majella, the ski slopes and the wines – for a beautiful journey from the mountains to the sea full of history and stories, including that of the author who was born in these areas and returns whenever he can. «I told about my Abruzzo, my memories, the places I like. Basically what I do on a daily basis, because there are so many people who ask me for advice on my region, as if it were Malawi!”, says Paride Vitale. «Seriously, it was nice. Indeed, a dream. And also an opportunity to do what I like best: I often return to Abruzzo, and every time I try to discover something new.”

Interview with Paride Vitale

What did you discover new about Abruzzo while writing the book?
«So many stories. The chapter on wines, for example, is full of anecdotes, realities that for me, being from Abruzzo, were not known at all. All the wineries and wine families that I mention are journeys within a journey: I knew their products, but I didn’t know that they were in crazy places, in villas or castles where it is also possible to stop and sleep for a weekend or, in any case, near of areas that allow a different itinerary”.

What makes Abruzzo special?
«It is a region that maintains a strong authenticity, and it is surprising: a place where you turn the corner and find yourself faced with wonderful places that you would never have expected. For example, during the classic excursion to Rocca Calascio, in the Gran Sasso Park, the Oratory of San Pellegrino in Bominaco (fraction of Caporciano, L’Aquila) is worth a stop: there is the largest and best preserved collection of frescoes of Europe that date back to 1200 (they call it the Sistine Chapel of Abruzzo, ed.). Another example: taking a canoe tour on the Tirino river, crossing landscapes that seem to have come out of The Lord of the Ringsyou can stop on the route at the Cataldi Madonna cellars, where the typical white wine of the Marche and Abruzzo was born: Pecorino”.

Franco Pepe opens in Sardinia: «Here’s how to recognize a good pizza – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Franco Pepe opens in Sardinia: «Here's how to recognize a good pizza»

Franco Pepe is not only the best pizza chef in the world (The Best Pizza Awards 2023) but he is also one of those masters of the white art who, when talking about the product, starts from afar, but only belongs to me. Franco Pepe creates pizzas capable of “giving emotions to the palate, through a before and after”, he explains. To succeed, Pepe started from his house in Caiazzo, in the Upper Caserta area, where – in just ten years or so – he revolutionized the entire area with his Pepe in Grani pizzeria. To then arrive – today – in Sardinia, where Spazio by Franco Pepe has just opened inside the 7Pines Resort in Baja Sardinia, the first Hyatt affiliate on the island (in the Destination by Hyatt branch there are only two addresses in Europe, here and in Ibiza).

The fundamentals of Franco Pepe’s pizza

«There is a before and after of the pizza, which starts from the customer’s arrival until he returns home, with a clear photograph not of the pizza but of the flavors, explains maestro Pepe. «The next thing is the nutritional contribution and the raw materials (two things that need to be told, otherwise they cannot be understood), then the chewiness of the dough, its meltability and, last but not least, the digestibility of the product, linked to all previous things.” All essential principles for the success of a great pizza. And the menu proposed by Spazio by Franco Pepe at the 7Pines Resort in Baja Sardinia proves it. Its signature pizza is unmissable, Margherita Sbagliatawith Bufala Campana DOP mozzarella, curly tomato puree, basil reduction, extra virgin olive oil. But it is with Shoe that the eyes fill with tears from the emotion, the same one that maestro Pepe spoke to us about. Here the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP always triumphs, but with a fondue of 12-month-old Grana Padano DOP, a raw tomato compote, freeze-dried basil pesto and flakes of 24-month Grana Padano DOP. A dialogue between sweet and savory, raw and cooked which clearly explains the work of maestro Pepe. «It is very important that the dough binds well with the ingredients and that these are added at the right time: if you choose foie gras it doesn’t mean that it is a great pizza in itself, but if you add it at the right time then it can become ” wow'”.

The collaboration with chef D’Ambrosio

The collaboration is also enriched by the relationship established with Pasquale D’AmbrosioExecutive Chef of the Capogiro restaurant of the 7Pines Resort in Baja Sardinia. The ingredients chosen for him are his Senti-Minds of Galluraa pizza with smoked Fior di latte, Sardinian spiny artichoke, red ox carpaccio, Scabecciu olives, sea fennel oil, DOP Sardinian pecorino cheese. «With chef D’Ambrosio we came up with many ideas, he already knew my work done in Caiazzo: I asked him to do it here too: Senti-Minds of Gallura it is the result of his creativity with my dough.” Today the world of pizza has changed, if previously greater importance was given to the more technical and scientific aspect of the dough to those who went “to the shop”, today instead there is something more, that is, a greater knowledge of the topping, of the material first, that you need to know how to transform and consciously put it back on the pizza. «Today on my pizza there is hot-cold, raw-cooked, because you have to hope if that ingredient can withstand 400°C or not, so that in addition to tasting good you can also eat healthy.

The perfect match

Open every day for dinner also to external guests, Spazio by Franco Pepe promises to become the destination of northern Sardinia, far from the chaos of the Costa Smeralda, in an informal and relaxed environment, in the typical style of 7Pines. For Spazio by Franco Pepe the ideal combination was thought of by Maison Ruinart, in particular with the Ruinart Rosé, the Maison’s greedy and bold Cuvée. «Intriguing, exotic, bold and unexpected: this is what characterizes the Ruinart Rosé Champagne designed in combination with gourmet pizza, explained Silvia Rossetto, Ruinart Senior Brand Manager. The gastronomic offer of 7Pines is completed by the Capogiro restaurant, a large window overlooking the sunset where you can enjoy elegant cuisine that enhances local raw materials, and the Cone Club, the pieds in the water and the resort’s beach club.

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