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Advice on how to prepare the perfect spring dinner – Italian Cuisine

Three simple tips to organize and prepare a spring-themed dinner: lightness, freshness and taste, the starting ingredients!

Tuesday, May 14 was held, a The School of Italian Cuisine, a dinner to celebrate the arrival of spring: a special menu, prepared by chef Giovanni Rota, in combination with the wines of the Drusian cellar. If you are curious to discover the prepared menu, look at the images in the gallery; they can also be a valuable starting point for preparing your tables.

On this occasion we have collected three tips, to prepare the perfect one spring dinner, which can also reflect the colors and scents of the season at the table.

Seasonal ingredients

First of all, it is always recommended to choose fresh vegetables is Seasonal, paying particular attention to the availability offered by the market. This choice is useful to appreciate the ingredients in their best quality, enjoy superior nutritional properties and, finally, respect the correct production times.
During the spring, asparagus, peas, broad beans, peas and new zucchini can be found on the market.

Balance in choices

When preparing a spring dinner, pay particular attention to theequilibrium, first of all in the choice from ingredients, so as to create homogeneity in the succession of flow rates. It is also important to balance the cooking techniques, so as to enhance the specific consistencies of the individual ingredients. For spring green vegetables, the best preparation method is to parboil them for a few minutes and quickly sauté them in the pan at a later time. This will allow them to keep their crunchiness.

Bright colors

Spring is characterized by bright and vivid colors. For to maintain the color characteristic also in the dishes, especially that of green vegetables, the chef Giovanni Rota recommends using a lot salt in cooking. Furthermore, it is essential to subject the ingredients to a thermal shock, just finished cooking, immediately cooling them in water and ice.

The School of Italian Cuisine has thus opened a series of events, dedicated to specific themes and structured as dinners. The next one is scheduled for July 11 and the theme will be Puglia in Tavola, for booking click here!

Texts by Caterina Limido

Spring centrifuged: three recipes to try – Italian Cuisine

Fresh, refreshing, but also energizing and especially with seasonal ingredients!

What can you drink in spring, taking advantage of all the ingredients that nature provides us with? Good centrifuges, for example. They are perfect to start the day with energy and taste or to relax after a day of work, but also for a day appetizer among friends. Arm yourself then spin and choose the seasonal fruit and vegetables thirst-quenching e detox.

Any idea to make a cool drink? Here are three!

Centrifuged with apple, ginger, lemon and rocket

Quenching, fresh, quick to prepare and good, this spring cocktail is perfect to start the day with the right push.


rocket salad
2 apples
fresh ginger
1 lemon


Wash all the ingredients well, remove the cores from the apples and peel the lemon. Insert ice into the centrifuge, then the rocket salad, ginger and lemon and, finally, apples. Mix for a few minutes, until the cocktail is smooth, and drink it as soon as possible.

Centrifuged with carrots, fennel and pineapple

This cocktail is perfect for an aperitif with friends, perhaps on a beautiful terrace warmed by the spring sun that caresses without dazzling. It's quick to prepare and will make your friends happy.


Peeled half pineapple (if the fruit is large, 1/3 will suffice)
1 fennel
2 carrot
1 lemon


Begin by peeling pineapple and cutting it into pieces, wash the fennel and scrap the skin on carrots, peel the lemon and cut it all into pieces, you won't need to chop them. Put the ice in the centrifuge (4/5 cubes will suffice), add fruit and vegetables and centrifuge.

Centrifuged with spinach, blueberries and banana

Fresh and draining, but also substantial for a load of energy, this cocktail will help you recharge your body and mind after a long day of work, always around and always on the run.


100 g of spinach
150 g of blueberries
1 banana
cinnamon powder


Wash them spinach and i blueberries and peel the banana into pieces. Centrifuge everything with ice for a few minutes and sprinkle, if you like, with a little cinnamon. Drink it as soon as it's ready.

Flavored water

For all those who do not like centrifuged too much, spring offers excellent opportunities for drinking something refreshing but also tasty. It is the case of thestrawberry flavored water for example, excellent for purifying the body, for drinking at breakfast or in the evening before going to sleep. It is very easy to prepare, just blend 7/8 strawberries with the juice of one lemon and then add the water. If you want one beverage cooler, just replace the water with ice.

Almond milk

If these ideas are not enough, what about almond milk? If you do not want to buy the one already prepared at the supermarket and take away the whim to do it to home know that the recipe is simple, but it will take some time to infuse the almonds, especially if you use dry ones. The result, however, is guaranteed! Our advice is to always drink a lot fresh, maybe with ice and if you feel like it, try ours recipe.

Coconut milk

Sweet, but also nutritious. The milk of coconut it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is a powerful antioxidant, it has few fat and has a very positive effect on the skin, moisturizing and eliminating impurities. It has only one contraindication, it's really too good and the risk is therefore to abuse it and the too crippled, always!

"WHO IS A CHI SPRING AWARDS": all the prizes and a special one for Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

They came back again this year, they could not miss, the "WHO IS WHO SPRING AWARDS", the recognition created by Cristiana Schieppati, director of CHI E 'CHI CHI, to reward the personality most significant from the world of fashion to food, come on engines to the show, in short, all those who somehow managed to distinguish themselves for their positivity, for knowing how to work always with enthusiasm and to create empathy also through their image.

The awards were presented on Wednesday 8 May at the Baglioni Hotel Carlton for Milan Food City. And among these, a special recognition went to our dear magazine The Italian kitchen, the media partnership of the event, for its 90th anniversary. Great excitement for our magazine and brand director, Maddalena Fossati Dondero, awarded by the Councilor for Labor Policies Cristina Tajani and starred chef Davide Oldani. But we find out who the other protagonists of the evening were, that is the new ambassadors of the "spring mood" of the different sectors, which, in addition to the actual recognition, also received a cooking class at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana as a gift .

Food awards

For the chef category, the prize was awarded to the Pastry Chef of the Mandarin Bar & Bistrot and the Seta Restaurant, Nicola di Lena, but above all a great traveling companion of our magazine, as well as, one of the most successful Italian restaurant entrepreneurs could not fail to be rewarded in the restaurant category. Enrico Buonocore with its Langosteria.

Other awards to Hellend Hidding as a television personality and for Communication to Rosa Fanti, wife of Carlo Cracco, who confessed to eating early in the evening with children and her husband and, above all, she never cooks, but also at home Masterchef's former nightmare takes care of it. For the "Family Ties" category, the award was given to Raffaella and Gigliola Curiel, high fashion designers and ambassadors of made in Italy.

And all the others

And then: to Chiara Rossetto, CEO of Molino Rossetto for the greenest company, to Cristina Fogazzi, queen of cynicism 2.0 applied to beauty with her original blog @EstetistaCinica, the prize as an innovative entrepreneur, an influencer award to Giulia Valentina , the first former influencer of Fedez, but above all fashion blogger with 500 thousand followers on Instagram. And finally, to Jo Squillo, singer and TV presenter, the prize for the category "A voice for women".

The evening, organized in collaboration with SEAT (Barcelona car manufacturer and part of the Volkswagen Group) and characterized by good taste, in every field, had a special godmother: the beautiful Seat Ambassador, as well as showgirl and model Juliana Moreira. It is up to you to deliver all CHI CHI CHI CHI SPRING AWARDS 2019.

Obviously, "tasty" moments were not missed gourmet, thanks also to Ferrarini, a historic brand recognized throughout the world for its products symbol of Made in Italy, which presented the "Big Storico" and "Il Nazionale", two new top-of-the-range 100% Italian cooked hams, and different delicatessen specialties accompanied by farm products. And, very appreciated, also the tasting corner, offered by the Hotel Baglioni, with the wines of the Azienda Mazziotti di Bolsena (TV).