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Rice Cakes and Tuna Tartare Recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Rice Cakes and Tuna Tartare Recipe

The rice cakes and tuna tartare They are an ideal dish for the lunch, combined with a jog in the sun that helps us regain our strength. The recipe was created by our chef Walter Pedrazzi with the advice of Marco De Angelisspecialist in Sports Medicine and associate professor at the University of L’Aquila, in the past consultant to ESA and NASA, to various national teams and Olympic committees (Italy, China, Russia, Vietnam), to the Institute of Sports Medicine and Science of Coni, companies and magazines in the health, nutrition and fitness sectors.

To make this preparation you will have to blend the boiled rice with rice flour and mix it with the whole boiled rice: give the mixture the shape of crackers and cook in a pan with a little oil for a few minutes on both sides. Compose the rice cakes with seasoned tuna tartare, cooked and raw radicchio And shallot sauce.

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Pasta and potatoes recipe with parmesan – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Pasta and potatoes recipe with parmesan

Pasta and potatoes it is the dish of the heart of Antonio Arcieri, since 2019 chef of Arco by Paco Perez and Treinta y Tres in Gdansk, in Poland: “It reminds me of the days when dad cooked this specialty of his. he tells us – It takes me back to my Calabrian origins, with the variant of parmesaninstead of try it, heritage of Northern Italy, where I grew up. When I prepare it at home, in Poland, I can see the table with the whole family gathered together.”

The chef, who arrived in Poland after working at El Bulli and Azurmendi and in Paco Perez’s Spanish restaurants, gave us his recipe for pasta and potatoes: the potatoes cut into cubes and boil together pasta drained al dente they are poured together into a pan with the garlic, stirring with a little cooking water and parmesan. The goodness of this dish is also in the creamy texture of the potatoes which slowly fall apart during creaming.

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Snow peas: 30 recipes to cook them with taste – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Snow peas: 30 recipes to cook them with taste

Today we discover the snow peas and many recipes to enjoy them. Also known as “everything” peasare legumes of which, unlike most legumes, in addition to the seeds the pod is also eaten which is green, wide and flat. They appear in spring and can be enjoyed throughoutsummer.

Snow peas: what they are and how to cook them

They should not be confused with green beans or even with peas still in their pods, and they are not the same thing as green peas. From the point of view nutritional snow peas are halfway between legumes and vegetables: the protein content is medium, the energy intake is moderate, while they are rich in fibre, vitamin and mineral salts. To cook them, just wash them, clean them and remove the ends cook them in boiling water for about ten minutes. After cooking, the snow peas can be enjoyed simply season with salt and oil or you can use them to compose side dishes and more elaborate dishes. Here are some ideas.

Recipes with snow peas: appetizers

If you want to enjoy snow peas in an appetizer we give you three options: a vegetarian one with Clafoutis of asparagus, snow peas and peas; one with meat, that is Snow peas, green beans, courgette flowers and diced chicken; finally, one with fish: Shrimps, asparagus, snow peas and mayonnaise.

Recipes with snow peas: first courses

We can also use snow peas to create a seasoning for first courses: for pasta as in the recipe for Linguine, snow peas, spring onions and calamaribut also for couscous as in the recipe of Couscous with onion, snow peas and cherry tomatoeswithout forgetting the Dumplings with snow peas.

Vegetarian side dishes and main courses with snow peas

Mixed with other vegetables with unusual seasonings, snow peas become salads and vegetarian main courses. Take inspiration from these recipes: Balsamic mix of snow peas and snow peas, Salad of snow peas and baked onions, Saor of green beans, snow peas and sage with aïoli sauce, Courgettes, snow peas and spring onions with pistachio and basil crumbs, Snow peas and spring onion salad with tahini cream, Snow peas and carrots with aromatic bread, Potato cakes with a heart of snow peas and agretti, Baked onions, snow peas and dill sauce, Endive and snow peas with red onion, Glazed carrots, peas and snow peas.

Snow peas with meat

Here’s how we accompanied second courses of meat with snow peas: Rosé roast with snow peas and curried cashews, Rabbit burger with snow peas, Warm rabbit and snow peas salad, Meatball skewers with snow peas and beans, Briquette of snow peas with ham, Sautéed snow peas with shallots and bacon, Chicken, snow peas and avocado salad.

Snow peas with fish

Snow peas are also excellent paired with fish. Try these recipes: Scampi with potatoes and snow peas, Pan of octopus, snow peas and green beans, Sea bass on broad bean biscuits and snow peas with turmeric sauce, Mackerel, caramelized onions and snow peas, Salad of snow peas, buffalo mozzarella and anchovies, Snow peas, spring onions and mozzarella.

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