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Phyllo dough 10 recipes – Italian Cuisine

Appetizers, first cured and crunchy desserts. Phyllo dough is a good idea to bring beautiful and tasty dishes that smell of Greece to the table

Water, oil and flour. Phyllo dough was born in Greece and is characterized by a very thin sheet worked with patience. used to package stuffed packages of cheese and meat, it is often used for desserts, often prepared with dried fruit and honey. But like any good ingredient of a local tradition, it has also been borrowed from other gastronomic cultures to make them crunchy antipasti, delicious first courses, delicious sweets and, in our case, even the basis of delicious pizzette with vegetables and sardines.

More crunchy and thinner than puff pastry, phyllo dough is often arranged in several layers and a very light brushstroke of warm water can help us give it the shape we want. The particular consistency and the freshness that it assumes when cooked in the oven or fried, make it perfect for the preparation of finger food with a guaranteed effect, such as almond cigars with rose cream and crispy artichoke and vanilla squash bundles. If we want to make the best use of spring ingredients, phyllo pasta baskets with quail eggs are an excellent idea to bring a rich and colorful appetizer to the table. Recipes such as phyllo ravioli with provolone cheese and turnip greens and monkfish in phyllo dough with shallots, are instead perfect for savoring the fluidity of filo pastry at its best, in a pleasant contrast of flavors and textures.

Almond cigars with rose cream
Almond cigars with rose cream.

For those who want to experiment with original recipes, the sweet and sour Cretan kalitsounia and the delicate curry chickpea samoza with yogurt cream are not to be missed.

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Pizza without dough: recipe – Italian Cuisine

Pizza without dough is an infallible procedure for having a good homemade pizza, crispy at the right point and well leavened. It's a recipe for beginners, it just takes a little patience!

Pizza has always been made at home in my family. My mom for Sunday evening, I usually for Saturday. But to tell you that it has always turned out well, no, this would be lying!
My mom's attempts are stoic, different doughs, with the boiled potato, without, long leavening, fast leavening, little yeast, a little more. I remember dough so elastic that to keep it stretched you would need to point it to the table with nails. And sometimes it was so crunchy that as a child you feared for your already rocking teeth. It was still good. Always.
My pizzas, more advanced temptants in the mediums – strong flours, sourdough, 3D ventilated steam oven – but very poor in results. There Homemade Pizza it's not as easy as you think.

Then one day I tried the pizza without dough.
The pizza without dough I discovered it thanks to my previous life as a blogger, because at least a decade ago the pizza without dough by Paoletta, famous food blogger, had become a real trend among online mixers. From then on, my life as a home-made pizza chef has changed.
Here is his recipe, which I also used this last weekend for pizza – with cherry tomatoes, onion and bacon – which you see above in the photo.

Pizza without dough recipe


400 gr of flour 0
300 ml of water
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of potato flakes (those for instant mashed potatoes)
2 teaspoons of salt
1 teaspoon of malt or honey
10 gr of brewer's yeast


The nice thing about pizza without dough is that you really don't need to knead. The only thing you need is a little patience, because it is a slow rising pizza, so you will need 24 hours to prepare it.

Pizza without dough day 1: the dough

First of all mix the dry ingredients together: flour, potato flakes, salt.
In the water, at room temperature, melt the brewer's yeast with the malt (or honey). Let the yeast wake up in a few minutes. Then pour the water on the flour and immediately the oil and mix the ingredients. To do this you have to knead very quickly for one minute, just to mix the ingredients.
You will have a very very soft dough, do not imagine just the ball of pizza dough. The dough is very moist and that's okay. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave in the refrigerator for 20 hours.

Pizza without dough day 2: the folds

After 20 hours, take the dough out and leave it rest at temperature environment for two hours.
Pour a little semolina flour on your surface, take the dough and divide it into two parts.
With well-floured hands take one part at a time and proceed to do the folds: in practice, the system of folds involves taking the dough and once it is spread slightly fold it over itself three times, as is also done with puff pastry.
I'll put my drawing on it to make the passage more understandable.

Pizza without dough day 2: in the oven!

After making the folds, leave the dough covered with a damp cloth for at least 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the oven – preferably if ventilated – to 250 °. It must be very hot, so really wait for it to be at temperature and while you do it, grease two 33 cm round trays. in diameter and roll out the pizza. Season to taste and bake for 20 minutes.

How to make pizza dough at home – Italian Cuisine

How to make pizza dough at home

If you want to try your hand at homemade pizza, arm yourself with selected ingredients, imagination for the filling and … good pizza!

Saturday evening: Pizza! This coupled is really a must in all Italian houses, always, and will always be, we have no doubts about it. But if we make it at home, why limit ourselves to Saturday? So if you are a pizza fan too, and want to try your hand at prepare it at home, know that it is simpler than it seems.

Below we provide you with the quick and easy recipes to make pizza dough at home, then a very special recipe on flatbread pizza and in the gallery, some practical advice for stuff it with excellences of Italian cuisine. Enjoy your meal!

Easy recipe for pizza dough

Let's start with an easy recipe to prepare the dough. You need: 500 g of white flour, 250 ml of water, 15 g of brewer's yeast, 20 g of oil, 10 g of salt. Let's start! Melt the yeast in a little water at room temperature. Prepare the flour fountain, add the water little by little, and in the meantime knead with your hands. When you have already poured half the water, add the salt. Now pour the last part of the liquid, always little by little, and knead. Finally, also add the oil little by little and knead again.

Form a loaf, put it in a bowl, cover it with a cotton cloth or plastic wrap and leave it to rest for about an hour and a half in an environment that has a temperature of around 26-28 ° C (for example, inside the oven off, but with the light on).

When the dough has swelled, take it out of the bowl and rework it with your hands, pressing it towards you and then moving it away. Form two smaller spheres, to rest for another half hour. Now the dough is ready to be pulled and stuffed at will.

Quick recipe for pizza dough

To make the process of making pizza at home faster, few precautions are needed during the kneading procedure. First of all a tip: watch out for flour! If you want to speed up the preparation, you must choose low-protein flours, such as 00; those indicated for pizza are not good, as they develop a lot of gluten.

Do all the steps indicated in the previous paragraph, until you get to the leavening: when you put the dough in the oven off, but with the light on, put a saucepan with boiling water near the bowl: the humidity produced will speed up the leavening .

After an hour, once the dough has risen, to speed up, do not rework it, but spread it on the pastry board with your hands. Now it is ready to be stuffed.

How to make flatbread pizza

Flatbread literally means "flat bread": it is therefore a kind of piadina, which can then be stuffed at will, like a real pizza. The recipe really takes a few minutes to prepare. Like ingredients, you need: 100 g of flour 0, 100 g of Greek yogurt, 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda and salt to taste. Let's start! Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with the help of a spoon. On a pastry board, dusted with flour, knead the mixture, until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous one. Now divide the dough in half, and then the two pieces still obtained in half. With your hands, roll out the dough, keeping a thickness of about ½ cm. Then cook the small scones in a pan over high heat for about 2 minutes. Now they are ready to be stuffed.

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