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How to use phyllo dough – Italian Cuisine

What is phyllo dough, what is it used for and how do you cook it? Everything you need to know

Maybe you happened to see it in the supermarket or taste it in a restaurant, but you are sure you really know what it is and how to prepare it phyllo dough?

How do you prepare fillo pasta?

It is a type of light and thin puff pastry of Greek origin.
It can also be prepared at home and the ingredients are simply water, flour and oil, but since the processing requires a little time and patience, it is preferable to buy it ready from the supermarket.
in some recipes you will also find butter among the ingredients, but in our opinion the version with extra virgin olive oil is better. The secret of this pasta is its thickness. After preparing the dough, it is made to rest and then spread with the machine for fresh pasta. It must be very thin.

A preparation with phyllo dough.
A preparation with phyllo dough.

How do you keep it?

It is kept in the fridge and in its packaging and once opened you must take care of storing it, covering it well otherwise it will dry out.

How do you use it in the kitchen?

It is generally used to prepare both sweet and savory dumplings and crispy lasagna. Being very thin it is advisable to always overlap two or three sheets instead of using only one.
To make it take the shape you want, you can brush it where it is needed with very little water.

Phyllo dough is widely used as already said in Greece and in Arab cuisine especially in the preparation of desserts made with dried fruit and honey.
You can substitute it for puff pastry to prepare crispy baskets to fill as you like, rolls and sweet and savory pies. It is a slightly difficult dough to work because as mentioned above it is dry and very thin. So help yourself with slightly greasy or wet hands.

Phyllo and kataifi pasta

A particular type of phyllo dough is kataifi pasta which is obtained by cutting the phyllo dough very thinly. In practice, these are angel hair tangled with each other until they look like straw.

It is mainly used to wrap ingredients before cooking in the oven or in hot oil. Excellent, for example, shrimp wrapped in kataifi paste and then fried.

Fillo dough with mushrooms – Italian Cuisine

»Mushroom omelette - Misya mushroom omelet recipe

Clean the mushrooms with a damp cloth, remove the stems and cut into slices and then in half. Sauté a clove of garlic in the pan with the oil, then add the mushrooms and cook for about ten minutes.

Raise the garlic clove then add the crumbled sausage, salt and pepper and cook for another 5/10 minutes and until the cooking liquids are completely dry.

Roll out the filo pastry and brush each sheet with a little oil. Arrange on the side along the filling creating a strip of a couple of cm of width. Wrap the filo pastry on itself until it forms a long roll.

Proceed in this way for all the sheets. Once the 4 snails have been obtained, place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

Brush the surface with a little oil and honey, then sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds.
Bake in a convection oven preheated to 200 ° C for 10 minutes or in any case until the surface of the cottages is golden brown.

Remove from the oven, the mushroom fillo snails, let them cool and serve.

Basic dough recipe for pizza – Italian Cuisine

the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza


There basic dough for pizza is a leavened dough made of flour, water, brewer's yeast, oil and salt, essential for preparing at home not only the classic thin pizza mozzarella-anchovy or to the Roman but also trousers, Small pizzas, panzerotti , pizzelle is buns of all types.

There basic dough for pizza it's a Salt & Pepper recipe easy to prepare even without a mixer; the result is a soft and sticky dough that, once leavened, is easy to spread and, when cooked, becomes crunchy, tasty, fragrant and well blended. If you are a patient person and you have experience in the kitchen, you can try to reduce the amount of yeast and increase the leavening time to obtain a dough with the same characteristics listed above but with less yeast.

Preparing a good dough for pizza, even if it seems so simple, is an art! There are many factors that influence its success: from the choice of flour to the temperature of the mixing water or that of your kitchen. But, the basic dough for pizza it's a recipe of Salt and pepper well tested to bring 2 Neapolitan pizzas or a large focaccia in the pan in just 4 hours. So, are you ready to knead? Wear the apron today basic dough for pizza we knead it together!

Step by Step

    • 1
      the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza
    • How to prepare the basic pizza dough

      1) To prepare the basic dough for pizza put the brewer's yeast chopped in a bowl, pour over a small glass of warm water and dissolve it, stirring with a wooden spoon; add it sugar and 1 handful of flour and mix, mix vigorously, until you get a soft, smooth and homogeneous batter; cover the bowl with a cloth and let it rise in a warm place for about 30 minutes.

    • 2
      the basic pasta for the pizza Salt & Pepe recipe
    • 2) Collect the rest flour on the pastry board and widen it in the center to form a fountain.

    • 3
      the basic pasta for the pizza Sale & Pepe foto
    • 3) Transfer the leavened dough to the center of the fountain and distribute all around on the flour the salt, so that it is not in direct contact with the yeast.

    • 4
      the basic pasta for the pizza Salt & Pepe image
    • 4) Add theextra virgin olive oil, gradually pour about 200 ml of warm water and in the meantime begin to knead with your fingers, gradually bringing the flour inside to form the basic dough for pizza.

    • 5
      the basic pasta for the pizza Salt & Pepper preparation
    • 5) When it is completely mixed, collect the dough e lavoralo energetically with plenty of hands for about 15 minutes; collect with a spatula also the part remaining adherent to the pastry board: if the dough is too hard, soften it again with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water, if too soft, sprinkle with a little flour. In the end you will have to get 1 compact but malleable paste.

    • 6
      the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza step
    • 6) Form a ball with the dough and lightly flour it.

    • 7
      recipe the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza
    • 7) Transfer the pasta into a large, lightly floured and practical bowl on the surface, with a knife or kitchen scissors, a cross cut.

    • 8
      foto the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza
    • 8) Cover the pasta with a damp cloth and leave it bump up in a warm place from 2 to 3 hours.

    • 9
      immagine the basic pasta for the Sale & Pepe pizza
    • 9) Completed the leavening the basic dough for pizza it will have doubled its volume and will be ready for use.


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