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We found the best carbonara in Italy – Italian Cuisine

We challenged our readers with a competition in the kitchen. The result? A lot of very good carbonara and a surprising alternative version

The carbonara agrees on all and makes people talk at the same time. It's simple, but some secrets of preparation make it even more delicious. There is a version of it traditional and a thousand variants. The one we tasted during the Carbonara Day 2019 best celebrates all the nuances of this dish so loved and talked about: dare, but honor the tradition of Italian cuisine.

#CarbonaraChallenge 2019

On the occasion of the international day dedicated to carbonara set for April 6, in the classrooms of The School of Italian Cuisine there was an incredible competition among enthusiasts: the participants, divided into brigades, had the opportunity to choose between classic and unusual ingredients, among different pasta shapes Barilla, to amaze with a perfect carbonara.
The judges of honor: our director Maddalena Fossati, the experts Fiammetta Fadda is Andrea Grignaffini, the cooks Luca Zanga by Academia Barilla e Davide Negri, teacher in our cooking classes, they carefully observed the work of the competitors and tasted the 15 dishes in the competition, all very good, confirming the habits of the Italians in terms of carbonara.

Spaghetti or rigatoni?

The aspect that creates the most debate? The pasta format. There are some certainties about the classic version of the carbonara, or the ingredients. Eggs, bacon and Roman pecorino are essential to prepare an original carbonara, but it is impossible to establish the correct pasta format between spaghetti is rigatoni. During our challenge in the kitchen we came to a conclusion: both are good. No one has prevailed over the other, the pasta shapes have alternated in harmony and it is possible to play with them, trying different ones.

You can't do without a pillow

Despite the possibility of choosing between alternative ingredients, the evening revealed a constant. Someone dared using it speck or preparing one vegetarian carbonara, but most of the challengers did not give up the pillow. The secret of success is his consistency and its taste. To get the best out of it, let it melt and cook in its own fat.

The best carbonara in Italy: who won?

We found it. The best carbonara in Italy has prepared it for them: Vittorio, Filippo, Raffaella, Laura and Giuliano, with a dish that is Roman cuisine to the nth degree. Classic carbonara base, with the addition of cheese and of artichokes alla giudia.
What prompted the judges to choose this interpretation of the dish? First of all the mastery of the technique, expressed by a perfect one creaminess egg. The trick to obtain it is the cooking water, to be added to the egg yolks to allow it to thicken thanks to the released starch.
It is known, the carbonara is a game of consistencies and this carbonara also satisfies a double crunchiness, that of the pillow and that of the fried artichokes. Finally, he surprised the creativity of young people, like Vittorio: 22, has already attended some of our courses and is now already a winner in our kitchens!

Look at the gallery above to get inspiration and prepare your personal carbonara.
Photographs by Gabriele Basilico.

we are looking for the best carbonara in Italy – Italian Cuisine

This year we celebrate the Carbonara Day with an unmissable cooking competition. Participate, test yourself and win!

Do you think your carbonara is the best of all? You are not the only one to think so: then prove it by overcoming our challenge and a unmissable prize. We are waiting for you on April 6th a The School of Italian Cuisine (Via San Nicolao, 7 – Milan) for an exclusive race: register now at our #carbonarachallenge, places are limited.

Carbonara Day

April 6th is about to become your favorite day. Designed by I.P.O. (International Pasta Organization) e Union Food, this date was chosen to celebrate one of the most popular Italian dishes, as well as one of the symbolic recipes of Italian cuisine abroad. The Carbonara Day is celebrated all over the world, between debates, recipes and stories that travel on the web and on social networks with the hashtag dedicated #carbonaraday.

The Original Carbonara

A simple dish of the Roman tradition that divides Italians into two factions: there are those who do not admit reinterpretations of the classic recipe and those who accept upheavals or unusual ingredients. But what is the original recipe of carbonara? It's all in ingredients used: yes to the pillow, absolutely not to the pancetta; better to use only the egg yolks and not the albumen; grate exclusively pecorino and not parmesan. There are no other additions besides pepper, so no cream or sautéed onion and garlic. If the choice of ingredients is so rigid, indulge yourself with the pasta shapes the only exception allowed remains. Long pasta or short pasta? You can easily choose between spaghetti, rigatoni or half-sleeves.

#CarbonaraChallenge: we challenge you to cook the best carbonara

To better celebrate this day, we decided to look for and taste the best carbonara in Italy. If you think you know how to prepare the best of all, on April 6th you can't miss our challenge: a chef de The School of Italian Cuisine and a chef from Academia Barilla will guide you first in one masterclass and then in a real one cooking competition between brigades. It will be hard: not only eggs, bacon and pecorino, but also surprise ingredients and different Barilla pasta shapes, to cook alternative and original versions of the carbonara. Will you surprise us by preparing the classic recipe in a workmanlike manner or with a customized version?

The appointment is for Saturday 6 April at 18:00. Participation is Free, but places are limited: hurry up and register by clicking here to win a cooking class from La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana!

Giovanni Ferrero is the richest in Italy – Italian Cuisine

The managing director of the Cuneo-based company that produces Nutella and the Kinder specialties has a personal wealth of about 22.4 billion dollars, according to Forbes ranking

Nutella and Kinder specialties have become the pillars of an empire, with factories on five continents and 23,500 workers. So much so that the managing director and executive chairman of the Alba company, Giovanni Ferrero, is the richest man in Italy, in 39th place in the "paperoni" ranking of the whole world drawn up by Forbes. His personal net assets are estimated at around 22.4 billion dollars. Greater than that of the patron of Luxottica Leonardo Del Vecchio (19.98 billion) and that of Stefano Pessina, CEO of Walgreens Boot Alliance, the second and third place in the Italian ranking.

Son of Michele Ferrero, who died in 2015 at the age of 89, and of Maria Franca Fissolo, Giovanni was born on September 21, 1964 in Farigliano, a town in the province of Cuneo. He is 54 years old and from more than 40 lives in Brussels, where he studied at the European school. He graduated in Marketing in the United States and, in 1997, he became CEO of the family business, along with Pietro, the eldest son of Michele and his wife. After the death of his brother, who died in Africa in 2011, at age 47, due to a heart attack, Giovanni became the sole CEO of the company, of which his father Michele was president until his death.

Reserved and shy, jealous of his privacy as the rest of the family, is married to Paola Rossi, official at the Secretariat of the European Commission, and has two sons: Michele and Bernardo. He lives in Brussels with his family and, in addition to taking care of the business, he loves to write. He has published eight books, including some novels. And he is convinced, as he says Forbes, that "the attention to the needs of employees, their families, their lives, even when they stop working, cements a mutually beneficial social cohesion".