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The ranking of the 10 richest chefs in Italy – Italian Cuisine

The ranking of the 10 richest chefs in Italy

Turnovers of the protagonists of Italian haute cuisine are growing: the Alajmo family is confirmed as the first place. But the best performance is that of Cracco

The Michelin stars heathen, In the true sense of the word. The chefs who can boast at least one are those who, according to the analysis of the consulting firm Pambianco Strategie d'Impresa, have also reached the highest turnover and continue to see their collections increase year by year.

The kitchen buffs

The Alajmo of Padua are confirmed as the richest, with 14.1 million euros (turnover 2018) and a 5% growth compared to the last survey. The family is now an international brand: in addition to Le Calandre, a three-star restaurant, it includes the Gran Caffè Quadri and the Ammo al Fondaco dei Tedeschi, in addition to the Caffé Stern in Paris and Amor, the Milanese debut in corso Como. The second place in the ranking (even if the exact amount was not communicated due to a series of company changes) is occupied by Antonino Cannavacciuolo, with its bistro restaurants open on the Piedmontese territory.

But the chef with the most amazing performance, perhaps thanks to the new restaurant in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in Milan, was Carlo Cracco, former judge of MasterChef, in third place: since last year it has increased turnover by 60%, going from 7.2 to 13 million in revenues. He finished fourth Massimo Bottura: his turnover, however, was not recorded. Enrico Bartolini, six Michelin stars (which confirm it as the most starred chef in the whole country) for five restaurants in Italy, ranks fifth with nine million euros, up 47%. Soon after, Giancarlo Perbellini, which reaches 6.1 million thanks also to the Locanda Perbellini in Milan, opened last year.

Follow in the standings Andrea Berton, with 5.5 million generated by several companies, the chef from Abruzzo Niko Romito with 5.3 million and a growth compared to the previous survey of almost 15%, Enrico Crippa with 4.2 million and the Campania region Alfonso Iaccarino which exceeds 3 million euros, gaining 25% more than the previous year.

Knorr nut leaves Italy – Italian Cuisine

Knorr nut leaves Italy

The multinational Unilever, owner of the historic brand, will move the production, which has been in the Sanguinetto plant in Portugal for 54 years: it has opened the procedure for dismissing 76 employees

The Knorr nut, used for decades by families to prepare broth and to flavor dishes, leaves Italy. The Dutch multinational Unilever, owner of the historic brand since 2000, has announced it displacement from production in Portugal and, therefore, the opening of the collective dismissal procedure for 76 employees of the historic Sanguinetto plant, in the province of Verona. Workers have been on strike since this morning in front of the plant, where a total of 161 people work and jams and risottos are also produced. The rationalization, however, concerns only the area of ​​the plant dedicated to traditional bouillon cubes and not that reserved for other food productions.

Only a year ago Unilever Manifacturing Italia had closed a dispute for 28 redundancies. The Cisl, Cgil and Uil trade unions blame the industrial policy of the multinational that "despite the reorganization of last year and the sharp increase in workloads, decided without prior notice to relocate the production of the Knorr nut to Portugal and the dismissal of 76 people ".

But the reason behind the decision to block production in one establishment that has been in operation for 54 years it is clear: the traditional nut is no longer throat, as explained by Gianfranco Chimirri, communication director of Unilever Italia. In Portugal, labor costs are lower: the relocation would be the only possible answer to the "significant difficulties encountered at European and Italian level in the field of traditional stock cubes, which led to a turnover decrease of more than 10% in two years, and the need to respond to the changing needs of the market ".

The intervention, according to the multinational company, is necessary to guarantee the future sustainability of the plant, protect the other productions and put the site in a position to seize any opportunities. "Sanguinetto keeps important cards to play," says Unilever, "like the production of gel nuts, of which it is the only manufacturer in the world, which is added to the production of risotteria, granular broth and jams. In the long term, the site's strategy will be to push towards a further diversification of the portfolio towards food products more in line with market trends and towards an ever closer bond with the Italian market ".

The best ice creams in Italy: here are the 8 tastes arrived in the final! – Italian Cuisine

The best ice creams in Italy: here are the 8 tastes arrived in the final!

These are the winners decreed by the jury of the first semifinal Italian of Gelato Festival World Masters after 2 days of competition on the campus of Carpigiani Gelato University in Anzola Emilia (BO) which was attended by 86 ice cream makers selected in 14 months of competitions along the boot, 36 events and a total of 751 participants.
Here are the 8 ice cream flavors to taste next spring-summer.

"Green joy"

By Elisabeth Stolz of the Osteria Hubenbauer of Varna (BZ).
Few people know that pumpkin seeds are also called "Pistachio" from Styria (Austria). This unusual ingredient creates a creamy ice cream in pumpkin seed oil with crunchy pumpkin seeds and variegated pumpkin seed oil.

"To the seventh frost"

Di Lavinia Mannucci of the Caminia ice cream shop in Florence.
Taste that originates from a recipe for a rice cake from 1470 called "Torta de gli addobbi" which was then taken up by Artusi in 1891. In its transformation into ice cream it has been revisited maintaining a rich taste of rice, milk, almonds and candied citron.


By Renato Marchese of the La Mandorla di San Lucido ice cream parlor (CS).
Very high quality ice cream with a soft and delicate taste that wisely recreates and enhances the pleasant scent of almond blossoms.

"Calabria mia"

Di Rosario Nicodemo from the Il Cannolo Siciliano 2 ice cream parlor in Rome
Cheesecake flavored ice cream with milk and goat ricotta, flavored with citron and salted caramel liquorice sauce and prickly pear sauce.


By Gabriele Scarponi of the Ara Macao ice cream shop in Albisola Superiore (SV)
Mango sorbet variety Alfonso infused with jasmine green tea with dehydrated coconut, ginger, vanilla and a touch of basil.


Of the L’Arte del Dolce gelato shop in Vittuone (MI). The classic Bronte pistachio is enriched by the fresh and slightly acid note of finger lime. Complete the garnish with a delicious pistachio amaretto made by the gelato maker himself


By Francesco Sottilaro of the Gelato Boccaccio of Villa San Giovanni (RC). An intense almond ice cream with a delicate infusion of bergamot and extra virgin olive oil from the Piana di Gioia Tauro.


By Riccardo Caruso from the PanDolce di S.Stefano Briga (ME) pastry and ice cream bakery. A hazelnut ice cream with the fresh addition of mint and inclusion of praline hazelnuts.

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