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When it comes to starred restaurants, Italy does very well, and this is confirmed by the ranking of the prestigious magazine Chef’s Pencil, which has just concluded a gigantic research to photograph the global situation of the establishments awarded by the Michel Guide all over the world. Well, in the following ranking – commented by the experts who conducted the study – we are on the third step of the podium, just one point away from the second place.

The ranking of the countries with the highest number of starred restaurants

  1. France
    With 639 restaurants starred France, cradle of the Michelin Guide, continues to be the undisputed world leader. Not surprising, considering that French cuisine has long been considered the epitome of fine dining. Furthermore, the “red” covers the entire territory, a big advantage compared to some global competitors such as Japan, China or the United States, where geographical coverage is more limited.
  2. Japan
    Host 393 restaurants Michelin starred and Tokyo is the city with the greatest concentration in the world (more than Paris, London or New York). Japanese cuisine has become the second most important culinary offering in the Guide’s restaurants globally, cementing Japan’s position as the leading destination for fine dining worldwide. The country is also home to some of the most expensive Michelin restaurants in the world.
  3. Italy
    Italian food is universally adored, and although its most renowned export is the humble pizza, Italy’s culinary tradition offers a myriad of exquisite dishes that elevate it to the realm of fine dining. Italy hosts 392 Michelin restaurantsjust one less than second-placed Japan.
  4. Germany
    Despite the 313 starred, is definitely an under-appreciated food destination. Spain, or its smaller neighbors to the south and north – Switzerland and Denmark, respectively – are much better known internationally for their food scene, although neither can compete with Germany when it comes to restaurant volume with Michelin stars.
  5. Spain
    It boasts 269 ​​restaurants Michelin and is home to some of the most legendary food establishments in the world. El Bulli, chef Ferran Adrià’s now closed restaurant, was for many years considered the best and most innovative ever. But this was not an isolated case: El Cellar de Can Roca, DiverXO, Aponiente, Disfrutar or Asador Etxebarri are just some of the Spanish venues considered among the best in the world.
  6. United States
    They host 228 starred, second among non-European nations. The Michelin Guide has expanded its local presence in recent years to include Atlanta, Miami or Denver, which have added a significant number of venues to the local guide. However, New York and San Francisco remain the cities with the highest concentration: world-renowned for their food scene, they are also among the most expensive in the world for fine dining.
  7. United Kingdom
    It stands out with 187 restaurants of the highest level. Although renowned for its traditional pub fare and iconic fish and chips, the UK’s fine dining scene is as hot as ever. From the bustling streets of London to the picturesque countryside, diners can indulge in a rich array of dining experiences, ranging from contemporary interpretations of British classics to cutting-edge culinary creations.
  8. Belgium
    With a rich culinary heritage and a penchant for culinary innovation, it has carved out a prominent place on the global gastronomic map. Home of 143 restaurants starred, Belgium offers a delicious range of fine dining options that reflect its cultural diversity and culinary excellence. It’s also one of the most affordable countries to dine at a Michelin restaurant, so all the more reason to put Belgium on your foodie bucket list.
  9. Swiss
    With 134 restaurants awarded by the Guide and spread across its picturesque cities and enchanting villages, Switzerland offers a gastronomic journey like no other. Plus, it’s the second-most densely populated country in the world with Michelin restaurants, so you’ll never be too far from an exceptional meal.
  10. China
    The continental one hosts 123 restaurants Michelin, which places it second in Asia after Japan. There’s a lot to love about traditional Chinese cuisine, and the local food scene is as diverse as China itself. You can try some fabulous Sichuan delicacies in Chengdu, superb Hangzhou cuisine in its namesake city, Hu cuisine in Shanghai and gourmet Beijing food in one of Beijing’s top Michelin restaurants. Naturally, there are also some outstanding Michelin restaurants in China specializing in Italian cuisine is French.

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