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10 bizarre restaurants in the world for 10 different types of travelers – Italian Cuisine

Discovering 10 strange and unusual restaurants around the world, each suitable for a different type of traveler, from the adventurous, to the nerdy ones up to those who love dizzying heights

Gastronomic travel is not new, as is the opportunity to be able to live exciting, extreme or unrepeatable experiences in some restaurants in the world. There are some, however, themed or with unique characteristics that stand out from the others for their strangeness and originality, so much so that they are worth a long journey. We therefore decided to make you take a virtual tour around the world to discover 10 bizarre restaurants as extraordinary that not only deserve to be known, but that can represent an indispensable dream, each for a different type of traveler: from the adventurous to the nature lover, to the nerd who is passionate about video games and technology. In short, there is something for all tastes and needs! Ready to go?

1) The Japanese restaurant for crime lovers

The Lockup, Tokyo, Japan

As we know, Japan is the country where fantasy has no limits and where creativity often flows into excess and extravagance. This proves this Restaurant-prison, where visitors are greeted, handcuffed and escorted by a prison maid-guard to their cell. Customers can therefore enter the role of diners and criminals, including fake edible drugs, "lethal" drinks served with syringes, dishes whose names are reminiscent of deadly sins and sirens and prisoners who roam the runners.

2) In the Maldives, the perfect restaurant for diving enthusiasts

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

If you love the sea, diving and you have a dreamy and romantic disposition, this restaurant in the Maldives it's right for you. Ithaa is located inside a luxury resort and offers its visitors the opportunity to be literally transported in a natural aquarium at the bottom of the sea and to eat surrounded by crystal clear waters and colorful fish.

3) In Taiwan the restaurant for trash lovers

Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

The news of this truly bizarre location has gone around the world and considering the theme it is not difficult to understand why. Enter to Modern Toilet it's like walking into a large, colorful, kitchy and fun public toilet. Between toilet-shaped dishes and trash decorations, you can taste delicious food, but not exactly inviting, including an original chocolate dessert in the shape of … you got it!

4) A dinner in an ancient Mexico cave for history lovers

Alux Restaurant Bar and Lounge, Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

If you are looking for a magical place, candlelit, steeped in history and surrounded by rocks and stalagmites, you can opt for a dinner in Mexico, in a cave that dates back to more than 10 thousand years ago. The menu of this breathtaking restaurant ranges between Mexican specialties with an international touch.

5) A dinner suspended in the air for lovers of dizzying heights

Dinner in the sky, the whole world

This very special chain of restaurants was born in Belgium and has been enjoying extraordinary success for years.
The hall, a sort of steel gondola lift, is suspended a 50 meters high and welcomes about 20 guests, including diners, chefs and waiters. In short, a lunch in the clouds really worth trying!

6) In Las Vegas the "heart-safe" restaurant for junk food lovers

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas

This hospital themed restaurant ironic about calories and giant portions of fast food e junk food that you can happily order and swallow, between waitresses in sexy nurse version and hamburger-bypass.

7) A steak in Arizona for Far West lovers

Pinnacle Peak, Tucson, Arizona

Everyone, at least once in a lifetime, has dreamed of living in Far West, between cowboys, gunslingers, bean soups and wine served directly from the barrels. All of this is possible on Pinnacle Peak in Arizona, one steakhouse which looks like the location of a Sergio Leone film, in which original delicacies are served including green chilies from the southwest, the Wrangler Burger and the Cowboy and Cowgirl Cocktail.

8) The robot restaurant in Tokyo for nerdy lovers of Japan

Tokyo robot restaurant

This restaurant is so absurd that it is difficult to classify. Located in the neighborhood famous for entertainment and red light clubs, the Robot Restaurant is surreal, pop and excessive beyond imagination. Here, in fact, in addition to attending Japanese science fiction cabaret performances and shows with giant robots, you are surrounded by fluorescent and flashing lights and huge screens and bombarded with sounds and music of all kinds, from taiko drums to techno music.

9) Nerdvada Frisco for geeks and videogamers

Nerdvada Frisco, Dallas

There are not many video game restaurants or retro games scattered around the world, which is why a visit to the Nerdvada Frisco deserves to be included in the to-do-list of geeks who are passionate about cooking. Between video game console placed at the table, giant screens and a huge choice of board games, here there is something for all tastes and for all ages and, above all, there is really fun!

10) A tree dinner in Thailand for those who love nature

Bird's Nest Restaurant, Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Thailand

For lovers of nature and relaxation, the Thai Bird's Nest Restaurant can be a real paradise. This restaurant, located inside an eco-park and a luxury resort located on the island of Koh Kood, is accessed by walking in a river forest, to then be welcomed in a handmade wooden structure with a shape that recalls that of a bird's nest, then raised with ropes 10 meters above the ground. In addition to enjoying an extraordinary view, customers can enjoy delicious local and natural cuisine.

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10. natura_Soneva-Kiri-Soneva-Kiri-Treepod-Dining_Thailandia.jpg restaurant

The best Italian restaurants in the world for Gambero Rosso – Italian Cuisine

The best Italian restaurants in the world for Gambero Rosso

The best of Italian cuisine in a guide that examines 80 cities on five continents: large premises, but also bistros and pizzerias where we do not parody our recipes, on the contrary. Here are the certainties when traveling abroad and you don't want to make mistakes

The locals are loved by foreign gourmets who find Italian flavors and recipes, well interpreted. But they are also the landing places when we are abroad and the (legitimate) desire to eat a dish or a pizza to find home air comes. One of the most interesting of the Gambero Rosso guides is undoubtedly Top Italian Restaurants which reviews the best tricolor addresses abroad, now in its third year. In the 2020 edition they are reported 600 local selected restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias and wine bars located in more than 80 cities in the 5 continents. The selection is carried out with criteria that reward both the quality of the dishes offered and the attention to wines and products made in Italy. The guide, edited by journalist Lorenzo Ruggeri, is in its third year of life.

Famous names also from us

The Three Forks There are 25 tricolor of this edition. Many carry well-known signatures even in their homeland: Luca Fantin and Niko Romito in the restaurants of the Bulgari Hotel in Tokyo and Dubai; the judge of MasterChef Giorgio Locatelli with his Locanda in London; Ciccio Sultano with Pastamara in Vienna; Heinz Beck in Tokyo Carlo Cracco with the Ovo in Moscow, where the executive chef is Emanuele Pollini. And you can't miss The king of white truffle – Emanuele Bombana from Bergamo, seven Michelin stars in total – which is present with two of its premises: 8th and a half of Macao and 8 and 1/2 of Hong Kong . THE Tre Gamberi, or the best bistros and trattorias, are 15, just like the pizzerias that hit the mark with i Three wedges; finally 20 le Three Bottles, amazing collections of Italian wine in the world. The most awarded cities? A front row poker: Tokyo, Paris, New York and Copenhagen. Now we see the locals and chefs of the year.

Luca Fantin Restaurant – Tokyo

From 10 years on the tenth floor of the Bulgari Ginza Tower, the chef from Treviso has gradually built the best creative Italian cuisine in Asia, dosing the exceptional local raw materials, the rhythm of the seasons and a background matured at the service of great masters. The icon dish: Spaghetti Monograno Felicetti with sea urchins. Discounted write it, but the Restaurant of the Year is of a total class.

Giando – Honk Kong

There Wine list of the year awarded the work of Gianni Caprioli, very active in promoting the best Italian products also through his trattoria. Already, in addition to a network of niche stores. Emanuele Berselli is responsible for drawing up the wine list, with vintages also in the 50s, great expert who trained in the legendary La Ciau del Tornavento winery. From Giando, of course, you eat well.

Mancini – Stockholm

Active since 1978, for its constancy it has won the prize of Guardian of Tradition. In fact, thanks to the patron Claudio Mancini, one feels in Italy between homemade sausages served in a saucepan, two "right" slices of ham, the well-followed pastas and the true truffle in season. Excellent selection of oils and cheeses. About 2000 labels in the deep and rich cellar followed by Giancarlo Clark.

Tèrra – Copenhagen

A really interesting little place: Organic Urban Trattoria between innovation and contamination, halfway between Rome and Copenhagen. At the base there are a maniacal research of the ingredient – of the best organic producers – and the imaginative vein of Valerio Serino which is highlighted in dishes such as Spaghettone butter, anchovies and boreal bottarga. And the wine list is also original, curated by the companion Lucia De Luca. For the Gambero Rosso it is the Emerging Restaurant of the Year.

Emanuele Pollini – Ovo in Moscow

The protagonist of the TV series docu Italian taste on the Food Network he does very well even when he cooks and does not judge his colleagues. It's him Chef of the Year for the guide: talent made in Cesena, he had carte blanche from maestro Carlo Cracco in managing the restaurant of the Lotte Hotel in the Russian capital. The menu is made of very technical dishes, the right essential and very Italian in substance. And it can still improve.

Fierce Restaurant – New York

For theOpening of the Year you have to move to Chelsea, the signature is by the Roman Francesco Panella, also popular in Italy for his television programs: Little Big Italy on Nine or the previous one Brooklyn Man. Ferocious, evocative concept, with three rooms inside the new Moxy boutique hotel, in a few months it is already a cult among VIPs and simple gourmets for its authentically Italian cuisine and hospitality.

Futura – Berlin

The sign honors Lucia Dalla's song. The local awarded as Pizzeria of the Year it is located in East Berlin, in the heart of Friedrichshain, created by a good Neapolitan pizza maker such as Alessandro Leonardi who found a famous partner like the Planet Funk musician, Alex Uhlmann. All the ingredients are imported from Italy, the dough is fabulous, the masterpiece is Montanarine's initial series.

The best Italian restaurants in Los Angeles with Sapore Italiano – Italian Cuisine

The journey of Sapore Italiano continues in the US city where the director of La Cucina Italiana Maddalena Fossati Dondero and chef Emanuele Pollini have been looking for Italian restaurants by Oscar

Los Angeles, the city of the Oscar of the Cinema … And if for once, instead, we assigned the Kitchen Oscar? In the sixth episode of Italian flavor, the documentary series aired on Food Network, the director of La Cucina Italiana Maddalena Fossati Dondero and the chef Emanuele Pollini went to discover the best Italian restaurants in the city to be included in the magazine's guide. That's what they tried (and approved) for us.

Angelini: a green lasagna not to be missed

Open in the city since 2001, Angelini Osteria offers Italian dishes without compromise (and attracts many movie stars). The owner and chef Gino Angelini is a native of Rimini, he was a pupil of Gualtiero Marchesi and also the "mentor of the mentor" of the chef Emanuele Pollini. Our experts taste the Tagliolini Al Limone, the Grandma Elvira's green lasagna with a fried spinach topping (a must!), the sea ​​bass with salt, tiramisu and cassata. The judgment? «A simple kitchen, but with a touch of inspiration, neat and light.
The experts' votes: Authenticity 10, Style 9, Tradition 10, Innovation 9.
Badges of La Cucina Italiana: 4.

Winning, elegance and hospitality

In the district of Brentwood, famous for having been inhabited by Marilyn Monroe, is the Vincenti Restaurant. Opened in 1997 as a tribute to Mauro Vincenti, it is led by his wife Maureen (who collects all the issues of the magazine "La Cucina Italiana"). In the elegant and welcoming room you can taste the dishes cooked by chef Nicola Mastronardi like the gnocchi stuffed with burrata, the orecchiette with ragù and rapini, i bucatini amatriciana, the duck with baked potatoes and spinach, the apricot pie with caramel ice cream.
The experts' votes: Authenticity 9, Style 9, Tradition 9, Innovation 9.
Badges of La Cucina Italiana: 4.

Rossoblu, where the pastry is rolled by hand

In the City Market South, the fashion district with 90 blocks of shops, you can't miss the Bolognese restaurant Red Blue. His owner, born of a Bolognese mother and an American father, learned to cook as a child when he spent summers with his grandparents in Bologna. In the kitchen with him there is also an Italian boy who, still in Bologna, has learned to pull the dough by hand (he makes it very thin). The restaurant serves traditional Emilian cuisine with Italian but also local products. It goes from fried to herbaceous pie with chard served with stracchino, from tortellini in broth to tagliatelle al Bolognese sauce (great!).
The experts' votes: Authenticity 8, Style 8, Tradition 10, Innovation 8.
Badges of La Cucina Italiana: 3.

red-blue los angeles
The Rossoblu restaurant in Los Angeles.

The out of line

Double Zero, in Venice Beach, is a vegan pizzeria, an idea of ​​chef Matthew Kenney, very famous in the city. There is something for everyone, from pesto to truffle. Mozzarella? Made with cashews.

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