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Special World Pasta Day: to every pasta its region – Italian Cuisine

Special World Pasta Day: to every pasta its region

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Hear hear: the best panettone in the world comes from the province of Naples – Italian Cuisine

Best panettone in the world 2019: the challenge to Host
Salvatore Gabbiano: award from the critics
Alessandro Slama: the best according to the technicians
The jury of critics
The jury of technicians
Best panettone in the world 2019
Best panettone in the world 2019

Nothing, the best Panettone Typical of the Milanese Artisan Tradition does not come from Milan. It comes from Campania, and this for two expert juries: a technique and a criticism. The first panettone "world championships" were held at the Host Fair in Milan: 32 participants, an even tighter specification than the national one and a blind tasting lasting hours. The prize of the Panettone World Champion 2019 is up for grabs.

Only real artisan panettone

It was the first edition of this award, which is added to the many already existing, but had a specificity: to ask to respect a very strict specification compared to that required by Italian law.

The Panettone Typical of the Milanese Artisan Tradition it cannot be sold more than thirty days from the date of production, precisely because it is free of preservatives, and the use of any other ingredient, even if harmless, such as beer yeast, starch, vegetable fats (with the exception of cocoa butter) is not allowed , whey and derivatives, soy lecithin, emulsifiers, dyes, artificial flavors, preservatives (sorbic acid and potassium sorbate). Also excluded are mixes of flour, semi-finished products, mono and diglycerides and candied fruits with sulfur dioxide, which are also granted in many competitions.

The competition is open to high or low panettone, with the top surface cut into a cross, but without icing. Pure Milanese, as it is increasingly difficult to see around.

32 panettone and two juries

Despite a disciplinary may seem limiting, of 32 panettone tasted not one was equal to the other, a sign that the personality and style of each producer can be expressed very well even if only using raisins and candied fruit. From the panettone in southern style, softer, lower and more humid, to the super aromatic ones with vanilla and candied dough in the dough, up to the “old style” of the high ones, well cooked and powerfully yellow, it tasted of everything . And the competition was attended by professionals from all over Italy and abroad: Tokyo, Sydney and New York.

The technical jury was composed of the Master of Yeast Mother Rolando Morandin, Achille Zoia and Claudio Gatti, the Spanish Paco Torreblanca, among the most famous pastry chefs in the world, the chefs Giancarlo Perbellini two Michelin stars of Casa Perbellini (Verona) and Davide Oldani and from other world-renowned esteemed bakers and bakers. They observed, smelled, touched and tasted all the panettone in the race and evaluated them with 24 parameters. The jury of the critics chaired by the critic and journalist Luigi Cremona, other colleagues from all over Italy and the present Margo Schachter, did the same, expressing an opinion on the visual, olfactory and taste characteristics. At the end of the tasting hours, the favorites of both juries turned out to be quite unanimous, up to the identification of five top panettones that were reviewed by the technical jury.

The best panettone in the world according to critics

To win for the critics, the myth of the Neapolitan panettone school, Salvatore Gabbiano. In the heart of Pompeii, Pasticceria Gabbiano offers all the traditional Neapolitan desserts. But not only. Salvatore Gabbiano also produces excellent panettone made with butter, natural yeast and a lot of work. And from his headquarters in the shadow of Vesuvius his panettone have conquered all of Italy. The Neapolitan confectionery tradition meets, with Salvatore, the great technique of leavened products. The result is creative and unique panettone such as the legendary Panbabà, also with lemon or rum, or the Panettone from ancient Pompei. For sale at € 32 for a kg.

The best panettone in the world according to the technicians

Instead the winner according to the technicians comes from Ischia, and is the panettone of a formio: that of Alessandro Slama, master baker, from Ischia, and who since 2004 has been working in his bakery Ischia Pane, historical point of the island. In 2015 he opened a new store in Ischia, where the yeast rule always wins, but with a touch of innovation. When we were in Ischia last summer, the best bread to make the gypsy was always his, actually … € 25.

Italian restaurants help fight hunger in the world. Help them – Italian Cuisine

The 2019 edition of restaurants against hunger, the organization's Action Against Hunger initiative, which aims to raise funds to combat child malnutrition, officially kicks off

Even the restaurants and pizzerias of Italy take to the field to help fight the food crisis which still today harshly affects millions and millions of people around the world. The humanitarian organization Action against Hunger has decided to rekindle the spotlight on this still dramatically concrete and current emergency, presenting the fifth edition of Restaurants against Hunger: a wonderful initiative that actively involves fundraising in some of the most virtuous brands in our country; and their customers, that until December 31st they will have the opportunity to support the project not only with small private donations, but also by choosing from the menu a series of special solidarity dishes.

Hunger, an extremely dangerous enemy

In 2018, the problem of the food crisis at international level concerned the appalling figure of 113 million people. Of these, 74 million still live today in 21 nations plagued by war: especially in Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan, where the need for food resources remains incredibly urgent. Yes, because the violence it is in effect the main cause of global problems linked to hunger: mass displacements due to conflicts lead to crop losses, destruction of markets, roads and water infrastructure; not to mention that at the same time, in those realities already shaken by the war, the control of food, productive and natural resources can in turn become a source of further clashes.

The numbers of Restaurants against Hunger

The Action against Hunger initiative involves not only Italy, but also Spain and the United Kingdom, where to date the greatest successes have been recorded, and again France, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Guatemala. As for the national territory, over 600 restaurants have joined these five editions over the years, for a total of around 350 thousand euros collected and 12 thousand children who were able to benefit from the life-saving treatments that the project intends to finance. Important milestones that push the organization – 40 years after its foundation – to want to do even more, in an increasingly incisive way, as you recall Simone Garroni, director general of Action against Hunger Italy: "We are excited that in all of our country so many great restaurants and chefs are mobilizing for a common goal. Together we can really contribute to putting an end to the unacceptable scourge of child malnutrition ".

The 2019 edition

I am currently 170 the locals who throughout Italy have decided to join the initiative, which will continue until the end of the year. There are basically two ways to participate in the fundraising campaign: restaurants can decide to offer special customers solidarity dishes or menus, ordering which it will be possible to allocate 2 euros per Action against Hunger; alternatively the customer can decide to request the meal at the end of the meal chocolate of happiness created ad hoc by the chocolate maker The Pearl of Turin, always against a donation of 2 euros. The complete list of activities participating in the project is available on the official portal of Restaurants against Hunger. Among these, for example, is the Terrazza Triennale – Osteria con Vista in Milan, where the chef Stefano Cerveni has transformed its Spaghetti di Gragnano, San Marzano tomato … with a view on the solidarity dish in favor of the initiative. But also the prestigious Antica Osteria Cera, two Michelin stars: here, in that of Lughetto di Campagna Lupia, in the province of Venice, the chef Lionello Cera has decided to tie the fundraiser to its famous plate of raw colors of the sea. To combine haute cuisine, excellent raw materials and a tasty pinch of solidarity.

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