World Chocolate Day 2024: A Trip to Italy – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

In the Savoy capital, in fact, the first hot chocolate was born (thanks to the Savoy family); the license to market it (in 1678); the celebration of the gianduiotto, the first wrapped chocolate in the world (early 19th century) made with cocoa, sugar and round hazelnuts from Piedmont and the gianduia cream born in what would become the first capital of Italy out of necessity – Napoleon had made it almost impossible for Piedmontese confectioners to supply cocoa due to high prices and, to produce chocolate, they were the ones who thought of combining hazelnuts with cocoa creating one of the most famous chocolates in the world.

The interactive museum, open every day and wanted by the Belgian Eddie VanBelle together with the Ciocattos (owners of Pfatisch), it is therefore a journey through time into the world of chocolate with over 700 memorabilia including boxes, moulds and unusual objects such as the “egoista” chocolate maker dedicated to the singles of the time.

How much do we like chocolate?

Dark, milk, white, blond, pink, gianduia, with fruit, hot, cold, crunchy: these are just some of the infinite variations of chocolate that, based on research conducted by the food delivery Just Eattogether with Bva Doxa, reports that it is among the most requested and consumed desserts at home, together with ice cream, spoon desserts, cakes and tiramisu. A global success, with an annual consumption thatItalian Food Union estimated, in 2023, of over 635 thousand tons.

World Chocolate Day 2024

How will Italian pastry chefs celebrate it? With ad hoc creations and evergreens (pastry or restaurant) always available on the market. Let’s try to point out some for a trip to Italy, from north to south – not necessarily in this order.

Matryoshka it is the name of the creation of the master Ampi (Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani) Carmine Di Donnain whose pastry vision it is necessary to create a dessert with elements that have different structures and an optimal balance between the right acidity. Matrioska is the almost pictorial representation of evocative elements of the traditional Russian doll where chocolate is the common thread of the dessert: a 62% chocolate sponge cake, mango confit, 62% chocolate cream, accompanied by a mango sorbet.

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