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10 tasty recipes for summer aperitifs – Italian Cuisine



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A colored table, rich in vegetables and cold dishes, of intoxicating wine and delicious drinks: thesummer aperitif it is a moment of meeting between friends or family, to relax after work or to continue a day of vacation. Are you undecided about what to prepare? Go ahead a light recipes but greedy, Trying to anticipate almost all the preparations so as not to have to stay at the stove when guests arrive to suffer the heat.

Some idea? A must is the pinzimonio, made greedy by sauces: lots of colorful and fresh seasonal vegetables cut into sticks, to be dipped in tasty cremine. Not bad, right? The skewers they are simple to eat, even standing up at the buffet, those with thewatermelon those of are chic and refreshing fish tantalizing. Do you want to cook something more substantial? Free your imagination with savory pies. And if you know that friends love meat, try the very simple ones carpaccio rolls and buffalo mozzarella.

To drink in addition to the classic drinks you can then provide one sangria, fruity and sweet, or some cocktail simple (also in non-alcoholic version). Quickly browse through the Sale & Pepper selection.

Canned tuna: 10 simple and tasty recipes – Italian Cuisine

Canned tuna: 10 simple and tasty recipes

Is the refrigerator half empty and is it almost time to prepare lunch or dinner for your children or unexpected friends? Don't panic! Rummages in the pantry, luckily you always have some boxes of tuna in oil waiting to be used!

Practical, economical, tasty and versatile in the kitchen, the canned tuna is the jolly ingredient that allows you to prepare countless dishes with your imagination, easy to combine with many foods to prepare tasty and appetizing recipes, simple and quick dishes to bring to the table for the whole family, for a buffet, an informal aperitif, a single dish for a quick dinner or to take to work, or to prepare tasty Sandwich to take to the sea or a trip to the mountains

If anyone thinks that the canned tuna in oil or natural is not a healthy food, you are wrong! From a nutritional point of view, canned tuna, both in oil and in natural, maintains the nutritional and taste qualities of the fresh one. It is rich in noble proteins of high biological value, low in fat and, what it has, are the omega 3 of polyunsaturated fats that have beneficial effects on the body. But that is not all! Tuna is also rich in potassium, phosphorus and iodine like all fish products but also in group B and iron vitamins. All this against a balanced energy value of only 190 calories per 100 gr (drained from the preserving oil) while that natural 103 calories for every 100 gr: canned tuna is a food that can eat everyone, healthy and nutritious! Have I convinced you?

The tuna in oil or natural it is a favorite food especially in summer, a protagonist in the kitchen of light, fast recipes to prepare and above all fresh, good and healthy. The simplest way to enrich a tastevegetable salad, of rice or pasta, like this fresh crudaiola with salt & pepper tuna, it is to add some canned tuna in oil, well drained and above all excellent! The natural one is surely perfect for those on a strict diet but it is also suitable for being cooked or as a substitute for oil in the mouse to prepare mouse spume or creams to garnish the vitello tonnato, bruschetta, Volauvent or hard-boiled eggs

If you are tired of classic tuna pasta but the canned tuna is your "save dinner"? Be inspired by the selection of Salt and pepper of the best tasty recipes with canned tuna, all simple and tasty dishes that can be made even by those who are unfamiliar with cooking! Seeing is believing!

Summer cold dishes: 10 tasty recipes – Italian Cuisine

Summer cold dishes: 10 tasty recipes

Looking for ideas for cold summer dishes to rediscover the joys of the table even during the long and hot summer days? Salt and pepper has selected 10 tasty recipes also perfect for lunches, dinners and the hottest aperitifs. Unique dishes, first, second and fresh appetizers e light, easy to prepare, simple to digest and characterized by the aromas and colors of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Fanciful suggestions to combat the burning and meanwhile flatter the palate.

Delight your family with apasta or rice salad. THE'mackerel pasta salad with cherry tomatoes and basil transforms a simple and popular dish into something refined with Mediterranean aromas, tasty, light and easy to prepare. Cold rice, on the other hand, is covered by a vegetable tartare: drained al dente, cooled and seasoned with lime juice, it is placed on the plate with the coppapasta and then accompanied by smoothed pumpkin flowers and diced peppers and zucchini.

Conquer your guests with the Italian sashimi, or fillets of swordfish and red mullet, marinated in lemon juice, set in a crown around a heart of lettuce and radishes.

Amaze your friends with a simple but effective, fragrant, like themint cold roast pork. A second meat-based dish, perfect for the summer, light, tasteful and so tantalizing: the pork loin, first marinated and then baked in the traditional way, is made in this case original from a sauce based on spring onions , mint and white wine vinegar.

For a complete fresh and light dish, here is the cold couscous in stuffed tomatoes, ideal in summer as much for a fancy lunch in the open air as for a light dinner among friends. In the filling there are pieces of chicken and zucchini.

Another unique dish to try is i roast turkey rolls with cold rice, with the chive herb that closes the turkey rolls, making it a really appetizing presentation.

Have you invited vegetarians? here is the eggplant carpaccio and mozzarella with peppers.

Discover the best salt and pepper anticaldo recipes. Choose the cold dish that most teases you and start cooking: it will be a success.

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