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How to make chicken breast tasty – Italian Cuisine

If you think that chicken breast is a sad dish, after these tips you will change your mind!

White meat is generally not synonymous with tasty dishes, indeed!
The chicken slice is the second ideal dish for small children, for those on a diet and for those who are in bed with the flu.
But perhaps not everyone knows that true delicacies can be prepared with chicken, or rather with chicken breasts.

There are so many ways to make a chicken slice appetizing, you just need to get yourself a little brighter!
Instead of the usual grilled or pan-fried cooking with garlic and rosemary, we want to offer you ideas that will forever change your idea of ​​a chicken slice.

we advise you to buy a whole chicken breast and cut it into thin slices with a very sharp knife. How you do it? Just place your left hand on the meat and cut with your right hand the slices of the thickness you prefer by passing the smooth and sharp blade of the knife a couple of centimeters under the hand holding the meat.
If you are not very skilled in cutting the slices, make strips of meat or make cubes for the skewers.

So here are our marinades and tasty toppings, but also the breading a little different from the usual and some tasty sauce to accompany the simplest of seconds.

Lemon marinade

Do you know that a simple marinating in oil and lemon can make the meat tastier and tastier?
Try to marinate a chicken breast cut into strips or thin slices into a marinade made with oil and lemon juice. Add a clove of garlic and a piece of onion and cover with cling film if you want. After an hour drain well and cook on a non-stick pan.

Honey marinating

This somewhat ethnic recipe is also generally liked by children because it has a slightly sweet and sour taste. It is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of oil and a little minced garlic. The meat is left to soak, preferably cut into cubes, for two hours and then cooked in the pan without adding more.

Soy marinating

This marinade gives the chicken all the flavor of an Asian ethnic dish. To make it mix a tablespoon of soy sauce with one of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Let the meat marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and then cook it on a hot non-stick pan.

Breading of dried fruit

A very unusual alternative to the classic breadcrumbs is dry fruit. Coarsely chop almonds or hazelnuts and cover the chicken slices after passing them in a beaten egg white for a moment. Then you can decide to cook them in the oven with a little oil or fry them.

Breading of cornflakes

This idea makes kids go crazy because the chicken breast will be crunchy and golden. Just pass the slices in the beaten egg and then in the lightly chopped cornflakes with your hands. Also in this case you can bake or fry. The ideal accompaniment is ketchup, of course!

Breading with aromatic herbs

If you are faithful to the classic breadcrumbs with breadcrumbs, then make it tastier by adding chopped aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, marjoram and thyme. Do not fry, but cook in the oven because the herbs become bitter when in contact with boiling oil.

Chicken salad

The classic American salad is prepared with lettuce and a chicken breast cooked on the grill and then cut into strips. It is excellent seasoned with parmesan flakes, crunchy bread cubes and a yogurt-based dressing.


If the diet does not allow it and you have to limit the seasonings, treat yourself to a light salt to accompany a slice of grilled chicken. We recommend the guacamole or a pesto of dried tomatoes.
The guacamole is prepared by crushing the flesh of an avocado with a fork and seasoned with salt, lime juice, Tabasco, chopped onion and diced tomatoes.
The dried tomato pesto is prepared by chopping the tomatoes in oil with a clove of garlic and a handful of almonds.

10 tasty ideas to try – Italian Cuisine

4 cheese pizza, 4 cheese pasta, but not only. Do you know how many dishes can be prepared with the right mix? We have thought of these!

Four cheeses means everything and nothing because when it comes to 4 cheeses the type of cheese itself is never specified. Certainly in the mix of flavors there is never a lack of blue cheese gorgonzola. Then there is the parmesan that gives flavor, but also the fontina what row and the gruyere or the Taleggio cheese that merge.
In reality, however, everyone can use the cheeses they prefer.
They are not recommended primosale and mozzarella: the first because it does not blend with the rest during cooking and the second because it is too rich in water. And neither are the two too good soft and fresh cheeses like ricotta, unless the other three cheeses are similarly soft or grated. Ricotta, robiola, stracchino and parmesan cheese could for example be perfect together, but cold.

Two mixes

So in practice, we can distinguish between two 4-cheese creams: a cooked and made with melted cheeses and diluted in fresh cream and the other prepared by mixing fresh cream cheese spreads.
The first is perfect for seasoning a baked pasta, for filling cannelloni or lasagna and for polenta, the second for filling crepes and pies or simply to fill a sandwich.

How to mix the cheeses for a perfect sauce

If the cheeses are fresh it is simply enough blend them together with a little cream or mix them.
If it is seasoned and semi-mature cheeses, instead, you have to cut them first into small pieces or grate them whenever possible and then heat them together on a very low heat adding a fatty liquid such as cream.
On a pizza or on the baked dough instead it is enough to put all the cheeses in pieces that will blend with the heat.

The fondue

A very simple idea to prepare with 4 cheeses is for example the Fondue, excellent to eat in company by dipping toasted bread.
The real fondue is prepared with an egg yolk inside and a single cheese or according to some recipes with wine and cornstarch, but we suggest a much faster method. Just melt 4 cheeses in a saucepan over low heat, including zola, gruyere, grated parmesan and fontina cheese with a little fresh cream added flush. Separately heat in a pan with a drizzle of oil the bread cubes and then, once the cheeses have been melted, serve the bread in a small bowl and with wooden sticks dip them directly from the fondue pot.

Focaccia di Recco revisited

To prepare a simil focaccia di Recco at home they are enough few ingredients and no dough.
Place a few sheets inside a baking dish carasau bread and wet with little vegetable broth.
Stuffed with a mix of 4 soft cheeses including stracchino, robiola and ricotta and then cover with other wet layers of carasau bread.
Bake in the oven at 200 ° for about 15 minutes and serve. It is good warm.

Stuffed potatoes

Another very simple recipe to prepare with the 4 cheeses is the famous American stuffed potatoes, the Jacket Potatoes.
First boil a fairly large potato with the peel and when soft, cut it in half without dividing it completely and fill it with 4 cheeses. Choose those that will easily melt and spin with heat.
In this case you can add a few cubes of mozzarella.
Cover the potato with aluminum foil and cook at 200 ° for about 10 minutes, time to melt the filling.
You can alternatively use the whole potato without dividing it in half, but digging it to stuff it with cheese.

Pasta with 4 cheese

Many are the first to be seasoned with the 4 cheeses.
We suggest the gnocchi because with the creaminess of this seasoning they become even better, but also cannelloni and lasagna for special occasions and a classic one baked pasta for Sunday lunch or for all the times you have some cheese in the fridge to finish.

Scroll through the gallery to discover 10 recipes with 4 easy and tasty cheeses.

Easter sweets: 50 tasty recipes – Italian Cuisine

Cacciatorini of gianduja
Sweet aniseed buns
Cassatine of sponge cake
Tart with stuffing with almonds and apricots
Pupi cu the egg to celebrate Easter
Bread tart with robiola and raspberries
Crispy puffed rice, Porto zabaglione and apricots
Apple Charlotte with citrus cream
Rice Pastiera
Sweet brioche with apricots and candied orange
Shortcrust shells with pineapple and vanilla sauce
Braid with two chocolates
A surprise mimosa
Small Easter buns
Easter Mimosa
Easter hat
Easter Cake
Stuffed Easter eggs
Strawberry dove toast
Dove millefeuille with saffron foam
Homemade dove
Little dove babas
Brioche cake
Colomba with zabaglione at the Port
Puff pastry dove with double cream
Dove savarin and ricotta with strawberries
Dove zuccottini with chocolate mousse
Brioche Doves
Carrot dove
Cream-flavored dove parfait
Easter lamb cake
Easter candcherini
Ovetti with surprise
Tart with Easter eggs
Chocolate egg with dove filling
Almond and ricotta cake with strawberries
Half chocolate eggs and mousse with strawberries
Neapolitan Pastiera
Easter cake
Almond biscuits
Dove "Tatin"
Mimosa Easter egg surprise
Stuffed egg
Sweet bunny with cream and hazelnuts
Stuffed eggs
Praline-coated shells and white chocolate mousse
Mascarpone mousse with dove
Rice Pastiera

When you think of Easter cakes it is inevitable to go through the memories to find fluffy doves, porridge and chocolate eggs. So why not starting from tradition to discover new recipes?

Let's review the three basic preparations before going to the discovery of delicious and innovative desserts perfect for preparing for the Easter feast, to amaze all the guests at the traditional lunch or, why not, prepare a sweet gift.

Our home-made dove

Ingredients for 12 people

Candied fruit: sugar g 500 -shells of 3 oranges – orange flower water
Colomba: flour g 450 – butter g 120 – egg yolks g 60 – icing sugar g 60 – granulated sugar g 50 – brewer's yeast g 40 – a sachet of vanillin – milk – salt – butter and flour for the mold
Glaze: icing sugar 150 g – egg whites 60 g – almond flour 50 g – flour 5 g – 4 macaroons powder – granulated sugar – almonds


After blanching the orange peels 3 times, boil them for 5 minutes with 100 g of sugar and a finger of water, letting them cool in the syrup. Drain them, transfer them to a new syrup prepared with 1/2 liter of water and the remaining sugar (400 g) and cook them for 1 ', then turn off and keep them in the syrup for a night; finally drain and weigh 150 g to be diced and flavor with a tablespoon of orange blossom water.
Colomba: in the kneader with the hook whisk, work 300 g of flour with the crumbled yeast and 170 g of water and milk mixed together, obtaining a soft dough to leaven for 60 '(first leavening). Deflate it with your hands, then place it in the mixer with the egg yolks, 50 g of sugar, 150 g of flour, 40 g of butter, salt and vanillin. Work to obtain a new dough to leaven until it has doubled in volume (second leavening). Deflate the leavened dough, then work it again in the kneading machine to incorporate 80 g of butter already mixed with the icing sugar and the prepared candied fruit, then proceed to the third rising. Finally deflate the dough, divide it into 3 loaves (one larger for the body and two smaller ones, equal for the wings), then arrange them in the dove mold, buttered, floured, with the bottom covered with parchment paper. Glaze: mix the beaten egg whites (not whipped) with the icing sugar, the amaretti biscuits, the almond flour and the white one in a bowl, then coat the dove with the mixture in the mold; let it rise until it has filled (fourth leavening), then sprinkle with granulated sugar, unpeeled whole almonds and bake at 190 ° C for the first 30 ′ and at 170 ° C for another 40 ′.

Neapolitan pastiera

Ingredients for 10 people

550 g caster sugar – 500 g milk – 500 g flour – 300 g sheep ricotta – 300 g cooked wheat – 220 g more butter – 50 g candied fruit (cedar and orange) – 7 eggs – 1 vanilla pod – oranges – orange blossom water – lemon – cinnamon – icing sugar – salt


Mix the flour with 200 g of softened butter, add 250 g of granulated sugar, 3 eggs, the seeds of half a vanilla bean, the grated rind of half an orange and half a lemon, a pinch of salt. Work to obtain a homogeneous paste, cover it and let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour (shortcrust). Cook the milk in a saucepan with the cooked wheat, 20 g of butter and the seeds of half a vanilla pod for about 20 ’, stirring often to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. When the milk has been completely absorbed, turn off the wheat and let it cool. Mix the ricotta with 300 g of granulated sugar and the grated rind of an orange; add 4 eggs, one at a time, the diced candied fruit, a teaspoon of orange flower water and a pinch of cinnamon. Finally, add the cooked wheat and a pinch of salt (filling) to the ricotta. Roll out the short pastry 4-5 mm thick and line the bottom and edges of a buttered cake pan (ø 28 cm). Pour the filling into the pan, leveling well. Cut out from the remaining dough at least 6 strips 2 cm wide and arrange them, crossed in a grid, over the filling, fixing them to the edges. Bake at 180 ° C for 1 hour. Let it cool, then turn out of the mold and sprinkle with icing sugar to taste.

Black chocolate egg


Dark chocolate, covering 750 g


Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, then transfer the 2/3 on a marble surface and work this mass until it almost cools it. Then put it in the hot chocolate left in the container, mix everything and check the temperature at 29 ° (tempered chocolate). Strain it into the appropriate mold (formed by two half shells) so that the two halves are covered with a layer of about 3 mm thick. Drain the excess chocolate by turning the mold upside down, then let the chocolate coagulate in the inverted mold. Finally, remove the chocolate smudges from the contours: the edges of the two shells must be perfectly smooth; keep the mold in a cool place overnight and finally remove the shells. Pass them briefly on a hot plate to soften the edges and, immediately after, stick them together making them fit together. Melt the tempered chocolate, certainly advanced, work it in a cream with the addition of a few drops of water, collect it in a croissant to decorate and garnish the egg.

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