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The lights that light up the Christmas table – Italian Cuisine

Our tips to light the house with lights, reflections and decorations and the new Edison tools that will allow us not to lose control over the consumption of light and gas

Less than two weeks at Christmas and it is time to organize it in every detail. To make it even hotter, cozy and bright last year. To make sure that, tight around the table, all our guests feel at home and pervaded with desire to party. Let the Christmas table be lit up a clear light, capable of announcing a sparkling future and without shadows. To help us realize this dream, led, warm lights and flames to be distributed among the places with skill and a pinch of cunning.

Hot or cold?

When one thinks of electric light, this dilemma appears. The good news is that at Christmas we do not have to choose. Although the lights traditional warmers are closer to the atmosphere of Christmas, dare with rows of lights cold it could be the winning move to get graphic effects and give a twist different than usual to our table. And to create an even more rounded effect, one can even think of a mix. The yellow lights could slide between the table seats while the white could be given the role of characterizing the center table with stars and other decorations. The addition of natural lights such as candles, perhaps mounted on a beautiful candlestick, will complete the set giving a round light to the Christmas table.

The tricks to amplify the light …

One of the most interesting aspects of light is its ability to spread, expand and multiply. When we use it to decorate then, we must imagine drawing a scene with a ductile, liquid object, which we will be able to spread in space at will. One of the most used tricks to offer a wider surface is that of wrap it in paper shapes or thin fabrics that will turn into luminous objects, like magic. Equally effective, it will insert the lights in transparent glass vases that we will have filled with objects with a reflective surface such as golden or silver Christmas tree balls. To make our Christmas table even brighter, we can also ask for help mirrors. Arrange small mirrors at the lights on the table or create unusual underplates with reflective surfaces, duplicate the light and give us the feeling of a table flooded with light and reflections.

… and to consume less

The lighted tree, the lighted table of light, the oven lit to prepare the traditional dishes that warm our tables at this time of year. The risk of consuming more than normal is there, but it is not a good reason to give up the magic of Christmas. Indeed, it is a good opportunity to change habits and find new solutions. Such as Edison Energy Control, the new service dedicated to all Edison customers that allows check consumption in real time and compare them with those of family units similar to ours.

Designed to allow us to set up daily, weekly or monthly goals (in Kwh and in euros) will notify us via sms or email every time we exceed the thresholds. Once the savings target has been achieved, thanks also to the advice provided to improve energy behavior, we can decide whether to keep for ourselves what we have saved or to donate it to one of the associations proposed by Edison.
As for the consumption of gas, which is particularly important during the winter, we have an intelligent thermostat. Edison Netatmo allows you to adjust the temperature and optimize the consumption of gas (up to 40% less) remotely through the smartphone. Thanks to this system it is possible to turn on, switch off and manage the heating remotely by accessing all the commands via the dedicated app.

So we can choose to start heating before returning home, setting up time slots of operation, but also turn it on only when it is really necessary. Different preset modes, a self-adaptation function, the monitoring of consumption and temperatures in real time and the warning in case of system malfunction are important tools to reduce consumption, but also to know remotely what happens in our homes.
A monthly energy report will provide us with the essential information to improve our energy behaviors and save up to 40% also thanks to an analysis of the trends of our consumption and the possible reasons for these.

Crêpes cake: recipe, ideas and advice – Italian Cuisine

A dessert much less complicated than it seems! You just have to have the patience to cook many crêpes, then you just have to choose how to fill the layers!

There Crepes Pie it's a dessert that's easy to prepare even if it requires a little bit of it patience. It is indeed a cake made with many layers of crêpes interspersed with a creamy filling that can be prepared with different ingredients.
The crêpes are the most important preparation of this cake and once placed on top of each other they will create a very nice effect to see, especially after the cut. Let's start now, therefore, from the basic preparation.

How to do the Crepes

First mix 250 g of 00 flour with 60 g of sugar.
The flour must be well sifted.
Then add a pinch of salt, vanilla in seeds or in extract and of the orange peel or lemon.
Pour 500 ml of whole milk and mix with a hand whisk.
Except bang three eggs and then add them to the mixture.
Cook the crêpes in one crepeera very hot and slightly buttered or in a non-stick pan.
With this dose you should get 15 crêpes of about 20 cm in diameter.
To have crêpes of the same size used as a dispenser a ladle not too big always filling it with the same amount of batter and, once poured the mixture into the pan, distribute it evenly.

How to store them Crepes

You can also prepare them the day before to bring you a little further with work.
To keep them soft and humid at the right point, you simply have to stack them on top of each other when they are still warm and cover them with transparent film.
They will be ready for use when you need them and in the same way you can also freeze.
To defrost them, take them out of the freezer a few hours before using them.

How to fill the cake Crepes

Once you have made the crepes you just have to decide how to fill the cake.
We suggest a classic custard with vanilla or chocolate or one tiramisu cream with eggs and mascarpone.
If you are lazy you can also simply mix cream of hazelnuts and mascarpone or spreadable cheese, whipped cream and powdered sugar and you will get super delicious fillings that will please children too.
Do you prefer something very light and fresh? Try then to simply use the jam.
We suggest a bitter orange jam that is not too cloying and goes very well with the taste of crêpes.
A perfect idea for an after-dinner, but also for a snack.

How to compose the crêpes cake

Once you have chosen the filling, how do you proceed?
Place the first crêpe directly on what will be the serving dish.
Spread one light cream layer starting from the center of the crêpes to gently get to cover it all without reaching the ends to prevent the stuffing from escaping.
If you want, add between one layer and another also of the fruit, coconut flour, dried fruit grains or chocolate chips and proceed in this way for other layers until the crêpes are finished.
Be careful not to abound either with the filling or with everything you add between one layer and the other because the distance between one cracks and the other must be minimal for a spectacular visual effect when cut.

How to decorate the crepes cake

If you have used jam you can simply sprinkle the cake with of icing sugar or decorate it with caramelized fruit.
Thinking of the filling of orange marmalade, for example, you can use slices of caramelized and perfumed orange at the Grand Marnier.
If you use, instead, a filling that is more creamy, sweet and greedy, opt for one rich decoration based on tufts of whipped cream or chocolate ganache.

Browse now the gallery to discover the many variations of the mille crêpes cake and choose your favorite!

here is the best (and where to buy it) – Italian Cuisine

At the "Artisti del Panettone" event, the leavened product of Luigi Biasetto rises on the first step of the podium. In second place Vincenzo Tiri, at the third Fabrizio Galla. For celebrities, however, the best is that of Andrea Tortora

One of the protagonists of Christmas is undoubtedly (and increasingly) him: the panettone. And together with the traditional Milanese Christmas cake, the confectioners who prepare it with art, technique and variations on the theme. So it was on 8 and 9 December in Milan with the event "Artists of the Panettone" during which the fans were able to meet the masters Vincenzo Santoro, Maurizio Bonanomi, Andrea Tortora, Luigi Biasetto, Fabrizio Galla, Gino Fabbri, Paolo Sacchetti, Alfonso Pepe, Sal De Riso, Vincenzo Tiri is Iginio Massari, taste their products and discover the secrets of the preparations between master classes and live cooking.

Luigi Biasetto, Fabrizio Galla and Vincenzo Tiri

The three (+1) panettoni more good

During the two-day event, a competition, promoted by MN Holding in collaboration with Gazzetta dello Sport, also decreed the best panettone: to win was to Luigi Biasetto, Pastry World Champion, followed by da dolce Vincenzo Tiri and Fabrizio Galla. The jury of celebrities, composed of Arisa, chef Alessandro Borghese, Lodovica Comello, Giuseppe Cruciani, Diletta Leotta, the Trio Medusa, Pupo and Victoria Cabello, has rewarded instead Andrea Tortora, the pastry chef of the restaurant, three Michelin stars, St Hubertus by Norbert Nierderkofler.

Panettoni on TV and in the temporary store

You can continue to follow the "Artists of the Panettone" on the homonymous tv format broadcast on Sky Uno and available on Sky On Demand, ten episodes dedicated to the best interpreters of panettone and one on the king of Iginio Massari pastry shop. Panettone can be bought at the temporary store in the loggia of the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti, open until December 24 or up, Intesa Sanpaolo's online store.