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Chantilly Cream | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine

A sweet and tasty cream obtained from the processing of whipped cream with icing sugar. Discover with Salt & Pepper how to prepare it


There Chantilly cream it is much loved for its softness and lightness that is completed with its delicate and captivating taste. In pastry it is widely used to stuff sponge cake, cream puffs, tartlets and tarts. There Salt & Pepper recipe is a variant of the classic Italian chantilly which, unlike the latter, mixes the custard with the sweetened whipped cream. The result is so delicious that chantilly cream of salt & pepper you can offer it as it is, in a cup with some meringue broken on the surface or simply spread on sweet canapés.

There chantilly cream of salt & pepper you can customize it as much as you like, both texture and taste. If you want to have a more balanced and soft taste, mix the two creams in equal parts; otherwise you can make one of the two creams prevail based on your personal tastes

For those more curious who want to try the differences between the three creams, to get the French chantilly cream, just mount the cold cream with icing sugar. While there Italian chantilly it is obtained by mixing only the whipped cream with the custard. Are you ready to taste?

How to prepare chantilly cream

1) Put fresh cream in the fridge to make it very cold. Pour the cream and 25 grams of vanilla icing sugar in a deep and capacious bowl, kept in the freezer for a few minutes. Whip the cream until stiff and turn off the mixer. Add the remaining powdered sugar, sifted, and mix it well with the whipped cream with electric whisk and add the cream until it is firm.

2) Add the cream cream a little at a time (or French chantilly), The custard, stirring gently with a spatula from bottom to top, being careful not to disassemble the cream chantilly (Italian).


How to serve the cream chantilly. Subdivide the cream in 4 dessert cups and enrich it by spreading some on the surface Meringue crumbled. Alternatively, leave it smooth and savor it, accompanying it to tasty sweet canapés or use it to fill tasty cakes


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Pastry cream | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine

You need eggs, milk, sugar and aromas to prepare one of the most popular pastry creams: la custard or custard. This cream is the basis of endless types of pastry preparations. It is the perfect filling for mignons, for puff cakes and sponge cakes, but it is also excellent served alone, in a cup, perhaps accompanied by crunchy biscuits.

It is a cream that is very easy to prepare and from it you can make different variations like the famous one Diplomatic cream or the cream Italian chantilly. There custard recipe can literally change flavor with the addition of flavors other than vanilla: if you prefer you can perfume it with a lemon peel, with orange, with the cocoa or a liqueur.

To prepare an excellent pastry cream, silky, that does not know too much of flour or cooked egg, and with the consistency that you like, get fresh, quality ingredients and follow the step by step Salt & Pepper recipe: you will avoid making the most common mistakes and the result will give you great satisfaction!


Preparation of custard

1) Heat the milk. In a saucepan pour ½ liter of milk. Add a pod of vanilla to which you have practiced an opening for the whole length, so that the aroma can pass to the cream. Bring to a boil: while the milk temperature rises, break apart 4 eggs and divide the yolks from the whites. Keep the first ones and put aside the seconds, which you don't need in this preparation.

1741272) Whip the egg yolks with the sugar with a single or electric whisk, until the mixture becomes swollen and frothy. Add the flour and continue to work the mixture until you get a doughy cream. Pour the milk flush, after having filtered it from the residues of the vanilla pod, and dilute the egg mixture by mixing.

3) Cook the cream. Vpour the liquid mixture into a saucepan e cook the cream on very sweet fire, without ever stopping to mix with a wooden spoon. As soon as the mixture starts to boil, and then coagulate, remove from heat and let it cool down custard in a large bowl and a sheet of film in contact with the surface.

1) Instead of flour you can use starches, of corn and rice, as a result you will get a tasty cream with a lively color to use to stuff your sweets cold and also suitable for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

2) To prepare custard to fill a tart, you prefer the flour instead of flour, it will give the cake a heart of cream with the right consistency.

3) If you want to flavor your cream with a "phial"alcohol-based or liqueur, add it immediately to the egg and sugar mixture and never to hot milk.

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Sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream – Italian Cuisine


The sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream of Salt and pepper it is a decomposed dessert, of great scenographic effect, to be enjoyed with the spoon. An "unusual" sponge cake based gluten free flours and without ingredients of animal origin, cut into cubes and served in layers on a bottom of coconut milk and vanilla cream with edible flower topping, fragrant herbs and currants. The result is a triumph of colors and flavors of nature that will conquer, even from the first taste, even the greedy palate of your most skeptical guests! Plus we're talking about a sweet vegan light and fragrant, suitable for everyone. Even for those with gluten or egg intolerance!

The sponge cakes come with coconut milk cream it is a healthy dessert without excesses, perfect to gently close a family lunch or an elegant dinner with your friends. Are you curious about how to prepare it? Wear the apron and discover the steps of this simple with us Salt & Pepper recipe.

Preparation of sponge cake come with coconut milk cream

1) Prepare the sponge cake. Gather the in a bowl gluten-free flour mix and the foil of corn together with cream of tartar, to the cinnamon and al salt. Frulla 2 lemon peel with 80 g of sugar cane and add them to the previous compound. Mix all ingredients well.

2) In a jug mix thecorn oil with 100 g of almond milk. Pour the obtained liquid on the flour and sugar mixture and mix with a spatula until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

3) Transfer it to one non-stick mold of 15×10 cm oiled and floured e fires to 170 ° C for 20 minutes. Allow the to cool completely vegan sponge cake before transforming it.

4) Prepare the cream. Put on the fire coconut milk and that of almonds with the remaining sugar, the pod of vanilla open and the last lemon peel. Simmer for a few minutes and leave to rest for a few hours so as to harmonize the flavors well.

5) Filter the milk. Melt in a small bowl thecornstarch with a little perfumed milk. Put the rest on the fire; when it boils, add the cornstarch diluted and stir with a whisk to thicken the cream. Leave to rest for a few hours.

6) Cut the sponge cake dice. Take a round shaped pasta bowl and place it on the plate. Pour a few tablespoons of coconut milk and vanilla cream on the bottom of the dishes.

7) Randomly lay the nuts on the cream vegan sponge cake. Decorate with fragrant herbs, i flowers and the Red currant. Complete the dishes with a few drops of Orange jam bitter elongated with little water.