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Chantilly Cream Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Chantilly Cream Recipe - Italian Cuisine

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The chantilly cream recipe – Italian Cuisine

The chantilly cream recipe

The chantilly cream recipe, its history and the recipes we have prepared with this jewel of French pastry

The chantilly cream recipe debuted in 1660 to gently close a banquet offered by Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finance during the reign of Louis XIV. For that occasion, his cook François Vatel devised a dessert, simple and ingenious: whipped the fresh cream with the sugar in an airy and very light cream, with a delicious taste … voilà la chantilly! It was such a success, a worthy seal of the magnificent feast, that the king, jealous of the powerful host, put him under arrest, while Vatel it passed into the service of Prince Condé, at the castle of Chantilly, who gave the name to the cream. Simply sweetened or flavored, whipped cream is used to stuff soft cakes, pastries and meringues. Not only sweet, the chantilly it is also a savory sauce made with mayonnaise and whipped cream (to be added just before serving, as it tends to separate). It is excellent with asparagus, lukewarm or hot. It is sometimes called chantilly la mousseline, prepared with hollandaise sauce and whipped cream, for boiled fish, asparagus, thistles or other boiled vegetables

The chantilly cream recipe

Chantilly cream ingredients

500 ml fresh cream – 100 g icing sugar – a vanilla bean

How to make chantilly cream

Pour the cold cream into a previously cooled container, add the seeds of the fresh vanilla and start whipping with the electric whisk. When it is half whipped, add the sifted icing sugar and continue whipping until it is ready.

Do not confuse chantilly cream and diplomatic cream

Many prepare chantilly cream with whipped cream and custard, but it is a mistake. This is in fact the famous diplomatic cream, to be enriched also for some preparations with perfumed liqueurs such as Maraschino.

Our recipes with chantilly cream

Homemade ice cream with condensed milk is a breeze! – Italian Cuisine

Homemade ice cream with condensed milk is a breeze!

How to make a homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker with two easy ingredients: condensed milk and cream!

We felt like ice cream and we did it with condensed milk. To make the little ones at home happy, spend some carefree time and to eat a good homemade ice cream watching yet another film. Because if the recipes for homemade ice cream are usually not easy to perform without ice cream maker, with this preparation we have circumvented every obstacle. We do it together?

Easy homemade ice cream: the ingredients

Is making an ice cream with two ingredients possible? Yes if you follow our easy recipe! To prepare this homemade ice cream, condensed milk and fresh cream are enough! Here's how to make a homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker.

Condensed milk and cream: the quantities

They will serve you 250 grams of condensed milk and 500 grams of fresh cream. You can vary the doses according to your needs, always keeping this proportion. For the recipe of homemade ice cream with condensed milk you will always need a portion of condensed milk and two of fresh cream. For the recipe to work well, work them when they are very cold!

Homemade ice cream: the process

Take a bowl that you will have cooled in the refrigerator, preferably made of glass or steel, and whip the cream helping you with electric whips. When it is assembled, gently add the condensed milk incorporating it the mixture with a spatula and taking care not to disassemble the cream.

Ice cream without ice cream maker

Our homemade ice cream is ready to be put in cool in the freezer for 4 and a half hours before being served. To ensure that it does not absorb the odors of other foods, cover the bowl with plastic wrap. For a creamier result, work it with the spatula every half hour since 3 hours have passed.
Condensed milk allows us to prepare an ice cream without an ice cream maker thanks to its creaminess and the fat it contains. If we used the ingredients of the classic recipe, our homemade ice cream would freeze!

The chocolate variant

The condensed milk ice cream that we have prepared can be enriched with del cocoa powder to create an effect similar to that of chocolate ice cream. If you love the intense taste of dark chocolate, we recommend you choose unsweetened cocoa that will correct the sweetness of the cream and condensed milk. To prevent it from forming lumps, work it with condensed milk before adding it to the cream.

The stracciatella

If you love stracciatella ice cream, add to the mixture, when they are spend three hours in the freezer, some chocolate chips. Adding it at this point, we will not risk it melting and we will get a pleasant crunchy effect!

Homemade fruit ice cream

To transform this basic recipe into a tasty fruit ice cream, choose the fruit you prefer and reduce it to puree with a blender. If the mixture is very watery, you will have to make a passage in the pot with water and sugar to form a sort of compote. Let it cool well and put it in the freezer for about ten minutes before adding it to the mixture after two hours of cooling.
This step will not be necessary with very creamy fruits such as le bananas and mango!

In the gallery above, our fun tips for enjoying our homemade ice cream!

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