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All ready for pepper ice cream! – Italian Cuisine

In New Mexico, and in particular to Las Cruces, it is impossible not to run into typical local green peppers, a variety famous all over the world and with a unique and characteristic taste. No wonder, then, that one of the culinary fashions of the moment is a creamy vanilla sundae with green chilli cream. A delight, launched by the famous local chain Caliche, which may seem a bit bizarre due to the unusual combination of flavors but which certainly has the merit of wanting to enhance local ingredients.

Chilli Sundea.

The "New Mexico" to be enjoyed by spoonfuls

Anyone who has traveled to New Mexico or spent time in Las Cruces will certainly know the chain of stores Caliche, which has been serving puddings and hot dogs since 1996; at the time it was a single business called "Scoopy's Frozen Custard" and the owners David & Dana Wortham decided to introduce in New Mexico what was a real culinary novelty for the community. Their sundae, or better custard, a term that indicates a frozen custard and mixed with walnut or fruit candy, soon became popular. Since then, many visitors want to taste their specialty, a sweet refreshing relief especially for those arriving from the desert, and in general on hot summer days. One of the unmissable tastes is precisely the "New Mexico", a large glass of vanilla custard covered with a cream of green chillies, with a consistency similar to a jam, and decorated with a handful of crunchy pecan nuts; in short, the fresh sweetness of sundae meets the spicy taste and the salty much loved by the inhabitants of New Mexico.

I green chile, a variety to discover

Fabián García, pioneer of New Mexico horticulture, is fundamental for the presence of both typical local ingredients, namely green chillies and pecans. The Mexican immigrant was in fact decisive in the diffusion and planting of the first pecan trees in the state, currently one of the primary commercial food crops in New Mexico, but above all it is known to be the pioneer of the national green chile. It was he, in fact, in the early 1900s who developed the variety of peppers called "New Mexico", as well as giving life to other more standardized varieties of chili. For those who had never tried it or had never heard of it, it is good to know that the national green chile has a slightly pungent taste, reminiscent of onion or shallot, but at the same time it is spicy (more or less at depending on the variety) and smoked. In the New Mexico kitchen these green peppers are mostly eaten whole roasted, used as a base for different sauces or diced and added to burritos, enchiladas, hamburgers or rice-based recipes.

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recipe and lots of tips to make this salad ready – Italian Cuisine

recipe and lots of tips to make this salad ready

Fresh and with intense flavors, the Pantelleria salad is an excellent dish of Sicilian cuisine, perfect to enjoy on hot summer days

Come to think of it, you immediately come to mind the sea, the scents of Mediterranean scrub, those flavors so determined and intense that only the southern sun manages to create: we are talking about thePanther salad, a classic of Sicilian cuisine and even more of the island of Pantelleria, from which come the capers that give so much flavor to this salad. The recipe is based on boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions, oregano, capers and olives, but can be enriched with fish in oil, such as tuna and mackerel, or with roasted octopus. Some also add a head of lettuce. Let's see how it is prepared.

The recipe of the Pantelleria salad

Ingredients for 4 people

1 head of lettuce (optional)
4 medium potatoes
16 cherry tomatoes
2 tablespoons of dark olives (pitted or not, whichever you prefer)
1 handful of salted Pantelleria capers
2 Tropea onions
extra virgin olive oil
2 glasses of wine vinegar


First boil the potatoes with the peel in a pan with plenty of salted water. When the prongs of the fork penetrate easily into the potato paste, drain. Peel and e cut it in squares. Meanwhile cut the onions, leave them to soak in a dish with vinegar for at least 30 minutes, because they lose their strong taste. Put the capers in a colander and rinse them well. Dry them with absorbent paper. Take the cherry tomatoes, wash them e cut them in half. In a bowl, add the potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce (if you like), drained onions, olives, capers and aromatic herbs, thyme, basil and oregano. Season with salt and oil and leave rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving, so that the flavors blend well.

Girella Day: all ready for the close encounters … of the greedy type! – Italian Cuisine

Girella Day: all ready for the close encounters ... of the greedy type!

"The moral is always that, make a snack with swivel" read the famous spot of the 1980s, the very famous advertising of the Motta snack!
Do you remember it? They were short cartoons with the adventures of a happy tribe headed by stuffed Bull who defended his stocks of girelle from Golosastro, an inept criminal who aimed at the darling of the cunning redskins.
Born in 1973, Girella was one of the first truly delicious snacks in Italy: the spiral-shaped snack that won over many children turns thirty and today celebrates Girella Day with a communication campaign that involves the cities of Giaveno and Milan and influencers PanPers and Gordon.

The mysterious signs in the lawn at Giaveno

Whimsical video reports document mysterious signs in the meadows of Giaveno: the mayor was also involved, who proclaimed the snack as a passe-partout that makes anything possible in the village. And now, these paranormal phenomena seem to want to hit even the Lombard capital. The Milanese citizenship alert is issued for today, a day when a strange presence is materializing in the very central Piazza XXV Aprile. Watch out for greedy spirits!

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