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the spoon dessert ready in 10 minutes – Italian Cuisine

A recipe with few ingredients, quick and easy, for a fresh dessert to be enjoyed from snack to dinner

You can prepare a spoon dessert in just ten minutes? If the answer is the greek yogurt mousse, then absolutely yes. And if the result is also very good it is really worth trying.

The mousse allo Greek yogurt very reminiscent of the yogurt ice-cream but it is decidedly more frothy and delicate. You can serve it in tall cups or glasses and our advice is those of put them in the freezer for 10 minutes before pouring the mousse for keep it very cold and enjoy it to the fullest of taste.


Greek yogurt mousse, a recipe in 10 minutes


To prepare this quick dessert per spoon you will need: 150 ml of already cold fresh liquid cream, 40 g of powdered sugar, 150 g of Greek yogurt, 1 sheet of gelatin or isinglass.


The first thing to do to prepare the Greek yogurt mousse is to soak the sheet in cold water jelly to soften it. Then, with the help of kitchen whips you need to whip the cream, gradually adding the icing sugar until you get a homogeneous compound and free of lumps.

At this point it is necessary add yogurt and continue to mix, using a spatula and always trying to go From the bottom to the top because it is the best way to incorporate the ingredients into the cream.

When the mixture is ready, take a spoonful and put it in a saucepan with the gelatin sheet properly squeezed, heat it on the stove until the gelatine did not melt (not a second more) and then pour it on the mousse with yogurt and cream mixing well with the spatula.

Let it all cool down a room temperature for 5 minutes and then put the Greek yogurt mousse in fridge for 30 minutes. With a teaspoon or a sac à poche then pour it into small glasses or bowls before bringing it to the table and fill it with what you like, starting with strawberries and berries.

3 Christmas starters ready in 30 minutes – Italian Cuisine

3 Christmas starters ready in 30 minutes

Shrimp bruschetta, Duse cucumber, meatball salad and stuffed anchovies, four Christmas appetizers to prepare in 30 minutes

Time is running out, there is little left and guests are about to arrive. Is it a scene you've already been familiar with just on Christmas Eve? No fear! Here are four quick and easy-to-prepare proposals for Christmas starters in half an hour It takes 30 minutes to present yourself at the table with an intriguing and suitable proposal to stimulate the appetite for the most important dinner of the year.

Christmas appetizers: bruschetta with thyme with lemon and scampi

Half an hour and no idea about Christmas starters? The prawn bruschetta will make everyone happy. For four people they serve 150 g of homemade bread, 110 g spring onions, 8 shelled lobster tails, a ripe tomato, a bunch of thyme, acacia honey, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste. Let's start right away heating bread slices for 5 minutes at 170 degrees on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. We hull the onions keeping the green part and then slicing them into slices: brown them in a little oil for about a minute, lower the heat, add a teaspoon of thyme leaves, grated lemon zest, a teaspoon of honey. Cooking must continue for a maximum of three minutes. After slicing it into four wedges, the tomato must be rubbed on the slices of bread removed from the oven which, afterwards, we will have to salt and perfume with a grated lemon peel and the advanced thyme. We heat a veiled pan of extra virgin olive oil to burn only on one side the shelled prawn tails. Spread the onions on the slices of bread, finish with the prawns and serve on the table.

Stuffed anchovies of salvia elegans and pine nuts

For four people 150 g of pine nuts, 24 anchovies, 20 leaves of salvia elegans, 2 eggs, white wine, breadcrumbs, extra virgin olive oil, flour and salt are enough. After cleaning the anchovies, rinse them with white wine. Chop the sage with pine nuts, salt and 4 tablespoons of oil to obtain a not too fine mixture: all this will make up our filling. Pair the anchovies stuffing them, pass them in the flour, in the beaten eggs and in the breadcrumbs, press the breading and then fry them in abundant oil for about a minute on each side. After draining them on absorbent kitchen paper, serve them hot.

Salad zucchini and fish balls

Speed ​​is the secret of this preparation which, for four people, requires 160 grams of fillets of sea bream, 150 g of courgette, 85 g of Greek yogurt, 800 g of mixed salad, butter, pancarrè, flour, lime, aromatic herbs, milk, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. After grilling the courgette cut into thin strips for 2 minutes per side, we wrap them around. We whisk the skinned sea bream fillets with 20 g of bread soaked with a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of salt: we obtain small balls to flour and cook in 10 g of butter for 3 minutes. Mix the yogurt with the zest and juice of half a lime, a tablespoon of oil and one of water, salt and pepper. We place the meatballs in the glasses alternating them with salad and zucchini, garnishing everything with the yogurt sauce and aromatic herbs and here is one of the most delicious Christmas appetizers of the buffet.

Cucumbers with Duse

Among the Christmas starters this certainly has the most theatrical name dedicated to Eleonora Duse. For four people, we need 500 g of cucumbers, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 salted anchovies, onion, mustard, fresh horseradish and white wine vinegar to taste. To begin, we must peel the cucumbers in alternate strips and cut them into logs about 4 centimeters each. With a knife, we dig them inside leaving a layer of pulp on the bottom which will serve as our basis. After having thrown them in boiling water slightly acidulated with vinegar (just a spoon), cook them for about 3 minutes after boiling. We clean the anchovies, wash them from the salt and then cut them in a very finely chopped with the knife along with a quarter of onion or a spring onion. We sieve the eggs, mix them with the beat and, together with a teaspoon of mustard, we get the filling. With this filling we make the cucumbers and then serve them garnished with grated horseradish and herb leaves.

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All ready for pepper ice cream! – Italian Cuisine

In New Mexico, and in particular to Las Cruces, it is impossible not to run into typical local green peppers, a variety famous all over the world and with a unique and characteristic taste. No wonder, then, that one of the culinary fashions of the moment is a creamy vanilla sundae with green chilli cream. A delight, launched by the famous local chain Caliche, which may seem a bit bizarre due to the unusual combination of flavors but which certainly has the merit of wanting to enhance local ingredients.

Chilli Sundea.

The "New Mexico" to be enjoyed by spoonfuls

Anyone who has traveled to New Mexico or spent time in Las Cruces will certainly know the chain of stores Caliche, which has been serving puddings and hot dogs since 1996; at the time it was a single business called "Scoopy's Frozen Custard" and the owners David & Dana Wortham decided to introduce in New Mexico what was a real culinary novelty for the community. Their sundae, or better custard, a term that indicates a frozen custard and mixed with walnut or fruit candy, soon became popular. Since then, many visitors want to taste their specialty, a sweet refreshing relief especially for those arriving from the desert, and in general on hot summer days. One of the unmissable tastes is precisely the "New Mexico", a large glass of vanilla custard covered with a cream of green chillies, with a consistency similar to a jam, and decorated with a handful of crunchy pecan nuts; in short, the fresh sweetness of sundae meets the spicy taste and the salty much loved by the inhabitants of New Mexico.

I green chile, a variety to discover

Fabián García, pioneer of New Mexico horticulture, is fundamental for the presence of both typical local ingredients, namely green chillies and pecans. The Mexican immigrant was in fact decisive in the diffusion and planting of the first pecan trees in the state, currently one of the primary commercial food crops in New Mexico, but above all it is known to be the pioneer of the national green chile. It was he, in fact, in the early 1900s who developed the variety of peppers called "New Mexico", as well as giving life to other more standardized varieties of chili. For those who had never tried it or had never heard of it, it is good to know that the national green chile has a slightly pungent taste, reminiscent of onion or shallot, but at the same time it is spicy (more or less at depending on the variety) and smoked. In the New Mexico kitchen these green peppers are mostly eaten whole roasted, used as a base for different sauces or diced and added to burritos, enchiladas, hamburgers or rice-based recipes.

Photo: green peppers new mexico_Flickr_by flickr4jazz.jpg
Photo: vanilla sundae and green chillies_Caliche's Frozen Custard Pinterest.jpg

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