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Pork with mustard and honey, a journey through the flavors of the season – Italian Cuisine

Pork with mustard and honey, a journey through the flavors of the season

The true origins of the pork with mustard and honey. Therefore, it simply represents a modern interpretation of traditional ingredients, mixing meat, spicy flavors and sweet tastes. Even though it is a second dish renowned throughout the world, the combination of the different ingredients is often associated with North American and British cuisine, where these are widely used in many culinary preparations. The pig is an excellent source of proteins and also offers important nutrients, such as iron and selenium.There mustardfor its part, can contribute to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Honey offers sweetness and natural antioxidants. This quick and easy recipe it is particularly suitable for autumn and winter, when comfort and flavor are sought. During the holidays, then, it can become a traditional dish in many homes. Are you ready to amaze your guests with this delicious mustard and honey pork? Turn on your imagination and cook with us! You will be enchanted!

Honey supply chain: the secret world of Italian beekeepers – Italian Cuisine

There director of the documentary, Rosy Sinicropi, shares his point of view on the life of beekeepers: «Since I started telling the stories of beekeepers through images, I have perceived an “invisible” humanity, almost always behind the scenes, but resolute in its presence. From the beginning I saw strength, tiredness, resistance, passion, even a bit of madness. I heard stories of fathers, of loves, of defeats, of changes, of pain and satisfaction and, unexpectedly, in the epilogue of these stories, I found “poetry”. It’s as if the bees were traveling companions who allowed those I met to look at themselves and the world with an ever new perspective.”

The documentary Voices of invisible people offers us one unique perspective on the life of beekeepers in Italy. There are 15 video testimonials who guide us through different environments in different regions of the Peninsula, from Piedmont to Sicily. These testimonies also show us the work of the “nomadic gatherers”, who follow the blooms to allow the bees to produce fine and unique honey. The documentary is an authentic reportage that recounts the daily challenges that beekeepers face while living in harmony with nature, trying to protect bees and our well-being in every ecosystem.

Voices of invisible people is available in full on the website www.storiediapicoltori.it, offering a unique opportunity to discover the lives and stories of the “guardians of nature” who keep the Italian beekeeping tradition alive. This documentary is a tribute to the dedication of those who have chosen to dedicate their lives to bees and to the promotion of a sustainable honey culture.

What is CONAPI and what does it do

CONAPI is the largest beekeeping cooperative in Europe, with around 600 beekeepers, 100 thousand hives, of which almost half are organic, and as many as 5 billion bees throughout Italy. This cooperative has an office in Monterenzio, in the province of Bologna, and is a point of reference for the production and promotion of high quality honey. CONAPI is committed to connecting beekeeping with people through innovative and cultural initiatives.

Crèpes with ricotta, honey and cardamom – Italian Cuisine

Crèpes with ricotta, honey and cardamom

Crèpes with ricotta, honey and cardamom, the preparation

1) Gather in the mixer the flour sifted with a pinch of salt, sugar, eggs, milk, coffee and 0.7dl of water and blend until a smooth and homogeneous batter is obtained. Dissolve 30 g of butter over very low heat, leave it cool, pour it in the batter e blend for a few seconds. Let it rest the mixture for an hour in a cool place.

2) Mounted ricotta with 2 tablespoons of honey, open cardamom berries, taken the seeds, beat them in a mortar e join them with ricotta.

3) Warm up a pan of 15 cm in diameter, grease it just with the remaining butter, distributed a small ladle of batter on the bottom tilting it e cook the crepe for 1 minute or until the edges begin to brown.

4) Turn it over, cook it for another 30 seconds e let it slide on a plate. Repeat the operation until the batter is finished. Spread crèpes with ricotta cream, roll them up And sweeten them with the remaining honey.


Posted on 10/26/2021


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