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Andrea Berton's raw ham broth – Italian Cuisine

Famous for its broths, the chef reveals the recipe for making one with raw ham with which to cook a risotto or tortelli

Andrea Berton he is looking forward to returning to his Milanese restaurant (a Michelin star) to try the dishes he has been imagining with the guys on his team in these days of quarantine. Try not to demoralize yourself, he's an optimist, and take this time to think about how to get it right again. In recent days he launched the idea of restaurant bonds also for its restaurant: buy a dinner today to eat two together tomorrow.

What's for dinner at the Berton home

Meanwhile, the chef cooks at home with his wife Sandra, tries to plan the menu of the week to make a careful and wasteless shopping and buys many vegetables to follow a healthy and low calorie diet. How do you tell us#Dinner time in live Instagram on the page of @LaCucinaItaliana with our director Maddalena Fossati, tonight will prepare a vegetable ragout of beans and fresh peas and shallots. "In order not to waste anything, you can centrifuge the pods and the skins of the legumes (I suggest you also remove those to have them more tender) and also add those in the sauce".

Andrea Berton's raw ham broth

Someone who is following the live broadcast asks the chef for a recipe broth, one of his specialties: “We could make a raw ham broth. We cut 300 g of ham thin and regular slices, julienne type, we cut in the same way 3 shallots. It is important that the slices are as equal as possible to cook evenly. We roast the ham in a large saucepan to make it become crunchy and enhance its flavor; add the shallot and brown it too. When the shallot has softened, add three fingers of cold water completely covering the ham and shallot. Let it simmer low heat for 40 minutes. In the end we will get a clear and clear broth with the flavor of raw ham. Once filtered we can use it to cook a risotto or tortelli ".

Sour butter to stir the risotto

One of the ingredients that the chef loves most to cook, he reveals, is the rice. In each risotto in creaming it adds a little bit of sour butter which prepares like this: “Cut into thin slices 2 white onions, put them in a saucepan and add 1 liter of white wine and 1 liter of vinegar: Now reduce until almost all the liquid evaporates. Add half a kilo of butter at room temperature and mix until a cream is obtained: filter and leave to cool to restore solidity to the butter which will be acidulated ".

How to make risotto without broth – Italian Cuisine

How to make risotto without broth

The techniques for making a delicious risotto without the broth without sacrificing creaminess and taste

You can prepare a risotto without broth? According to the traditional recipe no, but contemporary cuisine admits some interesting variations. Inspired by the ideas of the great chefs, here is the technique for cooking risotto without broth (and discovering that we love it).

Water instead of broth

It seems obvious to say it, but to prepare a good risotto you can simply use water. sure it must be boiling water because you can't add cold to the risotto while cooking. It must also be salted to give flavor and flavor. The boiling water that we use if we don't have broth, can be flavored with spices or herbs based on the result we want to achieve. Remember then that the broth can be made in many ways and not only with celery, carrots and onions. You can also obtain a sort of broth by infusing herbs, or bay leaves and cloves and even broth can become brothcooking water of any vegetable.

Recipe for risotto without broth

As you do for a traditional risotto, consider two punches of rice per personplus one for the pot. Toasting rice it's the most important step, so don't underestimate it. Toast it in a sautéed onion, oil and butter for a couple of minutes and then blend with some still or sparkling white wine. Once the alcoholic part has evaporated, add with a ladle and little by little some boiling salted water, stirring constantly. After cooking, season with salt and pepper and stir in the butter and grated Parmesan. You can add it saffron to make a yellow rice, or a very tasty cheese for a super creamy risotto, but the base of the dish is more or less always the same, even replacing the broth with water.

Milk Rice

Another delicious risotto is the one that cooks in milk. The procedure is always the same and you can replace the onion with the shallot or eliminate it if you don't like it. Do not blend with the wine, but directly with the milk and continue to add it alternating it with boiling water. Almost at the end of cooking add the diced mozzarella, if you want a streamlined result, and a handful of Parmesan. It is also excellent in sweet version, obviously without the onion, but only with so much milk to be added a little at a time, a spoonful of sugar per person and plenty of cinnamon. Sweet milk rice is an excellent snack or a simple idea for a dessert.

Centrifuges and juices

If there is no broth we can replace it with juicers and vegetable and fruit juices. An example would be the Risotto With Lemon which is prepared with the juice obtained from a lemon by squeezing it or through the extractor. An elegant and colorful variant the one with the beetroot juice which makes it pink, but you can also make it green with the parsley and orange with pumpkin. It is always important to dilute these liquids with hot water to avoid giving the dish too intense a flavor.

Risotto without rice

What if you don't have broth or rice? Magic, risotto is made with chopped cauliflower and seared in a pan.
The cauliflower rice obviously has a different taste, but the appearance could fool anyone. It is a very tasty, rich and very easy to prepare dish.

U bredette: the fish broth from the Termolese area – Italian Cuisine

U bredette: the fish broth from the Termolese area

Very fresh mixed fish, tomato and peppers for a tasty soup to be prepared like the fishermen of the sea of ​​Termoli

The Brodetto alla termolese it's a fish soup that the fishermen of Termoli, marine center of the Molise, they prepared with the remnants of the caught that they could not sell: a poor but very tasty dish that "repaid" them for their hard work in the middle of the sea.

In termolese dialect it is called u ’bredette. It is prepared with mixed fish as like cicadasmullet, moorhens, scorpion fish, squid, cod and cuttlefish. The flavor of the soup is enriched with tomatoes and green peppers, garlic and parsley.

The recipe of broth alla termolese


To prepare the broth in the Termolese you will need: 1 kg of fresh fish of your choice, 500 g of mussels, 1 kg of clams, 500 gr of peeled tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, 400 g of green peppers, chopped parsley, extra virgin olive oil of olive, salt and chili pepper.


The first thing to do to prepare broth in the Termolese area is clean all the fish well, remove the bones and cut it into pieces, and cleaning the shellfish. We then move on to the preparation of the sauce for the Termolese broth, browning the garlic, the chilli pepper and the parsley with oil in a pan in which the peeled tomatoes and the peppers in strips are then placed.

When the tomato juice it's retired it's time to add the previously cut fish (with the exception of mussels and clams) with a little water and salt adjustment.

After a quarter of an hour of cooking, they can be added mussels and clams and the preparation continues for another 5/6 minutes.

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