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Savory pie with peas and mint: an idea for spring

A passepartout recipe, simple and perfect for this season. One recommendation: use fresh peas!

We offer you a very easy idea, but one that works for one spring savory pie, perfect as an appetizer, as a second course or even as a schiscetta to take to the office.
The main ingredients are i fresh peas which in this season are extraordinarily sweet and crunchy. We then add to the filling also of the tender zucchini is so much mint to give a little perfume.
And the pasta brisee? We make it at home and with whole wheat flour.

Whole brisée pasta

Preparing the brisée pasta is really very simple because there are no leavening times to respect and so many ingredients to mix.
For the proposed version, just knead it with your hands 200 g of whole wheat flour, 100 ml of water and 50 ml of extra virgin olive oil.
Add a pinch of salt if you want, but it is not necessary since the filling will still be very tasty.
Once ready the dough should not rest, but you can immediately spread it with a rolling pin and stuff it.
Do you want it a little spicy? Add a pinch of curry in powder.

The filling of the savory pie

For the filling of the cake we thought of the peas which are spring and therefore seasonal.
Buy them fresh, needless to say!
Take them from the pods and add them to the rest as they are, raw and crunchy.
Besides the peas there are the zucchini. You have two choices: once cut into thin rings, you can cook them or use them as raw as peas.
To cook them just brown them in a pan with the oil and chopped onion for a few minutes. However, they must maintain their consistency without breaking completely.
To keep peas and zucchini together, use a compound based on fresh cheese. The ideal is the ricotta cheese.
If you prefer something more delicate try with the robiola, but always keep a part of ricotta too.
For a more decisive taste instead mix the ricotta with the feta.
To fill the cake you will need about 500 g of ricotta, 200 g of robiola and 300 g of ricotta, or 100 g of feta and 450 g of ricotta.

How to prepare the savory pie

Once the dough is ready, roll it out not too thin and give it a round shape. Prick the bottom with a fork and in the meantime prepare the filling.
Mix the ricotta (or a mix of cheese) with one egg and a handful of grated Parmesan. Add salt, pepper and fresh mint and then the peas and courgettes (cooked or raw) keeping a little aside.
Pour the mixture on the base placed on a baking sheet or inside a cake mold covered with parchment paper and decorate the surface with the remaining peas and courgettes.
At this point you can either create a kind of decoration with the advanced pasta creating a frame, or simply bring it towards the wind of the cake.
Bake at 180 ° for about 25-30 minutes in a static oven.

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