Quick and light pasta: 10 recipes without giving up – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Why give up pasta on a diet? Even nutritionists agree: giving up is not the solution, it’s better to opt for one quick and light pasta instead of completely eliminating this food which is part of our beloved Mediterranean diet. Ultimately the problem is almost never the pasta itself (unless there are particular problems, obviously). More often than not, it is the seasoning: unbalanced, too full of fat.

What should the perfect light pasta dish look like?

Vademecum for the perfect light pasta dish. Do you know what are the rules to follow for a pasta dish that can satisfy you but without making you feel guilty? We’ll tell you. Here they are:

  • light condiments: it is preferable to use a little oil, preferably raw and extra virgin olive oil, an oil rich in good fats;
  • quick preparations: for two reasons, because if undercooked vegetables keep a greater number of nutritional properties intact and because this way you will not back down when faced with the possibility of preparing a good plate of pasta due to lack of time;
  • gluttony: light does not mean sad, and we show you this in our recipes in the gallery!
  • Color: a colorful dish satisfies the palate but also the sight;
  • variety: use lots of vegetables and lots of colours, enrich with legumes and enjoy the flavours.

How much pasta to eat on a diet?

Not all of us have the same needs. Much depends on the person’s lifestyle – sedentary or active -, age and metabolism. Surely a dietitian nutritionist will be able to advise you best, knowing your habits. However, that is considered a standard portion of pasta between 60 and 80 grams (raw weight). A person who does very little physical activity and perhaps has to follow a low-calorie diet will prefer a 60 gram portion, while a more active person can consume even 70/80.

Quick and light pasta: 10 recipes to try immediately

light pasta

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