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The first summer dishes, fresh and light – Italian Cuisine

Some ideas to keep temperatures at bay, to stay healthy and keep fit

Fresh foods, prepared with little fat and perhaps with less invasive cooking: summer is also this, the desire for true, genuine flavors, cooked in a simple way. For this the first summer dishes they should be so delicious, but also light and low-calorie, to satisfy you without weighing you down. Seasonings made of vegetables, even raw, or fish, fresh and tasty: the combinations are endless to bring to the table a nutritious dish and digestible at the same time. Creams, pastas, salads, vegetable puddings, are all dishes indicated for one light but full of taste lunch break.

First summer dishes: rice? Better whole

Do you want to try to love yourself for once? And then if it's cold it's good, get ready brown rice instead of the refined one. It keeps all the nutrients that are good for our health and for the first summer dishes is ideal. Topped with a vegetable brunoise or with chicken and cashew nuts or again with shrimp and avocado, the brown rice is a condensed fiber and vitamins able to satiate without giving a feeling of weight.

First summer dishes: pasta but also barley, spelled and quinoa

Get out of your comfort zone and dare, at least in summer, experimenting with cereals (and not, like quinoa), which you have never cooked. Barley and spelled first, but then also quinoa and amaranth, so rich in vitamins and minerals. They are perfect seasoned with lots of vegetables like peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and zucchini, or with crustaceans and molluscs, such as scampi and squid. They are prepared in a short time and are perfect because they maintain consistency and taste even for several days.

Spelled salad
Spelled salad.

First summer dishes … yes, even salads!

With tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and all the tastiest vegetables these months can offer, salads they are a dish always very appreciated, and for the freshness that distinguishes them, and for their content of calories, always reduced compared to other dishes. The important thing is to enrich them with some tasty ingredient, to give that extra touch that never hurts: a spoonful of buffalo stracciatella, some seed rich in antioxidants and fibers, a exotic fruit, of the smoked fish.

And now, in the tutorial, some ideas of light first to bring to the table!

How to make a light cheesecake (and face the diet gently) – Italian Cuisine

If you are tired of staying away from your favorite dessert, the good news is that there is a light cheesecake that is waiting just for you. Here the recipe to prepare it and some advice to enrich it

Since we discovered the cheesecake, we have never abandoned it. Sweet, but not cloying. Tasty, but at the same time fresh: it's love, slice by slice. But what if we are on a diet? The answer is a light variant, which you can no longer do without.

The cheesecake light recipe

Ingredients for 8 people

400 g light spreadable cheese, 100 g thick greek yogurt, 30 g sugar, 150 g reduced-fat wholemeal biscuits, 3 sheets of edible gelatin, a vanilla bean


Line a hinged mold (diam 18 cm) with baking paper and cover the bottom with the biscuits. To prepare a light cheesecake it is best to avoid using butter, then we will proceed with the whole biscuits instead of blending them, mix them with the butter and let the base cool. We cover the remaining holes with broken biscuits, making sure they adhere well to each other. Now add the yogurt to the cheese and add the gelatine that we will have soaked in water and wrung out. We work the mixture well adding the seeds of half a vanilla pod and the sugar. Let the cream settle in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, then pour it into the mold covering the biscuit base, level the surface well and put it back in the fridge for 2 hours.

To complete

This base lends itself to many variations. You can enrich it with fresh fruit or a puree obtained from pureed fruit and a sheet of gelatin soaked and wrung out.

The alternative bases

As you have seen to make a light cheesecake we must avoid the use of the butter that we usually use to tie blended biscuits to the base and prefer something lighter. Yes to wholemeal biscuits therefore, but also to bases that you can prepare before going to work. A clever idea is that of prepare a very thin whole biscuit with a diameter of 17 cm (to be sure that it enters the mold) o replace the classic crunchy base with … nothing! In fact, the real strength of the cheesecake lies in the cream and if we are following a diet that asks us to stay away from excess, we can sacrifice the crunchiness of the base and concentrate on the rest. Maybe adding some crunchy cereal or almond flakes as a final topping!

The portions

If you are few and you are afraid that a light cheesecake for 8 people will turn into a caloric bomb for a single glutton, try to portion it in small glasses. In this way you will not be tempted to give yourself huge slices and you can alternate layers of fruit and cream to make the dessert even lighter.

Baked aubergines: the light version for the summer – Italian Cuisine

If you are looking for a light side dish to include in your diet, you have found it. Here the tips to prepare light and very tasty aubergines

A raw eggplant of about 400 g makes little less than 100 calories, contains 25 g of carbohydrates and 4 of protein. So let's say that we could include it among the light foods, if it weren't for the fact that once cooked, we entrust them with the burden of seasonings. 100 g of fried aubergines can touch 400 calories, while they stop at 150 if gratinated. But let's take a step back and try to think of a new road, or the possibility of cooking a large 400 g eggplant (which will suffice for two people) using only two teaspoons of oil (80 calories).

The critical points

Eggplants absorb seasonings as if they were real sponges, so we must reduce their ability to absorb water by drying them a little with coarse salt after cutting them. Once removed, we can proceed with the dressing that can be optimized with the classic brine technique. We then mix oil, water and other ingredients such as lemon juice to help us create an easily dilutable emulsion.

The extra trick

We already knew that baking paper was precious to save time and effort. And we also know that it is useful to prevent foods from burning after sticking to the pan. From a light point of view however, perhaps we had not considered the fact that it is a real resource to avoid having to grease our foods that bake in the oven. Baking paper = less than half of the seasonings, to simplify.

The useful tool

To distribute the emulsion as best as possible, use a special brush. Preparing the sauce in a bowl, you can easily season the food to be cooked, making small quantities of oil sufficient.

The recipe for light eggplant

Ingredients: An aubergine, oregano, chilli pepper, garlic, lemon juice, a few leaves of fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Procedure: Reduce the aubergine in small cubes, prepare an emulsion with two teaspoons of oil, a tablespoon of water and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Add garlic, chilli and mix. Coat a plate with baking paper, spread the eggplant and brush it with the emulsion. At this point, salt and bake in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for about 25 minutes. Remove from the oven, decorate to taste with fresh mint leaves and serve warm.

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