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the savory pie that is prepared in an instant – Italian Cuisine

the savory pie that is prepared in an instant

Only 5 ingredients and a few steps for what we are certain will become your favorite last minute recipe!

The classic recipe of Parisian provides for the use of pizza dough, but we want to prepare it on the fly and therefore two rolls of puff pastry they will do for us.
The stuffed instead it remains the same that is cooked ham, tomato puree, cheese and oregano.
This stuffed rustic is perfect for an aperitif, a snack or even as a crush to take to the office.
Excellent warm, but also cold the next day.

Oregano makes the difference

But really!
As the basil does it in the sauce or on the pizza, like the sage with the buttered pasta.
You can not not use theOrigan in this recipe because it gives that flavor and fragrance that makes this very simple cake very special.
what dry that's fine.

The recipe of the Parisian puff pastry

Roll out a rectangular puff pastry roll on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or use the parchment paper already present in the package.
Prick the bottom and then spread with a spoon on the top seasoned tomato purée with salt and dry oregano.
Do not abound with the passata, it takes little.
Continue with a layer of thinly sliced ​​ham and then one of mozzarella cheese.
You can use a well-drained mozzarella or scamorza slices, the important thing is that the cheese does not lose too much water during cooking.
Provola, fontina cheese, cheese slices and other tasty cheeses are not good.
Close with a second roll of pastry making the air escape from the inside and then sealing the edges.
Prick the surface with a fork and brush with milk.
bake at 180 ° for 30 minutes about until the cake is golden brown.

The finger food variant

For a buffet or simply for convenience, you can prepare this recipe in single portions.
There are three proposals: saccottini, croissants or cupcakes.
In the first case, cut the puff pastry into squares of the same size and fill them.
For the Brioches instead take a round puff pastry, cut it into fairly large wedges, fill them (a little) and then roll them up to make croissants.
For the cakes use a muffin or tartlet mold, cover it with pasta disks, fill them and cover with other disks.

Recipe Savory pie with figs, goat cheese and hazelnuts – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Savory pie with figs, goat cheese and hazelnuts

  • 250 g creamy goat cheese
  • 50 g toasted hazelnuts
  • 5 figs
  • 3 eggs
  • a disk of pastry brisée
  • salt
  • pepper

For the recipe of savory pie with figs, goat cheese and hazelnuts, line a mold (ø 20 cm) with a sheet of baking paper and then place the pasta brisée. Roughly crushed hazelnuts. Peel the figs and cut them into slices at least 2 cm thick.

Season the goat's cream cheese with salt and pepper; mix well, then add the eggs to obtain a smooth and fairly liquid mixture. Spread the mixture into the mold, add the fig slices, spread the crushed hazelnuts on the surface, trim the edges of the dough and bake at 180 ° C for 25 '.

Take the savory cake out of the oven, let it cool, turn it out and serve it in slices, decorating to taste with fig wedges and some fennel.

Almonds, savory recipes for first and second courses – Italian Cuisine

Almonds, savory recipes for first and second courses

The protagonists of Trapanese pesto are also perfect with meat or fish to prepare excellent Italian and international dishes. Not forgetting the savory pies

Almonds, how not to love them in the kitchen: they are tasty and energetic, they are versatile and perfect in making desserts but also in first and second courses. After all, properly salted, almonds in a bowl can be the perfect aperitif to deceive the wait. Fundamental in making innumerable dishes perfect, choosing some is just a matter of taste and gastronomic balance. We, among the savory recipes, we cannot but start from the pesto alla Trapani.

Almonds and pesto alla Trapani

The pesto sauce in the Trapani's style, which has ancient origins, is a reworking of the most famous Ligurian seasoning with the products that Sicily provides in abundance as the tomato and, precisely, the almonds. This is a sauce made with the addition of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese, basil and black pepper. Peeled and raw almonds are the masters once they have been finely chopped or pounded in a mortar and then mixed together with the rest of the ingredients which in turn have been crushed with the pestle. Everything is mixed together with tomatoes (without peel and seeds). For the choice of pasta it is better to rely on tradition: in Trapani i busiati (a twisted macaroni-shaped fresh pasta) or i gnoccoli (a long fresh pasta), but many reach for the most famous bucatini or linguine.
A tasty variant is represented by rocket and almond pesto which provides the basis for perfect dressing of both pasta and rice, but also the right accompaniment to bruschetta and appetizers.

Almonds in meat from China to the Middle East

The gastronomic journey into the world of almonds does not stop with a first, though very famous and tasty. Because tradition has found a thousand uses for this seed that is rooted not only in Italian cuisine. One of the most famous dishes from China in the world is in fact the almond chicken where the morsels of meat cooked together with the onion and soy sauce are sautéed together with the toasted almonds. Without forgetting that it comes from the Middle East lamb with prunes and almonds, another absolutely delicious dish accompanied by couscous.

Almonds from fish to savory pies

For fish lovers, almonds adequately shelled and cut into thin strips become adequate coverage for salmon fillet generally cooked in the oven in a marinade of citrus fruits and ginger but also more simply just with a little oil. One cannot forget the fantastic contribution of almonds to savory pies. Typical is the almond cake, gorgonzola and vegetables where all its surface precisely covered wisely with this seed properly cut into strips. In short, the almonds that are harvested between August and September then become the pivot for an infinite quantity of savory dishes, and their only limit is the imagination of the cook.

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