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an irresistible idea for your Easter table – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

an irresistible idea for your Easter table

The quick rustic Easter with delicious cured meats it is a dish that combines tradition and creativity, ideal for delighting your guests, but also for emptying the fridge of what is left from the other recipes. This recipe will guide you through the preparation of a simple and quick Easter dish, enriched with a unique and irresistible flavour.

Red lentil croquettes, the original idea for the holidays – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Red lentil croquettes, the original idea for the holidays

The red lentil croquettes they are oven-cooked vegetable meatballs perfect for a tasty appetizer or a super protein-rich second course. Enriched with an accompanying sauce made from vegetable yogurt, dill and chives, these red lentil croquettes will literally sell like hot cakes. If you can’t find dill, you can replace it with fennel, but the aromatic herbs in this recipe will really make the difference so we suggest you use them without skimping.

What is the difference between regular lentils and red lentils?

We chose red lentils, small in size and hulled, because they cook faster than other types of lentils and do not require soaking. Their consistency is very tender, they tend to fall apart easily during cooking and for this reason they are also ideal for soups and veloutés.

What properties do red lentils have?

In addition to being an abundant source of protein, these orange legumes contain fiber, phytosterols and B vitamins.

Short on time and few ideas for dinner? This recipe is for you

Difficulty: easy
Time: 40 minutes

The salad cake is the new savory cake: the idea for Christmas – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Never heard of or tasted it salad cake? Ready go!

Among the Christmas appetizers, there are very few vegetables, just those of the Russian salad or the reinforcement one, and it is a real shame. Not that during dinner on Christmas Eve or lunch on the 25th you necessarily have to think about eating a healthy diet, but something fresh, crunchy and colorful completes the menu, and also helps you enjoy the other dishes better. To expand the offer of vegetable dishes to serve to guests, however, you can look beyond tradition alone. International inspirations come to the rescue (and famous pastry chefs like chef Ernst Knam) who propose the salad cakeor the salad cake.

Knam’s salad cakes

In Ernst Knam’s Christmas 2023 catalogue, they stand out among the savory proposals of the well-known Milanese pastry chef, right among chocolates and gastronomic panettones. «To make them the same techniques as sweet cakes are used but with savory ingredients. They can be served as appetizers or even as second courses”, and so there it is Catalan, a savory shortcrust pastry flavored with lemon, soft cream of spreadable cheese, octopus, semi-candied celery, fresh cherry tomatoes and confit cherry tomatoes, all decorated with 24k gold sheetsor theExotic with wasabi sponge cake, wasabi spread, dill marinated salmon and salmon roe. Knam bakes savory pies that are filled with fresh ingredients, to be served at room temperature, as unusual substitute for canapés. The idea, however, admits the chef, comes from afar. «Salad Cakes were born about 10 years ago in Japan.


Salad Cake, from Japan with fury

The idea came to the food stylist precisely in 2015 Mitsuki Moriyasu in his café, Bejidekosarada, in Nagoya, Japan, where he substituted cakes laden with icing and sugar for a new one savory pastries. Its VegedecoSalad® are completely vegetable, based on a sponge cake of soy and rice flour, tofu and raw vegetables, “glazed” with spreadable vegetable cheese, to be cut into wedges and eaten with a fork. A simple idea but with great visual impact that had given her great notoriety. The success was such that the young chef even ended up on CNN, making the phenomenon global. Salad Cakes had become a global phenomenon.

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