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How to do it without parchment paper: here's how to replace it – Italian Cuisine

How to do it without parchment paper: here's how to replace it

It is considered among the indispensable in the kitchen, yet it can also be cooked without. Here's what you can use instead of parchment paper

But how did grandmothers do when there was no parchment paper? In reality there are alternatives, only that we don't remember them anymore. Here how to do it without parchment paper.

How to cook without parchment paper: butter and flour

For the preparation of cakes, ciambelloni is plum cake, there is no doubt, the old remedy of butter and flour on the baking tray it is infallible, indeed, it is the best, because everything will be baked with the perfect shape of the mold.
But you have to pay attention to some things. The first is the cooking: if the cake is undercooked, or even worse, very cooked, there is no butter to hold, the dough may stick.
If the mold is damaged and has lost part of it non-stick layer, you shouldn't use it, not only because it no longer works, but also because it hurts.
Finally, when buttered, be careful cover the whole surface!

How to cook without parchment paper: oil

A good alternative to butter and flour to prepare cakes and pies is always the dear old man oil, but be careful not to use too much, because you risk compromising cooking.
Obviously choose a good extra virgin olive oil, both for the quality, but also because it still releases a little flavor and therefore must be very good.
We suggest you use the oil especially in the preparation of savory recipeswhile butter is better for desserts.

How to cook without parchment paper: spray butter

There are also gods butters to vaporize on molds and trays, generally widely used in pastry making because they are practical, fast and long-lasting.
Just sprinkle a little product and you're done, you don't even need to add flour to make the mold even more non-stick.
Spray butter is easily found on the market, especially online and in stores that sell kitchen products.
you can make at home a similar product with oil and a kitchen vaporizer.

How to replace parchment paper: silicone

There are gods molds suitable for baking in silicone and therefore easy to remove. You can find them in many versions and in every shape. There are those for muffin, those for donuts is cakes, those for Pancake and the mats that can be used, for example, for i cookies. They resist all temperatures.
Beware of the first use, however, because they may not work the first time if you don't know them well. Once purchased, you have to wash and dry them well and then grease them slightly.

How to replace parchment paper: aluminum

The aluminum issue is controversial. Someone uses the silver paper instead of parchment paper, but we do not recommend it, at least for some cooking.
If you have to cook a pepper in the oven or another whole vegetable to make a sauce or a cream, you can also put nothing at the base, or you can use aluminum, but do attention that leaves no residue.
In general, the real problem is this and therefore it is important not to cook anything that risks sticking on the silver sheets. If in doubt, avoid!

Don't use anything

If you want toast something you don't need to put a base on the baking sheet. Hazelnuts is almonds, for example, they can be cooked in a hot oven without anything because they are not likely to stick.
Even one meat or a fish salt does not need a base, which is not precisely salt.

Product baking paper

Some foods are already sold with their parchment paper, for example some ready pizzas or the shortcrust pastry, puff pastry or shortcrust packaged.
In this case, if you have nothing else, use the parchment paper already present at the base of the product. If you can, however, always replace it, because even a parchment paper already in some way used may not be the best solution, both from the point of view of health and for the final result.

In the gallery above, some tips for better cooking without parchment paper.

Mask with parchment paper: does it really protect against coronavirus? – Italian Cuisine

On the web, the tutorials to make masks with parchment paper or cloth go crazy: but are they really effective?

In the midst of the emergency coronavirus, several tutorials continue to spread on how to make a mask with parchment paper, folding a sheet and applying two elastic bands with the stapler to fix it to the ears. But it really works a protect yourself from infection? Let's start by making a distinction to understand how i work different types of mask.

The only masks that actually reduce the risk of coming into contact with infected saliva particles are le masks FFP2 is FFP3, equipped with a special valve that acts as a filter (to be replaced regularly).

The surgical masks single use, instead, they do not serve to protect themselves, but help not to sneeze or cough in the vicinity of others, avoiding to infect people if they were positive for the virus.
These masks are mainly used by health workers, most at risk due to the numerous contacts with potential infected patients.

Mask with parchment paper: does it work?

The realization of the masks with baking paper is based on the assumption that the baking paper is waterproof. The problem however lies in the fact that the parchment paper does not filter the air and does not adhere completely to the face: the air can enter and exit easily from the sides and upper and lower edges.

Another problem with masks made with parchment paper is having the right ability to make them: it is very easy to make mistakes, damage the faceplate or do not complete it correctly, thus exposing yourself and others to danger.

The use of these DIY masks could therefore generate false security and push people to break or underestimate the most important rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-2019: keep the safety distance at least 1 meter, don't touch your face is to wash hands often and carefully.

In conclusion, a mask with parchment paper cannot replace certified and compliant protective devices.

Coronavirus: when and how to wear a mask

The World Health Organization explained when to use the mask on its site.

1. If you are healthy, you will only need the mask if you are taking care of a person who may have contracted the coronavirus COVID-2019.

2. Wear a face mask if cough or sneeze.

3. The masks are effective only when combined with a frequent hand washing, with an alcohol or water and soap solution.

If you are wearing a mask it is important to know how to wear it and use it to prevent it from becoming a vehicle of infection through contact with the hands.

1. Before putting on the mask, wash your hands with an alcohol or soap and water solution.

2. Cover your mouth and nose with the mask, make sure that it adheres completely to the face and that there are no openings between the face and the mask.

3. Avoid touching the mask when you wear it: if you do, wash your hands with an alcohol or soap and water solution.

4. Replace the mask as soon as it becomes wet and do not reuse disposable masks.

5. Remove the mask from the elastic bands, without touching the front; throw away the mask in a closed basket; wash your hands with an alcohol or soap and water solution.

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rice paper rolls – Italian Cuisine

rice paper rolls

When you want a fresh, colorful and light lunch break, trust the rice paper. Here's where to find it and how to use it in the kitchen

What we propose today is an excellent alternative to the classic quick lunch based on sandwich, piadina or pizza slice.
A healthy and very light recipe that comes from the East and that will make your colorful and fresh sundresses.

What is rice paper

Rice paper or wonton pasta (bành tràng in original ligua) is a Vietnamese preparation based on rice flour, water and salt.
It looks like a kind of wafer, it is round and can be used for the preparation of many rolls and rolls like the ones we offer today. It can be used raw, but it is also suitable for steaming and grilling.

Where to buy rice paper

If before it was very difficult to find it, in recent years, with the spread of Asian cuisine, this has also become a product from the supermarket.
You can also find it in organic and natural food stores or in Asian food stores.

How to use rice paper

To create the rolls, just dampen it with cold water and then shape it with your hands.
Stuff it by making a strip in the center with all the ingredients following the diameter, but still leaving some space at the ends.
Then bend towards the inside first two ends and then roll the sheet over the filling.
At this point the roll will be ready and if it remains a little open, stick it with a brush of water.

How to stuff the rolls

The nice thing about this dish is that you can prepare it with what you prefer, using colors in particular.
So choose particularly brilliant raw vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, avocado, radicchio, peppers whether yellow or red or green and everything that comes to mind.
The only care is to cut the vegetables very thinly into strips, so that they can be aligned according to a chromatic order and with a certain criterion within the rice paper.
The roulade, once ready, is served cut into sections to show the beauty of the colors inside.

The ideal ingredients for the summer

This season you have lots of vegetables available and then use them as we explained in the previous paragraph.
Cut the carrots and matches and the cucumbers too, keeping the skin and an avocado not too ripe.
Also cut the iceberg salad and lettuce into a banner.
Also add some sprouts because they make color and give freshness and crispness.
As for the protein portion of the dish, add grilled tofu or chicken.
If you like legumes we recommend lentils or cannellini beans cream.
And speaking of cream, it must never lack inside a sauce that assembles and gives a little creaminess.
Hummus, guacamole, tzaziki, yogurt sauce or vegan mayonnaise. You decide.

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