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Potato gnocchi with fish and legume ragù – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Potato gnocchi with fish and legume ragù

Soft, velvety and creamy, the Potato gnocchi with hake and pea ragù offer an unmistakable flavour experience. Thanks to their quick and easy recipethese exquisite potato nuggets, immersed in a tasty emulsion of fish and legumes, become a precious dinner saving plate to satisfy demanding guests with refined palates.

Black Eyed Peas Birthday Cupcake Cake: Photo – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The photo that is printed on the birthday cake (ph pasticceria Zoccola via ufficio stampa Pradivio).

The amazing cannon

Who recommended the black Eyed Peas to choose the excellent creations of Pasticceria Zoccola definitely knows a thing or two about desserts and the art of baking. Luigi and Maddalena Zoccola They opened way back in 1820 and even today their name remains in history and continues with the work of Massimo and Alice Bitchfather and daughter, or there sixth and seventh generation. Their cannoncino is an icon, which is churned out at an impressive rate of 4000 pieces per day. Prepared with high quality butter and local flours (Molino F.lli Lingua di Alessandria, active since 1920), the Zoccola cannoncino is distinguished by its elongated shape and the closure on one of the two sides that makes it similar to a cornucopia. Another difference is represented by the number of puff pastry turns: there are 7 those on which each single piece is wrapped, rigorously hand-made. Even the fillings of the cannon go outside the rules: they are over 20 flavors on which to choose. Alongside the classics filled with cream, custard, chocolate and zabaglione (whipped by hand in the traditional copper pot), new classics have found space: from hazelnut to coffee, through white chocolate, Italian Chantilly cream, pistachio, Nutella, raspberry and apricot jam, up to the ever-present strawberry chocolate. To these are added the seasonal flavours. Among the 8 summer flavours, violet and rose stand out, a must that are accompanied by those with seasonal fruit creams such as strawberry, apricot and peach. Among the winter flavours, in addition to caramel and Aurora (a tasty mix of cream and zabaglione), the territorial ones have a place of honour: from marron glacé to Barbera and Moscato creams. To embellish the range there are the limited editioncannoncini with unique flavors to discover. The packaging also stands out: in addition to the traditional cabaret, at the Zoccola pastry shop the cannoncini can be packaged in special containers in which they are arranged vertically making them look similar to a cake. Every weekend, and on any other day upon order, the cannoncini from the Zoccola pastry shop can also be enjoyed in 5 delicious gastronomic versions: baked without being dusted with sugar, they are filled with ham, tuna, salmon, gorgonzola and anchovy mousse. Furthermore, summer 2024 will be the year of the “cannolice”, that is, the cannoncini filled with soft ice cream in different flavors.

To classic and historic cakes such as theAlbanese and the Trufflealongside modern cakes based on mousse, bavarois, gelée covered with icing. Much more elaborate are the decorations of the cakes through the techniques of cake design. Another flagship product of Pasticceria Zoccola are the large leavened products prepared during the holidays with a mother yeast managed with the Piedmontese method since the 1950s. At the counter, together with the cannoncini, there are other traditional classics: from cream puffs, cream, zabaglione, chantilly cream, chocolate, coffee and Piedmont hazelnut, to chocolate and cream mushrooms. The biscuits speak Piedmontese with the baci di dama, classic and chocolate, wrapped individually, as well as the amaretti.

Pasticceria Zoccola – Corso Alfonso La Marmora, 61, Alessandria – tel. 0131 254767
Open from Tuesday to Sunday morning: 8.30-12.30 and 15.30-19.30
Closed Sunday afternoon and Monday all day

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