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Thai red curry chicken, a delight for lovers of Asian cuisine – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Thai red curry chicken, a delight for lovers of Asian cuisine

The Thai red curry chicken represents a distinctive dish of the regional cuisine of Southeast Asia, known for its complexity of flavors and balance between precisely selected ingredients. Originally from ThailandThe red curry is characterized by the use of dried chili peppers, aromatic herbs and spices that give this regional recipe a rich and intense flavor profile. The preparation of the dish involves the use of key ingredients like chicken, cut into uniform pieces, and a red curry mixture, composed mainly of dried chillies, lemongrass, garlic, onion and coriander. The use of fresh ingredients and the mastery of balancing spiciness, acidity and sweetness are the secrets to the success of the dish.

It is suitable for being served on various gastronomic occasions, such as friendly or more formal dinners, but also original lunches, where there is a strong desire for an alternative taste experience. The seasonality of pienza is not rigidly defined, but its intensity of flavor makes it particularly welcome during the colder months, when the need for hot and spicy dishes is more accentuated. However, its versatility makes it appreciated at any time of the year. Do you want to amaze your friends or family with exotic flavors you’ve never tried before? All you have to do is prepare this Thai red chicken curry. Follow our recipe!

Brown red rice with courgettes and curry – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Brown red rice with courgettes and curry

Boil the cannellini beans for 10 minutes in salted water, keeping a ladle of their cooking water. Place the boiled cannellini beans in a tall container with a little of the cooking water and a little extra virgin olive oil, then blend with the immersion blender until you obtain a smooth cream. If it is still too thick, add very little cooking water and blend again.

Tofu skewers in curry and sesame sauce – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Tofu skewers in curry and sesame sauce

The tofu, a cornerstone of Asian cuisine, is derived from coagulated soy milk. Its history dates back over two thousand years to China and, over time, it has gained popularity around the world as a versatile protein alternative. Its neutral nature allows it to absorb surrounding flavors, making it the ideal candidate for marinades and intense flavors, as is the case with this recipe. The currya blend of dried and ground spices, is a key element in many Asian dishes.

Its presence in the preparation of today’s skewers gives it an aromatic and spicy profile. The sesamewith its rich and slightly toasted flavor, completes the flavor picture, adding a crunchy note, taste and a remarkable nutritional profile, providing healthy fats And vegetable proteins. To prepare these delicious Tofu skewers with curry and sesame, tofu is cut into cubes and marinated in a mixture of curry, oil and spices. Subsequently, the pieces are threaded onto skewers together with the sesame seeds and cooked until they obtain a golden and fragrant consistency. This is an excellent one vegan recipe, capable of conquering enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, using a mix of components of plant origin. Therefore, curry and sesame tofu skewers can be presented as a starter, side dish or even main course, from casual dinner to festive meal, adding a note of innovation and flavor to menus. What are you waiting for? Follow our recipe and let’s cook together!

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