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Girella Day: all ready for the close encounters … of the greedy type! – Italian Cuisine

Girella Day: all ready for the close encounters ... of the greedy type!

"The moral is always that, make a snack with swivel" read the famous spot of the 1980s, the very famous advertising of the Motta snack!
Do you remember it? They were short cartoons with the adventures of a happy tribe headed by stuffed Bull who defended his stocks of girelle from Golosastro, an inept criminal who aimed at the darling of the cunning redskins.
Born in 1973, Girella was one of the first truly delicious snacks in Italy: the spiral-shaped snack that won over many children turns thirty and today celebrates Girella Day with a communication campaign that involves the cities of Giaveno and Milan and influencers PanPers and Gordon.

The mysterious signs in the lawn at Giaveno

Whimsical video reports document mysterious signs in the meadows of Giaveno: the mayor was also involved, who proclaimed the snack as a passe-partout that makes anything possible in the village. And now, these paranormal phenomena seem to want to hit even the Lombard capital. The Milanese citizenship alert is issued for today, a day when a strange presence is materializing in the very central Piazza XXV Aprile. Watch out for greedy spirits!

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How to Flip Food in a Pan Like a Chef

I always feel a little guilty when I post one of these
technique videos, which is kind of strange since I get just as many “wishes”
for this type of demo, as I do for straight recipes. People seem to like
them, and I’ll get lots of comments asking for more of the same, but there’s
just something about not being able to take a bite out of the final product
that leaves me slightly unsatisfied.

Of course, I could have eaten some more cheese balls at the
end, but you know what I’m saying. Anyway, lack of proper money shot
notwithstanding, I hope this “cheesy” trick helps you master this very basic
and desirable kitchen skill.

By the way, this is about much more than just looking cool.
Depending on the recipe, flipping the food around without having to use a spoon
or spatula can be a big advantage. It’s faster, more effective, and yes, it looks
super cool too. I hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Holiday Recipes

The holiday season involves a number of luxuries, from nice gifts, to comfortable traditions, and, perhaps most importantly, food. It seems that, come Christmas, people go to great lengths to find new and appealing recipes with which to impress friends and families. To some, this can be as simple as looking into Christmas hampers from Marks & Spencer[1], which often offer a number of specialty food and drinks; however, for others, it can mean learning how to cook and prepare exciting new dishes that go well with the holidays and can be enjoyed by a number of different people. For the latter type, there are a number of websites online that specialize in sharing holiday recipes.

One example of one of these helpful websites is epicurious.com, which has an interesting and broad selection of recipes specifically designed to go well with the holidays. For example, their porchetta dish offers an interesting alternative to the somewhat more traditional Christmas meat dishes of turkey or roast beef. The dish is pork based, and is prepared to offer a seasoned, almost crispy skin-on outer layer, with juicier meat at the center. This is a fantastic option as a centrepiece for any Christmas meal, or even for a different meal during the holiday season.

There are also a number of recipes listed on epicurious.com that are more geared toward desserts and holiday treats than main courses. For example, one of the most highly rated options on the website is a decadent-looking zeppole with chocolate sauce. Essentially, these are light, small powdered donuts that can be great to offer to a group of people. With a number of these in a bowl and a dish of chocolate sauce available, an entire group can enjoy a unique dessert together, which some find more appealing than indulging on different sorts of pies and cakes.

There are of course thousands of other recipes available online and indeed in cookbooks and kitchen advice publications all over the world. Due to the nature of the holiday season as a time of comfort and luxury, holiday recipes are an extremely popular topic in the world of culinary expertise. In fact, this is one of the most consistent portions of cooking, as the holidays come every year and many people – though they enjoy their traditions and like to stand by what’s good – never stop looking for the next great meal. All it takes is a little bit of research, and you can find this meal just about anywhere.


  1. ^ Marks & Spencer (www.marksandspencer.com)

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