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Pumpkin in a spoon recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

  • 1 pcs Butternut type pumpkin
  • 50 g shelled pumpkin seeds
  • 1 pcs shallots
  • sugar
  • vegetable broth
  • pepper
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil

For the recipe of pumpkin with a spoon, cut the pumpkin into three parts, as seen in the photo on the right. Dig the round part with a spoon. Season it with a little oil, salt and pepper. Place it on a plate together with the cap (if you wish, you can use it as a lid) and bake at 200 ° C for 40 minutes.
Decort the elongated part and cut the pulp into cubes. Slice the shallot and fry it in a pan with a little oil; add the pumpkin into cubes, moisten with 2 ladles of broth and cook over low heat for about 20 minutes, adding more broth as it dries. Cook 2 tablespoons of sugar in a pan with 2 tablespoons of water and a pinch of salt.
When the sugar has melted, add the pumpkin seeds and stir until the sugar sticks to the seeds, "granifying them". Turn off and let cool. Remove the pumpkin from the oven, fill it with the cubes cooked in the pan and complete with the crunchy seeds.

Spoon desserts, ten recipes – Italian Cuisine

Semifreddo, mousse, pannacotta, cream and much more, to enjoy a good dessert spoon after spoon

Spoon desserts are the best way to end a lunch with sweetness and freshness or to break up the afternoon with a cured snack. The particular consistency of the creams and the possibility of combining different tastes and ingredients, make the desserts to the spoon the perfect preparation to free the imagination in the kitchen, pampering the palate with sweetness and whims.

If the pudding and tiramisu have conquered the scepter of puddings, there are still lots of less explored recipes that deserve a prominent place in your recipe book. Now that spring is coming, it's time to lighten up the kitchen and dedicate oneself to flavors that can delight and refresh at the same time. The cinnamon semifreddo with spicy mango sauce for example, it is perfect for those who love contrasts and do not disdain an exotic touch.

For those who do not want to give up chocolate, some ideal spoon desserts are the pear mousse, cocoa crumble and orange caramel, i small glasses of chocolate with cappuccino mousse and the luscious one black bomb. The fruit instead characterizes the preparations of the recipes raspberry and vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb, semifreddo of drowned amaretto is lemon cream and biscuits whipped with strawberries. Anyone who loves finding a touch of salt even in desserts will love the black bread and cream cheese cake and the Marsala ricotta mousse.

Raspberry and vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb
Raspberry and vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb.

Here are our 10 recipes for desserts

White spoon cake – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

A dessert with historical origins, that tell it "designed" for our magazine by the great stylist Mila Schön in the eighties, and revisited today in a contemporary key.

The result is an impeccable dessert to the eyes and delicious to the palate, to cheer with "More taste" the guests, perhaps at the end of a luculliano Christmas dinner.
And without setting limits to the imagination, you can also experiment with different presentations, perhaps choosing to serve it at the table in individual cups in which the cut biscuits create the base.

Ingredients for 8 people

750 g milk
200 g sugar
50 g milk chocolate
50 g dark chocolate
50 g Grand Marnier
40 g cornstarch
8 ladyfingers
5 eggs

In this recipe we used Gluten-free Savoiardi of the Simple line and Good Pam & Panorama.
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Heat 500 g of milk; in a bowl, beat the egg yolks with 40 g of sugar and cornstarch; pour the hot milk over the egg yolks, put the mixture in the pot and cook for 3-4 minutes, until it has thickened. Turn off the cream and add the chocolates into small pieces, stirring until they melt. Let it cool. In the meantime whisk the egg whites with 80 g of sugar. Bring to the boil 250g of milk with 250g of water and 2 lemon peel, then lower the flame and let it just quiver. Form some quenelle with whipped egg whites and cook them in milk for 2 '. Drain the meringues on kitchen paper. Dilute the Grand Marnier with 15-20 g of water and sprinkle with it the ladyfingers, without soaking them too much. Arrange them in a plate, in a uniform layer. Spread the cream on the biscuits and put the cake to consolidate in the fridge for 30 '. Finally, cover the cream with meringues. Dissolve the remaining sugar until it becomes blond, then pour it on the meringues, completing the dessert.

Italian Cuisine recommends you to combine this recipe with another delicious dish based on Spaghetti multigrain, prawns and rocket.