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A recipe with few ingredients, quick and easy, for a fresh dessert to be enjoyed from snack to dinner

You can prepare a spoon dessert in just ten minutes? If the answer is the greek yogurt mousse, then absolutely yes. And if the result is also very good it is really worth trying.

The mousse allo Greek yogurt very reminiscent of the yogurt ice-cream but it is decidedly more frothy and delicate. You can serve it in tall cups or glasses and our advice is those of put them in the freezer for 10 minutes before pouring the mousse for keep it very cold and enjoy it to the fullest of taste.


Greek yogurt mousse, a recipe in 10 minutes


To prepare this quick dessert per spoon you will need: 150 ml of already cold fresh liquid cream, 40 g of powdered sugar, 150 g of Greek yogurt, 1 sheet of gelatin or isinglass.


The first thing to do to prepare the Greek yogurt mousse is to soak the sheet in cold water jelly to soften it. Then, with the help of kitchen whips you need to whip the cream, gradually adding the icing sugar until you get a homogeneous compound and free of lumps.

At this point it is necessary add yogurt and continue to mix, using a spatula and always trying to go From the bottom to the top because it is the best way to incorporate the ingredients into the cream.

When the mixture is ready, take a spoonful and put it in a saucepan with the gelatin sheet properly squeezed, heat it on the stove until the gelatine did not melt (not a second more) and then pour it on the mousse with yogurt and cream mixing well with the spatula.

Let it all cool down a room temperature for 5 minutes and then put the Greek yogurt mousse in fridge for 30 minutes. With a teaspoon or a sac à poche then pour it into small glasses or bowls before bringing it to the table and fill it with what you like, starting with strawberries and berries.

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