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Porters superstar: 30 recipes that will make you happy – Italian Cuisine

The garden this month gives us delicate aromas, intense aromas and a great desire to re-ignite the oven and stove. After the summer heat that invited us to enjoy the freshness of raw dishes, it's time to rediscover our favorite recipes. Rolls, gratins, pies, velvety, soups, pastas, patties and delicious side dishes. But also some fritters that whet the appetite.
And the leeks are perfect for each of these preparations, thanks to their particular shape that lends itself to contain other foods and the delicate flavor that characterizes each dish.

Like the onion

One of the most intuitive uses of leeks is to use it in all the recipes in which we usually use onion. It will be one perfect base for risottos, sauces, stews, roasts and mixed vegetable side dishes. It will also make special broths of meat, fish and vegetables and will give an aromatic and recognizable note to each soup and velvety.

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Even more digestible

If onion, shallots and leeks give you some trouble during digestion, you should try treating them differently. One of the most popular methods is the stracottura. In practice the cooking time of the leek is prolonged by lowering the heat and adding hot water or broth. We proceed to the loss of consistency of the vegetables, which can then be used to flavor other dishes or as a basis for all the recipes that require their use. Alternatively, you can fry an abundant quantity of sliced ​​leeks in the oil which we will then filter and we will use it to season pasta, rice, fish or meat.

The benefits

In addition to the innate aromatic characteristics, leeks are also highly appreciated thanks to the numerous properties. I'm moisturizing, low-calorie (consisting of almost 90% water) and rich in mineral salts, fibers and vitamins. They are also valuable for preventing cardiovascular diseases, reducing bad cholesterol and keeping the skin young and supple. They are very indicated in diets thanks to their satiating power and because they promote bowel cleansing.

In the gallery, our collection of 30 recipes to taste leeks

5 comfort food to be happy even after the holidays – Italian Cuisine

5 comfort food to be happy even after the holidays

Holidays over? Do not despair, but cook. Prepare these 5 good humor recipes

Do you know what comfort food is? The food that gives comfort, that gives a smile, that makes you feel good, that improves your mood.
A treat for the palate to speak.
It can be comfort food a chocolate cube, a hot soup when it's cold outside, a pizza, an ice cream and even a fruit.
But comfort food is also a dish linked to a moment of life, to a beautiful memory, like a childhood recipe, for example. Remember Proust's madeleines? This is the concept.
Italians generally love homemade comfort foods, those related to home, family recipes, tradition.

All thanks to serotonin

Very often to put of good mood it is not the recipe itself but the raw material. Some foods, in fact, manage to make us smile again more than others.
All thanks to the serotonin, also known as a good mood hormone, a neurotransmitter found mainly in the central nervous system and in the gastro-intestinal tract. In the digestive system it regulates digestion, while in the central nervous system it regulates mood, sleep, appetite, learning and memory.
Good serotonin levels in the blood range from 101 to 283 ng / ml. Serotonin deficiency can cause depression, panic attacks, migraine, hypertension and insomnia.
Our body produces serotonin from tryptophan, a substance that we can take through nutrition. Foods that contain a higher concentration of tryptophan include eggs, milk and dairy products, meat and salmon, algae, soybeans, sesame and sunflower seeds, cocoa, dark chocolate, potatoes, bananas, rice, whole grains, vegetables green leafy, walnuts and almonds.
There are also foods that represent a real source of serotonin. These include cocoa and chocolate, nuts, kiwis, pineapples, cherries, tomatoes, bananas and plums.
Here then 5 quick and tasty ideas (and rich in serotonin!) to be brought to the table to face the end of the holidays with a smile.

Does eating dark chocolate make you happy? – Italian Cuisine

This was stated by a study by the University College of London. Not only: people who, in general, eat more chocolate, regardless of type, have fewer depressive symptoms than others

It will not be the best choice for the line, but when the mood worsens and stress assails us, eating chocolate is a lifeline to hand. Researchers have long used many resources to study the beneficial effects on the body and mind of a few squares, and many studies now confirm that cocoa and chocolate contain different substances capable of act on mood. But now a new research, conducted byUniversity College of London Epidemiology & Health Care, goes further, and states that "people who eat dark chocolate would have one 70% lower probability to report clinically relevant depressive symptoms compared to those who have reported never eating them. "

That's it? The team ofUCL worked in collaboration with scientists from theUniversity of Calgary and ofAlberta Health Services Canada. It is worth pointing out that, as far as we know, this study has not received funding from any chocolate manufacturer: the researchers published their results in the journal Depression & Anxiety.

Scientists controlled a large number of variables, including weight, height, marital status, education, ethnicity, income, levels of education, smoking and other health conditions. They used the data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of the United States and, after excluding underweight people and diabetics, tested a sample of over 13 thousand participants older than 20 years.

They then evaluated depressive symptoms using the Patient Health Questionnaire, which is a standard diagnostic tool for mental health disorders. Overall, 1,332 (11.1%) participants reported eating chocolate and, of these, 148 said they consumed dark chocolate.

In addition to concluding that those who consume dark chocolate are 70% less likely to have depression, the study also found that people who eat more chocolate in general, regardless of type, have less depressive symptoms of the others.

Does eating dark chocolate make you happy?

The researchers, however, ask caution: the study is observational: it cannot be concluded that chocolate relieves depression. The lead author, Sarah Jackson of theUCL, states: "Further research is needed to clarify the causal link: it could be that depression causes people to lose interest in chocolate consumption, or there may be other factors that make people less likely to eat dark chocolate and be depressed . In short, we need more information. Meanwhile, a small square of chocolate remains a small absolute pleasure, and no scientific evidence is needed to prove it.

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