Alessandro Borghese turns 45: happy birthday to the chef! – Italian Cuisine

Alessandro Borghese turns 45: happy birthday to the chef!

Forty-five candles to be blown out with the air of an eternal kid who likes to cook, stay on TV, communicate on social media, but also ride a motorbike and listen to music

Born on November 19, 1976, Alessandro Borghese turn off today forty five candles, but over the years it has never lost that charge of energy that makes it look like a eternal youth. Kind eyes among the rebellious curls and a conquering smile, can only arouse sympathy. "Rock'n'social" chef, proposes a cuisine that defines "Inventive and generous", you do not spare how tv showman and he is also the best cook at communicate on the network.

Alessandro Borghese, from cruise ships to Milanese restaurants

After graduating from the American Overseas School in Rome, Alessandro Borghese worked for three years on cruise ships. Then finally landed on land, he lives professional experiences a San Francisco (city where he was born), New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome and Milan. He has made a brand of his style in the kitchen – in which he combines the taste of quality raw materials with a refined simplicity of preparations – The luxury of simplicity, which is the name of his Milanese restaurant opened in 2017. With his company, AB Normal, founded with his wife Wilma Oliverio, he also deals with catering and banqueting for events, food consulting and advertising.

Borghese tv showman

It is currently airing on TV8 with Game Of Talents next to Mara Maionchi and Frank Matano and with Rich dish together with chef Gennaro Esposito, but over the years he has been the protagonist of countless TV programs, from Courtesies for guests to Cooks and flames, from Junior Masterchef Italy to Kitchen Sound, from Cuochi d'Italia a 4 Restaurants, the program that has definitively consecrated it to the general public (and toirony of the network).

Alessandro Borghese: what (perhaps) you don't know and what you would like to know

Borghese is the son of the actress Barbara Bouchet and the Neapolitan entrepreneur Luigi Borghese. Has a younger brother (decidedly more reserved than him) who is called Massimiliano and that yes, he looks quite like him. Married to Wilma Oliverio with whom he had two daughters, Arizona and Alexandra, some time ago revealed that he had discovered the existence of a third child born from a previous relationship.

There pasta with cheese and pepper is his workhorse. And, after cooking, his passions are there motorcycle and the music. His adventurous life and his dishes he told them in different books: from the first of 2014 entitled The suit does not make the cook. The Italian cuisine of a gentleman chef last published in 2018 Cacio & Pepe. My life in 50 recipes.

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