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the new restaurant by Alessandro Del Piero – Italian Cuisine

the new restaurant by Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero goes online in Milan, but this time scoring in the restaurant business. Here's where to find it and what you eat

In what was the nineteenth-century warehouse of the first Milanese railway station, in Viale Monte Grappa 10, many managements followed one another before arriving at the one that today sees among the protagonists Alessandro Del Piero, who immediately believed in this new business project shared with a group of friends.
A place that has always been one of arrivals and departures, the one near Via Melchiorre Gioia, which has become a modern two-storey building, which combines the excellence of Italian cuisine with those of the East to offer guests a new journey.

The "morsel"

The kitchen of N10 Experience is signed by chef Corrado Michelazzo, Piedmontese Michelin star in 2004 and returned to Italy after 10 years in China. The location has been completely renovated with a contemporary and welcoming design, where at any time there is the possibility to stop for a moment and indulge, as they say in the Milanese culture, in a "bite".
And it is precisely on the concept of the morsel that the entire N10 Experience gastronomic format develops, starting from the kitchen offer that is designed to give the opportunity to taste more of the chef's dishes.
The "morsels" are available all day, from 12 until 11pm for those in the kitchen, and up to 24 for the pizzeria. They can be tasted and shared at the chef's counter, where they are created with an interactive cooking show with the guests, or they can be ordered comfortably while sitting in the lounge, perhaps accompanying them with a personalized drink.

What are we eating

The kitchen is a pure example of Italian style with a fusion twist, given the experience of the chef and his sous chef Giorgio Bresciani, he too returned to Italy after an Asian experience. An example of all the bao, revisited in Italian and honoring the city of Milan: they are real steamed Chinese bao, but with saffron and with a filling of ossobuco ragout. But there is not only the East and West combo in Corrado Michelazzo's dishes, as in the case of the ravioli filled with carbonara sauce, with a broccoli cream and anchovy sauce underneath and a crispy bacon and dehydrated broccoli powder on top. A liquid ravioli to eat with a spoon. "I don't want to overturn the kitchen too much, or make it into a Chinese", 0 chef Michelazzo confesses. «But after 10 years in Asia some touch is natural to come naturally. This is a place to make an experience, where to find an evolved simplicity and share it ”.


As in any new self-respecting restaurant, you cannot miss the gourmet pizza, which is really excellent here, thanks to the master pizzaiolo Marcello Costanzo who has 30 years of experience in catering, and in the study of pizza dough. In fact, 4 different types of flour are used for the dough, plus an integral type and one with ancient Sicilian grains. The purpose is high digestibility, thanks also to a slow leavening of at least 54 hours. In addition to the pizzas on the menu, each evening the chef selects 3 pizzas with seasonal ingredients, starting in the fall with truffles, mushrooms and game. N10 Experience is not just food, but also an ideal place for mixology enthusiasts, with the Bar's sophisticated cocktails or to taste a careful selection of Italian bubbles in the 10-seat private room, signed Cantine Ferrari.
An interesting new Milanese opening, which has all the credentials to get a nice (ça va sans dire) 10!

the sweet of Alessandro Borghese (to try) – Italian Cuisine

the sweet of Alessandro Borghese (to try)

You can taste it until February 24 in the menu of AB-The luxury of simplicity, the chef's restaurant in Milan, or prepare at home with this recipe

If it is true that Valentine's day is the most "sweet" party there is, so to celebrate it you can not miss a special dessert, the indispensable conclusion of all dinners, especially those romantic.

This is why, on February 14th, Alessandro Borghese he thought of a new dessert that will be possible to taste in his restaurant "AB – Il Lusso della semplicità" in Milan for a limited period of time. "Like a stone", so the chef has called his creation, will be on the menu until February 24 as a gift for your half.

If you are skilled in the kitchen you can also try to replicate it at home with the chef's recipe!

Like a stone – the recipe

Ingredients for 4 people
250 g fresh cream
40 g sugar
40 g yolk
40 g Philadelphia cheese
125 g of robiola
40 g white chocolate
25 g of hazelnut cream
3 g of jelly
1 white velvet can
16 g caviar
Gold leaf q.b.

For the sauce:
100 g fresh beetroot
1 g of salt
5 g of sugar

For the biscuit:
60 g Digestive type biscuits
18 g butter

Cook the beet in the microwave for 10 minutes in a closed container with the film and blend with salt and sugar. Pass the mixture in a fine mesh sieve to obtain a smooth and homogeneous sauce.

In a saucepan mix the cream, egg yolk and sugar until you bring them to 82 ° C. Remove from heat and add the hazelnut cream, then Philadelphia, robiola, white chocolate and jelly. Put the mixture into molds of the desired shape, without filling them to the brim and let cool in a blast chiller up to -20 ° C (at home in the freezer for 5-7 hours).

Frull the biscuits with the melted butter and spread the mixture until completely fill the molds and let cool. Once solid remove from the molds and pass the velvet spray for the "stone" effect. Leave in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before serving.

Plate with beetroot cream and decorate with caviar and gold leaves.

Alessandro Borghese in Cremona (for the last episode) – Italian Cuisine

Alessandro Borghese in Cremona (for the last episode)

Last seasonal appointment of the program with the chef in the province of Cremona looking for the best restaurant in the countryside

It ends in Cremona, with the episode of February 12th on air as usual on Sky Uno at 9.15 pm, the fifth season of Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants. The latest exciting challenge of the program will see the restaurants of the Lombard province, famous in the world for the workshops of violin making and that boasts among its specialties meats and cheeses of excellent quality not to mention the nougat and mustard, giving a hard time on country kitchen. What will be the best? To decree it will be the restaurateurs themselves led by Borghese chef whose votes (including the bonus of 5 points awarded for a particular dish) will be able to confirm or overturn the result.

The 4 restaurants in the race

Let's discover a preview of the 4 restaurants that will participate in the Cremonese episode.

TRATTORIA IL GABBIANO – Corte De 'Cortesi with Cignone

For Andrea, owner, manager of the room and sommelier of Trattoria Il Gabbiano, fundamental is the love for this work, because only with passion can you survive almost 16 hours a day in a restaurant. His is located in the town square and was originally the old central bar, a structure with a wine room and three small rooms with tables. The menu is purely traditional with some revisited dishes: fresh pasta, poultry meat, sausages and boiled meat, cooked to order with beef, salmistrata, hen, head and cotechino, and served at the center of the table to be shared by all diners.


Milena is a castle, but also a restaurateur. Its medieval castle, in fact, is also the location of its restaurant where it offers a traditional, poor, genuine cuisine. The dishes are prepared according to ancient flavors, with long cooking and local ingredients. It goes from the lasagnette of deer made with the butter of their cows to boiled served to order that here you start cooking the day before.


Owner and manager of the restaurant, Francesca was born in Treviglio, but for ten years she moved to Soncino to venture into the restaurant business. Its restaurant has a modern style, with a dehors made suggestive by the presence of the mill. The cuisine is based on traditional recipes revisited according to the inspiration of the chef. The boiled meat differs somewhat from the classic recipe: the head, for example, is breaded and fried.


A local born in 1961 and led by Sergio who followed in his father's footsteps. From the well-kept and familiar atmosphere, with a characteristic ceiling with exposed wooden beams, the restaurant is located in the open countryside. Traditional cooking plays a fundamental part in the menu especially in winter, a season in which you can taste more local products. The boiled meat is prepared under vacuum and served in single portions with special mustard and particular sauces based, for example, ginger and avocado.

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