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Meatballs without eggs: how to make them super soft – Italian Cuisine

Meatballs without eggs: how to make them super soft

Here's how to make super soft egg-free meatballs with a handful of ingredients and very few steps.

Have you ever tried to prepare meatballs without eggs? Surprisingly, one of the main ingredients of this dish can be deleted without compromising the final result. But let's go step by step. The basic ingredients of the meatballs are: minced meat (or recycle boiled meat and other preparations), bread soaked in milk, cheese, eggs, minced garlic and parsley, salt and pepper. All three ingredients, the egg is entrusted with the task of act as a binder for others. In fact, during cooking, the egg hardens, making the meatballs more compact, with the risk of hardening them. Have you ever thought that raw dough is too soft to end up with meatballs that are too hard after cooking? You have probably put too much egg. This inconvenience will not happen with meatballs without eggs, but it is important to pay proper attention to the proportions and ingredients to avoid the opposite effect, i.e. meatballs that are too soft and poorly compact. So here are our tricks for perfect egg-free meatballs.

Meatballs without eggs with yogurt

Creamy, dense and enveloping. Yogurt is not only good for breakfast and as a snack, but it is the perfect ingredient for mix the ingredients in many savory recipes, such as meatballs without eggs! To prepare them like this, yes mix a jar of yogurt with 500 g of ground beef, proceed with spices of your choice (paprika, cumin, pepper, salt, etc.), add cheese to taste and finish the preparation of the mixture by incorporating breadcrumbs until you reach the desired consistency. These meatballs can then be fried or baked and served with a fragrant sauce based on yogurt, coriander, lime, a pinch of pepper and salt.

Meatballs without eggs with soaked bread

Stale bread soaked in milk gives softness to the meatball recipe, but it should be dosed well in the absence of eggs. The risk in fact is to prepare too soft meatballs and inconsistent with a damp heart that risk falling apart. In order not to be mistaken, it is important in this case to respect the proportions: up 500 g of minced meat, we will use 200 ml of milk and 150 g of bread. You can then add cheese, chopped garlic and parsley, salt, pepper, but also minced cured meats or 200 g of sausage to the mixture to be replaced with the same amount of minced meat. Once fried or baked in the oven, they can be served with a very fresh sauce prepared with mint, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, salt and pepper.

Salads, what to add to the dish to make them super detox – Italian Cuisine

Some ingredients thanks to the antioxidant and diuretic action are excellent allies to cleanse yourself of toxins and excess fluids. Here are the ones that help the most

Easy and quick to prepare, salads are the ideal dish for those who have little time to devote to the stove and want to stay fit and healthy. Prepared with the right ingredients, such as whole grains in grains, seasonal vegetables and protein foods, especially fish, lean meat or legumes, they can be transformed into a nutritious and complete single dish with a detoxifying and purifying action. ¬ęThey allow you to stock up on nutrients that are not only able to promote a sense of fullness and satiety, but are also valuable for disposing of waste and toxins that must be metabolized every day and can promote swelling, water retention and disorders. Detoxification is nothing more than a process that the body constantly carries out through biochemical mechanisms that require the support of certain micronutrients ", says the nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino, which here suggests what to put in salads to make them super detox.


A handful of natural (unsalted) olives are the ideal dressing to increase the detoxifying properties of salads. "The lipids they are rich in allow for better absorption of vitamin A and vitamin E present in vegetables, which have an antioxidant action. These vitamins together with the polyphenols of which they are particularly rich facilitate the activities of the liver, the leading organ in the disposal of toxins , says nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino.

Red radish

Radicchio, consumed mainly raw, is super for the disposal of waste and liquids. "It has a choleretic and hepatoprotective action: it increases the production of bile produced by the liver, useful for the digestion of fats". Its leaves are also a concentrate of flavonoids, in particular anthocyanins, antioxidants that favor the purification of the body for various reasons. "They make the elimination of waste substances easier, protect the circulatory system and can intervene in the balance of the lipid profile, which if altered, in addition to favoring the onset of numerous disorders, can slow down the" cleaning "of the organism" .

Rocket salad

Thanks to its diuretic action, rocket facilitates kidney function. "Contains water and good amounts of minerals such as potassium and magnesium that facilitate the elimination of excess fluids and support kidney function". It also ensures many prebiotic fibers, excellent allies in the purification and health of the intestine. The advantages? "They facilitate the digestive processes, favoring intestinal transit and nourish the microbiota, which plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body".

Kiwi and oranges

¬ęBoth of these fruits are very rich in vitamin C, which thanks to its antioxidant action, helps the liver work. Finally, it protects the tissues from inflammatory states, which can slow down the purification mechanisms and favor the stagnation of waste substances in the body ".

In the gallery the other ingredients to add to salads to make them super detox

Cotechino and zampone: 10 precooked (but IGP) to buy at super – Italian Cuisine

1300×575-6 copy

The cotechino and or zampone were traditionally prepared on Saint Lucia's day, December 13, stuffed and left to dry for a very short seasoning. It is bought fresh and cooked for 3 or 4 hours in water, wrapped in a cloth.

The preparation is long and to keep them longer, the pre-cooking technique was born, which makes them easy to make and can be stored outside the refrigerator. Cotechini and zamponi are subjected to a heat treatment in aluminum bags and cooked in large steam ovens for about 5 hours. Finally, they are vacuum packed and can be stored at room temperature.

Here are 10 of them all Modena IGP, which are conveniently located in the supermarket.

Fumagalli "cotechino"
Pre-cooked Zamponi Modena PGI
Cotechino IGP Modena Fini
Cotechini and Zamponi IGP Modena Beretta
Palmieri cotechini and zamponi
Cotechino Franceschini Gino
Zampone Gianni Negrini
Zampone Modena IGP Golfera
Cotechini zamponi precooked IGP Modena
Cotechino Bencotti IGP Modena

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