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The rotisseries they deliver to Milan (without contact) – Italian Cuisine

The rotisseries they deliver to Milan (without contact)

Deliveroo has selected some of the best rotisseries and delicatessens in Milan that deliver home safely to ensure the safety of customers and riders

In the midst of the emergency coronavirus, the food delivery platforms also adapt to security measures: Deliveroo recently launched the "contactless delivery”, To protect the safety and health of customers and delivery riders, but it does not end there. There are also initiatives to support restaurants: for this, Deliveroo has selected some of the best delicatessens and rotisseries they deliver to Milan to taste traditional dishes, with a home-made flavor, Italian cuisine and more.

The best rotisseries that deliver to Milan

Giacomo Rosticcerria

One of the most famous Milanese rotisseries: many great classics of Italian cuisine with some typical Lombard and Milanese delicacies such as cutlet, pizzoccheri, mondeghili and the inevitable ossobuco. A rotisserie with a gourmet flavor.

Address: via Pasquale Sottocorno 76

Giannasi since 1967

You say Giannasi and you think of the chicken on the spit. This historic food kiosk now also at home with Deliveroo, offers chicken, whole or sliced, but not only. Also fried polenta, mondeghili, fried various, croquettes and many other delights.

Address: piazza Bruno Buozzi 2

Galli rotisserie

A wide choice of dishes as good as homemade. Soups, first courses based on fresh pasta, such as gnocchi, ravioli, tortelli but also many second courses including escalopes, meatballs, roast beef, roasts and fish dishes.

Address: Corso Vercelli 8

Friariè – Bonta and Parthenopean Gastronomy

Neapolitan gastronomy: potato gateau, Sorrento gnocchi, baked pasta 'mbuttuanata And then again: sausage and broccoli, Neapolitan escarole, crocchè, pasta omelette .. For those looking for a bit of gastronomic Naples in Milan perfect address.

Address: Piazzale Damiano Chiesa 2

Yamamoto gastronomy

For those who love traditional Japanese specialties, this is the place. Here you can order unadon, onigiri, kastu sando, hijiki seaweed stew to name a few. And also the inevitable moci, the typical sweets of the cuisine of the Rising Sun.

Address: Via Amedei 5, corner of Via Fieno

Via Emilia Bottega Gastrnomica

Traditional specialties from Emilia: from strozzapreti to tortellini in broth, from tagliatelle to ragù, passing through tigelle. For those who love Emilian cuisine, an address to write down.

Address: via della Moscova 27

Contactless deliveries: how does it work?

To ensure compliance with security measures, Deliveroo introduced the contactless delivery for all orders. How does it work? The riders will notify the customer of their arrival, place their thermal bag open on the ground outside the door, step back at least 1 meter and wait for the customer to take the food first.

Home delivery is safe for customers, but also for riders. First, all riders will be offered a refund for the purchase of hygiene equipment, such as masks, gloves and hygienic gel. Furthermore, Assodelivery, association that brings together the main platforms in the sector, has started to distribute a first quantity of masks in Milan and Rome.

Deliveroo also announced a "support bottom"For riders, who will allow those who contract the COVID-19 virus or those who have been ordered to isolate themselves from a medical authority to be entitled to financial support. Coverage applies in the event of a positive test from Covid-19 and the insurance will be active for all riders who will collaborate with Deliveroo until 31 December 2020.
It is precisely one indemnity cover for hospitalization of € 30.00 per day, from the first day, without deductible, for a maximum of 30 days; an indemnity cover for post-intensive convalescence of € 1,500.00, paid as a one-off fee upon resignation; a one-time lump sum payment of € 350.00 in the case of a positive result of the investigations relating to the presence of pandemic flu syndromes, which entails mandatory quarantine imposed by the competent health authority.

a free issue dedicated to Milan – Italian Cuisine

a free issue dedicated to Milan

The new issue of "Vanity Fair", #iosonomilano, is entirely dedicated to Milan and will be distributed free of charge throughout Lombardy. Inside are the voices of the mayor Beppe Sala and the major representatives of institutions, design, entrepreneurship, fashion and culture

Fedele Usai, CEO of Condé Nast Italia, the publishing house of “Vanity Fair"And many other important Italian newspapers, he declares:" We are called to be together responsible, at all levels. Everyone must do their part, give something more. It is a small gesture. Just this".

In such a difficult moment for Italy, and for Lombardy in particular, the idea of ​​the weekly is to convey a message of unity, rationality and strength from a city and a region that were first affected by the Covid- coronavirus. 19. This is the reason that led the editorial staff of "Vanity Fair" to make an issue entirely dedicated to Milan #iosonomilano, available from 11 March, which will be distributed free of charge to readers in newsstands throughout Lombardy. In the issue, which on the cover will have the faces of the 64 Milanese by birth or by adoption, a correct and rational narration of the moment we are living is made and a message of solidarity is sent from Milan to the other cities of Italy and the world that right now they are facing the Covid-19 emergency.

As explained by the director of "Vanity Fair" Simone Marchetti, "in a difficult time for Milan, for its region and for the whole of Italy, we wanted to combine the faces, famous and not, of a city facing an emergency . It is a choral appeal to unity, rationality and a sense of duty. Values ​​that we believe are fundamental to face the global challenge to this virus .

Adds the mayor Beppe Sala: «You must never stop learning. We do not know when and how this crisis will resolve itself and with what prices. But if we want these difficult days to be not just a cost to be paid to the adverse fortune, Milan must try to draw some lessons from it that will enrich us and make us more capable of facing the future ".

In the issue, the voice of entrepreneurs, intellectuals, journalists and writers. With wide generational leaps, to have a well-rounded reflection on the moment you are going through. Here then are two great faces of Italian music, Ornella Vanoni and Mahmood; the artist Francesco Vezzoli, who offers an ad hoc work; an open letter from Giorgio Armani; and then Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (who supported Humanitas with a donation for Coronavirus research) tell us about the strategies put in place to deal with the situation; Miuccia Prada's message. And there is certainly no lack of digital Milan, with the faces of young entrepreneurs who have launched apps and other initiatives such as Satispay and Cortilia from the Lombard capital.

But alongside the many well-known faces, "Vanity Fair" also wanted to give visibility to all those who are now on the front lines fighting for all of us:: from the nurse of the Sacco hospital to the rider who crosses Milan every day for deliveries to home.

Coronavirus, pizzeria in Milan gives pizzas to doctors and nurses – Italian Cuisine

A young pizza chef gives pizzas to health workers involved in the coronavirus emergency. It happened in Milan

Free pizzas to the doctors and nurses who are facing the emergency coronavirus in the hospitals of Milan. It is the idea of Nanni Arbellini, co-founder of the Milanese pizzeria Pizzium: the young Neapolitan thus decided to make his contribution, launching the initiative on Facebook.

“I read about many nurses who aren't even eating. At 2 pm in via procaccini 30 we will prepare the pizzas to take to the hospitals involved. Tag me below everyone you know who work in the hospitals involved, so you can leave them the pizzas. I ask for help for the distribution, volunteers join me in via procaccini at 1.30 pm. We must be strong like this sun shining today. I'm not looking for compliments, only volunteers to bring the pizzas, identification of the hospitals involved and hospital people to whom to deliver the pizzas. "

Nanni Arbellini
Nanni Arbellini

A gesture of solidarity and a great desire to return to normalcy, which has also materialized with adherence to the newly born Union of Italian Catering Brands, temporary association formed by over 50 entrepreneurs from the Milanese restaurant industry.

«We express our common sense by deciding to keep our premises open, by adhering to the invitation of Beppe Sala who calls Milan to common sense and invites us to avoid attitudes that can generate excessive alarm, including the image of a 'dark' city in all the senses, without the actual need. With our colleagues we have decided to donate financial support to the voluntary forces on the field.

Photographs: Facebook Nanni Arbellini

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