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The unmissable events of Milan Wine Week 2019 – Italian Cuisine

The unmissable events of Milan Wine Week 2019

Milan becomes the capital of wine: here are the best events not to miss at the week of wine

From the 6 to 13 October returns Milan Wine Week, with its second edition. Saturday 5 October we start with a big opening event in City Life, where a record toast will be held with Trentodoc and a live performance by Paolo Piva (RDS) e Funkasin Street Band.

Among the more than 300 events that will enliven the whole city, there are some really unmissable ones. Discover them below.

Monday 7 October

From 15.30 to 21.30 the Palazzo Bovara (Corso Venezia, 51) will host the Franciacorta Festival, which will see as many as 42 wineries gathered to meet operators, industry experts and wine lovers with tasting stalls of the producers and tastings. (From 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm: entrance reserved for the press and operators. – From 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm: opening to the public.)

Moreover, every morning, from 7.30 am to 10.30 am, the Senate Caffè del Senato Hotel Milan (the only urban Franciacorta Bar in the world) will propose a sparkling awakening with the Franciacorta Breakfast: a glass of Franciacorta paired with the exclusive Salmon Coda Nera Riserva, as well as the sweet and savory buffet.
Don't miss even the three Franciacorta Masterclass, at Palazzo Bovara (Sunday 6 October, 16.00: Satèn; Tuesday 8 October, 18.00: Reserves; Saturday 12 October, 16.00: Dosaggio Zero)

Monday 7, Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October

"Lines, weaves, flavors and transparencies. Corporate culture in the Alps-Adriatic lands"Is the main theme of the three days of meetings, show cooking and tastings that on 7-8-9 October will bring together in Milan, in the Flagship Store space Itlas (via Melchiorre Gioia 35) seven brands from Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Istria : Sarah's Vineyard, Itlas, Amorim Italia, Saffron, Electrolux Professional, Olio Mate and Tomaz Kavcic. Free and free admission (from 5.00 pm) subject to availability.

Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 and Friday 11 October

From 5pm to 11pm evenings Aperivino from Eataly Emerald. Among these, on 9 October at 6.30 pm there will be a special tasting meeting with Marjan Simčič, a Slovenian producer who stands out for the cultivation and production of grapes using natural methods. The matching food proposal will be curated by Dok dall’Ava, San Daniele ham producers who will have a temporary restaurant at Eataly Smeraldo for the entire month of October.

Wednesday 9 October

Bisol1542 will host the press lunch "Bisol1542 & the East. Prosecco Superiore and fusion cuisine ", an event that will allow you to discover all the souls of the Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG signed Bisol 1542 at Palazzo Bovara combined with the Japanese-glocal kitchen by Ada & Augusto.

From 7pm to 9pm, fun with #enJeio Party, at the Terrazza12 of the Brian & Barry Building: aperitif with DJ set based on Prosecco Superiore, friends and good music. During the evening it will be possible to learn about Jeio, a DOCG Prosecco line with a young and dynamic soul.

Friday 11 October

The new label Ferrari Maximum Blanc de Blancs will be the protagonist of an event open to the public by appointment a Palazzo Bovara, where to discover the new Trentodoc and celebrate #ToTheMaximum with the music of Andrea & Michele from Radio Deejay.

Ferrari will also propose throughout the week "A Ferrari to Creativity Brindisi", in collaboration with The Triennale, by offering a glass of bubbles to those who present themselves, showing, in addition to the Museum ticket, the voucher that can be downloaded on the Milan Wine Week website.

Every day at Peck's

In the historic site of Via Spadari 9, the gourmet coffee The Little Peck will give space to small producers: every day it will be possible to discover different wines from smaller companies that stand out for the excellence of their proposal. The unmissable stage is the Sancta Sanctorum, Peck's wine shop, where during the week, bottles of historic Bordeaux vintages will be opened as a surprise.

In addition to Al restaurant Peck, also Peck CityLife will offer special menus and itineraries dedicated to Milan Wine Week, while in the shop Peck Porta Venezia (via Salvini 3) wine and salami tastings will be held to discover the secrets of a perfect match.

See here the complete calendar of events of Milan Wine Week.

Cornetti and brioche at night in Milan: here's where to find them – Italian Cuisine

Cornetti and brioche at night in Milan: here's where to find them

7 places to eat at night in Milan without leaving the city: croissants, donuts and focacce to taste before going to bed

The evening is coming to an end, but you and your friends have an uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet before returning home. Maybe it's 4 or 5 in the morning, you've just come out of a crazy night at the disco, the level of hunger is sky-high, but this time devouring the usual sandwich with salamella or kebab on duty is not an option.

Here you need one Brioche (as they say in Milan) fresh from the oven, a real one a croissant warm and cream filling. It might seem impossible, because in Milan you have never seen cornetteries, bakeries or bars with the oven open all night. Instead you were wrong. Just get away from the city center just a bit and a new world of nighttime delights will open.

7 places to eat focaccia, croissants and brioche at night in Milan

Here then are some places to quell the chemical hunger of the night, including sweet goodness, pizzas and freshly baked focaccia.

1. Also Forno, via Carmagnola 5
If you have done partying in the area Island, you cannot give up this night snack. A small oven overlooking the street will capture you with scents of Croissant, Small pizzas is buns hot. Open until 3: 30-4: 00 at night.

2. Mergellina Bakery, Viale Umbria 44
Despite its name, its strength is not the classic Neapolitan desserts. This small restaurant, open until 2am on weekdays and until 5am on Friday and Saturday, offers donuts and hot croissants all night long, to be filled with a wide selection of creams: nutella, pistachio, coconut, biscuits-flavored creams of every kind (with a lot of biscuit) and so on and so forth. Food porn stuff.

3. Panificio Toscano Romagnoli, viale Gabriele D’Annunzio, 1
Open 24 hours, this bakery near the Dock churns typical specialties Tuscany, like the schiacciata, but also slices of pizza, croissants and sweets of all kinds.

4. Il Golosone, via Mac Mahon 75
A real one delifry shop open on weekends until 5:30 am. Here you will find several Sicilian specialties, like stuffed cannoli, arancine and panzerotti, as well as pizzas, donuts and croissants stuffed in the most disparate ways (from creams to jams, to ricotta filling and chocolate drops).

5. Mordi & fuggi, via Ferrante Aporti, 20
Brioche, pastries, slices of pizza and freshly baked focaccia for those wandering in search of food near the Station Central. Open until 6 am.

6. Forno di Barona, via Lago di Nemi, 25
Night snack also in the area Barona for a whim both sweet and jump 24 hours a day.

7. The Cornetteria | since 1976, via Varesina, 159
If you're in the area, here's where to find it Brioche at night until 5 am.

Escaped Hangover, dreams of gold!

The best Greek restaurant in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Forget the usual blue and white restaurants to eat feta salad. Contemporary Greek cuisine is another and you eat it from Vasiliki Kouzina: a beautiful, elegant restaurant, where appetizers never seem to end

Souvlaki and tzatziki. There Greek cuisine it is too often reduced to fast food stereotypes and to some faded memories of beach holidays. It is true however that Greek restaurants in Milan have never been a gastronomic revelation and that very often they have been reduced to serving salad with feta, kebab and little else. Not from Vasiliki Kouzina.

No cliché of Greece

Vasiliki Pierrakea is Greek, from Kalamata, the city of black olives and arrives in Italy by chance. She has a past as a cook at home and in 2016 she opened the doors of her restaurant in Via Clusone 6, in Milan. Vasiliki Kouzina has nothing of the cliché of Greek restaurants, all white and blue, in fact it is red, red, like Vasiliki's red kitchen from which it all began. It is so beautiful theinterior design that the place is finished in all the furniture magazines, praised for the style and passed a little on the sly for the gastronomic aspect. But it is not true that in the too beautiful places you eat badly: sitting in what looks like a very Milanese living room, all velvet, gold and mirrors, you taste a Hellenic cuisine made of classic old recipes, together with intimate and familiar dishes, contemporary and Mediterranean. The cuisine is refined, the search for exceptional raw materials, the wine list dedicated only to Greek wines worthy of an amateur.

For appetizer lovers to share

There are the simple dishes and flavors of Greek cuisine that we think we know, but there is also research and innovation, contamination and inspiration, to give life to completely authentic dishes. The memory is combined with current events and the flavors from the Balkan and Ottoman world are presented in a way that does not pay homage to the tradition in a didactic way. One begins dutifully with a Plistia, a cutting board with tastings that tell the Hellenic culinary tradition: melitzanosalata (eggplant cream, light and smoked), tzatziki with Karagiannis yogurt, Taramas (salted fish egg sauce), mavres elies Kalamon (black olives from Kalamata), steaming pita (€ 18 for two people). Then continue with the appetizers, omezedes, which are the beauty of the menu: chickpeas and bottarga, cauliflower with lemon, zucchini balls with mint, saganaki mussels with ouzo and feta from Sparta …

Lightness and substance

The kitchen has a vegetable prevalence that appeals to women, and in fact they crowd the room alone or in pairs. Because the vegetables here have character, the salads have nothing private and you get up happy. For men who think there is no satisfaction for them, there is also one on the menu delicious moussaka, made with baked aubergines, light meat sauce and yogurt béchamel, one hortopita (savory pie wild herbs, leeks and basil), a gyros of lamb served with mint, tzatziki, baked tomatoes and crispy pita and an excellent honey octopus. For eating lunch with two menus, at € 25 or € 35, and at dinner ordering à la carte, you are around € 40 excluding wines; that for Milan is the price of any restaurant. Without doubt the best restaurant of Greek cuisine in Milan. Perhaps, in his being creative and nonconformist, even the most genuine.

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