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Roman cuisine in Milan: trattorias and street food – Italian Cuisine

Roman cuisine in Milan: trattorias and street food

Cacio e pepe, amatriciana, saltimbocca and artichokes. All the repertoire of the Roman world in Milan in a dozen addresses. Make pajata great again!

There Roman cuisine like in Milan. Right in the city of diet, gluten-free and vegan, they open signs that focus on genuine cuisine, focusing on pasta carbohydrates and a (somewhat stereotyped) repertoire of traditional dishes.

The capital lands in Milan, in the last period thanks to a new opening: Sciura Lella, modern rotisserie with the objective of Make pajata great again. But over the course of a year they also came direct from Rome, Felice in Testaccio, the white pizza and the supplì of the new Romoletto and it streetfood gourmet de il Trapizzino, a sign that the Capitoline restaurant is becoming stronger and that up north it lacks true good food.

Apart from the news, there are historical places of Roman cuisine in Milan to drink, and they are worth the effort, especially in the quality / price ratio. The general advice is to eat pasta and, if not in specific cases, to glissare on the rest of the menu – but of pasta, even two dishes.

Browse the gallery to see the addresses of Roman cuisine in Milan + 2 street food

Sciura Lella

Modern rotisserie with seating, delivery and take away. The guys from Sciura Lella – viale Col di Lana make a mix between Milanese format and the Roman menu. First classics, pajata, coratella, supplì and various fried dishes are accompanied by lighter dishes for the lunch break and a super-selected roast chicken.
Viale Col di Lana, 8

Cheese and Pepper

Rather than a trattoria, this restaurant has a Nineties look, but for many it serves the best Cacio e pepe in the city (in version tonnarelli).
Viale Gian Galeazzo, 3

Felice in Testaccio

The second sign of this historic Roman trattoria opened in the fall, with no changes to the environment or menu. Even the original has now been restructured and infectious and in Milan the atmosphere is the same, elegant with details of a non-plastered wall and with a real restaurant tablecloth.


Rome's most famous "pizza corner" arrives in Milan. Its inventor, Stefano Callegari, put a lot of soul and research into making street food walkable, everything that is traditional, cooked as your grandmother would have done.
Via Marghera, 12

Osteria delle Commari

From Rome to Milan in the Piazza Fontana area, a strictly Roman menu with appetizers, first and second courses.
Carbonara Amatriciana, gricia, cacio e pepe, arrabbiata, mint and pecorino, com primi. Trasteverine and sweet and sour codfish with pine nuts, onion and raisins to leave the usual pattern of tripe and saltimbocca.
Via Vincenzo Civerchio, 9


Abbottega, a restaurant of the Ranucci group in via Muratori, combines typical Italian dishes, from Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. You can buy cheese and salami typical of central Italy in the small shop at the entrance.
Via Lodovico Muratori, 11

Ai Balestrari

The Ai Balestrari Restaurant was born in 1862 "in the popular core of Campo de 'Fiori". Today it has also opened in Milan, on the Navigli, for 160 seats.
Via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza, 13


Roman Trattoria with a view of the San Lorenzo Columns and many outdoor tables. Mixed fry for two, rigatoni, sauce of the vaccinara, half portions of first courses only for the female public (if it ever needs it!).
Via dei Fabbri, 1


From the original white pizza to the shovel to the more curious and creative versions, from the traditional substitute on the phone to its variations in sauce and cheese and pepper. The white pizza is leavened for a good 48 hours, processed with a high degree of hydration, is light, of easy digestion, with that typical crunchy texture outside and soft inside and the golden and irregular surface. Simple to the blade, topped on the surface, filled at the moment at will or served with typical Roman vegetables.
Corso di Porta Ticinese 14

Osteria Nonna Maria

Perhaps the least known of the series (probably due to the lack of a press office), is a very pretty Roman trattoria in the neighborhood. Tones of green and simple furniture, not done by an architect and where imperfections are a plus. In season, many artichokes in salads, pie, stuffing, pasta obviously as a first course (carbonara and vaccinara sauce) and second courses. For dessert, tiramisu will appeal to lovers of the genre. House wine and Roman craft beer.
Via Macedonio Melloni, 40

Giulio bread and ojo

Restaurant no longer brand new but historical sign of Roman cuisine in Milan, since 1999, Giulio pane e ojo is part of David Ranucci's group of restaurants, all concentrated in via Muratori (the others are Abbottega and Casa Tua).
Via Lodovico Muratori, 10

Volemose Well

Here, offal regularly appears, and this does it honor – because in Milan then in the end even in the restaurants of Roman cuisine pajata, coratella and tripe appear rarely.
Via della Moscova, 25

Roman Kitchen Ponte Milvio

Trattoria in the Porta Venezia area, informal and open until late evening with tables also outdoors. Very honored to serve Tognazza wines at their tables, the estate of the late Count Mascetti. Tuesday pasta and chickpeas, Wednesday pasta and beans, Roman-style cod on Friday … every day of the week a different dish, oven-baked lamb of the weekend.
Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 6

Where to have a lunch break in Cadorna in Milan – Italian Cuisine

Where to have a lunch break in Cadorna in Milan

El Pastée de Milan

Via Caradosso, 18
A small workshop of fresh pasta. Here you can choose between many formats of fresh pasta (also filled) of quality and match them with seasoning which more you prefer. The restaurant has very few tables available, but it is worth waiting for this delicious fresh pasta. Also from removal, both ready and to be cooked at home.
Average price: € 6-10

Puccia’s Brothers

Piazza Virgilio, 3
Puglia to savor with one of its most loved street food, the puccia. Three dimensions of excellent Salento bread (normal, XL and XXL) and lots of ingredients to stuff it.
Average price: € 6-10

Natural Break

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 15
fast food and take away to greet, where you will find mainly food vegetarian. Toast, centrifuged, salads is salads prepared with healthy but tasty ingredients. For a lunch break light.
Average price: € 6-10

To the three bites

Via Terraggio, 1
Great variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads is unique dishes. This small room is perfect for a lunch break genuine and tasty, but also for a appetizer post work.
Average price: € 7-10

Patti Bakery & Bistrò – Track 11

Just outside the Cadorna train station, a room with a wide offer and an excellent value for money. Slice of Pizza, sandwiches, vegetables, first is second courses. In addition, the possibility to choose from a special menu with a small surcharge.
Average price: € 7-12

Excuse me

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 13
Pasta in all its Italian glory. So many formats and sauces to season it, in a place that will make you feel seriously at home. Scarpetta compulsory.
Average price: € 7-12


Via Vincenzo Monti, 32
A shop having to be able to taste so many Italian tastes: sandwiches and Saltimbocca with cured meat is cheeses, salads, first and second courses of the day. Plus, you can buy many traditional regional products.
Average price: € 8-14

Viveca Pizza & Food

Via Aurelio Saffi, 2
Restaurant specializing in grilled meats and thin pizza and light, prepared without yeast or with special flours, such as kamut flour.
Average price: € 10-12


Via Terraggio, 13
Do you want to eat a really good American hamburger? Here you can only be satisfied: Hamburger, spare ribs of pork, caesar salad, pulled pork is fries in multiple versions. A paradise for food lovers made in the USA.
Average price: € 10-15

From scratch

Via Bernardino Luini, 9
Just take a few more minutes to eat one real pizza bell, more precisely Cilento. Da Zero offers fried dishes and pizzas prepared to perfection, with particular attention to the typical flavors of Cilento and selected ingredients among the local excellence.
Average price: € 15-20

The School of Italian Cuisine: Midday Kitchen

Via San Nicolao, 7
Lunch break together with the chefs of La Scuola of La Cucina Italiana: three courses, prepared in 45 minutes in front of the diners, who will be able to satisfy all the curiosities, asking directly to the chef. The cookbook he goes home. Only on selected dates, with a different menu. Find out by clicking here.
Price: € 18

Temakinho Magenta

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4
A colorful lunch break, where the kitchen Japanese meets that Brazilian, giving life to irresistible flavors. Ingredients of quality and preparations sought: sushi in roll or temaki, ceviche, tartare and original appetizers.
Average price: € 20-25

Other places to try

In addition, try also To the Kiss (Via Vincenzo Monti, 15), where you can enjoy different menus presented in a fun way; Poké Samba (Via San Nicolao, 2) where you can compose your own takeaway poké; workshop (Via San Nicolao, 10) with a varied menu and good genuine cuisine; Sloan Square (Piazza Luigi Cadorna, 2), pub with craft beers to have lunch or aperitif; Ghe Sem (Via Vincenzo Monti, 26), a famous restaurant that offers Chinese ravioli with Italian-style fillings and has opened its second branch in Cadorna.

La Pausa Dolce: where to eat dessert

Don't you want to miss the dessert? For those with a sweet tooth who do not want to end their meal with a sweet special, but also for those who want to make a sweet snack, here are 4 places not to be missed.


Corso Magenta, 32
Between the best Sicilian cannoli in Milan, crunchy and filled with a delicious cream. In fine weather, too Sicilian granita with brioche.


Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 9
In the summer you want to do lunch break with ice cream? This artisan ice cream shop is the right place to do it. In winter, try the hot chocolate.


Via Monti, 26
Historical and prestigious artisan pastry shop, where you can enjoy desserts prepared with top quality materials.

Patisserie des reves

Corso Magenta, 7
For lovers of French pastry, dessert is served: Pain Au Chocolat, madeleines, macarons and much more.

Maritozzi in Milan: where to eat them – Italian Cuisine

The Roman hubby is the sweet of the moment, in Milan and thanks to the new Gelsomina pastry. The merit, of the influencers, of Instagram and of an entrepreneur. And the rest of the patisseries follows. Here is where to find, among classic versions, the creative ones by Iginio Massari or the savory ones for brunch

The maritozzo has become trendy. But we are not in Rome. We are in the Milan of fashion, design, phobia for carbohydrates and influencers. And it was they alone who decreed that we now like marriages – strictly with cream. A large, soft, sweet sandwich, rich in butter, honey and eggs, filled with whipped cream. A classic that does not even mean "back in fashion", because nobody had ever done it in Milan.

The credit goes to a girl, Ilaria Puddu, which however is not a pastry chef, but an entrepreneur. Partner of Stefano Saturnino, in seven years together they opened 35 premises and 7 brands, starting from Panini Durini to reach the various Marghe, Pizzium etc. It's them too Gelsomina, the Milanese confectionery that turned out to be a real media event in a few months. It opened in autumn 2018 and thanks to an intelligent social strategy is the place to be of the Milanese weekend.
Everything is perfect: grandmother's cups, peeling walls without plaster, some plants, a social table, garden furniture, the light that enters through the windows, coffee and homemade Sicilian-inspired pastries. Brioche, cupcakes, cannolo and husband: he has become the most photographed and shared dessert of the moment.

A few steps away from Pavè, Gelsomina cannot boast the captivating story of a youthful enterprise, of tears, blood and mess-tin, of a life change thanks to the conversion to the pastry shop, of the laboratory at sight. They don't even stress you on the superfine quality of the ingredients and the name of the pastry chef (Marco Spera, he worked at La Mantia but few know it) is neither communicated nor idolized. It is a place born from the intuition of two young entrepreneurs who know how the "all-day bakeries" will be a new trend together with bread. The idea of ​​husband is instead only by Ilaria. She wondered why no one did it in Milan, and here's the answer. He just had to start the right one.

Gelsomina's husband.

The customers like and even like the husband Iginio Massari, who proposes it in his pastry shop in Piazza Diaz in the city center. For him, the world champion of pastry, the perfect husband has a paste neither rubbery nor too hard, with a surface polished by egg and liquid cream. He had talked to Meet Massari 2018, a tour of Italy through his confectionery traditions that in Rome had devoted ample space to the typical dessert of the capital. Its variant has cream and even whipped cream, and serves it with cutlery.

The husband of Iginio Massari.

If Massari's husband hasn't arrived in the influencer feeds yet, he also serves it Filippo La Mantia that in his Sicilian pastry making an exception to the rule against cassate and arancini.

Filippo La Mantia's husband.

We try to break through on social media "The American who loved brioche"Local in the Isola area (new opening from February 2019) where you can find them classic or savory and stuffed with scrambled eggs and bacon, for breakfast all day long, or Maritozz-hot with sausages and ketchup.

The husbands of An American who loved brioche.

The site Scatti di Gusto has done a research, and found three more at the Pasticceria San Gregorio, Marlà and the Pasticceria Eoliana and they also serve it from Abbottega, a place of Roman inspiration.

To date we have mapped these, but without a doubt they are only the first.

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