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Raw prawns recipe with Sichuan pepper, pink salt and fennel seeds – Italian Cuisine

Raw prawns recipe with Sichuan pepper, pink salt and fennel seeds

Very fragrant thanks to Sichuan berries and fennel seeds, but delicate and slightly bitter, it is perfect on raw prawns. Excellent also mixed with grapes and pieces of green apple, for a truly unexpected fruit salad

  • 12 raw prawns slaughtered
  • 120 g pink salt from Himalaia
  • 10 g pink pepper
  • 5 g fennel seeds
  • Sichuan pepper
  • zest of pink grapefruit
  • extra virgin olive oil

whisk 120 g of coarse Himalayan pink salt with 10 g of dry pink pepper, 5 g of fennel seeds, 1 teaspoon of Sichuan pepper and the grated zest of 1 pink grapefruit.
season raw prawns with aromatic powder a drizzle of oil and a few drops of grapefruit juice.

Music at sunset conquers the salt marshes of Marsala – Italian Cuisine

The appointment with "‘ in Scurata … cunti and canti at sunset "is also renewed for 2020, in collaboration with the Cantine Pellegrino that celebrate 140 years since its foundation

The sun goes down, the curtain rises. And the magic finally begins. Everything is ready in that Marsala for the 2020 edition of the summer festival 'In Scurata … stitches and songs at sunset, the event in memory of the actor and director Enrico Russo which for the third year will bring music and art directly to the sea, with the famous salt pans of the Sicilian city as a backdrop for the concerts and theatrical performances scheduled. Eleven events that will mark the calendar of this strange summer 2020, starting from the concert that on July 30 will see the musician of Trapani Sinforosa Petralia on the piano: an opportunity that will also allow you to celebrate 140 years of Cantine Pellegrino, the historic main partner winery of the event.

Theater and music in the time of the coronavirus

The production and organization of the Scurata is edited by MAC, the City of Marsala Cultural Artistic Movement which after 3 years of intense work was officially established on May 28th, despite the numerous difficulties linked to the pandemic. The purpose of this new institution is and will be to combine efforts to promote local culture, with particular attention to the live show, hit at its foundations in 2020 by the health emergency. So the program of events of the Scurata it becomes a precious chance of revenge and rebirth. In addition to the inaugural concert for piano, therefore, we also find on the calendar The evening of miracleson August 4th, tribute to Lucio Dalla wanted by the Carpe Diem Association, with the musical direction of Fabio Gandolfo. But also the world premiere of Sciara, first update, the theatrical text taken from the historical novel by Franco Blandi, which reports the reconstruction of the family affairs of Francesca Serio, mother of the trade unionist Salvatore Carnevale barbarously killed by the mafia on May 16, 1955. The complete list of events, together with the link to buy tickets online, is available on MAC official Facebook page.

Photos Tullio Puglia.

An anniversary dedicated to Sicilian wine

The saline that will be transformed into a stage for the shows of the festival will take the name of Teatro a mare Albarìa Pellegrinor, in homage to the last – and elegant – rosé born in the Cantine Pellegrino house. The 2020 edition of the Scurataon the other hand, it will also celebrate the history and success of this great Sicilian winery, founded in Marsala in 1880 by Paolo Pellegrino, a notary by trade, a winemaker by passion. Six generations and 140 years later, Cantine Pellegrino can boast an annual production of over 5 million bottles, exported all over the world to bring the flag of Sicily high, very high on international tables. A goal that – as the company itself underlines – is combined with an increasing attention to the territory, both on the research and sustainability front as well as on the enotourist and cultural one.

Mediterranean cod – Salt & Pepper – Italian Cuisine


Total time: 35 minutes
5 minutes preparation
30 minutes cooking


Ingredients for 4 people
800 g of wet cod
50 g onion
50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
50 g of capers
100 g of fresh cherry tomatoes
200 g of tomato sauce
100 g of Taggiasca olives in oil
4 anchovies in oil
fresh thyme
salt and pepper

1828161) After inserting the ultrablade blade, in the bowl put the peeled and coarsely chopped onion; chop for 15 seconds at speed 11.

2) Replace the ultrablade blade with the mixing accessory, add the oil, the tomato puree, the tomatoes washed and cut in half, the anchovies, the capers and the olives, season with salt and set speed 6, at 70 ° C, for 15 minutes.

3) Put the sauce aside and keep it warm; wash the container and fill it with water (follow the instructions in the container itself), position the steamer basket with the portioned cod, salt and start the STEAM program for 15 minutes.

4) Arrange the fish on serving dishes, cover with the previously prepared hot sauce and finish with fresh thyme leaves and freshly ground black pepper.

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