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Recipe Ombrina baked in foil with beets and Calvados apples – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Ombrina baked in foil with beets and Calvados apples

  • 500 g croaker fillets
  • 400 g raw beetroot
  • 270 g Renette apples
  • Calvados
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

For the recipe of the ombrina baked in foil with beets and Calvados apples, cut the apples with the peel into pieces and the beetroot into very thin slices. Wet the parchment paper to make it malleable, squeeze it well, spread it out on a baking sheet, grease it with a little oil, add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of pepper.

Grease the croaker fillets, add salt and pepper. Place the beetroot slices on the pan, place the croaker fillets on top, add the apple pieces and sprinkle everything with a cup of Calvados. Close the foil and bake it at 220 ° C for 10 ', then bring to the table garnished with parsley to taste.

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How to cook beets – La Cucina Italiana – Italian Cuisine

How to cook beets - La Cucina Italiana

Boil, steamed, gratin and even roast: an infinite number of solutions in the kitchen to always present something different

Boiled, steamed, fried. Cooking beetroot-based dishes can be a great exercise to have fun in the kitchen in so many ways.

Roasted beets

For example you can prepare roast. We simply need four not too small beets, olive oil and, to taste, salt and pepper. It begins first cleaning the vegetables from the leaves, in turn useful to become a good side dish to another dish, ready in a few minutes. Once you remove the leaves, you need to wash the beets well under running water and then cut into slices. In the meantime the oven is preheated to 200 degrees and the slices of vegetable, on a baking sheet, to be covered then with aluminum foil, are still moist and sprinkled with a little oil. Eventually, first, they are also seasoned with salt and pepper. Keep everything in the oven for about fifty minutes, checking, from time to time, that the beets do not dry up. In this case, it is recommended to pour a few milliliters of water. To control the cooking you can help yourself with a fork, so as to test its resistance. After having taken them out of the oven and allowed to cool for a few minutes, it is necessary to peel them, being careful not to get burned. In theory, if the vegetable is perfectly cooked, there should be no difficulty. Once the external skin is removed, it can serve on the table accompanied by a nice green salad or avocado.


The same ingredients are used to cook steamed beets as well. Once washed and cut into wedges, simply let them boil a lively fire for about fifteen minutes, using the special steam cooking basket. The recommended time is fifteen minutes, but if necessary it could be from a few minutes longer: the important thing is to finish cooking only when the beets are not perfectly tender. Having reached this goal, the basket is quickly passed under cold water, the skins are eliminated with a damp cloth and serve on the table, perhaps seasoned with a little oil: here is another classic but tasty side dish.

Grilled beetroot

And have you ever heard of gratin beets? For this recipe it is enough to boil four or five, liberally peel it and slice it into half-centimeter thick slices. Then everything is informed in a baking dish with 300-degree oil. Meanwhile mix a bowl with a whisk two eggs, half a cup of milk, a clove of garlic and 200 grams of grated Gruyere. Then the mixture is poured into the pan, over the beets. You leave everything in the oven for another half hour and then, before serving, you have to wait only another 10 minutes before you can taste the beets in a very original way.


For a side dish with boiled beets, instead, as always you have to start with a complete wash to eliminate all traces of soil. Then the vegetables are cut into cubes, eliminating the peel first. They are then poured into a boiling water pot and at least wait twenty minutes. Finally the beets are drained and bathed in cold water. At this point we only have to choose: season them in a salad with other vegetables or crush them and serve them in puree with butter?

Beet leaves

All the beetroot leaves set aside so far can be reused, as mentioned. Maybe jumping in the pan. Just get 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. They really do serve five minutes: the leaves are washed and the harder part of the stem is eliminated. Then fry oil and garlic in the pan and after a while add the leaves, to mix evenly. It is cooked until the leaves wither but not completely (it is good that they remain crunchy) and at the end season with salt and pepper to taste. In short, nothing is thrown away from the beet.

In the gallery and below the 10 recipes to experiment in the kitchen with beetroot

10 recipes that will make you buy beets – Italian Cuisine

10 recipes that will make you buy beets

Valuable to combat the signs of aging, take vitamins and minerals and protect the health of our heart. Here's how to taste beets and learn to really know them

Often the word beet is associated with the idea of ​​something unappetizing, eaten forcibly on rare occasions and little present on our table. But losing touch with what is often called red turnip, it would be a real shame. It is indeed a ingredient rich in properties, low-calorie and low glycemic index known since the Babylonian era.

The most common varieties

One of the most widespread, is the flat black Egyptian beet, while in the US the most known and consumed is Detroit. Italian production instead offers the round of Chioggia, very easy to distinguish from the others thanks to the white and red rings that once it has been cut. The sugar beet and the fodder that is called are also widespread red mammouth. Also intended for the table there chard, Characterized by large leaves of a bright green color.

Chioggia round beets.

A full of minerals and antioxidants

Consisting of 90% of water, beetroot is a plant rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Its renowned detoxifying, purifying and digestive properties make it perfect for those who are following a program detox where it is recommended to take it mainly as a decoction. The mineral salts most present in this health concentrate are iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus and is a valuable integrator of vitamins of group B and C. To take vitamin A, we will have to consume its leaves. In addition to being so important at a nutritional level, beets are also considered an elixir of youth thanks to the abundant presence of antioxidants including flavonoids, saponins and anthocyanins.

Because we should not do without it

The consumption of beet favors the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and helps to regulate blood pressure. It is also indicated for lose weight (especially if raw) and favors the drainage of toxins and liquids. Ideal for those suffering from kidney stones due to the presence of calcium and for pregnant women (provides folic acid) is instead not recommended for diabetics and for those suffering from gastritis. The high presence of sugars and the stimulation to the production of gastric juices must in fact be taken into consideration by those who suffer from these diseases.

How to consume

Beetroot can be eaten uncooked served simply with oil and lemon in salad. To appreciate it at best, it is advisable to cut it into very thin slices to avoid clashing with its important consistency. Instead, Cotta lends itself to being boiled, prepared in the oven and sautéed in a pan. But we must not forget that it can also be added to centrifuges or inserted in special extractors to consume the precious juice.

Our proposals

One of the most interesting methods to approach beet is to taste it in sauce. In the gallery below, you will find recipes dedicated to this preparation such as beef skewers with Ketchup beet, salted kaiserschmarrn with beet cream and beetroot, rice and artichokes. If you are still not convinced, you will surrender to its charm with the Tempura of fennel and beet and l'Russian salad with smoked herring and beetroot. To taste it simply, instead, we prepared beetroot and soncino with goat's cream, soup beet and mixed meats, beetroot and daikon with provola and an appetizer of beetroot, hard-boiled eggs and mackerel. Instead you will discover a surprisingly good filling with i ravioli of beet.

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