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Cooking school: how to clean clams and many recipes – Italian Cuisine

Find out how to clean clams to prepare first courses and delicious recipes. Always in the name of good food

We Italians have never done more to discuss a good plate of spaghetti with clams. With or without cherry tomato? And the wine, yes or no? But regardless of all the theories regarding recipes, condiments and cooking, it is good to start on the right foot clam cleaning, any dish we will cook later. In fact, if these molluscs are not cleaned well, the first bite will be enough to warn that annoying little sand under the teeth, for this it takes clarity on the management of these seafood. And we are here for this.

The fundamental soaking phase

First of all, at the time of purchase, the clams must have the EEC health mark, to have guarantees on the origin of the product and its reliability from a health point of view. Everyone knows that it is necessary then to put the clams to soak in water and salt, both coarse and fine, about 15 grams per liter. But perhaps not everyone knows that the container must then be placed covered in the refrigerator for at least two or three hours, so that they have all the time they need to purge. Let's not forget that like mussels and lupins, clams also live in the sand and work more or less with the same mechanism: they have two valves with the mollusk in the center, which draws its nourishment through special siphons that filter the water, and it is precisely this is the cause of the sand that gets trapped inside.

Each clam is different from the others

It is important not to treat clams as a set of shells, but to spend time with each of them. In fact, after draining them from the water, they must be beaten one by one inside the sink, making them fall from a height of 30-40 cm. Only in this way could we be sure that we have completely eliminated any trace of sand from the seabed and that we have only perfectly clean clams in front of us.

Cluttered with clams.

Remove the clams with the broken shell

A valuable tip that is sometimes underestimated is to discard absolutely all clams with a broken shell, because they may have already been dead for a long time. Once you have completed all these cleaning operations and selections, you just have to keep them covered with a damp cloth in the refrigerator, but without exceeding a maximum of two days for any reason. And then you are ready to choose the best recipe to enhance their essence.

You just have to enroll in one of our courses to learn how to cook them in the best way! Do you agree?

Here are many tasty recipes with clams

Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

Cilento, free coffee for those who clean the beach – Italian Cuisine

Cilento, free coffee for those who clean the beach

In establishments that use Cilento coffee, just go to the bar with a bag of garbage collected on the beach to receive a glass of coffee in exchange

A "prize" for those who contribute to keeping the beach clean: those who collect waste left on the coast are entitled to a free glass of coffee. It is the initiative, launched for the second consecutive year, by the Coffee Roasting Cilento, active for years in Laurito, in the province of Salerno: the "Clean Cilento" project it was created to sensitize bathers to take care of the beach.

On the other hand, according to the investigation Beachlitter by Legambiente, on every meter of sand of the 93 beaches examined are located almost 10 waste, and plastic alone accounts for 81%. But what is visible to our eyes on the beach is only 15% of the waste entering the marine ecosystem: the remaining 15% float on the surface of the sea and 70% remain suspended in the water column or sink. Among the 10 most found wastes there are pieces of plastic and polystyrene (and it is worrying because they are the "precursors" of microplastics, irreversible and incalculable pollution), the caps and lids of drinks – one for each meter of beach is found -, cigarette butts (the equivalent of 359 packets has been found of cigarettes in just 9 kilometers), cotton swabs (7.4% of all waste monitored) and construction material (with over 4,000 wastes linked to illegal spills on the beach). There are also 45 plastic bottles every 100 meters and 34 plastic dishes such as plates, glasses, cutlery and straws, every 100 meters.

To sensitize all swimmers, Caffè Cilento will distribute i leaflets which indicate how long it takes for the various materials to decompose. In the bathing establishments that use the Caffè Cilento brand, just go at the bar with a garbage bag collected on the beach to receive a glass of coffee in exchange. Which, of course, won't be plastic.

Cucumber: how to choose it, clean it and cook it – Italian Cuisine


The cucumber it belongs to the cucurbitaceae family and is native to Asia, where it has been cultivated since 3000 BC.

In practice it is the fruit of an annual herbaceous plant, from the same family of watermelon and melon.

There are many varieties of different sizes, more or less rounded at the end, with smooth or lumpy skin. Some grow well even in the mountains, others in warm areas, as long as they are not arid.

Cucumber contains a lot of water (96%) and needs well-hydrated soils. In Italy it has always been cultivated in Lazio, Veneto, Puglia, Sicily, Calabria and Emilia Romagna.


The most common cucumbers have green color and cylindrical shape: the length can range from 15-20 cm in the most common types on our markets, up to 30-40 cm in the Dutch varieties. There are then only 4-5 cm cucumbers, used for pickled preservation.

They are not yet fully ripe: the pulp, firm and crunchy, contains numerous seeds, more abundant in less fresh cucumbers.

Then there are the so-called "carousel" cucumbers: short, rounded and crossed by thin vertical grooves, they can be intense or light green, uniform or streaked. Their pulp is more digestible than that of common cucumbers.


To make it more digestible, peel it and peel it with an arched potato peeler, then cut it in half lengthwise and eliminate the seeds, passing a scoop along the central part with the seeds.

To remove the bitter taste of the cucumber, put the sliced ​​vegetable in a colander, sprinkle with salt and put a weight on it; rinse them after 30 minutes.

Or remove the 2 ends and rub them on the freshly cut pulp to extract the white foam.


In our tradition it is used to slice it thinly to mix it with mixed salads. Cut into sticks, diced or chopped, it is the protagonist of great dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, from Gazpacho Spanish allo tzatziki Greek or a characteristic Bulgarian soup, datta tarator, in which it is mixed with yogurt.


Cucumber is refreshing and diuretic, has very few calories but contains fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamins.

And it is excellent for beauty: two thick slices placed on the eyes for 10-15 minutes cause the capillaries to contract and thus reduce the swelling of the eyes.

Barbara Roncarolo
June 2020

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