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Gelato mania delivery – Italian cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Orphans of a homemade ice cream cone? The trays arrive at home and bring a summer wind to Milan, Rome, Turin …

Spring time for ice cream! Thanks to the high temperatures, the beautiful days of the season that has just begun and the desire for something capable of raising morale even while staying at home, ice cream is one of the main trends of home consumption during the lockdown. Among the most ice cream cities in Milan and Rome at home, in front of Florence, Cagliari and Bergamo. In terms of flavors, according to Deliveroo, the creams beat the fruit: hazelnut and pistachio are the national favorites. In Milan passion stracciatella while in Rome the zabaglione is popular.

Second Deliveroo, the leading platform in online food delivery, present in Italy in 175 cities, during the last month, which for us Italians coincided with the lockdown, emerges the rise of ice cream which, thanks to the arrival of spring and days of sunshine and the desire for gratification greatly felt by all in the past month has grown exponentially, recording + 58% in order numbers.
Confirmation Just Eat, the leading app to order lunch and dinner at home throughout Italy and worldwide, which creates a focus of the annual Observatory on the home food market, to analyze the consumption of food delivery between March and April 2020. Pizza is confirmed on the their platform always in first place as the most ordered dish, followed by the hamburger, sushi, chicken and Italian cuisine, especially as an alternative to cooking at home in these days of isolation. An absolute new entry is instead ice cream which ranks fifth among the most ordered kitchens in the last three weeks, unlike the trends of the "most standard" periods when it skims, but does not fall, in the top 10.

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Cacio e pepe mania, all the recipes – Italian Cuisine

Cacio e pepe mania, all the recipes

Risottos, vegetables, omelettes and dumplings. Having fun with cheese and pepper is very easy (and delicious)

The purists of cheese and pepper only accept it the very Roman version that makes every tonnarello unforgettable. But eating and eating this tasty dish, we couldn't help but wonder if it was the only way to enjoy the magical and creamy combination of these ingredients. The answer is that it is without doubt the best way to do it, but not the only one. In fact, like all great dishes, it can be a source of inspiration for other tasty preparations. Here are our alternative ideas of risotto, vegetables, omelettes and dumplings!

Yes to risotto

If you love the intense taste of classic cheese and pepper, you can also opt for the risotto version. To avoid the flavor of the cheese covering all the flavors, however, prepare a classic risotto with onion, broth and a bit of Parmesan. Only when it reaches the creaming do you also incorporate the grated cheese and complete with plenty of ground black pepper.

With vegetables

The most classic of pinzimoni can turn into a high-taste appetizer thanks to a sauce prepared by gently melting the cheese with a little milk and enriched, once lukewarm, with plenty of ground pepper.

In the gallery above, all the variations on the theme

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