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vegetarian sushi with avocado and vegetables, unique freshness and taste – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

vegetarian sushi with avocado and vegetables, unique freshness and taste

The basic recipe of Vegetarian Sushi involves the use of specially prepared sushi rice, wrapped in sheets of nori seaweed. The distinctive component of this variant is theavocado, a fruit rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, which gives the dish a creamy texture and delicate flavor. The vegetables, carefully chosen to guarantee freshness and variety, complete the whole, offering a range of colors and flavors that enrich the dish. Its preparation requires a certain mastery in handling the rice and a careful selection of ingredients. There presentation of the dish plays an essential role, with the sushi arranged in small, rolled bites and served with soy sauce, wasabi and marinated ginger.

The dish is well suited as a light appetizer or as a main course on informal or formal occasions, such as company dinners, social meetings or special events. The freshness of the ingredients used gives the dish a lightness that makes it particularly suitable for the warmer months, but its popularity allows it to be enjoyed all year round. Although this vegetarian recipe is a modern creation, its inspiration is rooted in Japanese tradition of sushi. The growing awareness of food choices and the interest in a more balanced diet have led to the spread of variations compared to the classic version. Avocado, native to Central and South America, was later introduced to Japan during the 20th century, becoming a popular ingredient in contemporary local cuisine. Don’t hesitate, then. Get all the necessary ingredients, follow our recipe and bring this delicious vegetarian sushi with avocado and vegetables to the table. You will definitely like it.

#OggiDelivery Palermo: the Sicilian sushi of the Pupi di Bagheria – Italian Cuisine

A box with a precious packaging to taste, in the intimacy of your home, flavors and aromas of Tony Lo Coco's cuisine. Meanwhile, the Michelin-starred chef's restaurant reopens, for summer 2020, with a new outdoor area

«A new challenge to keep the cord between us and our customers. These are the words chosen by Tony Lo Coco to describe the new service delivery activated by The Pupi of Bagheria, the restaurant in the province of Palermo which in 2014 obtained the Michelin star. According to the chef, the art of receiving and welcoming in the dining room is an essential component for the success of a restaurant, regardless of whether it is starry or not. This is why the spaces have been reorganized in its premises, in full compliance with government regulations, with the reopening to the public on 29 May. And then, new in 2020, from June 15 I Pupi is enriched with an outdoor part.

Special sushi box.
Special sushi box.

It will therefore be possible to return to taste Tony Lo Coco's creations, greeted by the inevitable smile of his wife Laura Codogno, in the role of perfect hostess. At the same time the delivery service of the special boxes will be maintained, started during the quarantine days with the happy and successful formula I Pupi in your home, received with great enthusiasm as evidenced by the many reservations that still continue to arrive. "We are a team," say Tony Lo Coco and Laura Codogno. «We have worked hard not to let our most loyal customers miss what I Pupi represents in terms of catering, hospitality, relaxation, pleasure and experience. All elements that we have tried to condense in our home delivery service, available every day both for lunch and dinner .

Special sushi box.
Special sushi box.

During the quarantine days, among the proposals on the menu, the workhorses of Tony Lo Coco's cuisine were not lacking, adapted to the needs of delivery, but always faithful to the chef's cooking philosophy which combines elegance and substance, talent and rigor . Now that the lockdown is over, you can finally enjoy them in the Bagheria restaurant, while it will still be possible to continue ordering the special boxes at home that offer an original and rigorously Sicilian-style sushi idea: a precious box (available in three different formats 30, 70 and 100 pieces) consisting of rolls and nigiri, each of which reproduces the flavors and aromas of the chef's iconic dishes such as the spiced spaghetti with lobster with meats and dried fruit, the baked anelletti with tuna ragout and the stigghiola with tuna and cuttlefish.

For the wine pairing with the special box, Tony Lo Coco recommends an excellent Sicilian sparkling wine such as the Almerita Brut from the historic Tasca brand.

Tony and Laura's photo is by Rossana Brancato; the photos of the boxes are by Mimmo Giordano.

Chinese, tacos or sushi? The best they deliver to Milan – Italian Cuisine

Waiting for the end of the lockdown also for restaurants, here is the selection of the best restaurants that from Argentina to Sweden, promise to take us around the world without leaving home

Abstinence: state of suffering due to the loss of the physiological, pharmacological or toxic effect of a substance to which the body was accustomed. In Milan, abstinence is from noodles, tacos and sushi.

After almost two months locked in the house to make bread, pizza and lasagna and to rediscover the recipes of the Italian tradition, the time has come to go back to eat something different; something that you can hardly reproduce with your own hands, even just for lack of ingredients.

Here then is the selection of the best restaurants that from Argentina to Sweden promise to take us around the world without leaving home.

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