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Égalité's recipe (and how to order at home) – Italian Cuisine

"Égalité chez toi" is the new home delivery service to receive bread, cakes and other specialties from the Porta Venezia boulangerie in Milan at home. This is how the delivery service works and in addition a special treat: the recipe for the pain au chocolat by Égalité!

egalite and the boulangerie of via Melzo 22 a Milan, born in 2018 from the desire to bring a high quality French bakery model to the city. Today Égalité expands its services with “ISgalitécheztoi”, Home delivery to receive at home, in total safety, some of its most loved products, such as Croissant is Pain Au Chocolat.

It starts with bread, available in 6 types and in 5 types of baguette, Toviennoisery, With croissants, pain au chocolate, Madeleine And much more. There is no shortage of savory specialties, such asquicheIn three variants: the classic Lorraine (with bacon), Poireaux (with leeks) and Chèvre tomates (with goat cheese and tomatoes). For more information on home delivery, visit the official website.

If instead you want to try your hand at preparing French desserts, try the recipe of Égalité to churn out Pain Au Chocolat made in a workmanlike manner.

Égalité's pain au chocolat recipe

Ingredients (for 16 pain au chocolat)

500 g of 00 flour
25 g of fresh yeast
10 g of salt
50 g of sugar
125 ml of milk
125 ml of water
300 g of butter
1 yolk (to be brushed for browning)
32 chocolate sticks


Combine type 00 flour, yeast, sugar, milk, salt and water in a large bowl. Knead the dough until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Once finished, leave to rest in a pan, wrapped in a nylon sheet for about 12-18 hours.

The next day, divide the dough into a series of loaves and proceed with the spreading, encasing the butter inside (this should be about 30% of the weight of the portion of the dough you are working on).

When closing, be careful not to overlap the two ends of the dough and to press the surface of the dough to seal the butter well inside.

Gently roll out the dough (so as not to break it and not let the butter come out) up to a thickness of about 5 mm and make a 4 fold. Resume the dough, roll it out to obtain a thickness of 5 mm again and make a further fold to 3. Put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

At this point you can roll out the dough again to obtain the pain au chocalat. Cut some rectangles of dough, inside which you will place 2 chocolate sticks. Roll them up and leave to rise for 2 hours.

Finally, gently brush the surface with an egg yolk and bake at 170 ° for about 17 minutes.

Mother's day: 15 gifts to order online – Italian Cuisine

Mother's day: 15 gifts to order online

Little is missing for Mother's Day: to make it truly special, just a few, small precautions that make the difference even without leaving the house. And for the gift, go ahead to online shopping, always with taste

Between lockdowns, phase one and phase two there are anniversaries that come anyway, occasions that are always special, precious days to celebrate. There Mother's Day (May 10) is one of them. Those who live with their mother will be able to do many small things to make her happy, but even those who have not yet met her will know how to turn their day into a real party. It doesn't take much: a thought, a ticket, a flower, and for the internet gift it certainly helps, with many proposals just a click away.

Mother's Day 2020: giving goodness

The gift boxes of Gay-Odin. which celebrates Mother's Day with gift shipments throughout Italy. On the gay-odin.it website it is possible to compose personalized gift-boxes, to be filled with a selection of artisan nudes: from imperials to hazelnut and almond flavor to cupids with cinnamon flavor; from explorers rum chocolate pastes to chilli chocolates; from cico-cico, small truffles covered with cocoa powder, to verdeprato, cremini with hazelnuts and almonds finished with pistachio grains. Not forgetting a variety of waffle nudes filled with chocolate cream such as acorns, walnuts and wafers.

No less sweet the proposal of Sfogliatella hearts, which provides a special and free delivery with delivery throughout Italy of heart-shaped puff pastries, pastiere and babà. Just write to cuoridisfogliatella@gmail.com

Does Mom prefer salty food? On https://club.patanegra.it/ you can order the necessary for a really special aperitif, such as the combo Pata Negra and Cantabrian Anchovies. With the guarantee of The Phoenix, a company that for more than ten years has been researching and selecting excellence from all over the world.

For a very special party, in Milan you can order an exclusive selection of Italian dishes at homeEmporio Armani Restaurant and of Nobu Milan, through the Deliveroo delivery platforms – with "contactless" delivery, in full compliance with hygiene and health standards – and Mymenu. Among the proposals of the special menu of the Emporio Armani Restaurant, the Milanese cutlet, the fennel au gratin, the veal with tuna sauce and much more. From the kitchens of Nobu Milano, however, you can order special selections of sushi and sashimi, but great classics will also be available-
there like black cod, rock shrimps and wagyu ravioli.

Like a flower

For the mom who loves beautiful and good things. The Artichoke of Enza Fasano Cearamcihe it is a symbol of strength and new life. They are available in more than thirty colors, furnish with elegance and adorn the table with originality. Directly from the ceramic district of Grottaglie. Do not miss the ceramic collections for the table.

Cooking with love

Just like moms do. To reduce the distances, Tescoma studied a special selection of products dedicated to mothers on the online shop. Those who buy at least one product from the "Mother's Day" section and enter the MOM code in the appropriate coupon field will receive a nice surprise. The package will be delivered directly to the address of the mother who will also find a inside the package sweet ticket with best wishes for her party as well as the tribute to Tescoma and the gift chosen for her.

Give beauty

Beauty routine "full beer" is the craft beer therapy of Collesi Beauty, a decidedly effective gift idea. Collesi Beauty offers an exclusive series of excellent skin-care products, all based on Italian craft beer, with dermatologically tested formulas and 100% natural ingredients. Born from a scientific research all made in Italy and unique in the world, the line exploits the very high content of polyphenols (natural antioxidants) present in beer crafts. The twelve products have all been made taking into account the different types of craft beers that Collesi has been producing since 2008. Each beer, in fact, allows you to obtain specific actions on the skin, from hydration to the anti-aging effect. Among the gift ideas, for the daily beauty routine, the cleansing milk micellar and the revitalizing tonic, for a delicate cleansing of the face, to be combined with the eye contour cream and the 24h moisturizing face cream, based on light beer, which moisturize and give skin protection.

An escape for the future

How many mothers need some time to devote to themselves? And at this very particular moment there are many proposals that look to a future hopefully as close as possible, to give mom a holiday, a dinner or a special pampering.

The Grado Turismo Consortium launches the project Degree My Happy Place. On the platform https://it.gradomyhappyplace.com/ you can buy holiday or consumer vouchers that you can use in the future, whenever you want. A way to support your "place of the heart" in Grado: you can choose a stay or dinner, an aperitif or a beauty treatment, a shopping trip or an umbrella on the beach.

With Slow Drive vintage cars are rented as a couple or as a family, for alternative holidays in the period of Covid19 along the less traveled roads, to rediscover unknown villages and landscapes never seen, not far from home. On board a convertible spider or a rumbling vintage car, you can live days on the road in total safety away from crowded places. Slow Drive allows you to choose between jewels of a memorable fleet, for half a day or a full day, or even for a weekend. All cars are sanitized at each trip and the key delivery methods are organized in compliance with distances and safety rules. You can buy the voucher – valid until the end of 2021 and including slowdrivers gadgets, such as leather gloves and 60s sunglasses as well as maps with the most beautiful recommended tours – to rent a spider or the vintage car choice, using the #gitafuoriportaslow discount code, with the possibility of canceling without penalty up to 2 days before departure. http://www.noleggioautodepoca.eu/

A relaxing stay in the green heart of theUmbria: be pampered at the spa, sip a glass of good wine, breathe the peace of an enchanting landscape. A dream to give, with the Future Vouchers, the vouchers that can be spent over time to discover a holiday in Todi on the estate Roccafiore . And on the shop you can also buy the estate's wines, for a special toast.

Not the usual bottle

Good wine is always a welcome thought. But the choice must not be trivial: the bottle must speak to the mother.

An example above all, Dievole's new rosé, Tenuta Le Colonne Costa Toscana IGT 2019, an elegant wine, in color as in perfume, which tells the beauty of the hills where it is born, which releases freshness and refined sensations; a delicate wine, as only mothers can be.

Still pink, still new: the new born of Conte Vistarino is called Maria Novella and even if he is a 100% Pinot Noir, his name is precisely that of the youngest of the house, the second daughter of Ottavia and Guido, who now walks around the house and vineyards with all the energy of his 3 years! Maria Novella was born with the 2019 harvest from the desire of Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino to decline Pinot Noir, the main grape variety of the estate which is already expressed in a range full of nuances, also in this typology that combines tradition and modernity with an undeniably feminine touch. Vibrant and springtime, it speaks of the love between mother and daughter. info@contevistarino.it

Totally feminine, starting from the name: Edda white Salento PGI. The name simply means "she" in Salento and claims the feminine connotation of the product, a delicate wine, but with a strong character like that of the women of the South. A reference that returns to the label, a reference to the typical lace of clothes and doilies with a slight Mediterranean beauty.

The bubbles are inevitable, in every party. A bottle of sparkling wine Franciacorta to celebrate mom, and a phrase engraved on the glass to express all your love. So La Montina, the historic Franciacortine company from Monticelli Brusati, has decided to make personalized bottles for Mother's Day this year with the phrase that each will send and which will be laser engraved by skilled craftsmen, to make the gift unique. The bottle will be enclosed in an elegant magnetic clip design box, inside which there are two plexiglass glasses and a bottle of Franciacorta of your choice. The free engraving of the writing on the bottles makes the "Viva la Mamma" package special, which has limited availability and can be purchased online, in the official cellar store until Sunday 3 May. After this date, you can choose from the many other gift ideas in the shop.

And if we talk about wine, Champagne cannot be missing: the serve Exclusive Brut is an iconic Champagne that perfectly represents the style of the Maison Nicolas Feuillatte. Light, fresh and vibrant, it stands out for its intense and expressive fruity aroma and the long aging of 36 months which gives it a captivating maturity. Simple and immediate, it is fabulously versatile, the ideal partner for an aperitif and then continuing for the entire meal: perfect for celebrating. To be purchased on www.shop.valdo.com

Naples, order 60 thousand pizzas on the first day of home delivery – Italian Cuisine

Naples, order 60 thousand pizzas on the first day of home delivery

300 pizzerias have opened. The most requested pizzas were the simple ones: Margherita and Marinara

The Neapolitans could not wait to return to taste a steaming Margherita prepared by art by their pizza makers. So, on the first day that home delivery came back, they ordered well sixty thousand pizzas. Not in all of Campania (which has already had to give up the pastry patisserie at Easter), but only in the city of Naples. A reassuring signal, which confirms the desire for a gradual return to normal after the lockdown imposed by the coronavirus epidemic.

The semplicity

The most requested pizzas were those with the simplest ingredients: the Daisy and the Marinara. «People seem to want to savor simple things. Requests that do not go in this direction are rare ", explains Massimo Di Porzio, president of Fipe, the Italian Federation of Public Operators. "We calculate an average of 200 pizzas for each of the 300 pizzerias who have opened, for a total of 60 thousand pizzas. We are happy, it's a good start. We are trying to satisfy all requests, even single ones . The small pizzerias, the neighborhood ones, are also shared, and there are also those who order pizza at home many elderly people.

An explosion of pizza

"The numbers are encouraging and give a signal of hope, even if they don't solve the problem", commented Antonio Pace, president of the Verace Pizza Napoletana association. "We estimate it has opened only 30/40% of pizzerias. In fact, many failed to sanitize the premises in time, postponing the resumption of activities until tomorrow. However, those who did are working with numbers that I would call interesting. "

Prepare for the real reopening, but first …

Now the owners of the pizzerias are working to get ready for the moment when customers can return to pick up the pizzas directly. "We are ready to enforce distances, it would be a step forward," says Di Porzio. "The queues are for the supermarket," confirms Pace, "can also be done neatly to pick up a pizza. We ask the government to understand that our sector will be among the most penalized from the virus, tourism will not return before a year. In the meantime, we are asking for a contribution on rents, taxes and opening credit at very low rates. Otherwise, for us, phase 2 will never start seriously .

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