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All that ended up in place of Cattelan's banana – Italian Cuisine

All that ended up in place of Cattelan's banana

The work of art "Comedian !, sold for 120 thousand dollars and eaten by David Datuna, sparked irony on social media. Here are the funniest memes

There Cattelan's bananain the end it ended up in the belly of the artist David Datuna, which detached it from the white wall of the Perrotin galleryArt Basel of Miami (probably the most important art fair in the world) where it was attached with duct tape, e he ate it in one bite.

Thus ended the story of Comedian, the controversial work of the Paduan artist, who had been sold for 120 thousand dollars (a little more than 108 thousand euros)? No, and not just because neither the gallery nor Cattelan will resort to legal ways to sanction Datuna's irreverent gesture.

But also because, on social media, under the adhesive tape, he is finishing everything, in these hours. Each of the things that, in one way or another, are considered art by someone. And therefore, of course, food too. A bar has attached a croissant to the wall, announcing that, even if it doesn't cost 120 thousand dollars, "it won't stay there for long". With a warning to the artist that he ate the banana: «Datuna, this is better. Under the tape there is also a bottle of Aglianico del Vulture: «Cattelan, just moved, suggests the wine lover who published his work. There are also those who assert that «Fiano is the new banana, Publishing the image of the bottle of wine under the adhesive tape. "If Cattelan had been Molise …", an Instagram user speculates, probably instead of the banana he would have used three beautiful local sausages, just like he did.

A fish shop attacked a fish: "Banana, we prefer the strawberry". Then there is the Catania hamburgeria which ensures that "to taste a work of art you don't need 12 thousand dollars". And the sandwich shop that recommends: «Don't hit our sandwiches on the wall: magnatavill!. The pizzeria notes: "Cattelan's banana was sold for 120 thousand dollars. With the same money, though, you could buy about 24 thousand daisies. " A Sicilian cannoli, an Apulian panzerotto, a rusticotto are also finished under the adhesive tape. In short, if Cattelan wanted to make us reflect on the choice and the way in which we value an object, it probably succeeded. Also offering us an opportunity to rediscover the accessible works of art of Italian food and wine.

The perfect mise en place for the party table – Italian Cuisine


Thinking about Christmas gifts, choosing the menus of the party lunches and finding the right recipes, for those who are looking for something a little less obvious, is certainly not easy. Certainly there are those who rely on tradition and those who want to experiment. And also to furnish the table, care, ideas and time are needed. Certainly, sharing these important moments in complete harmony is what we all want and we can also organize a beautiful table where gathering family and friends is part of the feast ritual.

180503But what are the trends of mise en place for Christmas 2019? To find out what is in vogue this year, we have heard the opinion of Giorgia Fantin Borghi, expert in the art of the table and etiquette, event organizer and wedding planner among the most successful in the industry.
"Our convivial appointments – tells Giorgia Fantin Borghi – they are seen as real celebratory meetings where, this year more than in the past, an elegant informality, a refined but relaxed table wins, and an attention to details that has the good taste of the matter without exasperation".
Because organizing the Christmas table is not just a commitment, it also means expressing one's personality and giving vent to creativity. "Whether it is an opportunity to be with family, with friends or to get closer to work colleagues – the expert continues – the time together is organized with commitment to transform it into a sought after but joyful and light moment, which helps to create precious moments, to strengthen and strengthen personal relationships and to express ourselves, even in receiving ”.

Here are some suggestions of Giorgia Fantin Borghi on the trends of the 2019 Christmas table, interesting and useful ideas for drawing inspiration and setting the table with taste, and why not, winking at the fashion of the moment.

180506Go ahead for allegorical symbols
They are well-wishing, have a protective and exorcising value with an idea of ​​rebirth and renewal. Space for animal figures as a metaphor for change and small objects with a talisman function, mixing design and tradition, more classic colors with images halfway between the mythological and the magical.
Mise en place ideal for the superstitious.

Lots of light with gold and metals
All the variations of gold and metals are still very trendy: gold, silver, brass and copper. Suggestive and bright effects, not brazen, but highly decorative. Finishes, details and small objects, in leaf or foil, for a refined but not ostentatious effect.
Perfect table for those who love to shine but with discretion.

Unconventional combinations
Plates and underplates with a traditional pictorial style and more formal ornaments are combined with more contemporary cutlery or ultramodern accessories. Mixing different styles, colors and materials within the same context helps to express our personality. But, be careful not to go "by chance", the combination of the various elements requires a minimum of attention.
For the daring, mix & match lovers.

180512Long live colors and materials
Two options for this Christmas 2019: on the one hand the dark and smoky colors like the intense greens and the very deep reds, on the other the absolute clear with small sparkling affectations. Whatever the choice, the direction goes in the sign of contrast with the background, whether it is a tablecloth or a material surface such as wood or marble.
For those who don't like compromises.

Small sophisticated details
Using embroidered cloth napkins, even in a very simple way, gives the table a special charm, a feeling of particular attention to detail. A superchic trick? Giorgia Fantin Borghi suggests changing the napkin before serving the dessert with a little smaller or simply a different color.
Chic details for the maniacs.

Essential and personal
"Our table – explains Giorgia Fantin Borghi – precisely because it is ours, it must be unique. There is therefore a very precious rule: to surround ourselves with a few objects but very significant for us and to be inspired only by the trends that really belong to us, without choosing what others would choose only because they are fashionable. Focus on the essential, making it completely personal ".
For those who don't like to follow fashions at all costs.

Beyond current trends, we asked Giorgia Fantin Borghi what absolutely must not miss on the Christmas table and which are the evergreens.

My inevitable on the Christmas table are a beautiful tablecloth, something a little special that dresses up the table to party. A rich and somewhat more abundant fall than usual makes the scene immediately elegant and refined. And if our favorite is a little short? To present the table, however, "habillé" it will be enough to use a longer fabric as a base (even in solid colors) and simply overlap the tablecloth. The underplates, in addition to being a huge fan, I think they are an extremely decorative element that allows the guest to keep his living spaces and the tablecloth to save himself from a bleach bath. The centerpiece, on imported occasions you can't miss it! It can be traditional with fir branches and Ilex berries or "green" with seasonal fruit and cinnamon branches or even unconventional with design objects of various kinds. However, the addition of mini lights or a few candles will immediately catapult you into the perfect scenario.

What are the main mistakes you should not make when preparing for the holidays?
The worst mistake is to put too many things on the table. Setting the table with forty-seven forks and thirty-two knives does not particularly help the service but, on the other hand, it creates a great confusion, also because in the end you never know where to place the serving dishes! The second is undoubtedly always leave the empty seat at the table because they are busy preparing the dishes in the kitchen or answering the various phone calls for wishes. At table you tend to sit!

How much and in what way do you think the conviviality and spontaneity of an informal family lunch – even during a party like Christmas – are influenced by a particularly sophisticated and richly detailed table?
Unfortunately the habit of “beautiful at the table” has been lost a little over time and it can happen that finding yourself in front of a particularly sought after equipment influences the approach to dining by covering it with a formality, but often it is only an initial sensation. But I think the warmth of the parties has a soothing effect, the taste of traditional dishes, music, memories, everything is part of that attention to detail that in some situations is good and right. Living in this beauty and enjoying it for some time I think it's wonderful, so then all the panettone are already without a tie!

Mariacristina Coppeto
December 2019


Central Market of Turin, place of food and meeting – Italian Cuisine


Distillery and cooking school, a small educational roasting and the cheese workshop. And then all the good food enclosed in 26 thematic workshops, bar, restaurant, brewery, cafeteria as well as a very rich and interesting calendar of events. Central Market has inaugurated a turin April 13 and will be opened 364 days a year from 8 to midnight.

174097Going to the market goes back to being meeting, knowledge and conviviality, as it has always been since the times. For a couple of years now, for nothing, taking the aperitif in the market has become fashionable and various Italian cities now offer their citizens the experience of these markets, which are living places, and not exclusively commercial ones.

It is however a commercial format devised in 1994 entrepreneur Umberto Montano, and launched together with the group Human Company of the Cardini-Vannucchi family. The first was, the following year, the historic market of San Lorenzo a Florence, transformed into the Central Market of Florence. Then it was the turn of the Capital, with the Central Market Rome, an agora of food & culture. Now Turin. IS soon Milan, since November, near the Central Station – in the city, however, the Mercato del Suffragio already lives and grows, a market with cuisine in the city center and the Duomo Market.

174100The starting vision is that of restore centrality to the figure of the artisans and their products; return to the city a good, convivial and cultural "square". In fact, in Central Markets this is how they are born events organized in synergy with city and national institutions, of art, music, science and culture, always free and open to the public. Of course, we are dealing with a format, so there is a homogeneity – starting with the insignia of the artisans – that can please or not.

But back to the new Central Market in Turin. It is located at Palatine Center, in an area in full redevelopment – the neighborhood of Porta Palazzo is occupies 4.500 square meters distributed on three levels.

174103At the entrance, the bread: the "Bread of Porta Palazzo" it is baked by the mill, entrusted to Mattia Giardini is Alberto Iossetti of ViVa La Farina and offers everyone the possibility of create your own customized flour blend. Also new is the approach to Butcher's shop with two different proposals: Marco Martini, historical Piedmontese reality that follows the entire production chain of the queen Fassona, and the Savigni family with the meat bred in Tuscany in full respect of animal welfare.

At the Central Market in Turin there will also be great Masters of Cuisine, such as the visionary Davide Scabin, the one who left the provincial trattoria, who will propose here White coal, with charcoal cooking only proposals for soups, eggs, vegetables. The Green Fairy, by Marcello Trentini, serves instead vegetarian cuisine. In both cases, a pop price. As it will be for the Del change pharmacy, the restaurant del Mercato in which it will be possible to reserve the table.

174106Also on the ground floor there are the traditional Neapolitan pizza of Marco Fierro, the ice cream of Alberto Marchetti, made with a careful selection of the best raw materials. The Chianina burger of Enrico Lagorio, produced with meat from its historic farms in Val di Chiana, cheeses and butter of Beppino Occelli, authentic expression of the flavors of the Langhe and the mountain pastures, is the truffle of Luciano Savini, enhanced by the gastronomic knowledge of Aurelio Barbero. There will be traditional Roman specialties enclosed in the Trapizzino, fresh pasta of Egidio Michelis as well as cheeses and cured meats selected by Beppe Giovale. The golden and fragrant fry of Martino Bellincampi, between Roman and Piedmontese tradition. And then the perfumes of the Sicilian specialties of Carmelo Pannocchietti, the Pleaves the Mediterranean of Valerio Lo Russo, the rotisserie with free-range chickens of Alessandro Baronti is wine, between glasses and bottles, expertly selected by Luca Boccoli. Finally, exclusively the first "experimental" Cortilia physical store, the online agricultural market, which for the first time will introduce its fresh products to buy directly at the market.

174109On the second floor, in addition to the distillery of Simone Mari, open until late and spaces dedicated to training, the two historic ice-houses dating back to the 18th century, they represent the stage for hosting a busy calendar of cultural events. I'm over 350 events already scheduled for this year. For example the 24 and 25 April the two laboratories approaching the jazz for children. The inevitable collaborations with Torino Jazz Festival, Il Salone del Libro, MITO and many other institutions and associations cultural highlights of the city.

May 2019


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